Gamboa vs. Mikey Garcia / 50 Cent / HBO Poll?

By Michael Schmidt on July 18, 2013
Gamboa vs. Mikey Garcia / 50 Cent / HBO Poll?
As I sat at the Marquez vs. Pacman weigh-in in Vegas, I couldn't help but feel the loving!!

I can hear that big “Miami Sound Machine” of Gloria Estefan, that big Latin beat, pounding away to a ring entrance for Gamboa on a beautiful Miami fall night…

Part One

“I want ideas from you people. This is what you’re paid for. And by the way, the next time I send an audience research report around, you’d all better read it, or I’ll sack the fucking lot of you. Is that clear?”—Diana Christensen (Faye Dunaway) in “Network”


As I sat at the Marquez vs. Pacman weigh-in I couldn’t help but feel the loving!! The Boss, Bob Arum, and the G-Unit, 50 Cent hugs and…

One Grand Champion, undefeated Olympic Gold Medalist and Pro World Champion Yuriorkis Gamboa, formally of Cuba, says he can come down and catch weight (down to 130 lbs.) and the other grand champion Mikey Garcia couldn’t make weight (126 lbs. his last fight) and I don’t really want to wait. Mr. Champion Gamboa would like to fight Mr. Champion Garcia.

Mikey Garcia vs. Roman “Rocky” Martinez!  Is that what is in tune for the Fall Season? Surely the Roman “Rocky,” with all due respect born of reality, would find himself in an at least a 10-second private conversation with Mr. Canvas rather sooner than later when engaging fighter/boxer Mikey Garcia.

I have had the pleasure of seeing the Roman “Rocky” up close and personal, ringside, ringside, as well as Garcia, and of course styles make fights; Puerto Rican Martinez will willingly receive to trade and Garcia more than willingly will apply his trade to give.

50 Cent for HBO Poll

“Television is not the truth. Television is a goddamned amusement park. I want you to go to the window, open it, stick your head out and yell. I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”—Howard Beale (Peter Finch) in “Network

Not having even a remote interest in how broadcast giant HBO would have Garcia vs. “Rocky” as the best pick of the night fight, I decided using some uncommon logic, which in the business of Boxing is surely the logic of common, and picked up the phone to call Champion Gamboa’s manager, Mr. Tony Gonzalez, and see if I could gain his input as to the Roman “Rocky” and Mr. Canvas.

Well, of course, boxing men always think they know best. For heaven’s sake just recently we have had Dan Rafael and Larry Merchant chirping the boring bandwagon labeled to the great Cuban Champion Rigondeaux. Thank heavens for Max Kellerman in defense of the grand Cuban Rigondeaux who certainly needs no assistance in the defense department. 

There was nothing boring seeing the Champion Rigondeaux thoroughly kick the shit out of this past year’s Fighter of the Year, who either did not know how to cut the ring off effectively so as to engage, or simply chose not to, while eating numerous and sundry leather. It was a subpar performance by a fighter in Donaire who certainly has more to give, followed by post fight excuses of little logic. Having expounded how Boxing men always think they know best I eagerly awaited Mr. Tony Gonzalez’s response, in anticipatory bias, with respect to Mikey Garcia vs. Roman “Rocky.” 

Having met Mr. Tony Gonzalez and having before enjoyed his company ringside with Roberto Duran and family in Panama I should not be astonished by the immediacy of his intelligence.  Now Consigliore to Mr. Gamboa, Mr. Tony, he is a gracious but sly fox. No doubt the great Champion Gamboa is touching upon contractual negotiations as I write. Best not to trigger something that interrupts such delicate matters and most certainly when it comes to Boxing men who always think they know best. 

Mr. Tony Gonzalez

“Do a poll!  How many people want to see Gamboa vs. Mikey Garcia? How many people want to see Garcia vs. “Rocky!” Well now! What a wonderfully uncommon idea. The very same people who put these shekels, money in the coffers, decide what they want to view. Will it be #11 rated BoxRec Roman Martinez or #3 BoxRec Gamboa coming down to catchweight?

Well I wasn’t done with Mr. Tony Gonzalez in relation to this poll business. 

