Forget Joshua and Wilder Until Joshua vs. Wilder

By Paul Magno on November 21, 2017
Forget Joshua and Wilder Until Joshua vs. Wilder
This whole Joshua-Deontay Wilder situation is cynical beyond even boxing standards.

Lord knows boxing doesn’t need its heavyweight champs in another run of wallet-stuffers against no-hopers…

Enough with the BS and public teasing. Enough with the excessive marinade that threatens to drown the event. Enough with tickling the naughty bits of boxing writers with headlines meant to lead to only more headlines.

Anthony Joshua vs. Deontay Wilder has to happen now.

Let’s be real here—Joshua-Wilder is the ONLY heavyweight fight really worth making and there is, almost literally, no other fight for either to take that would mean a damn thing. Tyson Fury is going to need more than a few months to sweat off 100 pounds of lard, so Joshua-Fury would probably be better for everyone involved if it didn’t happen any time soon. Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz may happen now that the WBC has forgiven the Cuban for a failed blood test, but Wilder-Ortiz would only be big in the absence of Joshua-Wilder.

The decision to NOT do a heavyweight unification between the two big-punching giants is a flat-out acknowledgement from both sides—but especially from the Joshua side—that the plan is to sell fans shittier, more pointless fights to fatten up bank accounts before actually taking on a real challenge, or at least a challenge that fans seem to think will be a “real” challenge. Lord knows boxing doesn’t need its heavyweight champs in another run of wallet-stuffers against no-hopers.

There are exactly two legitimate top shelf wins between the pair of them for crissake! Neither Joshua nor Wilder have earned the right to pad bank accounts at this point.

What’s amazing, though, is that Joshua fans, mostly in a boxing hungry UK market, really don’t seem to care all that much about being sold, as they would call it, absolute shite. And that’s precisely why Team Joshua is not too motivated to fight anyone truly dangerous, even if that danger comes from a severely limited and vulnerable fighter like Wilder.

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn—who is a likeable sort by boxing promoter standards—has all but come right out and said it. Why spend money on bringing in someone like Wilder when cheaper (and easier) fights can sell out stadiums? Joshua is making money as a solo act, why bring in someone who could ruin a good thing?

As for Wilder, well, it’s easy to pick on him and his opponent list DOES look like the roster of those old school Toughman Championships on late night Fox Sports back in the day. But the guy HAS been willing to face both Alexander Povetkin and Luis Ortiz, whether his team actually ever meant to meet those challenges or not. And, of course, he seems ready and willing to hop on a plane tonight and have it out with Joshua right there at Gate C 45 in Heathrow.

Yeah, everyone realizes boxing is a business and that business is all about making as much money as one can in as short a time as feasible for as little risk as possible. That’s fine. But what has been happening with this whole Joshua-Wilder situation is cynical beyond even boxing standards. There’s no slow build necessary for this one because there’s nothing with which to build.

How much more insulting can you get? We’re not going to give you the fight you want—and the only logical fight to make—because we want to keep playing you for suckers while you’re still willing to be played for suckers.

Given both fighters’ vulnerabilities, there’s no guarantee that this fight with these stakes will be on the table even two fights down the line, unless the plan is to feed stumblebums and tired retreads to both until the big cash-out (and that is probably the plan).

Until that day, fans will be blasted with wave after wave of BS hype, telling the world about how much Wilder wants Joshua and how much Joshua wants Wilder. A year or more will pass before everyone realizes that even with each side chasing the other, neither is the least bit closer to getting what they supposedly want.

This is junk, garbage, and probably the most cynical cash grab in recent memory. Hell, at least Mayweather-McGregor had the decency to flat-out admit that their fight was all about money.

Fans and media should do themselves a favor and, for once, not buy into the hype and not allow themselves to be led around like jackasses snapping at carrots dangling from a stick.

It would be in everyone’s best interest to pay no mind to Joshua or Wilder until there’s a Joshua vs. Wilder.

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  1. Bruno Schleinstein 11:48am, 11/22/2017

    There’s a video on the internet of Tyson Fury dancing and prancing in his Richard Simmons workout togs….all 325 lbs of him! He’s clearly batshit crazy….enough so to beat both Joshua and Wilder!

  2. Bruno Schleinstein 10:51am, 11/21/2017

    Everything you write makes sense….but….. in a very real sense this will be the cashing out fight(s) for Joshua and Hearn knows it! When Wilder blows him out there won’t be any need whatever for a rematch….none….but not to worry….. the Brit boxing nutz will buy in again…...and that one will be a blow out too! All this due to the fact that the only place where Brits can pretend that they have ballz these days is in the stadiums where they can suck up the Guinness and sing Blue Moon til they’re blue in the face….they sure as fuk can’t do it out on the streets of Merry Old England any Goddamned more!

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