Floyd’s Cheap Shot KO Victory

By Robert Ecksel on September 17, 2011
Floyd’s Cheap Shot KO Victory
Floyd is such a poor winner, how insufferable will he be when he loses? (Chris Cozzone)

The great Floyd Mayweather was outclassing Victor Ortiz, but resorted to classlessness when it mattered least…

In a fight that adds fuel to the fire that is boxing’s ongoing, scandal-plagued narrative, Floyd Mayweather (42-0, 26 KOs) cheap shot his way to a KO victory at 2:59 of round four over the hapless former WBC welterweight champion, “Vicious” Victor Ortiz (29-3-2, 22 KOs), at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Saturday night.

After a buildup worthy of a fight the magnitude of Louis-Schmeling II, Mayweather vs. Ortiz was a huge letdown. Ortiz, despite all the talk, was neither victor nor especially vicious, and as often as not seemed willing to let Mayweather dictate the pace and land lead rights as long as the fight lasted. The hard-luck kid from Ventura, California by way of Garden City, Kansas had his moments, but whenever he connected or bulled Mayweather into the corner or against the ropes, he inexplicably stopped fighting and stepped back to admire his handiwork. Is this warrior mentality of which he boasted?

Mayweather was a sharpshooter with a high-powered scope fighting someone lobbing cannonballs. Floyd looked good and fought well, but he was far from the brilliant performer we’ve come to expect. When Ortiz landed, which wasn’t often, Mayweather reacted like someone who would rather be anywhere than in a boxing ring fighting a man ten years his junior. But Ortiz missed the signals almost as often as he missed opportunities and Mayweather, which made for a fight that was neither competitive nor exciting nor satisfying.

Ortiz’s trainer Danny Garcia warned referee Joe Cortez before the fight about Mayweather’s roughhouse tactics, yet it was Ortiz who used his elbows and head as though they were extensions of his fists. His second headbutt, in the fateful fourth round, was as blatant as it was unnecessary. Cortez rightfully deducted a point. Then, in a show of solidarity or forgiveness or some such confused thing, Ortiz twice hugged Mayweather and even kissed him on the cheek, while the ref moved toward the timekeeper to check on the infraction he had levied.

With the two fighters in the center of the ring and Cortez’s body and attention elsewhere, the fighters like good sportsmen touched gloves. Ortiz, however, foolishly left his hands dangling at his sides. Mayweather saw the opening he was looking for and cheap shot Ortiz with a left hook followed by a straight right…and that’s all she wrote.

Whether those shots were legal or illegal will be discussed from now until the end of time, but they certainly rank among those inglorious moments ripped from the pages of Boxing Babylon. The great Floyd Mayweather, who was outclassing Ortiz, resorted to classlessness when it mattered least.

Mayweather recently said “The main thing about life is winning in life,” but winning at any cost, even at the cost of one’s own and boxing’s reputation, seems a steep price to pay. Fortunately for Mayweather, there’s nothing he can’t afford, which perhaps explains his muddled mind when it comes to the distinction between winning by winning and winning by losing.

To make matters even worse, Mayweather’s attack on Larry Merchant during the post-fight interview (“HBO need to fire you. You don’t know shit about boxing. You ain’t shit! You’re not shit!”) let us see Floyd as he really is. Bullying, cajoling and threatening an 80-year-old man, no matter how annoying he can sometimes be, is no way to win friends and influence people. We had a close up and personal view of the new WBC welterweight champion, not the gussied up 24/7 version, but the version who doesn’t know squat about what it means to act like a champion.

“You wanted to see a knockout,” said Mayweather, “and that is what I gave you.”

Floyd is such a poor winner, I can only imagine how insufferable he will be when he loses. That of course won’t happen unless he fights Manny Pacquiao. But a word to the wise: don’t hold your breath.

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Floyd Mayweather Sucker Punches Victor Ortiz

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  1. TOM MC KENNA 04:12pm, 04/14/2012


  2. g garcia 03:06pm, 01/15/2012

    bottom line: boxing is FIXED!!!

  3. LARGE ROBERT 12:41pm, 11/28/2011

    As I have said before Floyd Mayweather is nothing but a bomb inside and outside the ring.
    He has some talent, and he has not lost a fight, but he always make sure that he is fighting an opponent that is smaller than he is. He will not adequately come down in weight to fight a smaller opponent if he is asked to. He doesn’t even try he just pays the fine because he knows that they’re not going to put the file on hold because of the huge pay-per-view payday.
    I truly believe that Floyd Junior sucker punched Ortiz because he was afraid that he might get caught with a lucky shot so he wasn’t taking any chances. Typical Floyd Mayweather Junior. Amen.

  4. Dave Wilcox 07:50am, 10/05/2011

    Legal blow but sucker punch. I put it this way, if my son acted in that manner, I would be embarrassed. Call it part of the game or whatever you want, in my world, character counts regardless of what is perceived as “part of the game.”

    As far as Ortiz goes, it is my opinion that he was looking for way out of the fight because Floyd was making him look silly…and MW gave him that out. In the end, MW’s status grows and Ortiz will still be in line for huge paydays…that’s Boxing for you.

  5. meechy 03:26pm, 09/28/2011

    4get all yall floyde haterz. i think he did da rite thing,cuz a fight aint neva fair. and it iz not hiz fought ortiz kept cuming up huging him. so he did da rite thing nd 2 piece him… gud shit pretty boi floyde,,,,,and he iz goin 2 knoukout manny b4 da 10 round or less…

  6. KLM 05:39pm, 09/27/2011

    We’ve taken a lot of time blaming the referee, Floyd & Victor for this or that. People are still talking about this fight. The topic of sportsmanship is fascinating to me when I think of human nature and boxing. In other sports bad conduct is met with penalties, fines, suspensions, ejections and even forfeiture of the event. We teach kids good sportsmanship everyday in this sport. It is also taught in other sports as well. We as spectators have come to expect our athletes to behave in an acceptable manner, win lose or draw. We often force young ones to shake hands after a good tussle when we know that they do not wish to do so. In boxing this is our way of introducing civility into a uncivil sport. There are rules in every sport that must be obeyed. Although good sportsmanship in not a rule, it is a part of our “sports” mentality. When will we in society hold ourselves to the same sportsmanlike standards that we profess we want from our athletes and our children? These past two weeks brought request for resignation, request for firing, calls for retirement and with all of the finger pointing, denying, name calling, blaming and race baiting that followed the outcome of this fight - People should remember that good sportsmanship should not only be taught to the athletes but also lived by the fans.

  7. marshall 05:44pm, 09/26/2011

    again mayweather shows he is a pud he should give a rematch after he grows a pair and fights the man manny…........manny has gave him everything he wants…........just fight the man u big a$$  punk….........

  8. luvbrothel 04:27pm, 09/25/2011

    Gawd.  Get over it, you sore losers.  Have you never seen Pacquiao launch at his opponent when he backs off to take a break or adjust his shorts?  Time was called in, Ortiz made a stupid mistake and he paid for it.  The only problem I see here is that all of you have a serious personal problem with Floyd, which makes all of you childish and immature.

  9. Ray 08:21am, 09/25/2011

    I do not watch boxing anymore and mayweather is a prime reason the sport or unsport as it is. the cheap shot and the attitude he displayed shows why nobody gives a rats butt where or who mayweather is. he’s no Sugar Ray or Ali….MMA had an easy ride dethroning boxing because boxing is old tired and classless .....mayweather is lucky there are no sugar Rays or hearns, sugar Ray would have killed mayweather with hands and class.

  10. KLM 07:13am, 09/25/2011

    I can understand being upset at the outcome of a fight. I can understand disagreeing with certain calls/rulings/point deductions/over looked fouls and the such. I will never understand wishing someone to be injured so severely that they are forced to be bed ridden for the rest of their life! This is a sporting event - nothing more - nothing less! That is the reason we spent the entire week discussing our points of view. Not a single person on this site worked in either training camp and as far as I can tell none received a paycheck for the fighters efforts. We are fans of the sport as well as supporters of the fighters. Win lose or draw, I wish all combatants well both inside the ring and out. Be a fan not a Fanatic.

  11. Your Name 06:02am, 09/25/2011

    No Ghost i did not but now i will thinks for telling me….And sorry for the bad comments i lift but i can;t stand people that no it was wrong .. he;s day will come and i hope someone whips his ass so bad he;s lift in bed for life don;t think it can;t happen because it can just look at greg page and other fighters its posted in he;s mind now and he will never forget how he win that fight it will kill him someday over and over all he’s great fights are gone the one fight showed what kind of pussy champion he was

  12. Ghost 05:32am, 09/25/2011

    Carl Jackson - Did you watch the re-broadcast of the fight last night? If so, did you watch it from begining to end? If you did not see it, try to catch it the next time. You might enjoy the behind the scenes footage.

  13. carl jackson 05:09am, 09/25/2011

    Wrong it was a chip shot and dirty and lowdown if i was Ortiz i would have called the Ref a S.O.B.and spit it his face. The Ref never said anything after the fight he Knew what he did he let Floyd sucker punch Ortiz….Remember the Ref always tells you when to start back fighting after a warning at anytime IF THAT HAD BEEN A WHITE REF it would have not been Floyds WIN….JUST FOOLS Fall for the that like O.J WHY BLACK PEOPLE ARE JUST SO STUPID I DON;T NO

  14. KLM 07:23pm, 09/24/2011

    I really enjoyed the way HBO rebroadcast the Mayweather/Ortiz fight. The background footage was a welcomed addition to the fight. Was it just me or did anyone catch the part when someone in the Ortiz camp blamed Ortiz for the way the fight ended? and Victor says “Hey don’t blame me blame the ref.”

  15. Rob 06:34pm, 09/24/2011

    Floyd is a great fighter and would have easily beat Victor. But that was a cheap shot. It is sad to see him have to do that kind of a cheap shot. Lost a lot of respect for Floyd. Then he gets interviewed by Larry and Floyd is a ass to him.  Pretty sad Floyd.

  16. KLM 02:49am, 09/24/2011

    “Old Yank” Schneider - I see your analogy but in the Cooney fight it was clearly a situation where the referee allowed Cooney to whale-away. In the Mayweather fight there was nothing for the referee to do with the exception of (1) keeping his eyes on the fighters and (2)s tart counting
    I wouldn’t call Ortiz a novice so therefore he should have known better. Protect yourself….you know the rest. Mayweather could have exercised more self control, for that reason alone he lacked sportsmanship. I don’t fault him for being human. We simply saw human nature in action.

  17. "Old Yank" Schneider 09:36pm, 09/23/2011

    KLM—Of course differences exist—no two situations in boxing are exactly alike.  Mayweather was WELL-AWARE that Ortiz had not concluded his apology.  And indeed Mayweather had NO OBLIGATION to wait until Ortiz was able to block Mayweather’s FREE SHOT TO THE HEAD—Mayweather’s FREE SHOT to Ortiz’s head was as legal as Cooney’s free shot to Norton’s head.  If a man has his hands down and the ref has not stopped the action and the bell has not rung, each fighter has an OBLIGATION to defend himself at all times—lapse of consciousness or unconsciousness be damned!

  18. KLM 06:44pm, 09/23/2011

    If you all don’t mind i’d like to chime in here a bit. Cooney vs Norton: To knock a man out and then continue to beat on him is deplorable behavior in my view. The referee should have had his license revoked and new rules/penalties should have been enacted by now since that classic matchup. The fact that the boxing commission has done nothing leaves me to wonder if the commission really cares about the health & welfare of the athletes. Also, I just can’t make the comparison of Cooney’s actions to what Mayweather did and here’s why; Cooney was well aware that Norton was knocked out when he continued to throw punches to Norton’s head. As for Mayweather - he and Ortiz had just touched gloves to which Ortiz had taken a step back right before he was tagged. If he was still apologizing, why did he step back? His mind and body were not in sync. His hands should have been up, especially when you can see that Floyd’s hands were in position. A hard lesson learned at the expense of his Championship title. Just my two cents.

