Final Miguel Cotto Fights (That Would’ve Been Worth A Damn)

By Paul Magno on November 18, 2017
Final Miguel Cotto Fights (That Would’ve Been Worth A Damn)
Who could’ve replaced Yoshiro Kamegai and Sadam Ali on Miguel Cotto’s opponent list?

As a guy who supports fighters and their rights, I can appreciate one last stuffing of the pockets after a career of taking lumps for his paydays…

I get it, I really do. Miguel Cotto has been busting his ass for a decade and a half and wants a nice victory lap for his last year, one where big money is delivered on short risk. As a guy who supports fighters and their rights, I can appreciate one last stuffing of the pockets after a career of taking lumps for his paydays.

But the fans have to be taken into consideration, too.

This last year of Cotto’s career is just plain swindle. His hardcore, loyal fans may be willing to pay to see him one more time, even when stacked up against slow-as-dripping-earwax Yoshiro Kamegai or fattened-up welterweight afterthought Sadam Ali. But what about the rest of the boxing world that actually wants premium boxing content from Cotto’s appearances on premium cable outlets?

There was a way to have the best of both worlds—a way to deliver the tired warrior two nearly guaranteed victories while allowing for boxing fans to have bouts that present at least some degree of intrigue.

Humor me as I play amateur matchmaker and go back in the boxing time machine to one year ago when Team Cotto was still planning their boxing victory lap and sizing up opposition. Who could’ve replaced Kamegai and Ali on Cotto’s opponent list? Here’s my take. Let me know what you think in the comment section of this article.

Julian Williams

“J Rock” is young, dangerous, fresh, and, despite his 2016 KO loss to Jermall Charlo, still very much a top prospect in the 154 lb. division and a real deal contender. He’s also inexperienced, untested, and vulnerable in certain key areas that a versatile old pro like Cotto could exploit. The smart bet would be on Cotto to outbox and decision Williams in a competitive bout that would be as appealing to the jaded old school fan as it would be to the die-hard Cotto loyalist.

Diego Chaves

Argentina’s Chaves is nearly as tailor made for Cotto as Kamegai was, but the difference would’ve been that Chaves is a bit more versatile, a bit quicker, a bit smarter, and all-around more dangerous. Chaves could’ve pushed Cotto hard, but was also never really going to be a threat to put it all together to actually beat him.

Antonio Margarito

If Cotto wanted a safe brawl that would not only be a guaranteed victory but also a guaranteed box office hit, a part three with archrival Margarito would’ve been perfect. Yes, it’s not something that interested Cotto in the least, but, from a business standpoint, it would’ve been the smartest choice possible for the Cotto victory tour. Maybe the bout could even have taken place at a stadium venue in Cotto’s native Puerto Rico. What a spectacle this could’ve been!

Victor Ortiz

Ortiz has become somewhat of a punchline in the boxing world today, but he’s still a physically impressive specimen with enough name recognition to be a strong B-side against just about anyone in the world. Ortiz would not have beaten Cotto, but he would’ve put on a show and would’ve pushed Cotto more than either Kamegai or Ali.

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  1. tetumbo 03:49pm, 11/21/2017

    being “pushed” for the last bout of his career and falling apart like Martinez did in the last bout of his career is precisely what Cotto wants to avoid. without the desire to redeem a loss or rematch a fiercely-contested bout Cotto has minimized the risk of either and playing it safe v. Ali. otherwise, he’s already collected more than a couple thrashings (Margarito, Pacquiao, Trout) isn’t about to exit his career on that bitter note.

  2. Bruno Schleinstein 01:03pm, 11/18/2017

    If he looks good and KOs Sadam this will be his last fight…..for 2017 that is!

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