Fists of Fury vs. Rocky

By Robert Ecksel on July 5, 2012
Fists of Fury vs. Rocky
Nature throws curveballs, but its fastball and slider are the stuff of legend (Howard Schatz)

Everyone wants to be a fighter. Despite the hard work and obvious risks, there’s romance attached to prizefighting that reality can belie. Reality, however, never stood in anyone’s way, especially if one is headstrong and chasing a dream.

On Saturday July 7, 24-year-old Tyson Fury (18-0, 13 KOs) takes on 37-year-old Vinny Maddalone (35-7, 26 KOs) at Hand Arena in Clevedon, Somerset, England.

It will be the Italian Stallion’s first fight in the UK and Fury’s second soft touch in two fights.

“I’m looking forward to fighting in England.” said Maddalone, who has fought and lost to Evander Holyfield, Tomasz Adamek, and Jean-Marc Mormeck. “The Brits may be rooting for him in the beginning, but I guarantee they will be cheering for me by the end of the night.”

The Brits may indeed by cheering the six-foot-two-inch Maddalone at the end of the night. But it won’t be because he won. They’ll be cheering the gutsy New Yorker for his willingness to absorb punishment, for agreeing to be a notch on the six-foot-nine-inch gunslinger’s belt.

“He’s a good opponent,” said Fury about Maddalone from his training camp in Belgium, “a real tough guy who leaves nothing in the changing room. He certainly comes to fight.”

That Maddalone does. His manager, Michael Borao of Borao Entertainment, described Maddalone as a “real life Rocky.” His promoter, Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing, hit the same talking points: “Vinny is like the fictional Rocky.”

If enough people compare a fighter to Rocky, especially if they’re the fighter’s manager and promoter, that fighter would be well advised to protect himself at all times, especially in the clinches.

“I promise to give everything I’ve got,” said Maddalone. “The Brits are going to experience one hell of a fight and I plan on making lots of new fans.

“I respect Tyson Fury, hats off because he shows lots of balls. I’m really happy for this opportunity. Two guys with balls will make for a great fight.”

Nature throws curveballs, although its fastball and slider are the stuff of legend. It may be a great fight. But it’s a dead certainty that, given the size difference between Fury and Maddalone, the man with the bigger balls will win.

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  1. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 07:44am, 07/07/2012

    Shout out to Mike Tyson….congrats on your amazing victory at Wimbledon this morning….is there anything this guy can’t do?

  2. Peter 05:45pm, 06/15/2012

    This is an interesting fight. Fury is tall, and that’s his advantage—but he’s not as tall as Julius Long, one of Vinny’s opponents six years ago. Vinny fought 7’1” Julius Long in one of the messiest, ugliest fights I ever saw. Maddalone had trouble getting in and the fight was stopped on cuts. Later, some clever footwork by his manager got the decision changed to “No Contest” after Long tested positive for an illegal substance.

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