  19. "Old Yank" Schneider 07:48am, 09/23/2011

    SREDMOND—Hey buddy!  Great to see you showing up!  Jerry Cooney got several free-shots at Ken Norton’s head as Norton was unconscious and held up by the corner post.  Tony Perez was worse than slow to step in.  So Cooney continued to slam open shots to Norton’s unconscious head as Norton’s arms hung at his sides.  The shots were LEGAL!  Norton had on obligation to protect himself at all times (be it from a condition of unconsciousness or an inexplicable and drawn out apology from his opponent – protect yourself at all times – you punch until the ref says stop or the bell rings).  But not all sportsmen operate this way.  This Cooney/Norton example speaks to the truth that just because the “legal shot” is available it does not and perhaps SHOULD NOT mean that a classy sportsman takes it.  We’ve heard from many, many fighters who were clear that they would NOT have done what Mayweather did and we also heard from those who said they would have done exactly what Mayweather did.  The notion that this is a black and white issue is foolish on its face.  This is one of those gray areas where we get to check who we are and what has meaning to us—in exactly the same way as a fighter makes a decision of when to RESTRAIN themselves from taking the “legal” shot.

  20. SREDMOND 05:04am, 09/23/2011

    Old Yank, you are need to kill that noise Mayweather had EVERY right to take that shot and he did.. This other writer Ekcsel trying to draw a parallel between Holmes and Ali falls beyond flat… Holmes had a personal connection with Ali (former sparring partner) and that was his choice… Had he decided to go full force on Muhammad that too would have been his call… Everyone loves Pacquiao because he is cruel and merciless when he gets going, but when Floyd punishes a guy who deliberately butted and was stupid he is a bad guy??  You guys hold Mayweather responsible for Cortez and Ortiz not being aware of their surroundings when the truth is that Floyd should be applauded for being the guy who WAS aware…  Sportsmanship?? next you will say when a guy gets a fighter hurt he should ease up and think of his kids…. Ortiz was a dirty fighter and a moron, he got what was coming to him good riddance, and your subtle attempt at pretending he was in the fight only makes you look foolish to be honest…

  21. g garcia 04:32pm, 09/22/2011

    since when do we as fans know more about boxing than the people that get paid to work for boxing, all you ignorant people crying about what the experts have to say about the fight, the way i see it ortiz most likely had plans coming into the fight to fight dirty just like mayweatther has always done, like they say fight fire with fire, and at least ortiz apologized several times, i have not seen suckerpunch mayweather apologize to ortiz or the fans not once, i find it so funny how suckerpunch mayweather says he is the face of boxing hahahaha, yeah he sure is the clown face of boxing that’s for sure. suckerpunch mayweather has no respect or class

  22. KLM 12:58pm, 09/22/2011

    @“Old Yank” Schneider - I do not see Ortiz as a victim. I do see him as the perpetrator. If he hadn’t fouled Mayweather he wouldn’t have gotten “sucker punched”, “cheap shotted” or whatever words one may use to describe how Floyd ended the fight. You are right the point deduction should have been a two point deduction. In reality if it wasn’t such a high profile fight Ortiz should have been disqualified.

  23. Russell Larkin 10:10am, 09/22/2011

    Nonsense: This man who talks about honor and integrity in boxing: Robert Ecksel, has never laced up in his life!  Ortiz was the DIRTY FIGHTER. He just didn’t do one but several head butts and could have really hurt Floyd.  Intentional foul my ass; as Bernard Hopkins point out: that was premeditated! IN FACT, I AM SATISFIED THAT OVER 70% of ALL BOXERS AGREED WITH FLOYD’S ACTIONS AND ATTACKED ORTIZ DIRTY TACTICS! 

  24. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:17am, 09/22/2011

    KLM—Since when did we (you) start seeing a fighter with a point deduction as a victim?  Ortiz appropriately was warned and then appropriately received a point deduction (that could and should have been a two-point deduction).  Why would you or anyone else see this as Ortiz getting off scot-free?  I can’t be any clearer then this: when the ref is taking care of business with appropriate warnings and deductions, an opponent taking things into his own hands is UNSPORTSMANLIKE!  ANYTHING can and does happen in boxing—so we know Mayweather can beat Ortiz with a cheap shot and nothing more.  We do not know if Ortiz would have eventually succeeded in roughing Mayweather up (Philly toolbox style) and eventually getting lucky for his effort.  All we know is that a cheap shot ended the fight as a result of Mayweather not allowing Ortiz to complete his painfully long and drawn out apology.

  25. KLM 04:44pm, 09/21/2011

    Question: Who instructed Victor Ortiz to fight this style of fight? They should apologize to that young man 1000 times! To his credit and for not appearing hypocritical, Mayweather did not complain about Victor’s elbows, nor did he complain about the blows behind the head and he did not complain about the jump-in with the shoulder. After the fight Victor says “The fight was not fair”. With all of the Ortiz infractions, at what point of the fight did Mayweather begin to make the fight unfair? This guy tries to knock Floyd’s teeth out using his head and “We” charge Floyd with unsportsmanlike behavior?! Really? When did we start treating “perpetrators” like they were the victims? No wonder Floyd went off on Larry Merchant…..it had nothing to do with Pacquio. ...and speaking of Larry, why was he going to ask Floyd about a fight with Manny when he knows and everyone else knows that Floyd has publicly stated time and again what it would take for him to fight Pacquio. Another question - Why aren’t the Journalist and sports writers, commentators alike asking Manny why he refuses to take the test as mandated in the Olympic style testing protocol? Could it be media bias? What say you?

  26. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:44pm, 09/21/2011

    KLM—Good post.  Ortiz and I and many fans EXPECTED Mayweather to allow him to finish his FOOLISHLY long and drawn out apology.  Many fighters would have allowed Ortiz to finish—we’ve heard from many of them on this and other sites.  Some fighters would have done exactly what Floyd did and we’ve heard from them as well.  I see the difference between those who would have shown uncommon restraint as being the sportsmen and those operating like hot-heads as being unsportsmanlike.

  27. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:38pm, 09/21/2011

    Gary—I EXPRESSLY stated that it is the ACT, not the person that calibrates an ACT as classless or a foul as INTENTIONAL.

  28. KLM 04:26pm, 09/21/2011

    You take Class-less parents and they tend to raise class-less children. You bring unsportsmanlike conduct into the ring to a class-less opponent and you are going to get met with unsportsmanlike conduct. To expect anything different is hopeful but unrealistic.

  29. KLM 04:22pm, 09/21/2011

    @“Old Yank” Schneider- No I am not saying that one class-less act should be followed by another but what I am asking is what did Ortiz expect to happen? Here you have a kid trying to ruff up his opponent by using his head several times over - receiving at least two warnings the round before the final foul. Make no mistake about it, there was only one person in the ring that night that committed a foul. Floyd did end the fight in an unpopular fashion but he was well within his right to do so (in my opinion and according to the rules that govern boxing). Remember that it took two warnings, a foul and a point deduction to get Ortiz to recognize his error causing him to apologize three times. It took a left hook followed by a straight right from Mayweather to say apology accepted.  Class-less yes, unsportsmanlike yes - to many, Warranted - yes again.

  30. garyloks 01:59pm, 09/21/2011

    “Old Yank” Schneider - What I don’t understand is why you all classify Ortiz’s actions as an “intentional foul”, but label Mayweather’s actions as classless.  So, it leads me to believe if the roles were reversed, (Mayweather intentionally head butting Ortiz and Ortiz reacting the way Mayweather did) you all will still consider Mayweather as classless and then label Ortiz’s action as justifiable. 

    I don’t see what he did as being classless.  I see it as a man that was pissed off at another man for disrespecting him when he had just given him his biggest payday/opportunity in his career.  I’m sure looking “classy” was the last thing running through his mind at that time.  I consider myself as a very classy individual.  But, I can honestly say that I’m not sure if I would have reacted any different. 

    I just wonder what Mayweather was saying to Ortiz after the fight, while Ortiz was sitting on the stool.

  31. "Old Yank" Schneider 11:07am, 09/21/2011

    garyloks—You are wrong about something very important: There is no black and white about either loving Mayweather or hating him.  I love my wife, family, friends and joyful activities and hate nearly no one—especially people I don’t know.  I have neither love nor hate for Mayweather or Ortiz—I don’t know them.  Plenty of fans see Mayweather’s “cheap shot” as a classless act of poor sportsmanship.  I can’t explain Ortiz’s intentional fouling any more than I can explain his long and drawn out, over-the-top apology—none of it was cool for me.  But I observed that Ortiz, no matter how inexplicable his foolish apology, was not done apologizing.  Some fighters would have allowed him to finish, others would not.  Those who would, regardless of their names I see as classy and those who would not I see as poor sports.  The name involved is not included in my calibration of class; the action taken under the circumstance is.

  32. garyloks 07:22am, 09/21/2011

    To ALL boxing fans:

    I am sooo shocked to see and hear the things I’ve been hearing about this fight from so-called boxing fans and announcers.  I know, bottom line, it’s just that you all hate Floyd “Money” Mayweather.  He’s the type of guy that you either love or hate him, there is no in between. 

    But, I challenge you all to go back and WATCH the fight, not just look at it.  If you all were actually WATCHING the fight, you would see that Joe Cortez gave the signal to fight.  Now, being the PROFESSIONAL boxer that Mayweather is, he realized that the ref gave the sign to fight and that there were only 10 seconds left in the round.  So, he made the best of the last 10 seconds.

    If you were watching the fight, he made eye contact with Victor and excepted his apology…twice.  What did Victor want?  He already hugged him twice.  Hell, he even gave the guy a kiss.  What else did he want, a greeting card???  Victor will learn a very valuable lesson from this fight, I hope.  I like Victor and would really like to see him overcome this.  Which I’m sure he will.  However, this costly mistake is what separates the seasoned professional, Floyd Mayweather, and the up and coming trying to make to the top and overcome all obsticles, Victor Ortiz.

    If you want to blame anybody, blame Joe Cortez and Victor Ortiz.  They both took their attention away from what was really going on…a boxing match.  They were so distracted by what happened, they forgot there was a fight going on. 

    I know you all will still point fingers at Mayweather, because that is what most haters do…right or wrong.  Was it a cheap shot???  A lot of people would say it was, but those same people do not really understand the game of boxing or they do understand, but they let their hate over shadow the truth.

  33. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:14am, 09/21/2011

    KLM—So you think that one classless foul should be returned with another classes act and on and on until the entire arena breaks out in a riot?  A classy fighter cannot undo being the target of his opponent’s classless foul by being classless himself—it is a definitional impossibility!

  34. KLM 04:29pm, 09/20/2011

    A cheap shot, sucker punch, poor sportsmanship ....so what?! Ortiz landed the first cheap shot, sucker head butt , punch afterwards wouldn’t you say that Victor showed poor sportsmanship also? Forget about the point deduction. Joe Cortez CLEARLY said LET’S GO AND MOTIONED HIS HANDS FOR THE FIGHTERS TO COME TOGETHER. Again for the 3rd time Ortiz wanted to apologize (personally I think he wanted the round to end - milking the clock). Floyd was under no obligation to accept the apology just because “we” think he should after all we were not just head butted leaving a couple of holes in OUR FACE! If Floyd really wanted to sucker punk Victor he would have done this the first time Victor approached him to apologize but he didn’t hit Vicious Victor Ortiz until after Ortiz was backing away from him. Victor should have had his hands up. I wish the fight could have ended in a different fashion but it didn’t and the punches were legal. Good Sportsmanship has been missing from boxing for quite some time now. Victor learned a lesson about Good Sportsmanship and Mayweather learned that he has added more haters to his roster.

