Floyd Mayweather: No Guts, No Glory

By Boxing News on January 8, 2014
Floyd Mayweather: No Guts, No Glory
One can edit videotape a thousand different ways to prove a point one's intent on proving.

One can edit videotape a thousand different ways to prove a point one’s intent on proving. But the end result, no matter how persuasive, is never wholly objective. The 10-minute clip subtitled “The truth behind the Pacquiao-Mayweather situation” presumes to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, but that depends on which truth you are endorsing. This is old news, but old news is new news until it’s not news at all, which hasn’t happened definitively, yet…

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Floyd Mayweather exposed (Why he ducked Manny Pacquiao).

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  1. Jim Crue 07:11pm, 01/13/2014

    Stephen, I’m sorry I misspelled your name. Old fingers on the iPhone. And you are right.. And there is no reason to discuss Floyd or boxing history with a Floyd fanatic .
    I use my complete name.

  2. Stephen 06:11pm, 01/13/2014

    Oh its Stephen with a e not a blind man

  3. stephen 06:09pm, 01/13/2014

    This is not English class Jim but u understood it snuff to reply u funny quit making excuses he’s fought so many champions and past champions its a shame u even bring that up this ain’t back in the day so quit comparing its now and he is the face of boxing not on his face but the face of boxing u want him to fight goliath to make u happy come on man hope my English was better since am at work and reading this bs lmao

  4. Jim Crue 04:14pm, 01/13/2014

    You must be young because the big zero on Floyd’s record seems to be important to you. Had Floyd fought the best competition he may not have that zero. The great Billy Conn said how do you get better if you don’t fight guys as good or better than you. The only fighter who had so many wins with 1 loss is Ray Robinson and he fought middleweights when he was 145 pounds. It would also be good if you could write in legible English.

  5. stephen 03:48pm, 01/13/2014

    Nice bs video I never heard of ppl who make a guy with 5losses dicate what I man with no losses should do lol sleep man could of took 40million to fight he didn’t then he was scared of needles or didn’t want to be dtain for the fight now that he got ko oh ill take the test ill take 55-45 if u don’t like Floyd just say that but to say the fight hasn’t happen cuz of him is grade a bs and its sad ppl believe the bs the say and make lmao leave the drugs alone

  6. Ammeh 07:20am, 01/11/2014

    Hope Showtime could get back their investment of mayweather without fighting pacman. Just wondering who will they put against mayweather that could generate interest like the canelo fight.

  7. Darrell 01:11am, 01/11/2014

    Thanks for this.

    Whoever made this video doesn’t realize just how much of an unintentional (?) pisstake this is.  The comments are side splittingly funny….I love reading deranged anti-FMJ comments.

  8. Jesse 11:27am, 01/10/2014

    Manny paid all those guys on the show.. Floyd is really a good guy he’s giving Manny back massage…Floyd whispers to Manny’s ears “MANNY YOU’RE MY BESTEST FRIEND”. scared !!!! everbody get scared but to be COWARD and have a big mouth is shameful. maywhithered do the CHICKEN RIGHT…  Boxing fans dionesia pacquiao and maywhitered senior had a better chance to be in the ring than manny vs floyd… promote MOMMY PACQUIAO V,S DADDY MAYWHITHERD…top record breaking pay per view

  9. boxmeister 03:46am, 01/10/2014

    Boxers want a crack at Fraudie May weather Jr not because of the challenge but to get a big piece of the PPV revenue pie.  Just face the fact (Floyd nuthuggers will deny this)..that Floydie is a professional con man out to get all your hard earned money with the help of Haymon, Schaefer and the American media to continually hype him so he can generate millions of dollars fighting conniving and cooperating opponents to keep his zero loss record.  Castillo was robbed big time when they fought and they realized that scheme works in the corrupt world of boxing.  I ain’t buying any fixed May weather fights unless it is Pacquiao who can never be bought.  His fear of Pacquiao will haunt him until the day he gets old and frail.

