Fury Finally

By Robert Ecksel on October 31, 2017
Fury Finally
Former heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury is determined to return to the fray.

His status vis-à-vis the British Boxing Board of Control and UK Anti-Doping has not yet been resolved…

Former heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury wants to return to active duty. Everything that kept him away for the past two years—the depression, the drugs, the delusions, the disappointment—is starting to recede. Fury ate like horse during his hiatus. He wasn’t the first fighter to blow up between fights and won’t be the last. But few are willing to leave it all, not in the ring, but in the dining room.

Fury retired in July. But after watching Joshua struggle over the weekend, he is determined to return to the fray.

His status vis-à-vis the British Boxing Board of Control and UK Anti-Doping has not yet been resolved. But if Fury stays clean, if he loses weight, if he says sir and madam to bureaucrats, he’ll be admonished, gently, as befits a man in his condition, and given a license to fight.

Joshua’s uninspiring performance inspired Fury to post a photo of the “Rumble in the Jungle” on Instagram. “This is what’s to come!” he wrote. “The old champ coming back to fight a man who every1 thinks will ko me, same as Ali vs Forman the stylish Ali vs the mummy Forman!”

The Gypsy King is back and it looks like he’s up to his old tricks.

“We all know what happens in this fight! I know you all got me whooped, but I will not lay down or be afraid of some muscles & I have the mentality of a winner a man who has never lost a fight.”

The muscular mummy never lost a fight either.

“A true champion coming back to claim his thrown [sic]. This is my era they are from my time, I must destroy them.

“AJ & Wilder I’m coming back for you pair my mission is seek & destroy the only thing on my mind is destruction who ever gets in my way will be dealt with accordingly.

“There’s only 1 winner & that’s the fans! Let’s make the heavyweights great again, fight the best in the division, Fury= Lineal champ.”

“Joshuar= Ibf-Ibo-wba Wilder= WBC. Parker= Wbo But to be fair Parker is only a young lad & is not on my radar he must gain experience & mature in to a big strong man.

“I hold my destiny in my own hands. May the best man win good luck everyone #letsgetthispartystarted 2018_2019 the world will see the best fights & see the true heavyweight king recrowned.”

It’s hard to imagine, but Fury wasn’t done.

“I reckon I can beat @anthonyfjoshua & @BronzeBomber now even at 25 stone & after being out almost 2 years!” he wrote on Twitter. “My style is unbeatable. Ask wlad”

Fury may be right.

“I’m gonna stop you @anthonyfjoshua inside 8 rounds watch me go.”

I don’t know whether to celebrate or snigger.

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  1. The Beast of Bodmin 07:24am, 11/02/2017

    Oh please, is there anything that people on the internet wont try to link to a Zionist media conspiracy. Yes, I agree that some of Fury’s worldviews have made him unpopular with the twitterati and the homogenous mass media, but that isn’t why he can’t fight at the moment.

    His mental health problems and cocaine use are self confessed and I seriously doubt Mossad have been sneaking into his house and force feeding him.
    What I will say looks iffy to me is the ongoing PED case/allegations. I don’t understand why that is dragging on for so long. Surely a person has either given a contaminated sample or not? Either way it shouldn’t take 2 years to resolve.
    If I was going to go down the line of “the authorities are keeping him out unfairly” I think I would build my conspiracy theory around that instead.
    But even if that was resolved tomorrow, Fury would still be a fat mess.

  2. Koolz 03:59pm, 11/01/2017

    All you little sheep that keep on going on off on Tyson Fury!

    Fury is still undefeated and is the Man that Beat the MAN!!

    Fury reminds me of the Actor that played Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s Passion.
    He was banned from doing anymore films for Hollywood after that film.
    And that is a riddle that your intelligence cannot understand.

  3. The Beast of Bodmin 01:41pm, 11/01/2017

    “I have the mentality of a winner”
    Funny that, because it seems to me that his mentality is and always will be his undoing.

  4. Koolz 10:47am, 11/01/2017

    the guy would come back and wipe the floor with the poor Heavy Weight division that exists now.

    Mention Protocols of Zion and your life goes to Sh##t!

    apparently you have mental problems now and health problems, do drugs etc.

    All BS.

  5. Sheldon Leonard 07:01am, 11/01/2017

    25 stone=350 lbs! If he isn’t under 300 lbs at this very moment .....this is all so much horseshit!

  6. tlig 01:31am, 11/01/2017

    Fans should seriously stop fantasizing about Fury facing Joshua or Wilder. The dude has serious personal problems and is as far as away from getting in the ring now as he was six months ago. Watch as he announces another retirement in the next couple of weeks.

    He’s clearly missing the spotlight but he isn’t in any shape to fight.

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