  35. "Old Yank" Schneider 02:53pm, 09/20/2011


  36. Arch 02:00pm, 09/20/2011

    I wish that I could of not seen this happen in a championship fight, but this is where having pride and honor are one thing and the willingness to do anything to win is another thing. I remember back in the day when boxers had rivals who they wanted to box, but they also had respect for each other as fighters, and the challenge was their skills and not their ability to trash talk or sucker punch was a factor. I was a really big fan of boxing but its low class people who become rich arrogant assholes with money. I like to think there are more boxers out there like Pacman who is humble and a honorable fighter, I’m Mexican American and I always look for a Mexican figher to beat him, but Pacquio’s loyalty to Boxing had kept me watching his fights. I really hope that Mayweather and Pacman fight, and I hope Pacman makes him suffer for his lack of respect for Boxing Fans, because no matter if Floyd goes down in the books as undefeated, he will always be known as a bad sportsman with no pride or honor for Boxing.

  37. arvin 11:15pm, 09/19/2011

    floyd jr. amateurist.unbeaten bcoz of his “they call it CLASSY STYLE” but I call It Dancing Fool…run….run….run….....ehehehehehe. Try our RED BLOODED FILIPINO…..MANNY PACMAN….... and floyd jr. is trying to run again and his bastard mouth will shut…...amateurist….floyd…

  38. g garcia 06:55pm, 09/19/2011

    anyone that watched 24/7 i’m sure deep down in their heart they agree with me, it made me so upset to watch suckerpunch mayweather treat his father on tv the way he did, i mean what kind of son would do that to his own father?? i rest my case.

  39. KLM 04:49pm, 09/19/2011

    Raxman - what an awesome display of control and “ring gentlemanship” from these fighters. I hope that they continue to keep their grace & composure as they grow in this sport.

  40. raxman 03:15pm, 09/19/2011

    KLM - i know for sure i wouldnt have acted any differently to floyd. i train (co-train with the state coach who is also the assist national coach) a young middleweight amateur here in oz and he has been well drilled to never give a sucker an even break. there is a habit of amateurs here to touch gloves thru out the contest - my boy will ignore the first couple or times but if they keep doing it(without justifiable reason ie a tangle and trip as happen in last years under 19 state title) he slams the right over the top. all that said he is also drilled in how to behave after the fight and win or lose you wont find a fighter more respectful of his opponents. if you’re interested in seeing my boxing morals in vicarious action go to my youtube channel raxmanbox - its the only vid on there

  41. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:12pm, 09/19/2011

    KLM - -  I got your point!  Indeed there is a lot of room for forgiveness of questionable behavior when things happen in the heat of battle.  However, in this case things were cooled off by a long pause to march Ortiz around the ring for a point deduction and for the inexplicable, long and drawn out apology.  That’s a ton of time for a classy man to regain his composure (no longer stuck in the heat of battle) and perhaps not nearly long enough for others.

  42. The Thresher 03:09pm, 09/19/2011

    Great post MODI

  43. KLM 01:25pm, 09/19/2011

    I was just thinking back to the days when I stepped into the ring and I remember the feeling of wanting to get my pound of flesh from my opponents…..I can honestly say that in the ring I was NOT a Gentleman and I showed no sign of Sportsmanship after we touched’em up UNTIL the bout was over. It’s hard to say that “we” would’ve behaved differently if given the exact same situation as Floyd. We can only Monday morning (afternoon) commentate.

  44. "Old Yank" Schneider 01:18pm, 09/19/2011

    raxman—I’ve already stated that Mayweather did not retaliate with ILLEGAL antics—he did so legally.  And one can easily argue that this is all the restraint Ortiz deserved.  I get it.  It all comes back to what I want as a fan out of boxing—forget Mayweather.  I’d rather not EVER see a fight end this way for as long as I live.  Mayweather was the “class of boxing” when it comes to skills—there was NO NEED for the cheap shot no matter the circumstances.  In the lead or not, there is NEVER a need for the cheap shot!  Mayweather was already in command of the bout.  I had him up 2 rounds and one even on my way to a 10-8 in the 4th, giving Mayweather a commanding points and rounds advantage going into the 5th—but the 4th ended in the last second and so be it.  I just don’t want to see this ever again and without a public rebuke I’m virtually guaranteed I will.

  45. "Old Yank" Schneider 01:09pm, 09/19/2011

    raxman—MUCH RESPECT BACK!  Have you ever caught one of my missives on supporting Mayweather’s drive to get Pacquiao to take the tests?  You would likely conclude after reading one that I’m so far up Mayweather’s butt that when his doctor examines his tonsils he can see my face!  I am a HUGE fan of Mayweather’s skills in the ring.  I don’t care for what I read about his woman abuse and I find his entire family a bunch of boorish, classless low-lifes.  But that’s about life and not about boxing.  In all honesty, I support boxing first and am a fan of individual boxers second.  That is what my DNA for boxing is made of.  I am a lowly fan—nothing more.

  46. Your Name 01:06pm, 09/19/2011

    One more thing. The “decline of boxing” is a bit of a media induced myth. Usually headlined by DLH, Mayweather, or Pacquiao, all of the top PPV gates have really taken place in the last 10 years with the exception of Tyson. The main difference is that boxing has contracts with HBO and Showtime, and unlike other sports ESPN—a virtual media monopoly—has no financial stake in its future unlike many other sports. If it did, then we would get a whole lot more free coverage of boxing beyond FNF. Sports Illustrated also used to cover boxing in the 60s - 90s, but made a deliberate decision not to do so (Roy Jones, Hopkins, Trinidad, etc. have never made a cover). The media left boxing.

  47. KLM 12:58pm, 09/19/2011

    Thanks Old Yank you make a strong argument - your point is well taken.

  48. MODI 12:57pm, 09/19/2011

    It is true that ODLH was Mayweather’s PPV springboard, but he has been flying on his own ever since. He tends to draw a little bit more than Pacquiao with the same opponents (and almost twice as much against DLH). But to me his greatest PPV achievement is cracking a million with Marquez.

    Floyd dumped the Pretty Boy persona long pushed by Arum and deliberately went for the strategy to play the villain, and to use the 24/7 vehicle as his best platform. It may be distasteful, but it works. I would guess that at least 50% of the stuff that comes out of Floyd’s mouth is purely for gate. The man is a smart businessman, and with all the talk about the rightness or wrongness of the ending of this last fight, I have no doubt that at least in terms of dollars and cents—the ending was good for mayweather and for boxing.

    Mayweather is not ruining boxing at all. Boxing has had villains since its beginning. The men most responsible for ruining boxing are the likes of Vladimir Klitchko and Emanuel Steward who believe the sport is better off with a chiseled 250lb superman who would prefer to jab for 12 rounds than engage in a single exchange despite a 30 pound advantage. I have a little more respect for Vitali who will at least mix it up. The sport goes with the heavyweights, and once these guys grow old, maybe there will be a return.

  49. raxman 12:56pm, 09/19/2011

    old yank -“carefully calibrated into a reflection on your credibility” - bit try hard with that line mate. you just shouldnt have acknowledged it - you often give me a rage induced headache but anyone that thinks you don’t know the sport isn’t worthy of response - you know it as much as you love it - i dont agree with 90% of what you think but where would the debate be if we all agreed. now be honest how much of you indignation of this incident is fueled by your dislike of money. of all the boxers going around, for mine, post fight floyd is one of the most sportsman like - i’ve never seen anyone pay an opponent as much respect as floyd does - to Hatton “he’s still a champion to me”. this blow on ortiz could be viewed as instinctive as much as anything - can’t you see up to that point floyd showed restraint and good sportsmanship by accepting the original apology - this was no butt caused by pushing in to punch - it was a singular action calculated and like his namesake viscous. plenty of boxers would’ve pushed ortiz away. you should look at the incident as a whole -if your going to measure his sportsmanship judge floyd’s career sportsmanship not just the isolation of this - and while we’re on the subject of judging isn’t it true that floyd is yet to be convicted of any outside of the ring offenses? doesn’t your great country stand by the dictum innocent until proven guilty? so maybe leave floyd personal stuff out when making the call

  50. Robert Ecksel 12:52pm, 09/19/2011

    Another example to reinforce Old Yank’s point. How about when Larry Holmes was defending his heavyweight title in 1980 against an already diminished and ailing Muhammad Ali? Ali was defenseless and getting pounded. Holmes had his fist cocked, but held back, refused to fire away, and kept imploring the ref to step in and stop the fight. Would it have been better, for Holmes, Ali, or for boxing, if Holmes decided to punish Ali, further damage Ali, because it was his right to do so under the rules? Holmes showed restraint, decency and compassion. Fancy words, maybe, for indicating he had a heart, and a conscience.

  51. "Old Yank" Schneider 12:40pm, 09/19/2011

    KLM—It is not a fan’s choice to stop “it”.  It is a fighter’s choice to act with restraint to the extent that it fosters good sportsmanship.  Again, I gave the examples of Pacquiao’s LEGAL right to continue to batter Margarito but instead he showed a sportsmanlike level of restraint—no rules needed for a sportsman to act like a sportsman.  Mayweather also had a legal right to cold-cock Ortiz when Ortiz was clearly not finished with his inexplicably long and drawn out apology – signaled by his hands-down posture.  Mayweather took advantage of legalized classlessness while Pacquiao acted like a true sportsman.  There is no STOPPING IT; it is in the DNA of a classy sportsman to display sportsmanship and this element was sadly missing in my view in Mayweather’s act.  We can argue that we are perfectly OK with more fights ending this way or we can rebuke Mayweather’s act and ASK for better – we are powerless to “stop it” – except to the level of social outcry.  Again, it returns to Robert’s sense of the standards we want to hold our “heroes” to—hell, the standards we’d like to see from all in boxing.

  52. Ghost 12:27pm, 09/19/2011

    I like how so many have now changed the wording from “sucker punch” to “cheap shot” similar but not the same…...I get it, I get it!

  53. KLM 12:21pm, 09/19/2011

    The Thresher thanks for the Cortez interview. Old Yank - How do you stop it when the rules of engagement are clear?

  54. "Old Yank" Schneider 12:12pm, 09/19/2011


  55. Robert Ecksel 12:04pm, 09/19/2011

    It’s good to know Joe Cortez can come to his own defense when he’s on the hot seat. So could Russell Mora after the Agbeko-Mares debacle. He said at the time: “I don’t help the fighters. I enforce the rules. First and foremost, I have to enforce the rules. Those punches were on the beltline. If it’s a fair punch, I have to call it fair. It would be unfair to give the other guy (Agbeko) the advantage just because he said it’s low. I saw the punch. If it’s on the beltline, I gotta call that a fair punch.” Just because they say it’s so doesn’t make it so.

  56. "Old Yank" Schneider 12:02pm, 09/19/2011

    “Ortiz had an obligation to defend himself…”  TYPO

  57. "Old Yank" Schneider 12:00pm, 09/19/2011

    The Thresher—And why does anyone need Joe Cortez’s words for what we all saw with our own eyes?  Yup!  Cortez saw what we all saw.  And Cortez delivered a fine recap of the obvious.  Few dispute that Cortez had an obligation to defend himself at all times.  So did Margarito when Pacquiao showed restraint in the 12th.  At the elite level, Pacquiao acted with class and restraint to the fullest extent sportsmanship in the brutal game of boxing allows.  I simply can’t afford Mayweqather the same courtesy or observation here—his cold-cock was legalized classlessness in a sport of legalized assault.

