Fury: A Breath of Fresh Air

By Ted Sares on July 28, 2015
Fury: A Breath of Fresh Air
All the rhetoric is a load of blarney and he knows it. (Andrew Couldridge/Action Images)

In a sport/business that overwhelms us with nonstop lawsuits and suspected use of PEDS, Fury just might be a breath of fresh air…

“I think I did get into his mind with the spiel I was giving him—I don’t think he’s had anyone go into him with as much intelligence as I gave him…He’s a weak mental person.  He kept going on about psychology and all that stuff, but at the end of this he’ll be hiring me to be a psychologist.”—Tyson Fury

“They probably will call him (Anthony Joshua) in…They’re like super best mates aren’t they? They’ve already vowed not to fight each other and all that rubbish. Is there a love affair going on there or something?”—Fury

“You (David Price) my friend are a legend.”—Fury

“We asked about the possibility of Hughie fighting Klitschko’s coach Banks first of all, but if we can get Vitali out of retirement then that’s even better for us.”—Peter Fury

“I’m counting down the days until I’m able to step in the ring and punish Fury for being the complete idiot he is…His latest homophobic rant aimed at myself, Lennox Lewis and [Vitali and Wladimir] Klitschko has really taken things too far.”—David Haye

“No I don’t believe gentlemen do stuff like that. David’s nothing more than a common person. He showed in his actions he is a thug and it doesn’t matter how regal he tries to be, in my opinion he is just a yob.”—Tyson Fury

“I thought this was a good place to think about Tyson Fury, sat on the toilet doing a sh**. Hi Tyson, how are you mate?”—Lucas Browne

“I don’t see where Tyson Fury has boxed anybody of Wladimir’s caliber to be able to get in the ring with Wladimir and do well.”—Lennox Lewis

“There is so many f****** p****s on hear! All b***job giving c****!! I’d love to see u lot I’d cut your throats u pack of t*******.”—Fury on Twitter

David Haye later responded to Fury’s “fury”, tweeting: “It seems @Tyson_Fury needs to ease up on his ‘Medication’ or seek an Exorcist, or he’ll get sectioned at this rate #StraightJacketRequired”

Perhaps Fury’s temperament could use more tempering and maybe he should be more self-deprecating, but I suspect he could care less what others think about him. All the rhetoric and loud mouthing is likely a load of blarney and he knows it better than anyone. Oh sure, he could take himself more seriously and embrace humility, but then he wouldn’t be Tyson Fury. He is the UK’s answer to Ricardo Mayorga, and his quotes or those he inspires are the stuff of a promoter’s dream.

Fury (24-0) is also a skilled fighter. He is young (26) and massive—he stands 6’9” —his arms seem to go on forever and his reflexes and ring vision are extraordinary for a man his size. He fights relaxed, is not impatient and seems to fully enjoy what he does. Fury also has superb range as he works behind his jab and keeps his opponents frustrated when they try to close the gap. But once he has someone hurt, he quickly closes the gap himself and moves in fast for the ending. Here is Fury finishing Steve Cunningham in a most malicious manner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6g2jevCxdQ

Tyson also possesses a wit—after all he is Irish. The thing is, he’s putting everybody on half the time, and it’s all a joke with him. Fury is a showman and is rarely at a loss for words or afraid to throw bold stuff out there. Heavyweight boxing hasn’t had this type in a long time. Not since Ali, really. David Haye is too self-absorbed and few buy into his scam. Boxing needs guys like Fury.

Now that Fury has soundly beaten Christian Hammer and Klitschko has taken the measure of Bryant Jennings, the two will clash in Germany in late 2015 and this one could equal Lewis-Tyson in being a “big event.” Fury has already initiated the verbal onslaught and Wlad seems hapless in responding. It’s like the Cassius Clay-Sonny Liston hyperbole all over again.

Wlad might win the fight but Fury will win the war of words. Indeed, in a sport/business that overwhelms us with nonstop lawsuits, suspected use of PEDS, and other never-ending topics, Tyson Fury just might be a breath of fresh air.