  10. leo 09:10pm, 01/09/2014

    Apply common sense here. For them to square off inside the ring is, just boycott Mayweather future fights because he is apparently ducking Manny.  If nobody buy his fights his sacred PPV sink and Showtime of course losses money as a result. Remember he had a $200 million contract for six fights with them. If that happens Showtime will force him to take on Manny to pay him for his guaranteed contract and for them to recoup some losses incurred when nobody is buying his fights anymore. If you are buying just because you wanted especially Mayweathers haters to see him got knockout ,forget that it will never happen ,he cherry pick his opponents he can beat. Make sense

  11. jim Crue 06:39am, 01/09/2014

    this is Roy Jones part 2
    Pick your opponents have a pay per view ,premium network let you pick your opponents and then call you “great”. The fighter makes massive amounts of money fighting solid but inferior opponents.
    With respect to many of you knowledgeable guys on this terrific site.. Floyd is not great. Great compared to what? Roy was great ... until he got tapped on the chin.

  12. Valentin 01:46am, 01/09/2014

    Pacquiao should show up on Floyd’s fight day at the entrance corridor with his gloves on , shirts off ready to fight and Amir will step off the ring before the sound of round 1..then Pacquiao will bull rush towards the ring and jump in. National guards will soon follow and surround the ring not to protect the fighters from the now ecstatic crowd, but to prevent Floyd from running out of the ring. Cena from the WWE will be ringside as well to throw Floyd back to the ring in case he jump out.
    Floyd will start convulsing and suddenly drop down to the floor and saliva coming out of his mouth in the last desperate attempt to ditch the fight by faking a stroke.
    It is expected that Floyd will do something like this so a medical team of doctors will immediately ushered into the ring and will tell Floyd in the microphone that he’s not having a heart attack or stroke. At the big screen of Las Vegas , a 60 seconds countdown is initiated before the first round bell of what it seems to be the longest 1 minute of Floyd’s life. People are going crazy inside and outside Las Vegas coliseum as they go along with the countdown. The whole world stop for one minute, I mean literally stop. The last 30 seconds of the countdown , the unexpected happened that no one foresee in spite of the whole preparation and meticulous planning put into place just to make this fight come true. Floyd start punching himself to the face like in the movie fight club. He’s really inflicting too much damage to himself and almost knock himself out. The bell rings for the start of first round and Floyd is bloody and cannot continue to fight.

  13. Mhhamad Mzzayad 01:14am, 01/09/2014


    Pacquio will be introduced in all his future fights as:



    *** (THE MAN WHO BEAT THE MAN - I repeat that’s a big fvkcing deal like THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPION – it just means pacquiao did not stay long enough to fight the lesser champions in that division and instead moved up to fight bigger and more dangerous fighters than those he left behind.

    . *** it is critical that team pacquiao keep reminding everyone about these accomplishments since it won’t be long before he retires and the boxing writers will be ranking him among the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

  14. DVL 01:09am, 01/09/2014

    Its all CLEAR and had been DONE, Mayweather is afraid of fighting PACQUIAO, Period…

  15. Julio 12:15am, 01/09/2014

    Floyd Mayweather may retire undefeated and heads to Hall of Fame but he always will be remembered for refusing to fight Manny Pacquiao - a fight every boxing fans want to see but didn’t.

  16. Mhhmad Mzzayad 12:10am, 01/09/2014


    1.  foremost is pacquiao’s tax problem.  the tax lien/levy on his properties here and at home (tho US may have been lifted could be just temporary) will send anybody similarly situated into panic mode   IRS can reinstate that levy anytime and i don’t think pac’s seen the last of his tax woes.  negotiations could be happening right now at pacquiao’s insistence because he needs this fight bad (or he goes bankrupt which he could effectively be) anything less might not cut it.  he should know that even if he gets $40 million from this fight, he won’t see a penny of it since IRS gets first crack at it in back taxes PLUS its 30% tax on that fight itself PLUS 27.5% or so arum’s promoters fees (pacquiao needs to renegotiate his fees)  PLUS LIENS from Phl PLUS expenses PLUS future assessments.  what you gonna do.