“So I don’t think I’ll listen to any protestations of high standards of journalism when you’re right down on the streets soliciting audiences like the rest of us. Look, all I’m saying is if you’re going to hustle, at least do it right.”—Diana Christensen (Faye Dunaway) in “Network”

I decided to mention to Mr. Tony, hopefully being ever so humble in my own boldness, perhaps putting 50 Cent money where my mouth was (better to be mouthy while spending someone else’s time and money!), I would write an article about this poll. Unstrictly speaking, in a 50 Cent Twitter sense, maybe it would be of use if Mr. “50”, he of the Gamboa Promoter cent, would spread this theory of HBO poll through his vast Twitter/Facebook network. I mean, my heavens, the day of the Pamphleteer standing on the street corner handing out slips of paper and old newspaper rags is long gone. We might as well use this Twit and Facebook to good electronic pamphleteer use.

50 Cent, G-Unit Twitter this week; 10,001 tweets, 7,394,687 followers. Gamboa official Twitter, this week 682 tweets, 16,934 followers. El Ciclon Gamboa’s website with a comment “stay up to date, upcoming news” dated October 9, 2009. results; millions upon millions. Schmidt last article result; 11,000 plus hits in four days. We should be able to do this poll shouldn’t we? Fearless Editor, despite what our good friends in certain media credential sections think, it looks like Mr. has become huge!

One way or another we shall see what “polls up” in the next year. HBO Sports President Ken Hershman and staff are bright professional business people. Courtesy of HBO and Bob “Top Rank” Arum, we have already had two strong Fight of the Year candidates in Rios vs. Alvarado II and Bradley vs. Provodnikov and I suspect a potential third Fight of the Year in Bradley vs. Grand Champion Marquez.

Gamboa, in the meantime, isn’t going anywhere in the context of the losing department.  Like his compatriot, Rigondeaux, he is that good and dare I say we shall see greatness if given the proper dance partner. Soon, or later, my 50 Cent Twitter or not, the likes of Broner and Garcia will have to deal with Gamboa.  I suspect Garcia relishes the prospect of the fight with Gamboa. The Problem Boner, I’m not so sure!

Plate No. 3 Photograph – En Casa Con Los Alonso in Havana

Renowned photographer Andrew Moore catches a Havana moment; an older couple, backs facing us, sitting in a wicker rocking chair, stares at an old TV screen, rabbit ears and all. A dog sleeps idly by on a tile floor. The ceiling has plaster pieces ready to fall. At some point that couple, like many, will tire of looking at the blank screen and simply walk out, stage left through the wood louvered doors. They will return, adjust those ears, and view again when the pleasure is more to their liking.

Gamboa, as sure as that old TV set at En Casa Con Los Alonso in Havana, has rabbit ears re-adjusted and turned back on when that Cuban climate is just right to receive, will have and give viewing pleasure HBO Primetime style. Gamboa vs. Garcia is an intriguing fight and I am certainly not here to tell you which of the two is going to have their ears readjusted. If not now, when?

As I write, and perhaps as you read, the wise one Bob Arum, like a Magician of Poker, may be suggesting undefeated Terence Crawford vs. the Great Gamboa, in of all places, surprise, surprise, Miami. It would be on a Cotto undercard; Cuban ex-patriots abounding, and I can hear that big “Miami Sound Machine” of Gloria Estefan, that big Latin beat, pounding away to a ring entrance for Gamboa on a beautiful Miami fall night. 

Ah, Bob Arum, the wizened grand maestro! I’m going to turn that TV on again! Crawford vs. Gamboa would be a highly entertaining fight. But I still want that poll!

Side Notes

HBO Fight of the Year #3! Bradley vs. Marquez has all the makings. Other polls, since the problem Broner is, himself, a newly minted Welterweight Champion; how about a fight with his Golden Boy compadre Keith Thurman? Since the wrecking ball Golovkin is calling out Middleweight Champion Martinez, how about that fight in April? Do we really want to wait one year for that! Should we wait! Should Golovkin have to wait???

Exit Poll

It could be very strongly argued that the best fighter on the planet right now is Andre Ward. How about Ward vs. Hopkins or Chavez Jr.?

How about any and all against the great Japanese wrecking ball, BoxRec #1, WBA Super Featherweight Champion Takashi Uchiyama, 20-0-1, 17 KOs? Uchiyama is a gentleman outside the ring and a stone splitter inside the ring.

Poll Up or Shut Up!