Ted Sares is a member of the Ring 4 Boxing Hall of Fame (New England) and a member of Ring 10 (New York). He is one of the oldest active powerlifters in the world and competes in the Grand Master Class.

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  1. Tex Hassler 06:55pm, 08/08/2015

    Tyson Fury is entertaining but he will not beat Klitschko.

  2. Tex Hassler 06:54pm, 08/08/2015

    Tyson Fury is entertaining but he will not beat Klitschko.

  3. strongman 12:13pm, 07/31/2015

    If I were Fury I would try to out jab Wlad he has the tools and size much the way Carl The Truth out jabbed Larry Holmes only I do not see Wlad forcing a brawl the way Holmes did to keep his title really am excited on this fight.

  4. KB 06:08am, 07/30/2015

    Thanks Ivan. Always nice to see one of my very favorite writers drop by

  5. Ivan Goldman 08:57pm, 07/29/2015

    When I first saw Fury I was shocked at his quick hands. And he moves his feet. Never seen a guy that big with his tools.

  6. KB 03:12pm, 07/29/2015


  7. Roy 02:07pm, 07/29/2015

    Sure, Fury’s a big man with a big mouth, and a darling entertainment clown for drooling fight fans.  Klitschko has already sized up this prize size turkey for a fall.  We’ll soon find out how well his therapy can cure narcissism.

  8. KB 08:58am, 07/29/2015

    Great post James. Quite agree with your comments

  9. James 08:57am, 07/29/2015

    The best heavyweight in Britain is Funso Banjo. Only joking. I’d put Joshua on top. I think with a little more seasoning he’d demolish Tyson. We need to see AJ taken a few round and get hit by someone (David Price looked very formidable at first and look how that turned out) but he seems to be so powerful that he obliterates opponents without looking as if he’s even trying very hard. I think you are right about David Haye. He likes the limelight but he obviously doesn’t like fighting anymore. The reason I put him above Tyson is that when he was supposed to fight Fury a few years back I - along with most pundits I think at the time - picked Haye to stop Fury inside the distance. Yes, Tyson has Irish family roots and he rightly celebrates that but he’s from Manchester so he’s British too. I remember seeing him fight once with a Union (British) Flag on one side of his trunks and an Irish flag on the other. I thought that was a nice touch. If he does manage to win in October I would hope that both British and Irish boxing fans can celebrate.

  10. KB 07:46am, 07/29/2015

    James, Haye is as retired as John L. Sullivan. Who is the best? Joshua? Because Whyte just might take his measure—‘might.’

    Good point on the Manchester wit, but remember, he is Irish

  11. KB 07:43am, 07/29/2015

    Bill, all I can say is “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

    But thank you for the kudo. Putting that many quotes in a proper sequence is not as easy as it looks.

  12. James 07:43am, 07/29/2015

    I’d say that Tyson is only the third best heavyweight in Britain (if we include the inactive David Haye) but I hope he can muster up a good performance. At the very least Wlad will be picking on someone his own size. Tyson’s “wit” is very Manchester I think, that gobby tongue-in-cheek sort of thing. Sometimes he’s a complete idiot but I would like to believe he’s a decent sort at heart. As someone mentioned, the entrances and introductions will be interesting. Tyson is usually very relaxed and prone to pulling funny faces, talking to his opponent and amusing himself. If he looks like a man heading for the firing squad on fight night it might not be the close encounter some are hoping for.

  13. KB 07:41am, 07/29/2015

    Great stuff nicolas. Very astute observations.

    fighting IN Germany will be scary and daunting for the Gypsy giant. The walk-in will be telling.

