Mayweather and America’s Dad

By Robert Ecksel on January 7, 2016
Mayweather and America’s Dad
I get his point, and his appalling lack of empathy, but he needs to get his facts straight.

In addition to being rich and famous, Cosby also happens to be black, which is where Floyd Mayweather steps in…

It was only a matter of time until Floyd Mayweather, who feels compelled to expound on every subject under the sun, had his say about Bill Cosby. The man who used to be called “America’s dad” by people I’ve never met has been stripped of that honorarium, now that dozens of women have come forward with claims that he drugged and sexually assaulted them.

In all fairness to Cosby, he is innocent until proven guilty, and while he’s still making people laugh, they’re not laughing with him, but at him.

In addition to being rich and famous, Cosby also happens to be black, which is where Floyd Mayweather steps in.

Talking with TMZ, he said, for the umpteenth time, “Racism still exists. It’s no different than the Bill Cosby situation. What he did is not right, but there’s so much police brutality out there, there’s things that we don’t think about it.”

Mayweather is right in saying “Racism still exists.” He is wrong in saying “there’s things we don’t think about.” But exactly how Bill Cosby relates to racism and police brutality is a bit of a mystery.

“There’s a lot of young black males, and females, being killed by police,” explained Mayweather, “but these are things we don’t talk about. We’d rather talk about things than happened 30 or 40 years ago.”

I get Mayweather’s point, and his appalling lack of empathy, but he needs to get his facts straight. Cosby is facing criminal charges from a relatively recent incident, charges which stem from a woman’s accusation that he drugged and sexually abused her at his home in 2004.

Mayweather was asked if he thought Cosby has been singled out because he is black.

“From what I heard,” Mayweather said, “there was a guy that was with Subway, and I heard there’s another guy that’s an actor. Is it Woody Allen? Those things are going on. But we seem to turn our head the other way and don’t look at things like that.”

Who is this “we” that Mayweather keeps referring to? The Subway sex pervert Jared Fogle made plenty of news, before being tossed in jail, as did Woody making whoopee with his stepdaughter. By mentioning them as he did, Mayweather confirms that sexual peccadilloes are not a black-white thing, which is reassuring on its face.

Returning to the subject of Bill Cosby, TMZ’s unctuous host, Harvey Levin, tried to steer the conversation back to the subject of race. He asked if Cosby’s troubles have less to do with sex than the color of his skin.

“I don’t really know,” said the man who did time for domestic battery. “Racism still exists. I’m far from racist. I like and love everyone. But I think there’s more important things in the world that we need to worry about than something that happened 30 or 40 years ago.”

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  1. nicolas 04:23pm, 01/08/2016

    ERIC: Here is were I agree with you, first On Cosby, yes he has taken a recent conservative stance, he defended the Travon Martin verdict, and I think many African American people maybe were getting tired of his preaching his views, and it was a black comedian who really started this thing rolling with his Cosby is a rapist, and found it odd that this was happening now when Cosby seems to go against the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world in my view. But on Tarrentino being an anti white racist is really a stretch. Maybe you don’t agree with what he said about the police shootings, but a racist, cannot agree on. I know a few black pepole who were upset with his use of the word ‘nigger’ in films. Also PUlpfriction, doesn’t Ving Rhames character really get the short end of things, to get beat up by Burce Willis, and raped. Who is the lead villain in Jackie Brown. Who is the first person we see get killed in Kill Bill two, in a fight between a white woman and a black woman. Who also is it perhaps even shown is the real villain of Django Unchained. Also as for Samuel Jackson. Who was the one who said that maybe Tarrentino is a better director and more successful that Spike, it was Jackson after Lee attacked toe film Django Unchained. Also is he wished the San bernadino killers were white was understandable, and not racist. First, he probably was suggesting that if they were black, then it would be another finger point essay about how blacks are criminals, and of course, Muslims, would just stoke the fires even more. So I had not problem with what he said, and understood. As for Tarrentino’s Resveoir Dogs, my least favorite of all his films, just an unpleasant experience.

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:27pm, 01/08/2016

    huhu05-Guilty as charged….here are some racial stereotypes I pulled out of my ass: “I give interracial couples a look. Daggers. They get uncomfortable when they see me on the street.”(Spike Lee) “The point I was making was not that my Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t. But she is a typical white person.” (Barack Obama) “....cook him up some barbecued dog…..cook that yellow chump. I’ll make that motherf**ker make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice.” (Floyd Mayweather) “The white man is our enemy mortal enemy, and we cannot accept him.” (Louis Farrakhan) “I voted for Barack Obama because he’s black.” “I really wanted the San Bernardino killers to be white.” (Samuel L. Jackson) Still I don’t know what you’re problem with my earlier post, after all I stated that I Agreed with these racist malcontents.

