Floyd Patterson vs. George Chuvalo

By Boxing News on November 30, 2018
Floyd Patterson vs. George Chuvalo
There was a time when great fights occurred with a frequency we can only dream about.

Heavyweights Floyd Patterson and George Chuvalo met on Feb 1. 1965 at Madison Square Garden. Patterson had lost the heavyweight title to Sonny Liston in 1962, in devastating fashion, but he did what fighters do, which is to fight. Chuvalo was never champion (if he were plying his trade today that might be another story) and he fought everyone who was anyone and always gave it his all, which was a helluva lot. Floyd was 41-4 going in. Chuvalo was 29-8-2. But boxing records can be deceiving, as can the past, when there were great fights occurring with a frequency we can only dream about today…

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Floyd Patterson vs George Chuvalo, part 1/3

Floyd Patterson vs George Chuvalo, part 2/3

Floyd Patterson vs George Chuvalo, part 3/3

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  1. Cap 11:00am, 05/22/2015

    I’ll go to my grave saying Chuvalo won that fight with Patterson. Floyd never wanted a rematch because of the punishment he took from George. Floyd was the sentimental favourite. American Olympic hero former world champ. All he was missing was a puppy in his corner. Chuvalo would have had to knock him out cold to get a draw.

  2. johnwriter60 11:56am, 01/09/2012

    my cousin Mike was a CAISSIE…he passed many years ago…peace to you, Mike…

  3. mikecasey 07:51am, 01/09/2012

    Agreed, John. As a 10-year-old, I watched this one with my father. It was a beautiful and thrilling fight.

  4. john coiley 02:42am, 01/09/2012

    I do so remember and long for those days. Yes, there were, and always will be, those who ply the trade for selfish reasons, but these were fighters who fought for the glory of the sport, of the game. Can we dare call it a game today?

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