    2.  THERE’S A CLAMOR FROM A GROUP FOR PACQUIAO TO START WORKING WITH THE FEDS AGAINST ARUM FOR POSSIBLE ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES and i favor that idea.  that thing about VISIONQUEST just seemed so blatant wherein it appeared pacquiao was deliberately kept in the dark as to how much he was suppose to make.  it was reported pacquiao did not even have copies of his fight contracts.  it also appeared pacquiao wanted to straighten his finances and hired visionquest and arum or his company would not comply and interfered and finally got visionquest fired for “disclosures” w/c appeared to have OFFENDED NOT pacquiao but arum.  everybody knows koncz is arums mole in pacquiao’s camp and (there’s gotta be a conflict there somewhere), and he being his manager and who happens to be a lawyer knows the importance of proper bookkeeping but appeared to have encouraged a shoebox type record keeping while funneling funds to the promotional company he co-owns with pacquiao and may have siphoned it, IT APPEARS.  its possible there’s conspiracy to defraud and IF SUCH FRAUD IS WITHIN THE PURVIEW OF EXITING STATUTES then that’s bad news for arum & koncz.
    if there is indeed illegal activities and you’re arum, you don’t want to get too much heat before stuff hits the fan and you will likely accede to shaeffer’s proposition for arum to step aside & let them handle everything.  arum can still get his fees.  Incidentally, if i remember correctly (at the height of their rift) arum called DLH an uneducated peasant or something like that so what is he going to call paq should they breakup.

    3.  mayweather is getting so much heat for his avoidance of pacquiao and it will only get worse. he is being called a coward/cowardly by tv personalities, boxing greats and writers alike and there’s a point in which he needs to bite the bullet or forever be labeled a coward and maybe worse than say andrew golota, at least the guy went a couple of rounds with tyson.  He should foggeddabout getting maimed fighting pacquiao he can always throw in the towel at the slightest sign of danger.  time and again he made statements diminishing pacquiao’s accomplishments but that ain’t gonna fly nomo since the fact remains pacquiao is:

    THE ONLY (4) FOUR DIVISION LINEAL CHAMPION (the man who beat the man - - that’s a big fvkcing deal akin to UNDISPUTED CHAMPION. It only means pacquiao did not stay long enough to fight the lesser champions in that division)  evaaaa

    nobody but nobody comes close.  not floyd with his undefeated record.  its actually embarrassing for floyd to put up his achievements against that of pacquiao.  Some IGNORANT people say floyd’s got nothing to prove in fighting paq.  YES HE DOES!!!  HE NEEDS TO PROVE HE’S THE BETTER FIGHTER.  Floyd the better moneymaker is a given but fighting?  his whole family and team knows paq will break that glass chin of that supposed best defensive boxer, AND paq will tag him again and again and MANGLE that face the way floyd could not do to his opponents since he moved up to the higher divisions AND FLOYD SEEN ALL THE FACES OF PAQ’S OPPONENTS even the one who KO’ed him.  so paq got caught but the funny thing is that the perp who laid him out cold on his face is himself so afraid to try and do his HAIL MARY on pacquiao a second time for double his previous purse.  that just defies logic.

    PRECEDING NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS AN ENDORSEMENT OF PACQUIAO’S POLITICS.  I still would like to know what happened to the Sarangani Hospital pacquiao promised since he’s well into his 2nd term of office as congressman.  effin never heard anything more since his first campaign.

  17. Dranreb Datsboygym 11:56pm, 01/08/2014

    AMERICAs greatest COWARD….DUCKER….CHERRY PICKER….woman beater…EXCon….yet NSAC…CNN….FOX SPORT TV….RING MAGAZINE…and BWAA are doing right for the sake of their own EGO MANIAC….SELF CENTERED american pride and greatness…while in reality…they americans sporting tv and websites are all trying very very very hard to eclipsed their own mind and eyes to HIDE their only hope…their only one man standing and their only hope for standing their own american flag to man up…step up and finally have at least grown balls to face his greatest risk…face the greatest offensive fighter of all time - Manny Pacquiao!!!  i always thinking how the mighty RUSSIAN can view now about american boxing now a days?  i just watched the long time secret of the mighty RUSSIAN on how they almost wiped out all those american navy fleet in the cuban missile crisis…its just a pure american trash talking carefully and trying to hide their greatest COWARD gay of boxing!!! americans dont care about their cowardness now a days!

  18. Ed 10:41pm, 01/08/2014

    To All Professional Boxers! Please BOYCOTT a Mayweather fight if it is offered to you. To Amir Khan, please don’t accept a Mayweather offer. If you want to fight him fight him after Pacman. We must see how good this Mayweather is against the Pacman because he has been running his mouth for the longest time insulting/putting down other boxers. Every boxer should turn down a Mayweather offer and defer to Pacquiao, because mayweather is scared of Pacquiao. To all boxing fans. Please boycott all mayweather fights unless it is against the Pacman. We must do something to stop this loudmouth from insulting everybody’s intelligence.

