Froch Hammers Golovkin

By Robert Ecksel on August 13, 2016
Froch Hammers Golovkin
If Special K extends Golovkin the full 12 rounds it will be a Pyrrhic victory of sorts.

“It’s an exciting fight—whether you think Kell Brook will get knocked out or not, you still want to watch it…”

Former super middleweight champion Carl “The Cobra” is reportedly content with his retirement, but not so content as to not criticize middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (35-0, 32 KOs), who is scheduled to fight IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook (36-0, 25 KOs) on September 10 at the O2 Arena in London.

Froch sparred with Brook in 2009, so his thoughts on the fight, while conforming to the thoughts of others, are based on experience, rather than amorphous (and incessant) opining.

“When I sparred Kell, he was so difficult to hit,” Froch told Boxing News. “Don’t get me wrong, I could have leaned on him and put my weight on him but when I was sparring lighter fighters I tried to use my skill, rather than my weight.”

That’s a technique many fighters, too many fighters to name, put to good or bad use.

“I couldn’t out-skill him, and I wasn’t known as the most skillful fighter, I know that,” admitted Froch. “Golovkin will probably push him back, lean on him and use the weight advantage but, at the minute, there doesn’t seem to be one. Obviously there will be one, but at the check weigh in Brook was heavy and looked in good shape.”

Brook outweighed Golovkin at the latest weigh-in and appeared to be in shape. But it would surprise no one if Triple G knocks him out.

“The more I look at it, the closer I think the fight is,” Froch said. “It’s an exciting fight—whether you think Brook will get knocked out or not, you still want to watch it.”

Watching Golovkin ice opponents has become a sport unto itself. But he hasn’t faced the best of the best in the middleweight division, through no fault of his own.

“I genuinely think Brook will give him far more trouble than anyone has done before and more than anyone is giving him credit for,” continued Froch. “Look at Golovkin’s CV, there’s no one on there. In terms of talent, Brook will be the best fighter he’s fought. Golovkin’s dangerous, a big puncher and he knocked out Bute in the amateurs so he can fight, but don’t be surprised if Brook gives him a really hard fight and goes the distance.”

If Brook extends Golovkin the full 12 rounds it will be a Pyrrhic victory of sorts. But Froch is “disappointed in Golovkin, though, fighting someone smaller than him.

“He should pick on someone his own size, and if he can’t get fights at middle, why doesn’t he move up? He gave Canelo stick for fighting Khan, who was smaller.”

But that’s part of the process, after all, part of the game within the game.

And a good big man beats a good small man most of the time.

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  1. Fan 11:12am, 08/23/2016

    Froch should put the gloves and fight GGG after Kell Brook fight.

  2. Mike from Brooklyn 09:59pm, 08/18/2016

    I watched about 10 minutes of a recent fight with Kell Brook. I noticed he stands very straight up,never bends at the waist. He appears to be a very large target. I don’t see him defending his body very well.  I’d be very surprised if GGG doesn’t knock him out with left hooks to the body, or forces Brook to lower his hands so much GGG finishes him off cause of that.  And no I haven’t done it in the ring.  But like most folks who read this site I have seen lots and lots and lots of fights.

  3. Eric 06:48am, 08/16/2016

    Hagler & Monzon both earned a good deal of their reputations beating up on smaller men. All of Hagler’s most notable wins came against smaller men that were moving up in weight. Monzon was a very tall middleweight for his time, and he used his size well. Monzon also made a name for himself by defeating smaller men like Napoles, Benvenuti, and Griffith. And don’t forget that Hagler was taken the 15 round distance by a blown up lightweight. Monzon didn’t enjoy the luxury of moving up to super middleweight, and he very well knew that a fight against Bob Foster or even fellow countryman, Victor Galindez, would have meant a big L. Hagler vs. Spinks, Saad, Mustapha, or Qawi, would have been suicide. I don’t recall either one of these legendary middleweights being criticized for beating up on blown up welterweights and jr. middleweights and not moving up in weight class. I’m sure Hagler was offered a shot at Spinks or Qawi at one time.

  4. The Thresher 06:07am, 08/16/2016

    Good points Koolz

  5. Koolz 03:56am, 08/16/2016

    I will be content if Brook makes it to the “Sixth round.”  GGG is going to handle him like a rag doll, bouncing him around the ring, and off the ropes.
    Do honestly think Golovkin is really going to be hit in this fight.  He will be like a Steam Roller after he slips, ducks, punches from Brook.