  58. "Old Yank" Schneider 11:51am, 09/19/2011

    When Pacquiao all but begged Larry Cole to save Margarito in the final round (actually beginning in the 11th), when Cole refused to do so, how did Pacquiao respond?  Did he say I can crush his skull and finish this with legal blows (a TKO or KO) or did he back off to prevent serious damage to Margarito?  In my viewing, Pacquiao showed incredible restraint in spite of his LEGAL right (under the rules) to crush in the other side of Margarito’s face and skull.  Did Pacquiao care about Margarito’s obligation to “protect himself at all times,” or did he flash an amazing show of sportsmanship that reflects the STANDARDS Robert and I are begging fans and fighters to aspire to?  I have absolutely NO interest in seeing another bout that ends like Mayweather/Ortiz did – none.  As long as fans find it perfectly OK, we will see more like this.  Public outcry is the only rebuke for this kind of water over the dam.  It is our only hope that fighters get the message that we don’t want to see this “legal” behavior again, thank you!

  59. The Thresher 11:49am, 09/19/2011

    Joe Cortez was on Fox Sports Radio with JT the Brick, and said in the interview that Victor Ortiz was frustrated by Floyd Mayweather Jr on Saturday night:

    “He dug himself into a hole. They were the ones that were talking about ‘watch out for Mayweather, he comes in with an elbow, he has sharp elbows,’ so I said okay kid no problem. That didn’t happen last night. I guess he got frustrated after he felt like he was getting hit with so many right hands. I guess he lost his cool. He had Mayweather up against the ropes ready for the kill and he goes in with the head butt. I go ‘wow why did he do that?’ Then after you sit back and look at the whole picture and say I’ve seen this before with fighters taking punishment and then when they feel they have a disadvantaged or are getting outclassed, they start going low, they start doing other things unsportsmanlike. As a referee I follow the rules to the ‘t.’ My commissioner last night and you didn’t hear one of the commentators say anything about Joe Cortez. Everything was about why did Ortiz lower his guard? I called time in. Time was in. Why would he lower his guard again to apologize was to my surprise. That’s where inexperience fell in and Mayweather took advantage with his experience. He said ‘this is an opening for me. Nobody told him to put his hands down’ and he capitalized on it as a fighter.”

    I rest my case.

  60. David G. 11:47am, 09/19/2011

    Bigricky38, I never said one foul was better than another. I only said it was more common to see two fighters throw elbows and head butts. Head butting and punching someone well they are not looking is something you see in a street fight, not a professional boxing match. I should try fighting on that level Ricky, i will just wait until the other fighter isnt looking and k.o him. Anyone can do that.. lol..

  61. "Old Yank" Schneider 11:29am, 09/19/2011

    bigrickey38—Thanx for the kind words in return.  I suggest that we need to attach a certain amount of Mayweather’s money success to the promotion capabilities of Golden Boy.  Pre Mayweather/De La Hoya, Mayweather was not a spectacular draw—either in PPV or cans in the seats – again a half empty arena in Vegas emptied out before the Baldomir bout was over.  Pre De La Hoya, Mayweather was a Top Rank fighter—and Arum is no amateur when it comes to promotion.  De La Hoya already held a series of record and near record PPV nights.  One can easily suggest that the De La Hoya bout sprang Mayweather into PPV limelight on the back of De La Hoya’s prior record-like draws.  Mayweather has fought a grand total of 4 times since the De La Hoya bout.  The Hatton bout was a huge success, but Hatton was producing near records in his numbers without Mayweather.  Was it Ella or was it Memorex—was it Floyd or was it Ricky that made those numbers soar?  The Mayweather/Marquez bout did not do great numbers and Marquez (x-Pacquiao) NEVER did great numbers.  The Mayweather/Mosley bout was a decent success.  And this Ortiz bout was likely over-hyped and I don’t have the PPV numbers so I can’t state if it was a huge success or something less.  But the narrative goes something like this:  Excluding the PROVEN and KNOWN draws of De La Hoya and Hatton, Mayweather has actually not done all that great on his own (a weird way of looking at it because there is no such thin as “on one’s own” in boxing—there is always another guy).  Bottom line: Is it Mayweather or is it his dance partners who have made Mayweather a bit of a money illusion?

  62. The Thresher 11:17am, 09/19/2011

    Circle City Joe and KLM, Thanks, mates

  63. bigrickey38 10:43am, 09/19/2011

    Old Yank, Thank you for the compliment, but it terribly clear that I have miles to go to mirror the level of writing that you exhibit. I humbly agree with the statement ” Boxing is Boxing ” I share your true love of the sport and rarely miss the opportunity to watch as much of it as I can. With that being said, I ask myself, currently, is there a bigger draw to the sport than the name mayweather? I can not think of a single one. There are many great fighters out there who are just as worthy of the notoriety that befalls Mayweather, and are just as skilled. But even you have to admit that this is a special fighter, hence the shameless exploitation by many outlets like HBO and others. I think that most people have gotten away from the actual science of the sport and tend to lean more in the direction of the $value$ of the sport. If I could choose the way fights ended, there would be nothing but knockouts in the sixth round, and all power punches in between. But eventually that would not be enough. We have to ecxept the fact that this fight was concluded on an undesirable note. Personally, I dislike any fight that goes the distance, and I think that that does more to hurt the sport that anything.

  64. "Old Yank" Schneider 10:17am, 09/19/2011

    bigrickey38—Your posts are intelligent and well thought out—much respect.  But Mayweather is not boxing.  He came, he’s here now and he will be gone.  I watched as half the seats emptied before the Baldomir bout was over – people were more interested in returning to the craps table than watching another minute of Mayweather “perform”.  The modern era of boxing has been around since the 1700’s (the “modern era” defined as the period with modern-like, stand-up prize fighting rules).  And if it can retain some connection to justifying its existence as legalized assault, it will remain around for centuries to come.  Unless Mayweather’s next fight is against Pacquiao, I’m not buying his next PPV.  And I’m a boxing whore!  My TIVO is set to record vitally every bout it can without overload.  Mayweather is not boxing—boxing is boxing.  Indeed Mayweather caused a traffic jam of turned heads that will survive removing the accident from the side of the road, but he’s done no favor to boxing that the sport should be proud of.  Everybody loves a villain – until the villain becomes synonymous with the spread of venereal disease he will have plenty climbing in bed with him.  How many more “acts” can this villain do before he becomes synonymous with venereal disease and starts being avoided like the plague?

  65. bigrickey38 10:00am, 09/19/2011

    David, you are most certainly entitled to you own opinion, but, what you are saying is that one unfair tactic is ok and the other is not. If the ref was supposed to be paying attention, should not the fighters be paying attention as well? I would not take my eyes off the person who is trying to hit me for even one second. And if you think boxing is a joke, may I suggest that you try fighting on that level if you think you can do better.

  66. bigrickey38 09:53am, 09/19/2011

    I too wanted to see more of a fight after the brilliant buildup surrounding it. The truth of the matter is, Floyd Mayweather is boxing and all that it embodies. I agree with the word on the street. But it clearly states that your money is nonrefundable, which means that they cannot predict what will happen during the fight. The biggest reason that people pay to see Floyd fight is the fact that he has great promotional value for the sport and he continues to be undefeated, not to mention the fact that he is a master at pre-fight hype. I do not mistake him as being popular because he fills seats and sells out events, I view him as popular because he is a winning fighter that finds a way to peak my interest in the sport itself. I honestly do not think that death and war is a fair comparison to a sport that has established rules, and let’s face it,  war and death do not have rules. Bumper to bumper traffic is usually caused by someone who is not paying attention to the basic rules of the road, which in turn causes people to learn from other’s mistakes.

  67. David G. 09:32am, 09/19/2011

    That’s the way a coward wins a fight! I could go kick it in the ghetto if wanted to see that shit. A head butt and a sucker punch? Boxing is sad. The head butt was stupid, but you see that from time to time in boxing, just like you see elbows, but a K.O by sucker punch? That was a joke.. The ref Cortez is clown too, the idiot says he called time in, then why the hell is he still talking with his back turned? Isn’t it his job to focus on the fight when time is in?? I think the whole fight was joke.

  68. Robert Ecksel 09:30am, 09/19/2011

    bigrickey38—I live in Harlem and people love to talk, and much of the talk going around centers on disappointment at what went down Saturday night. More than once I heard, “We wanted to see a fight. I didn’t pay good money to see that bullsh*t.” These aren’t my words. It’s the word on the street. Assassinations, war, and death generate endless press coverage. Does that mean we want more assassinations, war, and death?

  69. "Old Yank" Schneider 09:11am, 09/19/2011

    bigricky—Never mistake bumper-to-bumper traffic due to a head turning accident on the side of the road as a sign of how popular the highway is.

  70. bigrickey38 09:02am, 09/19/2011

    Donavan, NAIL ON THE HEAD.
    Robert, to answer your question, Yes that is what we need to generate more appeal in the sport of boxing, what is more interesting than controversy. I think that entire fight was good for the sport, it was filled with excitement and there was a surprise ending. Robert, right now there are millions of people who are hearing about this fight and wishing they had purchased it so that they could have seen it first hand. I respectfully disagree with your standards approach to this fight, look at the amount of responses you are getting because of it. Like it or not, Floyd just fortified the sport.

  71. "Old Yank" Schneider 08:59am, 09/19/2011

    MELMED—I assure you that I get your point!  I am not just a fan of boxing (including Mayweather’s surgical skills) but I am an advocate for a sport that has been under attack for how uncivil it is for centuries—even outlawed at times and still is in some countries.  There is a gentleman’s grasp of the sustainability of boxing in a civilized world that is difficult to keep a grip on when the sport continues to give itself a black eye.  Here is a simple question:  Did Floyd need to toss the cheap shot in order to win?  Did it appear that Ortiz (for whatever silly reason) had not completed his apology?  What behavior should we strive for in a sport that slips in and out of social acceptability?  I’m sick of fan-boy antics, of Golota/Bowe riots of Mayweather/Judah near-riots.  Boxing can still be a sport of gentlemen only if gentlemen exert a sense of sustainable class to it.  Once we lose this, all is lost!

  72. Robert Ecksel 08:52am, 09/19/2011

    “The simple but disheartening fact is that a lot of you cannot stand to see a rich, black, arrogant athlete whom talks the talk but can also walk that walk… period.”

    That’s a ridiculous conclusion. Racism is a two-way street.

  73. "Old Yank" Schneider 08:50am, 09/19/2011

    Circle Joe City—Did you see the Cooney/Norton fight?  Time was “in”.  Norton was UNCONSCIOUS against the ropes; propped up by the corner post.  His hands were hanging at his sides.  Cooney took several FREE, LEGAL shots at Norton’s head—deadly shots.  Norton had an obligation to “protect himself at all times”, making Cooney’s free shots LEGAL.  Tony Perez (perhaps the worst ref to ever live), allowed Cooney to take several head-snapping, clean, free shots to Norton’s head before stepping in.  Have you ever seen a fighter (one winning widely and brutally) signal to a ref that the time to step in is over-due?  Which act is one of sportsmanship and which is one of poor sportsmanship?  Is Pacquiao appealing to the ref that Cotto has taken more punishment than he should a display of sportsmanship or is Cooney, taking free, legal shots to Norton’s unconscious head a display of sportsmanship when Norton was clearly unconscious.  Sportsmanship is not measured by a rule book, it is measured by grace and control and demeanor and more.  Mayweather was going to punish Ortiz!  This was the “book” and this was how the bout was unfolding.  No cheap shots were necessary.  Mayweather’s shot was LEGAL but a cheap shot nonetheless.

