Floyd Goes on the Defensive

By Robert Ecksel on August 23, 2014
Floyd Goes on the Defensive
Children’s books are fine—for children—but presumably 50 Cent is all growed up.

Intelligence takes many forms. There are book smarts. There are street smarts. There are ring smarts…

For those who pay attention to such things, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is in the news. It may be trivia question a few years from now, but for our purposes, only the present is real, or as real as it gets or is likely to be.

ALS, which used to be called Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a scourge and whatever promotes a cure is welcome. Many have accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge, people as diverse as Mauricio Sulaiman and Wolf Blitzer, Tiger Woods and Lil Wayne, Martha Stewart and Hulk Hogan, Ronda Rousey and Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Joan Rivers, Chris Christie and Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen and Rob Ford, Ted Cruz and Lindsay Lohan, and Mark Zuckerman and Kermit the Frog.

There has, however, been some blowback. President Obama, presumably busy with other things, refused to be doused with ice water, no matter how worthy the cause. U.S. diplomats, members of the military, and the House of Representatives have been forbidden to participate. And a Roman Catholic diocese in Ohio is discouraging its 113 schools from joining in.

But of more interest than Joan Rivers and Rob Ford, interest being relative, is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of former rapper turned fight promoter, 50 Cent. In accepting the challenge, he in turn challenged his former best friend and current voodoo doll, Floyd Mayweather, to accept the challenge as well, but not without some score-settling.

Having an ax to grind and willing use whatever forums are available, 50 Cent is making sport of mocking Floyd Mayweather. There may be plenty to mock, especially if mockery rocks one’s boat, but mocking Money’s intelligence, more specifically his inability to read, is a low blow.

According to 50, “I got a phone call from my man Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy said he’ll put it on the actual show. We don’t want to put pressure on you. We know you can’t put pronounce those words in the Harry Potter book, so we’re going to let you read Cat in the Hat.”

That 50 Cent chose Harry Potter and Dr. Seuss to prove him point speaks volumes about his own education. Children’s books are fine—for children—but presumably 50 Cent is all growed up, even though you would know it from the video below.

Mayweather the defensive master has gone on the defensive by reproducing two checks totaling $72,276,000. However impressive, if redundant, those numbers may be, it’s a bad move. Being rich doesn’t make one intelligent, as Donald Trump and scores of others keep reminding us. It might buy respect, of a sort, but not the kind of respect one can bank on. To not dignify 50’s remarks doesn’t make one a pussy, it makes one smart, which returns us to the subject of intelligence or lack thereof.

Intelligence takes many forms. There are book smarts. There are street smarts. There are body smarts. And Floyd Mayweather’s body intelligence is off the charts.

When Max Baer was asked if he blew his career on wine, women, and song, he replied, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

One out of three ain’t bad, either.

But who’s counting?

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50 Cent: "Jimmy Kimmel Will Let Floyd Mayweather Read Live On His Show If He Accepts

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  1. joe 09:41pm, 08/23/2014

    Enough is enough! Just boycott Mayweathers upcoming fight by noy buying tickets and ppv.

  2. Darrell 07:50pm, 08/23/2014

    @Pa Dep

    Nice.  Be forewarned though, Mateng will agree heart, mind, body & soul with your analysis of all those CP’s…....whether intended tongue in cheek or otherwise…..he’s booksmart like that…..[chirrup, chirrup].


  3. Mateng 06:11pm, 08/23/2014

    Money can’t buy education and respect.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:59pm, 08/23/2014

    Here’s one for you….Shannon Briggs all 270 lbs of his nasty ass is mugging Corey Phelps tonight…..the same Corey Phelps who was KOd in one round by middleweight Don “da Bomb” George. Here’s what I’m thinking…..Wlad’s people need to get a restraining order on this world class POS because you just know he’s going to sucker punch Wlad the first chance he gets….either that or dispatch couriers from Germany to Florida with fly anytime RT tickets to lead pipe the bitch and stop this horseshit once and for all.