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  1. Mike Schmidt 05:35am, 07/22/2013

    PS TALK IN 30 DAYS!! As of right now—BRONER 49%, GARCIA 21%, CRAWFORD AND DONAIRE 8%, BURNS 7%, MARES 5%, VASQUEZ 2%. I would expect, logically in a ‘what makes sense’ way, to see Crawford move up the ladder. Donaire and Mares too small, Burns and Vasquez not enough bang for your buck promotion wise… See ya.

  2. Mike Schmidt 05:32am, 07/22/2013

    Cool. I see that the Champion, number one rated BoxRec, Uchiyama, is not on the poll. Not sure why given some of the other names on the poll. We are not running a poll, or the poll, and it was not our intent to do so at anytime. Rather it was to simply raise the suggestion—rather than have people complain about opponents—SPEAK OUT!! If not, then at the end of the day, you should be quiet and content as to who Mikey, Gamboa, etc are fighting….Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Paul 05:22am, 07/22/2013

    Gamboa has twitter Poll going for 30 Days on his twitter site. The number one rated Super Feather, Uchiyama not on the Poll?? I see it is also on 50cent newsfeed twitter

  4. Mike Schmidt 06:08pm, 07/20/2013

    And a big thank you to Philboxing as always for the consideration of a posting—true boxing fans sharing the passion—THANKS PHILBOXING!!!!!!!

  5. Mike Schmidt 06:06pm, 07/20/2013

    Very good very good Fearless Editor—Send the comments over to the Champion if you—Poll or shut up if you don’t like Mikey Garcia’s next opponent whoever that may be—Sir Robert if one does not exercise the vote franchise….Poll or shut up—Good for Champ Gamboa—look forward to the release of his results- WHERE IS THE 50 ONE—MOVE THOSE GAMBOA POLL NUMBERS MR G. UNIT!!!!!!!! Twitter Twitter

  6. Robert Ecksel 01:43pm, 07/20/2013

    Schmidty, we see Yuriorkis Gamboa has posted his poll on his Twitter account:

  7. Mike Schmidt 08:55am, 07/20/2013

    This is too cool Sir Robert—I am picking up internet via a TV tower on the shoreline using Jordan’s phone—It also has a “song recognition” software app—we have the radio on in the boat and if you put this app on and let the phone listen to the tune it will tell you who the Band is—I am getting old!!!! Had enough trouble just trying to figure out how to turn this fucker on!!! Will talk to you next week when we do PART 2 “POLL DANCING” !!!!!!!

  8. Mike Schmidt 08:41am, 07/20/2013

    Well Fearless Editor I am up North on the boat near the North Channel Islands—storm passed and sun with big white puffy clouds. Dropping anchor and going for a swim!!!! Now that I have that out of the way—SOMEBODY HAS BEEN PICKING US UP AND TWITTER AND WE ROLL ALONG….

  9. Clarence George 05:01am, 07/20/2013

    I think you mean Jimmy’s Corner on West 44th.  You know, I haven’t been.  I also want to try the Overlook on East 44th, if only because it’s where Costello’s used to be.

    No payment required, but you may want to provide the “companionship.”  Know what I’m sayin’?

  10. Mike Schmidt 04:32am, 07/20/2013

    What’s the scoop on Jimmy’s Sir.- I am told it is a behind the bar visual of boxing posters and photos. I don’t have to pay for the Clarence tour guide thing do I.

  11. Clarence George 04:26am, 07/20/2013

    I never went to Gilbert’s.  I don’t think it’s around anymore, though it used to be on East 75th.  And I haven’t been to Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine, which is somewhere in the West 30s.

    I wish Toots Shor’s was still with us…but it ain’t.  It was at 51 West 51st—spitting distance from me.

  12. Mike Schmidt 04:04am, 07/20/2013

    Well you already got my young man at the time fantasy of Charlie Q., and Catbroad Julie Newmar and Catherine Deneuve, with a little touch of older in that movie with Burt Reynolds wew wew - I digress - you obviously know the Big Apple locates - now being a North Canuck can you tell me - does that great Right Winger, bad back and all, Rod Gilbert have a watering hole still in operation - and what of Clyde the Glide Frazier.

  13. Clarence George 02:26am, 07/20/2013

    Mike S.:  I don’t think Garcia vs. Gamboa at 130 is an easy one to call.  But if you hold a blonde to my head, I’ll give the nod to Garcia.  Donaire vs. Mares is another tough one.  But with that blonde still pointed at my head, I’ll come down on the side of the Filipino.

