Fire and Brimstone

By Robert Ecksel on March 6, 2017
Fire and Brimstone
We abhor violence, in some of its forms, but especially when an innocent van is the victim.

The persons responsible have not been apprehended, but Pacquiao supporters have been ruled out as possible culprits…

Floyd Mayweather’s TMT van was firebombed in Birmingham, England over the weekend.

The incident occurred outside the Park Regis Hotel on Broad Street, where Mayweather was staying, early Sunday morning. According to the West Midlands Police, one of the van’s windows was smashed and a Molotov cocktail was thrown inside the vehicle.

Mayweather was in the UK for “The Undefeated Tour” and to attend Saturday’s fight between David Haye and Tony Bellew. He also participated in a Q&A with Gareth Davies of The Telegraph at Birmingham’s ICC earlier in the day, where fans paid up to £400 for a picture of themselves with the champ.

In a statement the West Midland Police said, “Police are investigating an arson attack on a vehicle parked at a Birmingham hotel.

“No-one was injured following the fire.

“Offenders smashed the window of the vehicle, a people carrier, before pouring accelerant inside and setting it alight.

“Enquiries into the fire, which caused extensive damage to the vehicle belonging to a guest, are currently on-going and police are examining CCTV from the area.”

The persons responsible have not been apprehended, but Pacquiao supporters have been ruled out as possible culprits.

The van was reportedly set aflame by a “local mob” and the attack was not random.

After the fight, Mayweather spent Saturday night entertaining fans at Birmingham’s 101 Night Club. A source told the Sun Online that the undefeated superstar had his own private VIP area and invited a number of women to join him.

“He wants his VIP area to be full of women,” the source said. “His security guards get sent out to scour the crowds looking for pretty girls.

“On Saturday a few of the girls who were asked to join him in the booth had boyfriends and the lads weren’t allowed in. The girls went to spend the evening with Mayweather anyway and as you can imagine their boyfriends weren’t happy about it.”

I wonder why.

“It is pretty sad how all the girls were flocking to him. You could see them doing their makeup and hair outside the VIP area and then outside his hotel.

“He took about 25 girls back there.”

A spokesman for club denied that was the case.

We abhor violence, in some of its forms, but especially when an innocent van is the victim.

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  1. Moon Man 10:09am, 03/11/2017

    “i mistook you for a male fight-fan not a pussy cap wearing feminist.” haha. Not a “pussy cap wearing feminist,” but I have been taking yoga classes lately. haha. My core strength is improving and so is my flexibility. Used to be manly, but I was as supple as a refrigerator before the yoga. And just think, most of the people in the class are females, so instead of trying to impress men with my physical prowess in some smelly boxing gym or weightlifting room, I’m getting to check out females in the downward dog position. At 215lbs, not your average yoga practitioner, but that’s what makes it a challenge.

  2. Moon Man 08:57am, 03/11/2017

    “so Wtf do you suppose Floyd to do?” SAVE HIS MONEY and possibly save his life and health by not boinking everything that has a vagina. Ask Tommy Morrison about the consequences of unprotected sex with lots of “groupies.” Floyd is probably blowing tens of thousands on outings like this one,  just to feed his fragile ego. haha. Paying for sex is all Floyd is doing in reality. Floyd is the one being played here, not the groupies. This guy will be as broke as Tyson within a decade or two. Pathetic. Floyd is an idiot. Most of those girls probably laugh about him and his “posse” behind their backs. Quite sad, actually.

  3. tetumbo 07:01pm, 03/09/2017

    “Yep, that’s Floyd, come and get some, girls.” so Wtf do you propose Floyd do? exercise restraint to preserve the “honor” and “dignity” of these mini-skirted groupies? i’m confused(?). i mistook you for a male fight-fan not a pussy-cap wearing feminist.

  4. Pimpin' Ain't Easy 12:54pm, 03/06/2017

    Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

  5. Moon Man 12:29pm, 03/06/2017

    If Floyd was a janitor, an accountant, or even a neurosurgeon, dem nasty hos wouldn’t give him the time of day. Hell, why doesn’t that little fool just stay at home and rent out some high priced escorts and be done with it. Be a helluva lot easier and less troublesome. Funny how money makes guys like Mick Jagger & Floyd Jr. look like Tom Selleck to women. Short, dark and scrawny. Yep, that’s Floyd, come and get some, girls.

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