  3. Eric 10:18am, 01/08/2016

    huhuO5…Actually I am pretty ambivalent to the Bill Cosby case especially since it is being handled by Gloria ALL RED. Cosby, and his recent conservative stances could be the very reason he is being singled out. The only case recently that I saw where an officer was guilty of murdering an African American unjustifiably was in South Carolina and that officer was rightfully convicted of murder. The “Gentle Giant” who attacked the police officer in Ferguson was just a misunderstood “teen” who happened to attack the officer and reach for his gun after committing a robbery at a convenience store. Yes, the “Gentle Giant” who bullied a 115lb store owner while snatching a box of cigars. Were the “teens” who raped, mutilated and burned Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian angelic “teens” as well. How about those who burned Jessica Chambers to death? The only part of Jessica’s body that wasn’t burned to a crisp was the bottom of her feet. How about the black lady who took a blow torch and burned a 12 year old white boy to death in Texas a few years ago? The Chambers case is the only one of these cases that received a smidgen of national news coverage. I’ve had a few experiences with police officers and never had any problems if I complied with the officer’s orders. Are there bad cops? SURE, there are bad officers, bad politicians, bad lawyers, bad preachers, etc.

  4. huhu05 09:46am, 01/08/2016

    White America hates when Black people express their opinions.

    IrishFrankie: When has any of those people said that all whites are racist? Or are you just pulling racist stereotypes out of your ass?

    Eric: The reason that innocent unarmed Blacks get more attention from Black leaders is because America consistently lets their murderers off with paid leave instead of sending them to prison where the crooked pigs belong.

  5. Eric 09:07am, 01/08/2016

    Irish… You left out the biggest anti-White racist out there, Quentin Tarantino. The alien looking Tarantino is one of the biggest self hating anti-White wayciss in the world today. Of course Tarantino is sucking up to “the powers that be” who control Hollyweird, to borrow a phrase from Mr. Koolz. Too bad this traitor trash started self hating or cutting himself, because his early movies like, “Reservoir Dogs” and “True Romance” were some of my favorite movies. Samuel L. Jackoffson recently stated that he hoped the San Bernadino shooters were White. Imagine if you will, an actor stating that he hoped the shooters involved in a mass murder were Black!? Do you think that actor’s career in Hollyweird would be worth squat. Tarantino definitely has a man crush on Mr. Jackoffson, seems like Samuel is in every single one of his movies.

  6. Mike Casey 08:58am, 01/08/2016

    Oh yes, Clarence, a fine actor!

  7. Clarence George 08:40am, 01/08/2016

    Mine, Mike, is the insufficiently appreciated Clive Revill.

  8. Mike Casey 08:21am, 01/08/2016

    “Cosby’s body odor was enough to gag a maggot when he drugged and raped her!” I can’t get over that, Irish!

  9. Mike Casey 08:20am, 01/08/2016

    Tell you what, Clarence, the urbane Culp was one of my favourite Columbo villains too along with Patrick McGoohan.

  10. Clarence George 07:53am, 01/08/2016

    Well I remember, Mike, the “Get Smart” episode that spoofed “I Spy.”  Though I could have done without the tiresome Stu Gilliam, Robert Culp was very funny as an incompetent and increasingly inebriated waiter.  “Don’t but me no buts, sir.”

  11. Jim Crue 07:42am, 01/08/2016

    While Floyd may have reached class B status as a fighter he is a sub C human being. And he’s ignorant to boot. The slimy Harvey Levin is in the same class. Who cares about these two wack off’s. Bill who?

  12. Mike Casey 06:57am, 01/08/2016

    I’m old enough to remember the ‘I Spy’ series with Cosby and Robert Culp. I was a great fan of Robert Culp .

  13. Koolz 02:22am, 01/08/2016

    The powers that be (I won’t say who this is) use Race war as a division of the people, their minds, and their souls.

    Anyone who falls for it is a brainwashed fool who follows their propaganda.

    Yes Floyd as you spout dribble about racism you actually make it worse by creating the thoughts of Racism in all your fan base.

    so in essence you are creating racism.  But let’s take this wisdom farther.

    The Great Jiddu Krishnamurtii said:  Those who call themselves by their race, label themselves something wish to do violence.  Do you Understand why they wish to do violence?  Because they single themselves out from the rest of the Human Race.

    More can be said but it’s better to live to your fullest know your the history of your blood but not be a slave of it in this time.

    Remember you are your Mind!

  14. Eric 08:48pm, 01/07/2016

    I only wish I could have been there while Floyd and this so-called television host were spewing propaganda and instigating more racial division. I would ask Floyd if he has ever heard of Jessica Chambers or the poor young white teen girl who was gang raped for over 2 hours in Richmond, California back in 2009 by a group of hispanics and one African American. I would ask Floyd why aren’t Christopher Newsom & Shannon Christian or the aforementioned victims/crime cases, as well known as Trayvon Martin or Freddie Gray. I could list case after case if I only had the inclination or time. If Floyd is referring to the controlled media as “we” then he certainly is right about how they turn their heads when certain events occur.

  15. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:45pm, 01/07/2016

    I agree with Floyd Mayweather, Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee, Louis Farrakhan, and Barack Hussein Obama when they say all white people without exception, are racist. To prove the point, Janice Dickinson clearly showed her racism when she said that Cosby’s body odor was enough to gag a maggot when he drugged and raped her!

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