  74. Robert Ecksel 08:48am, 09/19/2011

    bigrickey38—Floyd is as gifted as they come, I’ve said it a thousand times, but he doesn’t bring honor to the sport that is losing fans faster than you can say UFC. I can applaud him for teaching up-and-coming boxers to protect themselves at all times. I cannot applaud him for what I consider a cheap shot, legal or not. He’s chasing fans away from the sport. Is that what we want our elite fighters to do?

  75. Donovan Mott 08:45am, 09/19/2011

    What is wrong with you people. you guys look at Manny like he is Ali or something. Manny is not as good as you think and Mayweather’s technical skills will outshine Manny’s wild propensity anyday. Everybody like “he will be undefeated unless he fights Manny” but when he beats Manny you’ll be like “he will be undefeated until he fights such and such” the madness will never stop. Give the man his respect, Victor played a dirty game… he was so apologetic that he forgot he was in a fight. Why is Floyd classless??? How long should he have waited?? The simple but disheartening fact is that a lot of you cannot stand to see a rich, black, arrogant athlete whom talks the talk but can also walk that walk… period.

  76. bigrickey38 08:43am, 09/19/2011

    Robert, why so hard on Mayweather? Why was your article not focused on the fact that the other fighter caused the sudden lowering of standards that you hold so high? It is my opinion that this article would have had another tone if Victor had knocked out Floyd in this fashion. You clearly did not cover the fact that what floyd did was something that has been going on in boxing for years, or am I talking to someone who does not REALLY know the rules of boxing, why not applaude him for teaching all up and coming fighters that protecting themselves at all times is boxing 101. Or should we all base our opinions on what YOU consider to be false?

  77. Circle City Joe 08:43am, 09/19/2011

    “if you will” meaning “so to speak”

  78. MELMED 08:43am, 09/19/2011

    Old Yank: some fighters have been known to use their heads as a third fist, Ortiz wasnt even slick about it.
    Yes, Mayweather was didn’t have to retaliate, you are right the point was taken away however these guys are in battle. I really feel that just like Tyson feeling threatened by Hollifield so did Ortiz by Mayweather.
    Why make it a long fight I the challenger is going to take advantage anyway he can. Prior to this incident I would like anyone to name a fight where Mayweather gave a deliberate head butt.

  79. Circle City Joe 08:42am, 09/19/2011

    Ok, I’ll soften my position if you will.  So long as the “legal” punch is in there - I’ll give you the “unsportsman” part of it.  I still don’t agree but I can accept your arguement.

  80. Robert Ecksel 08:39am, 09/19/2011

    Too many forget what they once knew. And others still don’t know what they never knew.

  81. Circle City Joe 08:38am, 09/19/2011

    Mr. Old Yank, I’m not so sure I get your analogy but let me repeat and concur with Mr. Fair But Firm - Floyd Mayweather Jr. did nothing wrong.  It’s a fight they apologized and so forth and time was “in”.  I’m not getting your point or anyone else that’s thinks something unsportsmanlike took place in the prize ring a place where violence and being attacked by your opponent is the name of the game.  You have heard the phrase “Protect Yourself at All Times” haven’t you?

  82. "Old Yank" Schneider 08:35am, 09/19/2011

    Robert—I cannot agree with you more.  Some of us acknowledge that both a sunrise and a sunset are real; others amazingly live in denial that two realities can co-exist.  Legal Punch!  Poor Sportsmanship!

  83. "Old Yank" Schneider 08:33am, 09/19/2011

    bigricky—Lighten up man!  This is an OPINION article.  Go to the NEWS section of this site if you are looking for boxing news.  Of course the writer expresses an OPINION in an OPINION piece!

  84. Robert Ecksel 08:31am, 09/19/2011

    I don’t hope for outcomes. I hope for standards. Does that make any sense? Or am I addressing a brick wall?

  85. "Old Yank" Schneider 08:31am, 09/19/2011

    MELMED—So you’ve chosen to not read my posts?  The head butt was responded to by a ref calling it what it was—a flagrant and intentional foul worthy of a point deduction.  I’ve made it clear that a fighter is not in need of retaliation when a ref does his job.  The retaliation was a loss of a point making the round virtually impossible for Ortiz to win.  Apparently you believe that a ref should allow one fighter’s retaliation to be followed by the other until a riot breaks out in the stands.  After all, what is the inevitable result of fighters taking rule enforcement into their own hands?  And your assertion that I don’t know anything about boxing should be carefully calibrated into a reflection on your credibility.

  86. bigrickey38 08:29am, 09/19/2011

    Yeah!!!! It is so very clear that this writer has chosen which side to stand on rather than reporting in a manner that allows the reader to form his or her own opinion. Personally, I think that the article itself is bias and opinionated, and clearly shows that the writer was hoping for a different outcome, and a different winner.

  87. Dave 08:28am, 09/19/2011

    This writer is bias.Im so tired of reading this trash. This writer seemingly did not watch the fight. Mayweather never threatened the older reporter. In fact he seemed angry that the reporter, would not give me a fare interview, and childish.ly yelled about it. The reporter in response threatened Mayweather. If you call Mayweathers finishing actions, unsportsman like, what do you call the repeated elbows and headbutts from Ortiz? What about the rules, imposed by all referees. Protect yourself at all times ,which after touching glove which indicates the start of the fight, Ortiz failed to do. What about Ortiz claiming that Mayweather leaned in to him which caused the last headbutt, even though the camera’s clearly showed Mayweather leaning back against the ropes.  Last but not least the writer claims, Mayweather wont lose untill he fights Pac-Man. thats bias if ive ever seen it.  If your going to write an article on Boxing.com. Atleast post that its an opinion and not factual.

  88. "Old Yank" Schneider 08:22am, 09/19/2011

    And…Holyfield was a MASTER at using his head as his THIRD FIST in the ring.  Many argue that Andre Ward is quite good at it too.  Ooooooo, no!  This is a life-threatening tool that justifies Mayweather’s actions!  NONSENSE!  Holyfield got the tip of his ear bitten off because Tyson HAD IT with Holyfield’s use of his head.  Fire with fire—an eye for an eye.  This is how we measure SPORTSMANSHIP?

  89. MELMED 08:17am, 09/19/2011

    I am convinced that “Old Yank” knows nothing about boxing. Why have you not mentioned the head butt which caused the knockout or does that have nothing to do with the end result? Like I mentioned prior, both fighters did something ugly, one just did it within the rules of boxing, the other decided his head was within regulation.

  90. bigrickey38 08:14am, 09/19/2011

    If you look at the fight with a critical eye, it is more than obvious that Otiz was finished with his extremely long apology , And just how long is a fighter allowed to go on being apologetic before the fight resumes? He hugged him two or three times, kissed him, touched gloves with him, and verbally apologized. WHAT MORE DID HE NEED TO DO? I like Victor Ortiz and look forward to seeing him fight another day but the truth is that he was clearly fighting dirty and it backfired on him.

  91. "Old Yank" Schneider 08:12am, 09/19/2011

    So we can boil down The Thresher’s point to how may apologies or seconds or milliseconds an apology should last before the “apology clock” expires?  Is just a nod of the acknowledging head all that is “allowed” before the clock expires on accepting an apology?  Oh, it is clearly just a nod and a touch of the gloves before the apology clock expires?  No!  It must then be that a nod, a touch and a hug that ABSOLUTELY expires the apology clock!  Perhaps it’s a nod, a touch, a hug and a kiss!  Why the hell do I want to argue about how many friggin’ angels can dance on the head of a pin?  One either saw Mayweather’s actions as unsportsmanlike or not.  I’m not proud of Mayeather’s win or his actions – I see it as unsportsmanlike at the elite level of this sport.  If you are proud of how Mayweather acted, then just say so—why the “angel’s dancing on the head of a pin” argument?

  92. "Old Yank" Schneider 08:03am, 09/19/2011

    Seeing nothing “wrong” with what Mayweather did is acknowledging that sunrise is real and sunset is not.

  93. Circle City Joe 07:47am, 09/19/2011

    I’m with Thresher.  Money did nothing wrong and I don’t see where there was anything controversial or “sucker punchy” about the fight.  Floyd simply knocked this boy out we all know he (Ortiz) lost his focus, failed to “protect himself at all times” and paid the ultimate price.  Got knocked the eff out.

  94. KLM 07:02am, 09/19/2011

    The Thresher - Thank You! Couldn’t agree more.

  95. KLM 06:59am, 09/19/2011

    “Old Yank” Schneider Thanks for the response. I get your point but after watching the fight several times and watching Ortiz apologize over and over and also watching Mayweather touch gloves with him over and over also visually acknowleging the apology with the clock being reset and Floyd’s hands are clearly up after the last touch when does it become the responsibility of the other fighter to continue? Even after the ref clearly says to both fighters “LET’S GO” ....how much more time off the clock does one need to apologize in the middle of a bout? Boxing is unique in the fact that each opponent has three minutes per round to win that round and Professional Boxers understand this. Please go back and watch the fight again to see for yourself. Just an FYI…no one ever call Floyd a Gentleman and contrary to the lie we choose to believe Boxing is no Gentlemanly sport. But I see your point of view. I just think some are trying to make an unfair example out of Floyd simply because they don’t like him. This sort of thing has been happening in boxing forever.

  96. The Thresher 06:50am, 09/19/2011

    Wrong!! How many apologies are too many? May accepted the kiss on cheek and then the hug. That was the end of any issue of sportsmanship. Then he rightly closed the show on someone who had already exhibited that he was a loose cannon in there. Fighting head cases like Ortiz can result in a career-ending injury. Mayweather was lucky to come out of that with only two stiches in his lip. And oh by the way, Ortiz seemed to have no issues with the ending.

    I believe had the circumstances been reversed, there would have been a much different reaction. When a fighter is labled classless and his family dysfunctional, is there no suprise that he then is called a “classless piece of shit.?” That’s hardly what boxing writers should do in my humble opinion. They should never let their emotions cloud their narrative because their narrative will become suspect from that point forward.

    It’s always critical to remain unbiased, detached and objective so that your readers can trust what you wrote.

  97. "Old Yank" Schneider 06:40am, 09/19/2011

    KLM – Your point is made and taken.  However, you have ENTIRELY missed the central point of the discussion.  There is NO QUESTION about the legality of Mayweather’s punch—it was a legal punch.  The question is one of SPORTSMANSHIP!  At the most ELITE level of the sport is it classy and a show of exemplary sportsmanship to wait until a fighter has finished his apology before punching again?

  98. "Old Yank" Schneider 06:21am, 09/19/2011

    The Thresher—Thanks for writing for the site—the monster increase in traffic is directly tied to great writing, an unpatrolled site design and great fans taking note.  This site is truly the future for fans remaining connected to boxing.  But someone we know was more than whispering this within a couple of months of this site getting launched.  Having your knowledge, sense of history, perspectives and wit (even when caustic and especially when edgy), has been a huge contribution to fan flow around here.  PEACE!

  99. Ghost 05:58am, 09/19/2011

    Thresher—That’s a good one to remember.

  100. The Thresher 05:51am, 09/19/2011

    “Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Them Done Unto You”

    Luke 6:31 (NIV)

  101. The Thresher 05:45am, 09/19/2011

    By the way, congratulations to Boxing.com for having a monster amount of traffic and new posters. Boxing.com is the future of on-line boxing!!!