  5. Eric 04:28pm, 08/23/2014

    @Irish….Europe and the United States could learn something from Mother Russia. I don’t think Russia has a problem with Muslims rioting and tearing up the place either. Russia isn’t about to be as “progressive” as France or jolly ole England.

    Speaking of “big time tax problems,” I read that rearend Al $harpton owes millions to the gubmint.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 02:07pm, 08/23/2014

    Pa Dep-I like the way you process…..your in depth analysis clearly shows that you’ve given this matter some serious thought.

  7. Pa Dep 01:55pm, 08/23/2014

    Mayweather is the biggest cherry picker ever (cp) and I will show you why. Pls floyd just fight someone good for once. This is getting old stop ducking good fighters. And fight a title holder or top guy pls

    130 lbs

    Genaro Hernandez - #1 in the division title holder. Floyd knew he had been the top dog at 130 for a few years and wouldn’t be motivated, to beat the top prospect in. Boxing. Easy for Floyd. CP

    Angel manfredy - #2 at 130. Floyd picks on a white guy. Easy fight for floyd. CP

    Diego corralles - #1 lightweights title holder #5 p4p floyd puts on the most lopsided boxing performance ever tracked.  Tall strong guys just can’t box and suck at the sport floyd knew this. CP

    Futch was talking about how much he admired Mayweather’s style, how Mayweather was such a beautiful boxer, able to slip along the ropes and avoid punches. Corrales said he was going to neutralize Mayweather’s hand speed by hitting Mayweather on the arms. ‘I guess he thinks he’s going to stand there and let him hit him on the arms all night,’ said Futch, who correctly predicted that Mayweather would completely dismantle Corrales in a defensive masterpiece.
    After the fight he then calls out the #1 126 fighter and #9p4p prince naseem
    135 lbs

    José Luis Castillo - #1 ranked lightweight title holder. Floyd knew that since Castillo was from Mexico. He wouldn’t be able to drink the water during training and that would effect how healthy he was coming into the fight. That’s why floyd beat him with one arm. CP

    José Luis Castillo rematch - see above why Floyd took this easy fight. Once again CP his way to a easy win.

    Victoriano Sosa - #10 at lightweight. Come on really? picking on the low man in the division. If this doesn’t have CP all over it I do not know what does. Weak ass shit

    140 lbs Floyd enters his prime

    Demarcus Corley - #6 in the division. Former title holder. Floyd knew that coming into this fight Corley didn’t like fighting in rings with blue ropes. Easy CP once again he fights a no namer.

    Henry brueseles - unranked. floyd is waiting for a title holder to fight him. Floyd is not a draw at this time and in his prime. Very high risk and low to no reward. Cotto is in the stands to watch this beat down of Henry and later says he isn’t ready for floyd. Floyd went all garcia vs salka on this one CP

    THUNDER gatti - #3 in the division. Title holder. Another white guy not fair.  CP so hard, after the fight. Floyd makes it clear no one else in the division wants to fight him. So he calls out 154 pound guys ODH and Mosley. Mosley has a tooth ack and fishnets doesn’t want any.

    147 lbs

    Zab Judah - #2 ww #10p4p title holder. After round 3 floyd turns the lights out in a boxing masterpiece

    Carlos Baldomir - #1 ww title holder. Floyd puts on another clinic.

    ODH #1 jmw title holder. Floyd cant make 154 and Floyd has no say in anything for the fight. Floyd puts on a nice boxing show and beats fishnets. CP

    Back down to 147ibs

    #1 140 #6 p4p title holder hatton easy work after rd 5. White guy. CP
    #1 lightweight #2 p4p jmm title holder. after a 21 month lay off. Puts on the 2nd most lopsided fight in boxing history vs one of the greatest mexican fighters ever. even Bert sugar knew it was a CP


    #1 ww p4p #3 title holder Mosley. After a year off, with a small scare in the 2nd floyd shuts the lights out. CP

