Money May: Like or Dislike?

By Robert Ecksel on February 8, 2013
Money May: Like or Dislike?
Mayweather, Hopkins and Broner failed to even earn a dishonorable mention. (Ecksel)

The survey was conducted by the venerable Nielsen Holdings N.V., along with the somewhat less venerable E-Poll, and the results were surprising…

“Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler.”—Albert Einstein

There are lists for everything under the sun. People like lists. They simplify that which hardly needs simplification, but that never stopped anybody from creating another list, instead of creating an alternative to lists themselves.

The latest list to come our attention is a list of “The 10 most disliked athletes in America.” Limiting the list to American athletes makes sense, since it keeps things simple. There’s no need to include Anthony Mundine, for example, in a list comprised of Yanks.

The survey was conducted by the venerable Nielsen Holdings N.V., along with the somewhat less venerable E-Poll, and the results were a bit surprising.

In descending order, number 10 on the list is Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo. Quoting from the LA Times website, “Cowboy fans don’t like it when their quarterback leads to lead them to a title.” If you can make sense of that caption you’re a better man, and worse editor, than I.

Number 9 on the list is Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers. “Lakers fans love him, but not the rest of America.” Is it because he’s not a team player in a team sport? Or are memories longer in the heartland than in the City of Angels?

NASCAR star Kurt Busch made the list at number 8. I know even less about Kurt Busch than I know about NASCAR, which suits me fine. But, accordingly, “Frequent altercations with teammates and opposing drivers have made him a target of NASCAR fans.” Vroom.

Back to a sport that doesn’t involve automobiles, Michael Vick, quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, was listed at number 7. It’s not his style of play that people dislike. It’s his treatment of man’s best friend. “People love dogs,” the caption reads, “but not people who are into dogfighting.” Groan. The Times should have written, “It’s a dog-eat-dog world, but every dogma has its day.”

Number 6 is Alex Rodriguez, slugger for the New York Yankees. There are plenty of reasons to dislike A-Rod, everything to his being overpaid to choking in the clutch to dating Madonna. But those things can be overlooked, despite the fact that “this survey was taken before his recent performance-enhancing drug problems.”

Another LA Laker made the list at number 5. That would be Metta World Peace. Once again, it’s not his play on the hardwood that makes him one of the most disliked Americans athletes. Nor is it his pretentious renaming. It’s apparently his hypocrisy. “Some still haven’t forgiven him for punching a fan in 2004.” We are willing to forgive and forget. But many fans, no matter the sport, seem to be asking for it. In lieu of rabies shots, maybe a good old-fashioned whupping is what is called for.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler comes in at number 4. He’s earned the enmity of fans because of a perceived attitude problem. He “is disliked for perceived arrogance toward teammates and opponents.” If a starting NFL quarterback hasn’t earned the right to be arrogant, who can?

Not surprisingly, Tiger Woods is the third most disliked athlete in America. Although he put golf on the map, if it is indeed on the map, many are still pissed that he wasn’t the saint he was made out to be. “People still haven’t forgiven him for his infidelity issues a few years ago.” Are any of those bluenoses married? Are any of them Tiger Woods? Lighten up people. He might have been selling a fantasy, but you’re the ones who bought it.

For a college athlete to make the list he must be really bad. Manti Te’o, coming in at number 2, hasn’t a friend in the world. Headshrinkers from coast to coast are still filing their diagnoses, so the jury is out on the future NFL player. He may be a psychopath. He may be a sociopath. Or he may just be gullible beyond belief. Whatever his problem, and he clearly has a problem, it seems reason enough to hate his guts.

And, finally, the number one most disliked athlete in America is none other than Lance Armstrong. The former cycling star is all things to all people who feel betrayed by defective role models. Armstrong is a liar and a cheat. He is nasty. He even slept with Sheryl Crow. And now he goes on Oprah to ask for forgiveness? If he was Jewish one could say he has chutzpah. But since he’s Christian, one can say he’s got ball.

You may have noticed that no boxers made the list. We would have thought that Floyd Mayweather or Bernard Hopkins or Adrien Broner would have at least earned a dishonorable mention. Maybe they’re not as hated as they would have us believe. Or perhaps boxing is so far removed from the average sports fan’s consciousness that ace practitioners who relish rubbing fans the wrong way don’t even get a nod.

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  1. bikermike 02:57pm, 02/11/2013

    when those who participated in this poll were asked about pbf…....there was one question they all asked…..

    WHO THE FK IS floyd mayweather jr ???

  2. the thresher 11:20am, 02/11/2013

    Everyone knows who he is but not everyone knows what he is all about.

    Only boxing fans know about his cherry picking ways.

  3. Don from Prov 11:14am, 02/11/2013

    I think that it’s more that the general sports fan neither knows many boxers nor cares about them one way or another than Junior, etc. being popular.

  4. Darrell 11:08pm, 02/10/2013

    Hahaha…..even the Yanks don’t like Mundine.  Pity that he’s such a prat because his father is a real decent guy & was a fantastic boxer himself.

  5. gman 10:44pm, 02/10/2013

    Not many fights left for Floyd career nearing end Alexander not a good fight for Floyd just not exciting to carefull fighters Floyd will out class Devon in a boring 12 round decision yawn .... though ortiz is up and down and inconsistant i would rather see him vs guerrero at 147. That wouldn’t happen bcause Robert deserves a big fight he will beat bradely for sure. Floyd barely beat Cotto and to be honest he under estimated Cotto and nearly lost. Hmm. Berto broke and exposed he cant handle pressure fighters hince guerrero and ortiz so thats that. Where is boxing going from here? Nobodys mentioning the nearly 40 year old dynamita that ko’d the Pac man he should have fighters beating the door down to challenge him but nah… i guess i will look to maravilla ward chavez jr somebody damn the ufc is dancing circles around boxing and its only gonna get worse…. these pussy cherry picking so called champions are gonna kill boxing. We need fighters like Rios;Alvarado;Alvarez;gamboa;and other champions that still believe in a champions legacy… Fight the best! Not just the best for you!

  6. the thresher 04:09pm, 02/08/2013

    He will never fight Devon. Floyd likes to get the buzz out there in line with his PR strategy (aka, ego requirements).. Fight will never happen.

  7. NYIrish 03:57pm, 02/08/2013

    Your last line explains the absence. Well put.

  8. Sam 1969 01:17pm, 02/08/2013

    Just found out floyd “picked up” devon alexander as his next opponent, for me is not fair, there are many boxers out there much more powerful and skilled than alexander to face mayweather, this is what is attempting against this sport, this kind if shit is no longer needed, the same for maidana vs malignaggi, it just makes me mad see these guys picking ring running dancers.

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