Fury-Klitschko II Postponed

By Robert Ecksel on June 24, 2016
Fury-Klitschko II Postponed
"Sorry to all my fans, to let you all down," said Tyson Fury, "but injuries do happen."

The July 9 rematch between reigning and Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko has been postponed until further notice…

The July 9 rematch between reigning and defending heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former champion Wladimir Klitschko has been postponed.

According to Fury’s promoter, Hennessy Sports, an ankle injury has forced the 27-year-old WBA-WBO unified champ from fighting Klitschko as scheduled.

“The fight will be postponed,” said Fury. “Sorry to all my fans, to let you all down, but injuries do happen.”

Fury didn’t give a new date for the fight, but insisted the rematch will happen soon.

“The fight is still going ahead,” he said. “As soon as the ankle is better, we will reschedule.”

The disappointment is palpable.

“I am currently totally disappointed about the cancellation,” said Klitschko. “As well as for my fans, I´m very sorry, they were all very excited for this rematch. But one thing is also clear: This just means I’ll get my belt a few weeks later.”

That may or may not be the case. Presumably we’ll find out soon.

“It is unfortunate that the fight will not take place,” said Bernd Bönte, Managing Director of Klitschko Management Group. “Wladimir is in great form. We are working hard on an alternative date and our desire is still to hold the fight at the Manchester Arena. Once we can say more, we will report it immediately.”

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  1. Koolz 09:27am, 06/25/2016

    well if you are 6’9”  and are not that athletic only getting ready to push your body to do one thing you can injure yourself.  The Ankle injury looks like he rolled his ankle with all his weight on it.  Shifting side to side and landing on the outside of the foot?

    Funny it was Wlad that injured himself last time…now it’s Fury.

    going to be a great fight!  These guys are going to falling all over themselves when they are ready to step back in the ring.  Fury should wear a Swastika raise Hell! 

    Fury Road!!!!....ooops injured my ankle.

  2. Eric 04:22am, 06/25/2016

    Irish…Have to agree that Fury isn’t the most athletic guy around for sure, but then again, I remember boxers used to fail miserably in those old “Superstars” competitions back in the day. Britian had their own version of some sort, and I believe John Conteh won the competition or did very well. Conteh with only a couple of weeks of serious training managed to clean and jerk about 210lbs overhead which certainly is decent for someone his size. The much heavier, Joe Frazier, had the advantage of taking the bar off racks at shoulder level and failed to lift 170lbs overhead. Poor Joe couldn’t swim for shit, came in last in the 100 yard sprint, and faded in the bike race. Jerry Quarry, who played some baseball growing up, did great in the baseball hitting competition, and placed about third during his trip, if I remember right. Watching Pacman take his swings in the batting cage, or Mike Tyson shoot hoops, is downright cringe worthy. You wonder how the greatest athlete of all time,  Jim Thorpe would have done in the boxing ring or if the really best heavyweights do go into sports like football or basketball instead of taking up boxing.

  3. andrew 06:23pm, 06/24/2016

    LeBron is not an athlete. If he had to fight Fury he’d be out cold and likely permanently disabled before the opening bell stopped ringing.

  4. Don from Prov 11:13am, 06/24/2016

    If he had to actually get ready for a fight instead of running his mouth. ...


    He’d injure an ankle and go back to running his mouth

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:01am, 06/24/2016

    These guys are not athletes….if Fury who is 6’9” had to run up and down the court for four NBA quarters of competition he would be destroyed physically for the rest of his life. If he had to battle for position under the basket with the likes of LeBron James he would spend more time on his ass than on his feet.

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