Floyd…C’mon Man

By Jarrett Zook on August 31, 2015
Floyd…C’mon Man
If he wants his final fight to be little more than a glorified sparing match, that’s his choice.

At 38, Mayweather is undoubtedly near retirement, but can a man of his ego really resist one-upping Marciano?

On September 12th of this year boxing fans around the world may witness the final Mayweather extravaganza. The sure-fire Hall of Famer says that he will retire after he attempts to tie Rocky Marciano’s record mark of 49 victories without a defeat. Marciano’s last fight was a knockout victory over the out-sized, but still formidable, Archie Moore. On the other hand, Mayweather’s next opponent, Andre Berto, is a fizzled out former prospect on the downside of his career. If Mayweather wants his final fight to be little more than a glorified sparing match, that’s his prerogative. However, it is a travesty that Money Mayweather and the powers that be in boxing seem to have no respect for this historic occasion. Instead of choosing a deserving opponent, Floyd is intent on fleecing the public to fork over money for a PPV headliner that is debatably worth seeing for free.

Rarely would anyone enter a ring with the knowledge that he will likely be hit hundreds of times and still feel like a lottery winner. Berto has to feel lucky though, as he is due to receive a three-million dollar purse and is not even a top ten welterweight contender. In fact, only three fights ago he was knocked out by the tough but limited Jesus Soto Karass. While Berto did win his next two fights following the loss to Soto Karass, the victories came against nondescript opposition. Consequently, it’s not the so much that Berto is not likely to win that is troublesome, rather it is that he can at best be considered a fringe contender. Floyd would be the betting favorite versus any fighter in the 140- to 154-pound range. However, some fighters in this range would be considered reasonably legitimate threats to his undefeated legacy. Keith Thurman may represent the most appealing of the group as he has good size and power and a fan-friendly style. He has destroyed all opposition and recently he has began to call out Mayweather and specifically stated, “I’m a young, strong champion, Floyd, come get it.”

While Thurman likely poses the biggest challenge for Mayweather, there are a slew of other fighters who would also pose intriguing matchups. Two fighters in this second tier that readily come to mind are Kell Brook and Terence Crawford. Brook has had a few close nods, yet remains undefeated through 35 fights. Furthermore, one of these close decisions came against the formidable Shawn Porter. Like Thurman, Brook possesses a fan-friendly style and he therefore would likely press the action against the sometimes boring Floyd. Crawford is also both entertaining and has never been beaten. Though a weight class smaller than Floyd, his destruction of Yuriorkis Gamboa showed his remarkable athletic ability and he has looked good in his two bouts since then.

At this juncture in his career there is a good probability Floyd is intent in protecting his pristine record. Danny Garcia, Amir Khan, Shawn Porter, and Erislandy Lara all potentially have at least a Maidana’s chance in hell of giving Floyd some decent competition. At the same time it is highly unlikely that any of these fighters could beat him, yet they would all serve as nice bullet points on his résumé. When Money was fresh out of the mint Berto may have served as a good gatekeeper, but this bout is meaningless now. Floyd consistently pronounces himself as being the greatest fighter of all time, yet ironically on a momentous occasion he will be taking on the worst opponent he’s faced in years. If Floyd wants to take an occasional easy fight that is his choice. Boxing is a tough sport and if he wants to end his career as mentally intact as possible it is understandable. Just don’t try to disguise this awful matchup to the public as a prizefight. Floyd you’ve enriched yourself enough off the Sweet Science, why do you see fit to damage the sport and frustrate its fans?

While Mayweather says this will be his final fight, this is more likely a marketing ploy than the actual truth. He knows fans will be inclined to pay for the fight, if they feel like they may never see him inside the ropes again. After all, Floyd insisted that he was done in 2008 and seven years later he’s still stepping into the ring earning at least tens of millions of dollars with each fight. At 38, Floyd is undoubtedly near retirement, but can a man of his ego really resist one-upping Marciano? Regardless, fans across the world should wait to spend their coin on bout number 50—that is if Mayweather decides to square off against reasonable competition. Unfortunately, that may not happen as Floyd Sr. has admitted that his son “just wants to get a couple easy fights.” That scenario seems plausible as we all know how proud Floyd is of his perfect record and age has revealed a few chinks in his armor. Mayweather is still an impressive fighter and if he fights worthy opponents feel free to pay for it; if not, save your money for other bouts.

As for Mayweather-Berto, hold onto that cash, you’re gonna need it for Golovkin-Lemieux or Canelo-Cotto.

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  1. Leigh 11:15am, 09/03/2015

    Cmon art he’s been in with alvarez and pac in his last five two fighters that the public hyped up so much that when he beat them (easily by the way ) people didn’t like it because they were the men to beat floyd,whatever you think of him he’s done it HIS way ,the best boxer ever ? No no certainly not ! But the best ever boxer in ‘the business’ he most certainly is .

  2. Eric 07:40pm, 09/01/2015

    The “outsized” Archie Moore? Moore was only about a 1/4-1/2lb lighter than Rocky. Moore was 5’11” to Rocky’s 5’10-5’10 1/2” and Moore had a much longer reach.

  3. Zamel 04:14pm, 09/01/2015

    Mayweather is definitely coming back to break record.  It just makes dollars and sense.  He’ll fight Danny Garcia for the 50th.