  19. flord 10:35pm, 01/08/2014

    I wish those boxing commissions in the US deny floyd license if he continue to impose rules outside the rules of the commission.  Strip him of all championship belts if he continuously duck pacquiao and impose his own rules.  Are these commissions paid by Mayweather? why are they so afraid? can they not live without mayweather? whats happening to the boxing world?

  20. Mike 09:37pm, 01/08/2014

    Honestly, its getting old. Floyd coming up with excuses and terms for Manny is limitless. I wonder if he imposed 100% PPV deductions from Khan and Golden Boy. Since he offered 40 million to Manny does that mean Khan would only get 1 - 5 million ?? I highly doubt Schaefer and Khan would agree on that. This is my suggest to all the boxing fans, since Floyd demands all these terms for Manny, Floyd should apply each and every term imposed on Manny to every other opponent he faces. That way he wont look like a coward and wont have some many ppl getting angry and frustrated over his decisions and behavior.

  21. Johntor Del Corro Tero 08:58pm, 01/08/2014

    Forget Floyd Mayweather.a lot true warior fighter in welterweight.!standing 5’9 big size,bulk muscle,long arms,defensive silky style?.obviously scared!to a southpawh with only 5’6 half!style make fights and pacquiao is the most dangerous fighter to mayweather style.!mostly pacquiao opponents are damages and broken than mayweather fights.look?even marquez knock pacman.look marquez face..?delahoya,hatton in 2 round,cotto face,margarito face,and mosley attempt to quit in round 9 resulting bck pedaling while in mayweather fights.he pucnh until the last minute!retire to boxing mayweather just what ur slogan ‘my health and family is important than money….pacquiao will not kill you..

    Mayweather will NEVER agree to fight Pacquiao. NEVER. Floyd knows he can’t beat him. As a result everyone knows Floyd fears him. Top that with Floyd’s knucklehead tendencies and its made him a joke. The typical reaction when you hear or read about Floyd the common reaction is a roll of the eyes. Great talent but a product of a criminal family with an estranged father and a bizarre, vulgar, goofy uncle as his trainer.

    TO FLOYD FUN sobrang tindi ng pagka-inggit mo kabayan sa ating kababayan, magsumikap ka na lang ng todo para umunlad ka rin, ikamamatay mo yang pagiging inggitero ... just a piece of advise to a piece of SH#T like you!

    with your own 2 eyes, did you see all the other fights both fighters fought in Oscar, Hatton, Mosely, Cotto? Pac made Oscar waive the flag in 10th round while his face was fucked up! Floyd barely beat him and almost lost while Oscar’s face was fine; Pac knocked out Hatton cold in 2nd round while Floyd took 10 rounds to put him away; Mosely said Pac was faster and threw the harder punches than Floyd; Pac annihilated Cotto and wanted him to quit while Floyd said Cotto was his toughest fighter! Marquez lost the 1st Pac fight cause the judge misscored the fight. look it up. So, that should have been 3-0 with no 4th fight. Pac’s 4th fight with JMM he broke his nose while gasping for air when he knocked Pac out cold in last 1 second hail mary shot. Floyd didnt even hurt JMM. So, with your own 2 eyes and Scaredy boy’s eyes, this is why he never wanted to fight Pac! He has trouble with Lefties as in Zab Judah all the while Pac is quicker and hits harder than Zab. What do you have to say now, Mr I love the fake GOAT who picks his fights on smaller guys?!!

  22. Don Marutex 08:54pm, 01/08/2014

    Boycott Floyd"s all fights…................scared chumps…...shame on US for having a coward champion.

  23. Ivan De Guzman 08:40pm, 01/08/2014

    I hope all the fighter that floyd wanna fight dont fight him… i know all of the fighter wanna see pac vs floyd too, so if im amir khan, maidana or whoever floyd wanna pick opponent, dont fight him so the fight will happen, for the fans and for the boxing world

  24. rolly javier 08:23pm, 01/08/2014

    Floydie Gayweather is so coward that he does not run out of excuses. When the time comes pacman is no longer under contract with Arum…Gayweather will surely ask new demand and he will make sure that said demand will be very difficult for Pacquiao to agree. In other words….BOXING, boxing writers, stakeholders (hbo and showtime) and some fans are no doubt continouosly being fooled by GAYWEATHER.

  25. Eduardo gomez 05:58pm, 01/08/2014

    No only manny ,james kirkland erislandy lara timothy bradley all are nightmare for him

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