    Back up to 154ibs

    Cotto - #1 jmw title holder. Floyd comes in at 148 with the flu. Solid fight but floyd pulls out a good win

    Back down to 147
    Ortiz - #3 ww title holder. Coming off a career win. Floyd knew Ortiz wouldn’t care about this fight.  CP

    Guerrero - #3 ww #10 p4p title holder. Come on this wasn’t fair. A number 10 p4p guy weak floyd. CP

    Back up to 154ibs

    Canelo - #1 jmw #9 p4p title holder floyd once again can’t even make 150. Ends up putting on a clinic. Floyd knew boxers can’t have red hair and be good. Easy CP

    Back down to 147

    Chino - #9 ww title holder. Gives floyd his toughest fight of his career. Floyd pulls out a win

    Chino - rematch floyd is really CP now by giving a rematch to the guy that gave him his hardest fight of his career. CP

    FIGHTERS floyd has ducked

    Manny “I magically lost my power in the prime of my career” pacquiao

    Antonio “hands of plaster” Margarito

    Paul “my lazy jab would have been countered all night” Williams

    James “I’m in jail” Kirkland

    Timothy “I break my ankles” Bradley

    Mike “I broke my back” tyson

    Emanuel Steward was quoted as saying there have been very few who have been more talented than this kid. He will probably win two or three world championships; I think he will go on to be the best ever.

    became one of the youngest recipients of The Ring’s Fighter of the Year award (21, the same age Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali were when winning their first awards)

  8. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:43pm, 08/23/2014

    Eric-(1) Islamist faction in Syria kidnap three Russian diplomats.
    (2) Demand that Russian backed faction stop shelling their positions.
    (3) Shelling continues.
    (4) Islamists kill one Russian diplomat.
    (5) Russians kidnap brother of faction Imam/leader.
    (6) Castrate brother shoot him in the head.
    (7) Russians send severed private parts by courier to Imam/leader and give notice that all male members of his immediate and extended family will suffer the same fate.
    (8) Remaining Russian diplomats released unharmed.
    (9) ISIL hideously decapitate James Wright Foley.
    (10) Obama goes golfing.

  9. Clarence George 01:31pm, 08/23/2014

    Excellent piece.  It makes clear that education isn’t a synonym, never mind a replacement, for intelligence.  That formal schooling today, including and especially college, has been transformed into dumbed-down and pernicious indoctrination is an issue for another time.

    I don’t object to poking fun at Mayweather, but his lack of book learnin’ don’t enter into it.  And by 50 Cent?  I guess Mr. Cent never heard of irony.  But what I heard is that he urged Mayweather to “except” his challenge.

    I don’t know how well Mayweather reads, but I do know how little I care; how little it matters.  As I mentioned in a recent article, Rocky Graziano couldn’t read the cue cards for his TV commercials.  And it wasn’t because his eyesight was bad.  He had no education to speak of, but that doesn’t mean he was stupid, and it had damn all to do with his excellence in the ring.  Same with Mayweather.  But Robert is quite right that Mayweather blundered badly in reminding people how rich he is.  Not only vulgar, but irrelevant.

    By the way, Obama was right (for a change) in refusing to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Damaging to presidential dignity, and he’s already done more than his share of that.  I’m reminded of when Maureen Reagan persuaded her father to participate in Hands Across America.  He did so reluctantly and with distaste, and always regretted it.  I remember how embarrassing I found it—no appetite for sentimental slop myself.

  10. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:29pm, 08/23/2014

    When I see those scribbled checks from Golden Boy totalling $72,276,000…..something tells me that at some point both Golden Boy and Floyd are going to have big time tax problems…..but that’s just me.

  11. Eric 01:14pm, 08/23/2014

    Maybe Floyd should start with comic books instead of Dr. Seuss. I read where Action Comics #1(Superman) has a current bid of over 2 million with a couple more days of bidding to go. The owner is hoping to reach 3 big ones. A 10-cent comic book worth over 2 million dollars? Who in the hell is willing to shell out 2 million dollars for a comic book?

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