Fury Stands Up Klitschko

By Robert Ecksel on September 12, 2016
Fury Stands Up Klitschko
“Even if invisible Fury is here or he's not, even if it doesn't happen in October, I'll wait.”

Some believe, and not without good reason, that his absence was a stunt, something along the lines of appearing in a Batman costume…

At today’s press conference in London to announce the October 29 rematch between WBA/WBO heavyweight titleholder Tyson Fury and former champion Wladimir Klitsckko, Fury was a no-show.

Some believe, and not without good reason, that his absence was a stunt, something along the lines of appearing in a Batman costume before their first fight, but the truth is more pedestrian.

“Apologies for Tyson not attending,” said his manager Mick Hennessey. “Tyson had problems with traffic and then his car broke down somewhere on the M6.  We spoke to him once on the phone but his battery is dead.”

The “dog ate my homework” excuse has its charms. The same can be said for Tyson Fury.

“Tyson is normally early for press conferences,” Hennessey added, “and he’s the most entertaining person at press conferences worldwide. This is not the norm and we’re not making it up.”

Fury is entertaining and his unpredictability is the stuff of legend. But we shouldn’t read any more into his absence than the fact that he was absent.

“Training’s been going well,” said Peter Fury, Tyson’s trainer. “He’s training two times a day. There’s not much I can say. We’re looking forward to the fight.

“This will be a different fight to the last one because Wladimir knows he has to do things differently. Tyson knows he has to do things differently to accommodate what’s coming at him. That’s why this is a lot more interesting.

“Normally when you look at history, when you see a hell of a good fight first time, you see a down fight the second time. The first one was a chess match but on a boxing level, it was a masterclass.”

To call the first fight “good” is gilding the lily, unless one is Tyson’s trainer/uncle.

“It makes for a mouthwatering fight. We’re looking forward to getting it on. We’re finally here and very happy to be here.”

Fury may have been stranded on a roadway with a dead cell phone in his hand, but Klitschko took it all in his stride.

“This is a beautiful day in London,” he said. “I’m observing and enjoying the situation as a challenger. When you’re a challenger, sometimes maybe people think you’re not the youngest and it’s not really your time.

“I used to sit in the middle as champion and now I’m almost on the edge falling off the table. What happened last November was a great experience for me. I always think that as one window closes, another opens. Something came out of me and I have tremendous motivation and I’m obsessed with the goal of getting the titles back.”

Revenge is sweet, but Dr. Steelhammer has his work cut out for him.

“Fury isn’t here right now or maybe he’s invisible,” continued Klitschko. “Eventually, I hope we meet in the ring. In sport, everything is happening, good and bad things like injuries, postponements.

“Even if invisible Fury is here or he’s not, even if it doesn’t happen in October, I’ll wait. Time will run out for the champion because he needs to defend his titles.

“He is a man of many talents. I know he can sing, the last time he was dressed as Batman at the conference and now he is The Invisible Man. I hope there is not a problem with his car on the 29th.”

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  1. Annil 02:11pm, 10/12/2016

    Tyson Fury the more eccentric !!

  2. The Thresher 06:31am, 09/20/2016

    Actually, he needs a financial planner to help with his ring earnings.

  3. wizard nemerson 03:52pm, 09/19/2016

    I really don’t know how Tyson Fury won his fight over Klitschko . Fury cannot hold a candle to such a great Boxer. Fury is clearly scared of a rematch, hopefully Klitschko will take Fury seriously this time and show the world that Fury is a bum.

  4. Bob 03:35am, 09/13/2016

    There is nothing entertaining about Fury in or out of the ring. It would not be surprising if he finds a way to back out of the fight. It won’t be from fear of losing, more likely a fear of winning. His self-hatred and self-sabotage is not conducive to success in his chosen vocation. He needs psychological help, and he needs it now.

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