Fury-Ustinov Down for the Count

By Robert Ecksel on July 26, 2014
Fury-Ustinov Down for the Count
The fight with Chisora will be rescheduled. The star-crossed career of Fury continues.

Saturday’s fight between Tyson Fury and Alexander Ustinov is down for the count. Fury’s uncle and former trainer, Hughie, was hospitalized earlier today in serious condition.

Peter Fury, another uncle and Tyson’s current trainer, thought it best that his nephew pull out of the fight.

A statement from Queensberry Promotions read: “Tyson Fury has withdrawn from his heavyweight contest tonight against Alexander Ustinov after his uncle and first trainer, Hughie, has been taken seriously ill into hospital.

“Tyson’s uncle and trainer Peter took the decision to pull him out of the fight rather than risk his health by sending him into the ring with his mind not focused.”

This is the fourth fight in a row that has failed to materialize for Tyson Fury. Two bouts with David Haye, one with recently injured Dereck Chisora, and now the fight with Alexander Ustinov.

“I’m very, very, disappointed for the fans,” said promoter Frank Warren. “After Dereck Chisora pulled out because of his hand injury, we worked very hard to secure a world ranked opponent in Ustinov.

“It’s sad that his uncle Hughie is in a serious condition and our thoughts are with him.”

Presumably the fight with Chisora will be rescheduled.

The star-crossed career of Tyson Fury continues.

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  1. Eric 07:26am, 07/27/2014

    @Darrell….Sorry, I took a fitty-fitty shot, I knew they were either Aussies or from New Zealand. Reminds me of a time when I worked with a guy who had just moved to the States from New Zealand, his wife was from the United States, so maybe that was the reason for his moving here. Anyhow, a fellow worker asked “the new guy,” what part of Austrailia is New Zealand located in? teehee. I can easily tell the difference between Scottish, Irish, British, Canadian, and South African accents, but the “Kiwi” and “Aussie” one is much harder to tell. I know Fury is Irish but does he have “Gypsy” or “Pikey” blood? Those Pikeys make my neighbors Booger, Skeeter, and Cooter seem classy. Sometimes I have to warn the boys they need to bring their meth plants in when it freezes, or quit leaving their pork rind bags on my lawn, but they ain’t as bad as those traveling Pikeys.

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:19pm, 07/26/2014

    Big lummoxes like Ustinov are big jokes I guess….that is…..until they stop smiling as Alexander did in the photo above.

  3. Darrell 08:38pm, 07/26/2014

    Not callous at all nicolas…..after all, it’s not as if someone close died or something really serious.  His uncle Hughie isn’t exactly in his corner for this fight.

    He should get a 9 to 5’er….....he’d find out all about priorities then but he is a Gypsy after all so…..

  4. Darrell 08:31pm, 07/26/2014


    At the risk of sounding a bit precious, the bushwackers were Kiwi’s not Aussie’s.  Ron Miller & Luke Williams were Upper Hutt boys and well regarded in SE Asia, India, Hawaii & Canada.

    It’s terribly disappointing that Fury has pulled the pin…....should’ve fought for the paying fans for starters.  I’m sure there are other guys to run his corner for him.  Bloody thieving Gypsys, always leaving others out of pocket & short changed!

  5. Clarence George 01:27pm, 07/26/2014

    Along those lines, Eric, it may interest you to know that some recent pro-Putin remarks of Lana caused a bit of a stir, some thinking that she was making reference to what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.  The WWE denied it, but apologized anyway.  The WWE apologizing for supposed insensitivity?  Since when?  Not a good sign, that.

    I was watching, by the way, when Rusev was named a Hero of the Russian Federation.  There really is such an honor, but difficult to believe that the ceremony was legit.  Who thinks of these things?  And how do they get away with these wonderful outrages?  Anyway, Rusev is always wearing the medal about his neck.  He bows his head, and Lana reverently removes it.  She could remove anything she’d like from me any day, let me tell youse, and not necessarily with reverence.

  6. Eric 10:25am, 07/26/2014

    I’m wondering if the “heels” in modern day “rasslin” can measure up to their predecessors in working the angle or mic skills. Being muzzled by modern day PC standards, I’m sure the modern day ethnic “heels” are limited in how much “hate” they can stir up playing the role.  I imagine some of those old ethnic “heels” like The Sheik, The Iron Sheik, Col. Debeers and others, probably have some nice road stories to tell about some “pencil neck geek” fan and/or hater taking the bidness too seriously. I remember seeing someone fling a cup full of beer at Scott Hall while he was working the mic in the middle of the ring.  Scott never one to pass up a beer, was unfazed and kept working the mic as only Scott Hall could.

  7. Clarence George 09:47am, 07/26/2014

    Rusev is a Bulgarian.  The WWE doesn’t pretend otherwise, but they see to it that he expresses fealty to Putin and Russia.  Lana, the “Ravishing Russian,” is C.J. Perry, an American who spent much of her childhood in Latvia.  They’re clearly intended to evoke the memory of Ivan and Ludmilla Drago.

  8. Playboy Gary Hart 08:59am, 07/26/2014

    Are the lovely Lana and Mr. Rusev really Russian or are they kayfabin’ it? My apologies, I haven’t really followed “rasslin” that much since the early part of the millenium. I wouldn’t have known of the lovely Lana if I didn’t visit this site, and followed your informative links. I guess the Russian thingy is here to stay regardless.

  9. nicolas 08:53am, 07/26/2014

    I understand Fury’s concern about his uncle. But I really think that that this will further hurt his career. Evander Holyfield spoke once about one of this title fights, was it when he got in the ring with Buster, about being handed divorce papers. Fury’s career could go the way like Gerry Cooney’s, who had so many cancelled fights because of ‘injuries’. Many fighters in the past I am sure had these concerns, but because they would lose a payday, they went into the ring, and this allowed them to deal with adversity far better. Peter Fury saying that he did not want to risk Tyson’s health does not boar well for Fury’s career. He could have dedicated the fight to his Uncle instead. I’m sorry if I sound callous, if Fury were fighting on a regular basis like they did in the old days, perhaps I would be a bit more understanding about his pulling out.

  10. Clarence George 08:07am, 07/26/2014

    Alexander Rusev and the lovely Lana (what gams!) have the “evil Russian” thing pretty much covered.

  11. Lurch 07:42am, 07/26/2014

    Those guys could always get work as a tag team over at Vince’s place. Let’s see, the evil Nazi thing is always in style, even decades later. Maybe a couple of wacky Australian “bushwackers” with a crazy walk. Colonel Debeers and the whole apartheid South African thingy might not work as well as it did in the ‘80’s. These two meatheads would never pass for Samoans, or a couple of Middle-Eastern guys waving Persian clubs. Fury is too handsome to be related to the French Angel. Just make them some kind of evil Russian team since the media is once again ginning up hate for Russia & their current CEO Putin. Fury will just have to take Russian lessons from Ivan or Nikita Kolof.

  12. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:27am, 07/26/2014

    Fury made several public remarks indicating he was not all systems go for Ustinov….like he was being “stitched up” with the implication being that Ustinov was in training to fight Fury all along and referring to Ustinov as a great lummox which could be another way of saying this is one big bastard and he’s probably going to be hanging around all Goddamned night long. The whole Fury camp probably had second thoughts when they saw Alexander up close and personal.

  13. Clarence George 04:59am, 07/26/2014

    “The star-crossed career of Tyson Fury continues.”


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