Froch vs. Ward: Why Not?

By Ted Sares on November 11, 2015
Froch vs. Ward: Why Not?
“There’s nobody at my weight where I’m thinking ‘I’m worried about him,’ not even Ward.”

Former world champion Carl Froch has said he would consider returning to the ring next year for one fight to reclaim his title…

“Get my old belt back, show them all how it’s done and then retire. There’d be something satisfying about that.”—Carl Froch

“But it’s a big if. I might just stick with poker. The desire’s gone, it’s getting the desire back. What would I need? It might be DeGale beating Bute.”—Froch

“I did always say, ‘Never say never,’ and there comes a point when I can and that’s the end of next year.”—Froch

According to a report in the BBC SPORT BOXING dated November 9, 2015, former world champion Carl “The Cobra” Froch has said he would consider returning to the ring next year for one fight to reclaim his title.

The charismatic and hugely popular Froch (33-2) last fought in May 2014 when he knocked out George Groves before a massive crowd of 80,000 screaming fans in London’s Wembley Stadium.

There might be more to come because Froch has been training every day and remains open to offers for a comeback. “I always said, ‘Once I’ve retired, I won’t come back,’ but just lately now, 18 months on from my last fight, I’m starting to think to myself, ‘you know what? I’m fit, I’m strong, I’m in good shape,’” Froch told Press Association Sport.

Regarding Andre Ward, The Cobra said, “There’s nobody at my weight where I’m thinking ‘I’m worried about him’, not even Andre Ward.”

The uncharismatic and fast becoming irrelevant Ward (28-0) has been quoted in Sky Sports as saying, “The UK is one thing, Nottingham is something different now he’s saying: ‘Well, I came to America, now you need to come to Nottingham.’ The thing is this: Atlantic City is thousands of miles away from my home. That’s a road fight, a six-hour plane ride for me. I’m not willing to come to Nottingham; I don’t think I should have to, but Wembley Stadium? The UK as a whole, I would love to come.”

So there it is: at least four possible scenarios.

1) IBF World Super Middleweight champion James “Chunky” DeGale (21-1) beats Lucien Bute, “mouths off” about Froch to hype matters, and then fights Froch.
2) Ward agrees to fight Froch at super middleweight in Wembley Stadium thereby attempting to gain redemption for his inactivity, while Froch seeks his own redemption for losing to Ward in 2011 by scores of 113-115, 110-118, and 113-115.
3) Froch stays retired.
4) Ward remains inactive.

Ted Sares is one of the world’s oldest active power lifters and holds several world and North American records. He enjoys writing about boxing.

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  1. JD 07:06am, 11/17/2015

    I really don’t want Froch to fight GGG, simply because if Froch wins Andrea Bored will take credit vicariously by saying “see, I told you GGG was nothing to worry about.”
    He did this with Froch’s Bute win.
    Andrea should get in the ring instead of talking all the time.

  2. Tex Hassler 04:59pm, 11/16/2015

    Froch vs Ward would be a match the public would like to see but getting them to fight is another matter. I agree with Don Adams.

  3. AkT 02:33pm, 11/12/2015

    lol@too old be be running around unarmed. Classic! (But please don’t shoot!)

  4. KB 11:49am, 11/12/2015

    I’m totally sick of Hopkins fighting when and if he pleases as if anyone stays up overnight in anticipation of the excitement.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 11:16am, 11/12/2015

    I say Popkins is the one, Nottingham is the place and the time is now! Now or never.

  6. Don from Prov 10:15am, 11/12/2015

    Thank you Mr. Casey, but I’m fine—

    I’m too old now to run around unarmed: Plus I’m just saying a true thing

  7. Mike Casey 09:17am, 11/12/2015

    Better hide behind a big tree, Don, just as a precaution….

  8. KB 08:52am, 11/12/2015

    Mike, if Ward contuse to stay inactive, I give Froch a solid chance.

  9. Don from Prov 08:45am, 11/12/2015

    Well, if it by some chance WERE actually Froch, Mr. Ecksel—

    Then fight actually Golovkin you big coward, or stop yapping
    (is my message)

  10. Don from Prov 08:43am, 11/12/2015

    Well, if it by some chance WERE actually Froch, Mr. Ecksel—

    Then fight actually Golovkin you big coward, or stop yapping
    (is my message)

  11. Mike Casey 08:18am, 11/12/2015

    Carl, I think, wants to fight again. Does Andre? Funnily enough, Ted, I think Froch could win this one.