  102. KLM 05:34am, 09/19/2011

    It’s amazing to me how all of the johnny come lately, new to boxing, so-called fans, want to change the rules of boxing, the same sport that they thought they knew. All of these attacks on Floyd Mayweather “sucker punching” Victor Ortiz are ridiculous. Where were these outraged commentators when Floyd did the same thing to Sugar Shane Mosley in the 8th round of their long awaited battle? Where were they? I’ll tell you where, they were right there watching and applauding Floyd for doing what he was supposed to do - punch! You can even hear Emanuel Stewart say so on air! Now Emanuel somehow thinks the same act is appalling?! Give me a break! Where was the outcry when Miguel Cotto continuously hit Zab Judah in the groin?! Huh? Seems to me that folks will see what they want to see and disregard the rest as long as it’s their guy winning. You can’t come late to the dance and get first pick of dance partners and you can’t come along to boxing over 100 years later and pick and choose which rules you like for your opponent and which you don’t. Either it’s legal to punch after the ref says LET’S GO or you have to wait until you get your invitation in the mail! There are no “Sucker Punches” in Boxing only ILLEGAL punches once the bout begins…remember that and let’s move forward.

  103. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:02am, 09/19/2011

    The Thresher—You pose a reasonable question (paraphrase): “What do fans who see a sportsmanship violation think should happen?”  So I will pose to you a reasonable question: As we observe the number (and percentage) of fan posts (here and across the web) expressing disappointment (perhaps an understatement) in Mayweather’s sportsmanship, was Mayweather’s behavior good for the sport of boxing or was it another black eye for the sport?

  104. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:49am, 09/19/2011

    Apparently some folks are PROUD of how Mayweather’s antics in the ring shed a positive light on the sport of boxing.  I’m not!  Boxing needs these moments like it needs another MMA to compete with it for fans!

  105. MelMed 03:48am, 09/19/2011

    Yo! for all you wannabe boxing fans this was an amazing and quite technical fight. Although BOTH boxers did something dirty and classless, one fighter did it within the rules of boxing and came out of the ring victorious (as predicted). I feel Mr.Mayweather was well within his right to take action especially after such a cheap shot by Victor that was classless and a type of act that Mr.Mayweather has NEVER done inside the ring. 
    I am still in shock that people are talking about the way he did it. THE GAME IS CHESS NOT CHECKERS! Two men were at battle and when another takes a shot like Ortiz did that was a sign of desperation, he wanted out of that ring.
    I am glad the smarter, more mature ring came out the ring.

  106. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:45am, 09/19/2011

    What can or should happen?  PUBLIC PRESSURE after the fact can, should, and is happening.  It is a form of SOCIAL REBUKE!  It has NO effect on the specific outcome of the contest but it represents an expression of a SOCIAL CONSCIENCE that reminds us that we are still a good and decent people.

  107. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:43am, 09/19/2011

    How does one lay claim to being an advocate for boxing and then come out in support of Mayweather’s boorish behavior IN THE RING?  One thing in the exchange between Ortiz and Mayweather that is not in debate is that Ortiz had not finished his apology to Mayweather.

  108. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:40am, 09/19/2011

    carlos—So you think beating women is not a reason to dislike Mayweather.  It’s because he’s black and brash?  Give us all a fargin’ break!  Mayweather’s Youtube lashing out that called Pacquiao a “yellow monkey” is no reason to dislike Mayweather?  It was a racist comment to the core.  But you think it’s all about him being bold and black?  Give us all a friggin’ break!

  109. carlos 03:37am, 09/19/2011

    Im laughing at all these comments of no $ bieing classless. These same people who talk about classless use words like gay,b*tch,punk just to name a few.  Would you use any of these words at church?kids school? library? Classless is the foolishness are screaming. The people who hate $ hate him for reasons of being black,cocky,brash, or trash talker. This has more to do with him personally than boxing.

  110. raxman 03:26am, 09/19/2011

    i read these comments and wonder how many of you have ever actually been in a ring - and given your touch feeley attitudes to it wonder what sort of coaches you may have had - every coach i had or have known would chew out a fighter for wanting to hug and kiss like ortiz did, let alone allowing himself to be hit. the fact that the foul was so blatant makes the apology totally disingenuous - he should’ve step back offered floyd his hand once and that was it -  it was if he really didn’t want to fight anymore. given the context floyd did the right thing - if he really wanted to cheap shot he would have hit ortiz during the first apology before cortez had signal the fight on

  111. boxing_mma_fan 10:36pm, 09/18/2011

    IT WAS A CHEAP SHOT!  It was “technically legal”, but CHEAP nonetheless! People don’t fool yourself, or get yourself fooled. This is supposed to be a gentleman’s sport. NO BOXER OF GOOD REPUTE WANTS TO WIN IN THIS MANNER! Watch the UFC fights to see what CLASS means. You’ll see fighters apologizing for accidental fouls, then resume beating each other up after hugging or touching gloves - WITHOUT ANY DANGER OF CHEAP SHOTS!

  112. klm 06:02pm, 09/18/2011

    How can anyone call it Legal and a Cheap Shot at the same time? Those who called it a Cheap Shot didn’t like Floyd before the fight and this ending just gave them more reason not to like him. Those of us who watched boxing for awhile know that this is not the first time boxers have been caught off-guard and it won’t be the last. Just because it’s Floyd it gets more attention than deserved. Question, Cotto landed SEVERAL low blows on Zab Judah and no one said that it was a blatant foul and he should have been disqualified or at least have a point taken away. Floyd legally ends a fight after being told by the ref LET’S GO and his opponent wants to keep appologizing once the clock has restarted, what do you want him to do stand there and just listen to Ortiz as the round comes to an end? No, Fight and then we demonize him…wow!

  113. Rob Lepsi 05:41pm, 09/18/2011

    This was a staged fight.  It was the WWF.  Floyd Mayweather is a joke.

  114. The Thresher 04:07pm, 09/18/2011

    Are you John Stephens from NH?

  115. John Stephens 04:01pm, 09/18/2011

    If anyone knows anything about boxing .... then you know that you have to protect your face…..cuts…. cuts….. cuts…. The Ortiz headbutts are not only illegal but could have potentially caused bruising or cuts on Mayweather’s face which could have potentially caused his downfall in the later rounds if Ortiz took advantage of that.  I think Mayweather took advantage of an oppurtunity to one-two Ortiz when had the chance.  When you are in boxing match, you need to always keep your eyes on your opponent.  He got what he got because he is young and stupid.  As for Merchant, I agree with most of the posters here….  He needs to go….

  116. raxman 03:26pm, 09/18/2011

    alot of you guys are obviously judging what happened by the replays - the replays dont paint the full picture - cortez had signalled for the fighters to come to together and fight - at that point floyd had his hands up ready to fight and ortiz came in for another hug. floyd accepted the third hug but when ortiz stepped back he should had his hands up. watch the live footage not the slow mo replay - cortez looks away for a second it only looks longer in slow motion

  117. The Thresher 03:18pm, 09/18/2011

    Your a one trick pony. Shut UP!

  118. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:16pm, 09/18/2011

    The sum total of all the posts I’ve read lead to only one conclusion: a classless human cannot identify classless behavior!

  119. "Old Yank" Schneider 03:12pm, 09/18/2011

    Appearing to accept and INVITE an apology and respond to it with a cold-cock is not returning a dirty fighter’s tactics in kind—it is being slimy and classless and this is NOTHING for the sport to be proud of.

  120. gonzo 02:39pm, 09/18/2011

    Another thing, Cortez dropped the ball. He’s supposed to step in and separate both fighters. But in slow motion he’s looking at the corner all the time. What’s he looking at? No one knows. He doesn’t even know. Ortiz is looking at Joe Cortez to save him…but from what we don;t know! Only he knows. So Mayweather does the right thing and clocks him…Why? Only Pretty Boy knows…(you know I know and you know I know you know).

  121. Your Name 02:24pm, 09/18/2011

    we don’t pay $70 to see boxers hug and kiss…ortiz was doing too much hugging and apologizing…floyd ain’t in there to hug…mosley tried to do this same stuff in the mayweather/mosley fight…hugging and talking and floyd nailed him with a lead right in the 8th round…the only suckers are you mayweather haters falling for the ortiz ‘can beat mayweather’ fantasy…i like ortiz for his effort, but he was getting peppered like the jalepenos in my backyard…BTW, both mosley and ortiz (outboxed by a better boxer) both resorted to dirty tactics in the ring…also, BTW, the ref clearly states ‘let’s go’, meaning time-in…now, all you can say is ‘he can’t be pacquiao…estoy curiouso, what will you say when mayweather beats a drugged-up pacquiao?

  122. Bristol 02:16pm, 09/18/2011

    Everyone seems to forget that when the Ref called time to deduct a point the fighters must then go to a neutral corner and the Ref must restart time before the fighters engage one another. It was a poor job by normally a very good referee, it was a cheapshot by Floyd and Victor should have had his hands up. Mayweather should have been disqualified but maybe the NSAC will review the tape, realize that time was not restarted, the fighters never went to a neutral corner and make the decision invalid and let them rematch.

  123. jimi 02:06pm, 09/18/2011

    essel.. lol.. floyd is a boxer. hes not a mexican warrior.. hes da best pure boxer of our time. hes not a mexican slugger or warrior. hes too talented to b out there bangin.  bangin doesnt make u da best or da most respected. NO. winning does. plus if da headbutt didnt happen nuthin like dis would of eva happened that was a retaliation to da headbutt. so relax wit da tuff guy stuff.. larry merchant is terrible floyd went about it all wrong but a new face would b greatly apreciated. how bout max kellerman or ne one else

  124. patrick 01:36pm, 09/18/2011

    question for you mayweather haters…how many times does ortiz want to hug and kiss??  like he gay or something…this was a fight…this ain’t pitty-pat and it isn’t checkers!! mayweather won…he’s a better, more talented and gifted fighter…ortiz couldn’t win…just suck it up…he couldn’t win…

  125. g garcia 01:17pm, 09/18/2011

    as for that poor thing mayweather, he has so much hate he gonna end up killing himself cause he can’t stand himself, and he is not undefeated as far as i’m concerned a boxer by the name luis castillo beat him, but like i said boxing is FIXED

  126. g garcia 01:11pm, 09/18/2011

    it is crap like that that is totally killing the sport of boxing, i’m telling you people boxing is FIXED, thank god for mma

  127. Robert Ecksel 01:02pm, 09/18/2011

    Yes, it’s a fight. But the sport isn’t called fight. It’s called boxing, and for a reason. Boxing evolved over centuries into something that wouldn’t be just a fight. It’s our choice if we care whether or not boxing degenerates back into barbarity. But those who love the sport at its very best can’t look at Mayweather as an upholder of anything other than what he does or doesn’t uphold.

  128. Fightback 23 12:49pm, 09/18/2011

    Number one period! protect yourself at all times, good or bad sportsmanship it’s a fight!

  129. Robert Ecksel 12:24pm, 09/18/2011

    Mayweather is a great boxer. No one ever said otherwise. But he too is a dirty fighter. Maybe the fight ended too early for him to throw some elbows of his own to remind us of that fact. Also, in addition to headbutts causing fatalities, punches do as well (and with much greater frequency), especially when one doesn’t see them coming and the ref is too busy tying his shoelaces to notice. Floyd won the fight, within the proscribed rules, protect yourself at all times etc., but to treat Mayweather’s performance like it was a shining moment in the sport seems misguided and wrongheaded.

