Mayweather Hoochie-Coochie

By Robert Ecksel on March 6, 2013
Mayweather Hoochie-Coochie
What one believes is sexually suggestive is mere child's play to another. (Detroit News)

There were hopes. There were prayers. There was wishful thinking. He was used to running wild. But many speculated that when he was jailed for domestic battery, he would sober up, he would see the light, he would reenter the world a changed man.

Well, so much for speculation.

The latest but far from greatest concerning Floyd Mayweather involves behavior that, if true, is unbecoming at best, and pretty lowdown at worst.

The incident occurred in Detroit’s Masonic Temple on Feb. 23. Ishe Smith, a TMT fighter, Floyd’s fighter, was fighting Cornelius Bundrage for his IBF junior middleweight belt. During the fight, which Bundrage was losing badly, Mayweather approached Shawana Bundrage, Cornelius’ wife/manager, and behaved in what has been described as a sexually suggestive manner, according to Detroit News columnist Terry Foster.

What is sexually suggestive to some is child’s play to another. It depends on where you’re coming from, where you’re at, and if it’s your wife on the receiving end.

“Shawana Bundrage did not deserve to have a man gyrate his hips around her face,” wrote Foster. “She did not deserve a grown man getting in her face and screaming while minding her own business. She also did not deserve the laughter that surrounded this despicable act.”

Boys will be boys, et cetera and all that jazz. If you want angels with dirty faces you’ll need to find another sport.

Floyd hasn’t spoken about the incident. But Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, says it’s all a fabrication. He insists the trash talking was mutual, that Shawana Bundrage gave as good as she got, and that nothing Floyd did was anything that anyone could find offensive—unless, of course, they’re a Mayweather hater.

The complete Detroit News column can be read here.

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