  12. Don from Prov 08:16am, 11/12/2015

    Why not Ward vs. Froch?
    Because Golovkin vs. Froch—

    Let Ward go play with Sergey.

  13. KB 07:06am, 11/12/2015

    Why not?

  14. Big Wally 10:52pm, 11/11/2015

    How about Adonis “Super Pimp” Stevenson?

  15. Ted Sares 06:40pm, 11/11/2015

    Well I’ll be dammed. Now look here Carl, let Ward get even more rusty and then do a number on him. Or better yet, shut “Chunky” up, regain your title, and then retire to Monaco where your buddy Kessler is. Lots of poker there.

  16. Robert Ecksel 06:13pm, 11/11/2015

    I hate to intercede, but unless “Carl Froch” kidnapped Carl Froch’s email address, it’s The Cobra.

  17. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:02pm, 11/11/2015

    He really wants DeGale but Bute could gum up the works there. For my part I’m going to Vegas Saturday to see if I can get some of that +1250 action on Holly. Stick and move Holly, stick and move and catch her coming in!

  18. KB 05:09pm, 11/11/2015

    It’s Donald Grant

  19. AkT 05:06pm, 11/11/2015

    Lol @KB - it’s not Carl Froch!

  20. GlennR 05:05pm, 11/11/2015

    How funny if that really is Carl Froch replying

  21. kb 04:51pm, 11/11/2015


  22. Carl Froch 04:38pm, 11/11/2015

    I think we should set a few records straight, i may well have one last finale, whom that will be will be up to the boss, that is my beautiful partner Rach, (not Eddie) .Rocco loves to watch me fight,  Natalia is actually getting into the boxing and loves watching the Warrior,  that is her Father, herself !

    Young Eddie let me down with the Chavez Jr fight ,one that he promised me for a few years but left me to sign a contract and decided to leave for Mauritius with his family, that when i accidentally hurt my elbow, oops, yes Eddie i played the Brook card or is that your Card?

    In actual fact,  lets get it out there , in the Facebook interview during the Groves build up Ed told me to say i was scared to death of Golovkin to hype up a fight he and Tom Had planned after i would knock out St.Chinny at Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 Boxing fans, again when i did,  Eddie let me down when i asked him if my brutal finish was enough for that dream Golovkin fight, i was willing to fight in The Garden, another prestigious venue but no Eddie wanted me to fight James Degale it the Wembley Stadium and my lit wick was distinguished.

    I will be back ! But without Eddie , Al Haymon talks good numbers! Tara FA now as we say in Nottingham.

  23. kb 03:03pm, 11/11/2015

    Hmmm. I see both of your points. But at some point an inflection point will occur whereby Ward’s inactivity will produce irreparable harm making him ripe for the fall.rust will

    As for his wife, that’s another tail!

  24. EZ E 03:00pm, 11/11/2015

    Man, I don’t see it happening. Why not take on 3G instead? The market door is wide open, big payday, probably one of the biggest available to him. Ward?? hmmm.. not even half. 3G vs Froch in Britland?? Which would the brit fans prefer. Revenge? Or face the man many say he ducked and went into retirement? Man, I hope it’s 3G, and he goes ballz out and attempts to shut shut his critics up. What a fight. Ward?? No excitement, to many clinches, grabbing, holding, pulling… Froch vs 3G!! YES!!

  25. es 03:00pm, 11/11/2015

    Great link up Mr Sares. I truly love the warrior that is Carl Froch. I remember when he called out Calzaghe before he’d even done jack shit. I’ll never forget the Taylor fight. Froch has enormous cajones. But he could only dream of the silky skills of a Calzaghe or Ward. Ward would beat him with one hand behind his back. With the other hand…..he could wave to Frochs not to shabby wife.

  26. KB 02:49pm, 11/11/2015

    Well that wife makes a good argument for staying retired. No doubt there.

  27. Dan Adams 01:44pm, 11/11/2015

    Ted, I’d rather Froch stay retired and enjoy his beautiful wife and children.  He can only tarnish his legacy at this point, and maybe even gamble with his faculties.

  28. AkT 01:18pm, 11/11/2015

    @carl froch - nice try mister! Lol

    I wouldn’t want to see that fight again. A fit ward will always beat froch on points.

  29. KB 12:56pm, 11/11/2015


  30. Carl Froch 12:39pm, 11/11/2015

    Why would i want to fight Ward in the Wembley Stadium when he can’t even half fill the Oracle in his hometown?
    He’s boring, nobody wants to see him fight, zero interest, if he grew some he would come to Nottingham and sell out The City Ground.

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