  130. anthony 12:23pm, 09/18/2011

    he didnt do one cheap shot he did two. after the first one he knew he was wrong. he panicked and thew a second. to be the greatest you have to act and beat the greatest which is why he wont fight manny.

  131. The Thresher 12:16pm, 09/18/2011

    That’s because he is a great boxer and a purist’s delight. All he did was respond to a dirty fighter in kind. I don’t blame him one bit for what he did. Head butts can cause fatalities. They are the very worse type of foul—or at least as bad as rabbit punch. There are two sides to this one. Who started it? And who finished it?

  132. Robert Ecksel 12:10pm, 09/18/2011

    Old Yank—Or taste or intelligence or respect. He’s the coward that beats up women, after all. How low can you go? We shouldn’t expect anything more or less from Mayweather than what he’s already shown us. None of this has anything to do with race. A Caucasian who acted the same way would receive the same level of condemnation. What’s amazing is that he keeps giving the middle finger to the world and people lap it up like it’s warm milk.

  133. The Thresher 12:08pm, 09/18/2011

    Boxing 101 has the beat

  134. Boxing 101 12:06pm, 09/18/2011

    What I saw was a talented young Boxer getting schooled by an older more talented Boxer. Ortiz was getting hit with clean hard punches. He got mad he couldnt get pass Mayweather’s defense and did a flying headbutt like he was a wrestler in a royal rumble match. Then he wants to kiss and hug, okay cool whatever, Ref calls the fight back in then he wants to kiss and hug some more. No sir this isnt make ups to break ups, this is Boxing. He acted like a bitch and got treated like one. If he wants to do all that kissing and hugging he needs to go enter into a beauty pageant.

  135. "Old Yank" Schneider 11:38am, 09/18/2011

    Robert—There is indeed something Mayweather’s money can’t buy—CLASS!

  136. Rich 11:38am, 09/18/2011

    @Boxing FAn

    Headbutts are illegal in MMA dumbdumb.

  137. Boxing fan 11:24am, 09/18/2011

    To the writer of this article. What fight were you watching? Mayweather had control the entire fight, he was landing clean right on the button punches. Ortiz got mad that he couldn’t hit Mayweather and resorted to UFC tactics, I mean the man did a flying headbutt with intent to harm. Then wants to hug and kiss a thousand times like this is a beauty pageant. It’s not it’s boxing and you must protect yourself at all times. Ortiz is not mentally built for the sport of Boxing and it showed once again.

  138. Your Name 10:56am, 09/18/2011

    After all that bullshit there is only one thing that matters for everyone in boxing to happen. Pacquiao and Mayweather, without anymore excuses or dodging demand from Mayweather’s camp. But I had a feeling he is still afraid to face “the Pacman”. He stands to lose a lot of money from defeat. So Floyd will avoid Pacman at all cost, even humiliation.

  139. "Old Yank" Schneider 09:50am, 09/18/2011

    “Sport” without “sportsmanship” is an insult to the the word “sport”.  We ain’t talking technical legalities here, we are talking SPORTSMANSHIP!

  140. "Old Yank" Schneider 09:48am, 09/18/2011

    How many times have SPORTSMEN in the ring paused for a moment to do an additional “touch of gloves” when one fighter wants to apologize?  Can I say that it’s happened MILLIONS OF TIMES.  So who among us thinks that this act of sportsmanship should be wiped off the face of boxing and every bad deed should be retaliated against?  If you do, then you ain’t talking about the grand history of the sport of boxing that I know!  In fact, any assertion that such retaliation is what the sport should be about is FULL OF SH*T!  ESPECIALLY at the elite level.  ESPECIALLY when a top p-4-p is fighting a man not near that list yet.  Nothing happened in the Mayweather/Ortiz bout for us to write another proud chapter in the pages of boxing history.  It was a humiliation to the sport at many, many levels.

  141. "Old Yank" Schneider 09:27am, 09/18/2011

    Let me simply say that I hold myself and my heroes to a higher standard than what Mayweather displayed last night.

  142. Lee Seaman 09:03am, 09/18/2011

    Money May is and has always been the man. He needs to fight the PACMAN…But I think he wins that fight too. If and when he does….he should Retire knowing he has nothing more to prove.  Also Larry Merchant does need to go AWAY….it takes him a hundred years to get out a sentence. Steve O..your off base with that last comment….Im not sure Floyd is Muslim but I guess you can hide under the safety blanket of racism if you like. Floyd is a GREAT CHAMPION. Hes’ also the last great fighter to come out of the USA…

  143. Jim Long 08:45am, 09/18/2011

    This article is totally biased.  I truly wonder what the response would have been if Ortiz did this to Mayweather?  Of course if wouldn’t happen because Floyd is not stupid enough to leave his guard down.  This is boxing not golf, protect yourself at all damn time.  And you guys act like Larry Merchant is such a class act. This has been building up in Mayweather for yrs. Merchant hates defensive fighters always has and always will.  But isn’t the objective in boxing to hit and not get hit back.  Don’t hate the man embrace the man.

  144. getmoney 08:42am, 09/18/2011

    that was good for ortiz that was pay back you don’t do that to any nigga i know and get away with it and he give him time to see the punch cmoing plus he was beating his ass the whole fight money mayweather all day!!!!!!!!!!

  145. George 08:29am, 09/18/2011

    Floyd Mayweather doesn’t deserve to fight anymore. He is not a professional boxer and I don’t believe THE PACMAN should sign a deal to fight him. He should be SHUNNED by all other boxers. He is not worthy to ever be in a ring again. He is a big-mouth, punk, cheat! He will get his someday, if he ever does man-up and fight the Pacman!!!!! But, of course, he’ s a spinless coward that will always avoid Manny.

  146. pba 08:29am, 09/18/2011

    Hahaha, Scripted! Fixed!


    Btw, Good work Larry Merchant! Shame on JOE CORTEZ, better to RESIGN!

    Joe love FM because they are VERY WHITES!!!

  147. The Thresher 07:55am, 09/18/2011

    steve Owens, good post

  148. raxman 07:54am, 09/18/2011

    pin Galarga - that’s exactly what i thought - he wanted a way - he wanted to be dq’d - the ref definitely stepped between the fighters and made the hand signal for them to fight. ortiz went way over the top with the apology - almost like when he wasn’t dq’d he was hoping he had could make floyd less angry about it. and for all you who are saying floyd was worried and looking for a way out? what fight were you watching? floyd was killing this kid. he was going in the next few rounds regardless not only was he unable to lay a glove on floyd he was eating right hands like he was at a punch smorgasbord

  149. Pin Galarga 07:44am, 09/18/2011

    After the 1st HUG AND KISS the referee call time, took a point for the blunt foul and called time in. After that, WE DON’T PAY 60 BUCKS TO WATCH GROWN MEN kissing and hugging. Floyd did what He was paid to do, and Ortiz should pursue a career on a Mexican Novela, because in my book. He wanted a way out again, and got it. There was NOTHING cheap about last night’s fight, but the headbutts.

  150. Your Name 07:36am, 09/18/2011

    I have just ONE question for all of you Mayweather haters: If it was a CHEAP SHOT WHY, WHY was he not disqualified? CASE CLOSED….

  151. carl 07:33am, 09/18/2011

    After the headbutt, Ortiz got what he deserved.  One dirty move deserves another.

  152. LEO 07:31am, 09/18/2011

    the first punch by mayweather was payback….the second WAS A CHEAP SHOT. He knew Ortiz wasn’t ready after the apology. If you say you’re a great champion….fight like one!

  153. Golden Gloves 07:24am, 09/18/2011

    To: Joboxer987

    Love Floyd or hate him…I’m sure you will continue to watch his fights (whether you pay for them or not)...Even if it’s just for the mere reason than to see him receive his first loss.

    I watched the fight again and the ref did recommence the fight: and I quote “OK Let’s go” after that they hugged and I guess Victor wanted to kiss him again, but Floyd came to fight….So Victor paid with his ignorance.

  154. Teron 07:15am, 09/18/2011

    Floyd’s move was completely legal and it yeah it was unpsortsmanlike, but a foul begets a foul in my book. Ortiz’s headbeat was clearly a dirty tactic and illegal, while floyd’s was within the rules with is. I’m upset the fight ended the way it did but that’s ortiz’s fault not may’s. The ref clearly signaled that the fight should go on and ortiz should’ve been ready for combat. He didn’t conduct himself like a professional when he fouled may and when he failed to be ready to fight. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would’ve then done the same thing may did, in light of the previous infraction. Why is it he expected to take the high road when his opponent stoops to dirty, roughouse tactics. It’s a fight, not the ballet.

  155. sunrise 07:03am, 09/18/2011

    gayweather is a piece of shit or more than that he is not a fighter. he is just a wanna be fighter. is that what you call a fight???? you all piece of shit fans of a piece of shit gayweather??? all of you dumb no class at all. i dont know how to describe such a non class cock box fighter

  156. ert veneracion 06:56am, 09/18/2011

    if you are a true pound for pound champ face manny pacman pacquiao. see who is the true champion.

  157. Joboxer987 06:48am, 09/18/2011

    I first have to say Floyd Is a good fight, yes.  I personally do not like him for his lack of class and complete it’s everyones fault but mine attitude.  But did we expect less from him?  Ortiz headbutted and I agree not a good thing, but this has happened in other fights and a point is deducted and carry on.  The ref after I have reviewed the fight never commenced the fight to continue instead Floyd took it in his own power to continue and cheap shot, and I stress cheap, Ortiz to a victory.  I feel Floyd more than likely would have won the fight but he chose a classless way and in my mind foolish way to win.  But again I expect no less from the “punk” Floyd mayweather who will continue in life a less than average thug, bully, loud mouth and more words I shouldn’t write in respect to the forum.  Long story short it was the worst money I have ever spent on a fight and unless Floyd fights pacquiao or retires, I will not spend a dime to watch him fight.  All of you defending his actions in this fight are being a little classless yourselves, saying Ortiz got what he deserved in a street fight fine, but in a professional bout by a 16/17 year veteran I don’t think so.  Watch the film again and rethink your opinion on the lame champ floyd.  As for his comments for merchant, merchant is an old-timer, maybe a little pressing on the questions against Floyd, but none the less Floyd avoided the question of do you think you cheap shotted to victory, and Floyd knows he did so he like any teenager who knows they are caught blew up and acts like an idiot.

  158. Tony Santana 06:43am, 09/18/2011

    How does every opinion towards Floyd become “hating on him”? Because we ask for honesty and sincerity? So Ortiz head butted, ok he got a point deducted. Fair enough. And as man who realized his error, he apologized. Great display of sportsmanship there. Mayweather felt threatened and knew this kid would give him a run for his money and didn’t want to take the risk, so bam, 1 cheap shot, 2 cheap shots. Done. If the tables were turned, everyone would be fuming of what an “asshole” Ortiz is and how he had no class. Face it, this here what mayweather did is what we call “a bitch move”....

  159. gonzo 06:41am, 09/18/2011

    good job mayweather, you are the true champ…

  160. carlos 06:21am, 09/18/2011

    Let me start by saying ortiz had no shot at winning. Ortiz was simply outclassed in boxing ring generalship, defense, hell even power puching. Ortiz did nothing that would lead you to believe he could get to Floyd. I believed that the ref restarted the fight. Guess I’ll watch it again next week…....... Now to all the people who believe Pacquiao can beat Floyd. What you have to understand is Floyd is a boxer with superior boxing skills and defense. That being said Floyd has a 5 inch reach advantage! That is bad news for Pacquiao. Pacquiao has speed. Being only 5’6 Floyd will keep his distance wait and counter the shorter man that is tired of tasting that jab. Yeah he agreed to the testing. Only up until 2 weeks before the fight. Come on! Thats plenty of time for a illegal pick me up before the fight and clear his system before his next test. Stop saying Floyd scared. Clearly he’s not!

