From Russia with Glove

By Sean Ness on September 26, 2015
From Russia with Glove
“It was a great opportunity,” said Buglioni, “and Fedor was the better man.” (Kevin Quigley)

Fedor Chudinov successfully defended his WBA World super middleweight champion by decisioning Frank Buglioni over 12 one-sided rounds…

Saturday night at Wembley Arena in Wembley, London, UK, Fedor Chudinov (14-0, 10 KOs), from Bratsk, Russia, successfully defended his WBA World super middleweight title by crushing the chances of Frank Buglioni (17-2-1, 13 KOs), from Winchmore Hill, Enfield, London, of obtaining a world title, at least for now. The Russian slugger dominated the ever brave “Wise Guy” over 12 incredible rounds, winning by lopsided unanimous decision.

The final scores were 120-106, 118-108, and 117-109, all in favor of Chudinov.

The fight began with both fighters making use of their respective jabs, but it was Chudinov who was landing the cleaner shots. The Russian walked his opponent down and was the clear aggressor opening up a combination of punches on Buglioni’s body before going upstairs and landing a cracking left on his opponent. Frank did, however, throw some eye-catching shots of his own as he launched a decent 1-2 combination before following through with an uppercut which landed flush on the champ’s chin in the second round.

In the third round Chudinov demonstrated why he is the current WBA World super middleweight champion, throwing a series of straight right hands which landed with precision. The Londoner tried in earnest to catch his opponent, but he left himself open and Chudinov capitalized on the chinks in Buglioni’s armor.

The fourth and fifth rounds mirrored the previous rounds as Chudinov dished out more punishment on the never-say-die Buglioni. Despite being on the end of Chudinov’s glove, the British prospect did give the fans something to cheer about as he landed some crisp shots including his signature right hook, but it appeared ineffective as the Russian fighter was relentless and continued to plow forward.

As the middle rounds approached it was business as usual for Fedor Chudinov as he measured his opponent and was landing at will. In the sixth round, Frank appeared to get the upper hand for the first time in the fight as he loaded up some decent combinations and caught Chudinov with a decent right hand that appeared to hurt him. Controversially, Buglioni’s chances were dashed even further as he smashed his right hand into the jaw of his opponent after the bell. Terry O’Conner deducted two points from Buglioni who argued that he couldn’t hear the bell. The argument was also echoed by BoxNation’s commentary team who agreed that they didn’t hear the signal ending the round.

At the beginning of the seventh round and still clearly buzzed from the last round, Chudinov appeared weak and Frank took the opportunity to jump on his opponent. However it wouldn’t last long as the Russian made a quick recovery and threw some telling shots on the gassed Buglioni who had to dig deep in order to see the round out.

As the championship rounds approached Buglioni began fighting on instinct and demonstrated an ever brave heart as he landed a massive right hand on the death of the 8th round with both fighters showing signs of fatigue. From then on in it was one-way traffic as Chudinov laid the pressure thick and fast with Buglioni’s fight becoming more and more lethargic. The Russian was able to throw a six-punch combination, further demonstrating his dominance in the fight.

In the final round, both men came out swinging with Buglioni fighting on adrenaline, but it soon died down as Chudinov’s assaults went unanswered as the bell signaled the end of the fight.

“I’ve grown after this fight,” Chudinov told BoxNation after the bout. “I respect my opponent and he is a very good fighter.”

“I gave it my best,” said Buglioni, “I’d love to fight him again. It was a great opportunity, and Fedor was the better man.”

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Федор Чудинов - Франк Бульени / Fedor Chudinov vs Frank Buglioni

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  1. Leigh 09:20am, 09/29/2015

    If I were degale I’d get Eddie"fagin” hearn to get the chudinov fight on ASAP before ward gets to him first I feel they both do a number on chudniov

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:00pm, 09/27/2015

    Sharp and crisp and workman like is just not going to get it with Ward so don’t even think about it….he needs to be hit hard…very hard and very often.

  3. Koolz 01:49pm, 09/27/2015

    I like both fighters!  But Chudinov is very accurate.  I don’t agree with that Knock down it was clear Chudinov had his hands down and was ready to go to his corner.
    Still Great Fight!  Chudinov isn’t Golovkin but he is good at cutting off the ring and has an amazing Jab!

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