    Interesting thing about Brook is…he is a small guy.  His body ratio is strange, he has such small shoulders, a small build.  No matter what he weighs he is a little guy with little shoulders.
    He could weight 175 and he is still a small guy because of his build, he lacks broad shoulders.

  6. The Thresher 04:54pm, 08/15/2016

    I think the issue with GGG is that he has raised our level of expectations so unless he delivers a decisive stoppage, the “writers” will be on him like stink on you know what. In this instance, he is fighting a first class guy who could take him the distance. If so, GGG will then be “exposed” by the boxing media. Sickening.

  7. No10Count 02:43pm, 08/15/2016

    These are the best comments among any threads I have read.

    It is funny that writers talk about Golovkin as if he is Randal Bailey-
    all power with limited skill.  That baffles my brain, how they can even write that stuff.

    Lets hope it is a good fight and not a snore fest.

  8. The Thresher 05:56pm, 08/14/2016

    “This is the kind of thinking that make many so-called, “boxing experts” claim that today’s heavyweights would be starched by the Joe Louis, “Bum of the Month” club.”

    These guys are all over the place writing history as if they were ringside and God forbid you disagree. They will hate you with a passion and maybe even defriend you on Facebook—Heaven forbid. It’s their way or no way. They are “geniuses.”

  9. Koolz 05:03pm, 08/14/2016

    Watching Golovkin hit the Heavy Bag reminds me of a Heavy Weight! 
    Counting down to till the great intro at O2!

    If only Froch decided to risk it and fight GGG…

  10. Eric 11:29am, 08/14/2016

    The Thresher… We truly live in the age of haterade. haha. Maybe it has always been this way but I just was too young to stop and take a look, but it sure seems there is always someone looking to rain on someone’s parade. Not sure who said this, but it went something like, humans always want to tear down each other while no one is that big to begin with. Might have been Ken Kesey ( don’t know if I spelled that correctly), but man dat pretty much nailed it. Pretty much the reason why I prefer the company of animals to most humans. teehee.

  11. The Thresher 09:56am, 08/14/2016

    Eric has the beat

  12. Eric 08:30am, 08/14/2016

    Ego and jealousy are a HUGE problem with humans, and fighters are no different. This interview makes me think back to an Earnie Shavers interview from a few years past. The retired and delusional Shavers, stated that he could have beaten Foreman, as well as Frazier. Of course someone with Earnie’s punching power would always have a chance, but come on. The topper was that Earnie said Joe was too small for him!? Really? Shavers was 6’ & 210lbs in his prime and Frazier was, give or take a 1/2”, about 5’11” & scaled about 205-209lbs. This is the kind of thinking that make many so-called, “boxing experts” claim that today’s heavyweights would be starched by the Joe Louis, “Bum of the Month” club.

  13. Koolz 12:55pm, 08/13/2016

    People will be insanely surprised when they see.. just how good a boxer GGG can be.

    Degale is on the radar for after the Brook fight.  This doesn’t mean that GGG and his team will stay at Super Middle Weight though.

  14. Eric 12:42pm, 08/13/2016

    The 168lb division has had some great names in its relative short history, but it still is one of those silly super or junior bastard divisions. These modern day weigh-in methods are ridiculous, with fighters like Canelo being a full-fledged light heavy beating up on much smaller guys the night of the actual fight. With that kind of weight cutting and rehydrating some 20lbs or more, Canelo will certainly not be able to get away with that caca when he gets older. Maybe Golovkin just doesn’t have much interest in capturing the 168lb title, it certainly doesn’t have the history and class of the 160lb division. Golovkin is too small to compete at 175, but he should have taken a match with Ward at 168lbs. Bring back same day weigh-ins, better yet, make fighters weigh-in a couple of hours before their match. That way a middleweight is really a middleweight.

  15. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:30am, 08/13/2016

    Piss poor analysis aside from the honest and very accurate description of his own skill set. GGG’s main advantages are that he is the bigger man, which in fact he isn’t….all of these fighters from Mayweather to GGG are basically the same size and walk around between fights in the same weight range weight, some at ridiculously higher weights than their fighting weights….and oh yea, he hits hard?! That’s it?! Oh wait, how many times have you read that GGG gets hit?! Who the fuk doesn’t get hit unless you’re a fighter whose main focus is not getting hit like some grappling, elbowing, head butting genius’ in this “sport”.

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