  161. MODI 06:16am, 09/18/2011


    It is not an uncommon code in boxing foul play or in many other sports. A pitcher hits a batter with a 95 MPH fastball for some previous ethical violation that can range from anything as minor as flipping a bat or staring too long at your home run. Won’t even start on hockey. While not classy, Floyd’s legal retaliation following Ortiz’s deliberate head butt is far more an accepted norm than exception in American sports.

  162. Golden Gloves 05:52am, 09/18/2011

    What I saw was a masterful performance by an older experienced fighter after taking almost a year and a half off. The young Vicious Victor Ortiz…..Played himself with the “roughhouse tactics” and the KISS and make up.

    He was begging to be KO’d and that’s what he got.

  163. "Old Yank" Schneider 05:47am, 09/18/2011

    How much HUMILIATION can a sport or a fighter take?  This hands-down, cold cock is the definition of an elite win?  Fans praising this as what they want out of the elite level DESERVE to watch their sport crumble in disgrace and indifference.  All hail MMA!

  164. Bd 05:27am, 09/18/2011

    What goes around comes around. Ortiz what did you think Mayweather was going to do after head butting him? Kiss you back. You got what you deserved.

  165. raxman 05:18am, 09/18/2011

    rewatched the fight - cortez definitely signals for the fight to restart - its obvious and in plain view - after the butt, victor kisses floyd and apologizes then cortez takes his hand and leads him to the neutral corner as he signals the point off - then cortez steps back between the fighters and gives the signal for the fighters to come together and fight. instead of fighting ortiz comes fwd to hug again - he’s an idiot and floyd was totally within his right. like the old saying goes - guard dropped get got.

  166. "Old Yank" Schneider 05:14am, 09/18/2011

    There are CLASSLESS shots taken outside the local gin mill between drunken, amateur fools, and then there are professionals at the the top of their game who behave differently.

  167. MODI 05:07am, 09/18/2011

    Yes, Merchant got what he long deserved, and we shouldn’t be confused about that. It is also important to note the career-long context that is behind Floyd’s statements. Not only has he treated Floyd like total crap over the years, but also Hopkins, Roy Jones, Jr., Foreman, etc. Floyd has expressed in the past—and many fans agree—that Larry Merchant has a double standards in his dealings and respect he has given to African-American fighters. So the injury perceived by Floyd—and other AA fighters who feel the same way—about Merchant is not just a personal one, but also a racial one. ...Floyd’s sentiment was reinforced just a minute later when Merchant basically soft-pedaled and excused Ortiz head butt, and went so far as to ask Ortiz why he was apologizing. Merchant completely undermined his previous position as hard-edged interviewer who is against foul play. The bottom line is Floyd is right: Merchant should have been fired long ago. If boxing announcing was any bit as “clean a sport” and meritocracy like boxing itself, it would have happened long ago.

  168. Manny 05:00am, 09/18/2011

    Open Question: Proof the Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz fight was fixed?

    1. Ortiz headbutts Mayweather twice. First was hard to notice but if you rewind you will see. Second one was the one they agreed to work with because it was more noticeable.
    2. The referee looks away from the fighters for way too long. It’s as if he is protecting himself so if in the future he were to ever get questioned, he can simply say I was not looking. Any boxing referee knows that you keep your eye on the fighters at all times.
    3. Ortiz’s post fight attitude. He was HAPPY! For someone who had so much riding on the fight, that attitude simply did not match one of a fighter who just did the most regrettable thing in his life.
    4. Mayweather’s mention of a rematch (another cash cow for both).
    5. How Ortiz overdid the hugging. Ok he did it once, cool, but it seems like he kept on doing it so as to allow Floyd to continue with the preplan of sucker punching him.

    Ok now lets analyze this big fix from another angle. Think to yourselves, what is the best way to fix the fight so as to allow both fighters to retain their dignity while allowing for a rematch and a lot of media hype. The answer is exactly what you saw unfold before your eyes. Keep watching the fight on youtube with all of this in mind and I’ll promise you that you will see the truth. Nothing is real anymore in this world. From ‘reality’ shows to big sport matches, they are all businesses with investors and money at stake. Profits are the only thing that matter, not an athletes dignity. Please feel free to add your thoughts to this and/or dispute anything you feel may be incorrect.

    Asked by k 5 hours ago 4 days left to answer. Report Abuse
    Additional Details

    I would also like to add how when Ortiz got sucker punched the first time he simply stood there waiting for the second punch. A person that has trained non-stop for the past god knows how long is prepared to react in an instant. At least move or put your arm up to defend your face, but no Ortiz simply stood there and took the hit. ALSO, if you watch past Ortiz fights, he NEVER headbutts! Fighters that headbutt are usually serial headbutters, as in its a move they constantly do. This was basically Ortiz’s first ever headbutt. Which brings me back to the fact that a headbutt is the ONLY act that would warrant such a reaction like hugging and apologizing further allowing the opportunity to be sucker punched while being ‘unaware.’

    Added 5 hours ago

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  169. joe 04:59am, 09/18/2011

    I did not think that using the head was the right thing to do, but he apologized more than enough, even kiss him, but what remains to decide is, did the referee say to start the clock? I don’t think so, did he look surprised? OH YAH!! did he do anything ? no , why? is old and confused, need some brain active referees, look at them they are old and fat! Larry was doing what every reporter does, trying to get a straight answer, politicians are experts on that, they never answer what you asked, of course by avoiding the real answer, tells me thay Floyd was unconfortable, and than it showed the boxing world his class ” low ” that is. I still think Floyd is an amazing boxer but he did not need to do that.

  170. William 04:49am, 09/18/2011

    I’m a huge mayweather fan and Ortiz headbutt definitely was wrong but the way Floyd won was not honorable and to say he didn’t intentionally sucker punch come on mayweather fans and what ref tells fighters too fight and you’re not looking. Where oh where have I seen this shit oh yeah WWE. Floyd was doing his thing but the vibe was Ortiz kept eating his punches and kept fighting and Floyd def looked uncomfortable but sharp. The only fight I’m watching mayweather in is pacquiao if it eva happens I’m no longer a mayweather fan it was a good run though

  171. Semperfi67 04:48am, 09/18/2011

    Who cares about Mayweather. Hes a loser with a championship belt. Unitl he fghts manny he will always be second best. F him

  172. chocolate 04:34am, 09/18/2011

    Most of the hispanic that post on here is going to say bias things because they are supporting there person.  If the shoe was on the other foot they wouldn’t have nothing to say.  A “L” is an “L” this is a lesson for Ortiz to learn from.  Floyd did what he was suppose to do find an opportunity and win the fight.  Ortiz was trying to do the same thing that’s why he kept head butting Mayweather its a cheap technique but that’s what they are taught to do when they are losing.

  173. SlimJim 04:12am, 09/18/2011

    I dont understand how it was legal. The ref called a TIMEOUT after the head butt to deduct a point from Ortiz, and he never said time in or lets box or anything! How can those two punches be legal if the clock wasnt even running! The ref should have put the fighters in neutral corners. Talk about dropping the ball…

  174. Stone Cold 03:25am, 09/18/2011

    Mayweather is a punk ass bitch! He won’t fight pacquico! Bottom line cuz he knows he can’t hang. What ortiz did was unacceptable but what mayweather did is even worse! The boxing commission should review that pussy shot and strip him from that title. We all know mayweather does that Shit in every fight jus plane dirty he doesn’t respect the sport that made him and other greats before him. As for the ref lol he’s a piece of work acting like he didn’t see it. He didn’t do his job by seperating them both and enforcing them both to their corners. Never liked him even when he reffed chavez fights. I wouldn’t be surprised if he paid and bought cortez. Floyd did that Shit to avoid manny for another couple of months, and possibly a year or two. He’s a piece of Shit and if that’s how u defend a championship and represent boxing then he’s just a sore loser n life! But he will have his day but that’s if he has the balls to ever fight manny

  175. raxman 03:16am, 09/18/2011

    i’m about to rewatch this fight but i can’t believe that some of you are actually spinning the first 3 rounds into anything but a master class from floyd - the fact this writer states that floyd looked uncomfortable, intimating that floyd was actually scared, makes me think he has some serious bias happening here. but the haters of floyd regularly bend reality to sustain the fire of disdain - have all the opinions you want but the only way we know for sure that floyd is scared of manny is if manny actually agrees to the fight - the conditions of which need not be stated here. if that happens and floyd comes up with another demand that stops the fight going ahead i will be the first in line for a piece of him but until then floyd and manny are just different sides of the same coin

  176. Good writer 02:54am, 09/18/2011

    Good writer, please tell your friend TED SARES to write article excluding his emotions, thanks.

  177. MrH2u 02:15am, 09/18/2011

    Ortiz headebutted Mayweather INTENTIONALLY at least TWICE. Then had the nerve to stand in front of this man with his hands down. HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED. A 2 PIECE .

  178. W@n& 02:09am, 09/18/2011

    the referee quote un-aware of what was happenning in the ring, mayweather obviously rob, and took advantage of it!! boom!! it’s all shame in boxing history…

  179. michael 01:57am, 09/18/2011

    mayweather if you a re a figther fight manny pacquiao

  180. elo 01:36am, 09/18/2011

    Mayweather performance only shows his cowardness and not being a true gentlemen He is just unbeatable in his own dream but never acting like a true champion…. He’s hurrying to win this fight even without the substance of being a real and fair fighter bla…bla…bla… coward…

  181. Ticketdeal 01:28am, 09/18/2011

    Larry Merchant is an old drunk that is a racist and gets away with everything. He has drinks before every fight. He like most white folks hate to see blacks do well in life. Larry need to go to !@#$%

  182. JESUS 01:00am, 09/18/2011


  183. david 12:58am, 09/18/2011

    1st off Mr. chris that wrote this iz (fos). This is boxing you wanna c class go back to school… Ortiz is a professional boxer, he got his head rung and forgot rule 1, always keep your guard till you hear the bell ring. And I love how he finished it for all you haters that wanna c a man down.. Its not a cheap shot if its an legal blow. ortiz cant handle mayweather threw the whole match im happy he ended it at 4…

  184. Essel 12:34am, 09/18/2011

    Mayweather win is a rob not a warrior fight he always win cause he is a robber in a boxing ring always run run and run just like a rooster that was hit by the another rooster on the head! Mayweather please fight like a warrior not a jerk kind of a boxer! If you want to be pound for pound king show the world that you are a warrior not a jerk cockfight like a big body rooster or a cock! Mayweather you are one of the example of the robbers in the history of BOXING!

  185. Eric Rudolph 12:34am, 09/18/2011

    OK, I laughed at your classlessness comments, but you comments on the HBO announcer are way off.  The HBO guy was a joke, even if takes 5 minutes for him to say it.  The guy speaks so painfully slow and then was so disrespectful while trying to get Mayweather to say that what he did was wrong.  The announcer kept presing his stupid questions even when Mayweather asked him to interview Ortiz after he already frustrated with the announcer’s lack of respect.  The announcer is a good analyst, but he needs to be fired from interviews…

  186. es 12:30am, 09/18/2011

    Nothing wrong with the KO, this is a fight not a tickling contest. Ref allowed them to fight, ortiz was amateur and Floyd was ready and smacked him twice. Floyd is smart. Great KO. I would have done the same after that head butt.

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