Floyd Mayweather: Who’s Next?

By Boxing News on February 6, 2013
Floyd Mayweather: Who’s Next?
The front-runner was supposedly The Ghost, and many of us have our fingers crossed.

Floyd Mayweather’s next fight is on Cinco de Mayo against an opponent to be named. Speculation is running rampant and the tension is thick enough to cut with a knife. But Money May, as mercurial as ever, is doing nothing to relieve it. Earlier today he tweeted that his next opponent may be Devon Alexander, the thought of which has elicited groans from coast-to-coast and beyond. Everyone wants the best to fight the best, and while Mayweather is the best, Alexander is not. The front-runner was supposedly Robert Guerrero and many of us have our fingers crossed. The Ghost has been calling out Floyd for years. He has earned and deserves his shot. Robert Ecksel, editor-in-chief of Boxing.com, speaks with Rick Strom from TYT Sports about this morning’s provocative tweet and what, if anything, it might mean…

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Floyd Mayweather vs Devon Alexander

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    Can’t say right now

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    You owe me

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    Mayweather.  Why?

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