  14. Dollarbond 07:35am, 07/29/2015

    Wonderful use of quotes in sequence.  Your signature touch.  It’s being copied more and more

  15. nicolas 07:31am, 07/29/2015

    People forget that Wladimir Klitschko, despite leading on the cards in the fight had some problems with Tony Thompson. He was outlanded in that first fight, until he scored the knockout. That was some seven years ago. Thompson had a 81 in reach at 6 foot five, and was 38 at the time, almost as old as Wlad is now. I think Fury hits harder than Thompson as well.  After his last fight with Jennings, I think we saw the beginning of the end of Wlad as far as being world champ. In Fury he is fighting a man who is younger at 26, bigger. In past years we would have had to say Wladimir Klitschko should be favored, but this is now. Almost it would suggest when John Stracey went to Mexico and defeated Jose Napoles. Does anyone think Stracey would have beaten a prime Napoles.

    I think Fury winning the heavyweight title, and perhaps beating American fighters while defending that title, might bring the interest of Americans on the heavyweight scene since the days of can I say it, Mike Tyson. Well will see on October 24. The walk into the ring by Fury will be a big indicator.

  16. KB 07:10am, 07/29/2015

    He has a lot more than charisma going for him. No political correctness—quite the opposite.

  17. Big Wally 09:39pm, 07/28/2015

    He has charisma if nothing else.

  18. KB 07:12pm, 07/28/2015

    Thanks Dan. Always great to hear from my bro in Jackson. Appreciate and agree with your comments. Many seem to think this will be a walk-over for Klit, but I don’t think it will. This guy is a massive person and bigger than Klit by 3 inches.

    He just might lick Klit

  19. Dan Adams 06:45pm, 07/28/2015

    Ted, good read about Tyson Fury, a fighter I’ve admired for years now, both for his fighting spirit and skill, and also because he’s got the gift of the gab, as they say, and is always interesting.  I am very much looking forward to Fury’s clash with Klitschko.  Size and chutzpah wise, Tyson Fury is the best and most-entertaining challenger Wladimir has seen in far too long.  Maybe, just maybe, Klitschko will lose to father-time and Fury.  At the very least, Fury will entertain us during the build-up to the fight, and unlike some past challengers, Tyson will actually try to win the title, and with his size and determination - hey, you never know! - Fury just might do it.

  20. KB 06:09pm, 07/28/2015

    Why thanks Jill

  21. Jill diamond 06:05pm, 07/28/2015

    What a good read, Ted!

  22. KB 05:52pm, 07/28/2015

    Ha ha ha ha, I see I got to you some. That is my aim. To rail you up like Fury does.

  23. FrankinDallas 05:20pm, 07/28/2015

    Fury is going to get the beating his arrogant, bi-polar, smack talking butt deserves. Then maybe he’ll see a doctor, get on some meds to control his wild mood swings, and turn into first, a man, and then, a boxer. He’s a joke IMO….getting knocked down by Cunningham was ridiculous, but since he’s been on his back before it won’t be such a shock to his system when Wlad KTFO of his behind.

  24. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:45pm, 07/28/2015

    Ted Sares-Pajkic put him down hard…..in the fight immediately preceding, Firtha hurt him bad (who in the hell are these people anyway?) and 210 lb. Cunningham put him flat on his back. It took him 5 rounds to get Joey Abell out of there and Maddalone 4 rounds or vice versa….these guys could not earn a full weeks paycheck as sparring partners for Wlad because paramedics would have to be constantly on call in the gym to revive these guys or maybe transport them. He can talk shit, some of which is very personal….you can be sure he doesn’t have a big dick because for sure he’d be saying his opponents had little dicks. I say this gypsy’s the one who’s chinny.

  25. Powntown 04:22pm, 07/28/2015

    Ricardo Mayorga, Wow, what he did to I can’t remember, because I’m into the sause, but wow, what a great exciting fighter, he had someones number who died, but I’m drinking, so I can’t remember, I do remember Trinidad, wow, beating that man to death like Trinidad did?. It’s like the Prince being knocked down in NY by Kevin Kelley on Halloween night. Can’t Wait for this fight. Tyson Fury? You can already see the headlines.

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