  4. raxman 09:19pm, 08/31/2015

    One has to be realistic about how the sport is run. Risk vs Reward. none of those guys offer significantly big enough paydays to warrant the risk -  and its not new to the sport, for instance, in the mid 80’s when Tommy Hearns was bouncing around weight classes yeah he fought both Duran and Hagler but he also went back to 154 and defended his wbc title vs Mark Medal - yet there was a young fight by the name of Mike McCallum holding the WBA title. Risk vs Reward has always been a factor.
    doesn’t change the insult that is FMJ vs Berto on PPV
    when they first started talking about this and the rumour of it being on free to air or at least basic cable, I thought it a kind of decent thing for Floyd to do, give his fans a free fight before milking us for the 50-0 he’s sure to go for, but such is life.

  5. TheSweetScience 08:30pm, 08/31/2015

    P.s.S.! :
    Ooooooh i never even THOUGHT of terrance crawford in this! I think thurman is a big challenge for floyd, but i think thruman would over hype his own self to the point of actually losing to floyd… BUT i just cant see anyone beating crawford right now! Not even floyd! No way that fight will happen.
    Kell broook has the biggest right to claim this fight. His record, the drama of u.s. Vs england, with two title holders, his style… All good arguments. But brook would get beat with ease by floyd.
    I promise there wont be a p.S.S.s haha… But i will also say, thank you floyd, for saying he turned Khan down just cuz he doesnt want to see him get the payday haha. I agree, khan just would not stop talking about himself. Coming from a fighter that has been knocked out cold, not only by danny garcia, but even by fighters with less of a name! Shoot, he even wobbled three times in his most recent fight! Though super talented in the hands, a glass jaw should not speak so highly of himself as being the king to take the reigns. Especially not just yet

  6. TheSweetScience 08:23pm, 08/31/2015

    P.S. One thing i will say though, in disagreement to a lil part of this article:
    “The Riverside Rocky” is not a non-disript opponent.
    He is actually one tough hombre’, with miles of heart.
    Seemed fishy that he was actually beating berto badly before the “ko”, but i am just
    Saying, he is actually a very cool boxer.

  7. TheSweetScience 08:17pm, 08/31/2015

    Nope, floyd cannot resist one-upping the 49-0 record. He simply knows that people are bummed about the berto choice, and also people are speaking out more and more that everyone should stop buying his events. So… He uses the final fight as a way to cash in with ppv (keep in mind, originally this fight was stated to be a free fight… Nbc i believe? Cbs?). Then he will use “the return of floyd” to come back next year to strip whomever takes the reign upon his retirement. How else can he maximize his incoming, at this point?
    I do believe floyd, upon aging, has a new-found respect, way of speak, for the fans and the sport. He has said alot of the right things lately. He even stays pretty quiet when interviewers bring up the “toys” he drives into events with. He actually looks like he keeps that stuff to the side, and doesnt cheapen the game when the be-dazzled interviewers try to get points by bringing up his dirtier side. I respect that. Im not knocking anyone here. I just think this is the way it will go. Shoot, if i were him, i would hit the 50-0 and call that a good breaking away point too. I always liked floyd. I do believe the recent comments, that the reason why floyd has alot of “boring” fights,nis cuz he is that much more talented than the other guy. But the pacquiao situation is a joke to me. Like alot of other fights, (mosley, etc etc), he waited many years before accepting the challenges, allowing the fighters to age past their firey primes, before taking em on. Manny woulda been a different manny if the fight happened when it should have. Shoot, even berto was avoided originally, now accepting that challenge after andre has gine through major surgeries and confidence hits. But i do still believe floyd to be the best defensive wizard of our time, and i actually enjoy that style, even to watch live. I just cant deny that the last few fiascos have been fiascoes. Ive always defended him, until lately. Very opposite. Whether its this fight and next year, it will be jaw-dropping to watch him go. I dont believe him when he says he wont feel emotion upon leaving boxing. It has been i. Him since birth. I know he had trials and tribulations, upon being forced into it so roughly by certain parts of his family, but i fully believe he still loves it thoroughly. Once it hits him the harsher parts of his battle with boxing throughout the years is taken away from the equation, it will dawn on him how much of a part of him that it is. He can live on through his fighters/promotional company, but he wouldnt even done tht so imminently if boxing was just a job to him, that he doesnt feel. Either way, the final fight is just a monicker for a dramatic build, as will his return to remind whomever takes his reigns, that he is floyd, and they just arent. Haha. We shall see…

  8. kb 05:49pm, 08/31/2015

    Guerrero noted, “There is no one with Mayweather’s reaction time. He reacts to everything and is already countering when you are starting to punch. When you blink he reacts.” Pressed on Mayweather’s power, Guerrero said, “I didn’t feel a lot of power—because he was looking to land one punch and get out. He was always moving when he was throwing. He didn’t sit down on his punches.”

  9. KB 05:47pm, 08/31/2015

    Anyone who thinks he will retire after beating Berto is a wet brain.It will be 50-0 and out

  10. Art 05:46pm, 08/31/2015

    I won’t be buying any fight he’s in!!  We’ve been had and the casual fan should wake up.  He hasn’t fought, really fight anyone in the last 5 years.  He’s been all about money and not getting hurt.  Which is not fan friendly and he fights scared because of “his health”.  I say retire and let boxing live with the great up and coming fighters we have right now!!

  11. Alex 01:48pm, 08/31/2015

    Very well written article, Jarrett. I think you hit the nail on the head. I refuse to pay for this event. I am not sure I can call it a fight yet. I guess some fans will pay to see Mayweather and Berto, but I think they will waste their money.

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