    I very much look forward to breaking steak with you…especially if you’re paying.  Keens has a fantastic selection of single malt scotch, and I’m sure could make two of my favorite drinks, Bloody Bull and Bull Shot.  The best of the former I ever had was at Gino’s, now defunct; the best of the latter, at Harry Cipriani.  Sergio (I wonder if he’s still there) once got me and my gal a couple of rounds on the house…that’s like 60 bucks.  And in the summer, I like me a Sloe Gin Fizz.  Or an ice-cold Fischer—a terrific French beer.

    There’s at least a ring card girl calendar?  Has to be.  As for Charlie Quarry…you’re obsessed!  After all, she’s not Barbara Nichols dressed as a cigarette girl.

  14. Mike Schmidt 12:53am, 07/20/2013

    Ah PS Clarence- IF a fight for Mares then I would still like to see him in with Donaire- style wise that is a good scrap for Nonito- he does not have to go looking for Mares who will come to him full throttle and before Sr Hernandez jumps in- Donaire by knockout thank you thank you. Mikey is way to big for Abner and knocks him out me suspects. That aint happening either of course and besides I want my Gamboa vs Garcia fight!!!

  15. Mike Schmidt 12:29am, 07/20/2013

    C.G. post thanks. Mares is a true time gladiator for sure—we shall see how he holds on the weight class one up—so far so good. Different times for boxing as per my post fight wrap of Salido vs Mikey—Ali fighting Kenny with a broken jaw, Cerdan one arming his way for ten rounds and giving Jake all he could handle, Rocky with a water melon like split nose to the bone against Charles…..Classic - we are both in the same building, same fight, at MSG, and don’t know it!!!! Hey, its your town!!! L.O.L- next time I am in I’ll buy the steak you tell me the locate—I am also told by various Sirs that my not having attended “Jimmy’s Bar”  is shamefulness—Are we going to get a Women of Boxing Men—ya know, like the Sports Illustrated’s athletes wives bikini issue—as you know I am still waiting on that Charlie Quarry article hee hee adios—Seriously—you did not say—Gamboa beats Garcia at 130??

  16. Clarence George 05:32pm, 07/19/2013

    No shortage of outstanding fights that’ll probably never be made because of the ongoing feud between Golden Boy and Top Rank, and that includes Abner Mares vs. Mikey Garcia.  An awfully tough fight to call, though I’d be rooting for Mares.  Not really a fan, but I don’t at all care for Garcia.  I was at MSG when he beat Orlando Salido, and for a strap, not despite a broken nose, but because of one.  Gene Fullmer winning a 15-rounder against the very tough Florentino Fernandez, and the hell with that fractured elbow, is more my cup of tea.  Never mind the tea—as peaty as a shot of Talisker.

  17. Mike Schmidt 10:22am, 07/19/2013

    Fair enough Sr. Paul. Garcia vs Gamboa. This is as close a “pick-em” fight, in my mind, in a long time. I think Gamboa, who is a big guy, put together, for his weight, is just a little too much for Mikey to handle at this stage. Great points that Mr. Cruz raises and Robert hard to disagree both of us having seem Mikey ringside- beautiful fighter but I think this is a big guy, high end skill set, to take on at 130lbs. Gamboa vs Uchiyama- I go Gamboa basically same reason. More interesting scrap at 130lbs Champion Uchiyama vs Mikey- I like Uchiyama - big, strong, knockout power either hand and very durable- again, a little too much to handle for Mikey at this stage.                                             

    Now Sr. Paul you are hitting a spot on this “El Nica” super fight business. As you are aware- I am a huge fan of both. Gonzales of Nicaragua at 35 wins, no loss and 29 KO’s is one of the great combination punchers but he would be moving up fighting a guy who when he lands right is as exciting a knockout puncher that is around.  I think I will leave that one as a whoever hits whoever clean first- a Hagler vs Hearns kind of thing- full throttle from the get go!!! Lastly, from your email the other week- Donaire vs Mikey Garcia at 126 although highly unlikely to ever happen- Mikey Garcia knocks Nonito out in 8 rounds- how is that for definitive- Just a bigger guy with quite frankly a higher skill set and more rounded fighter at this stage- younger, stronger, bigger, better jab, better combo’s, and most importantly a guy who will bust you up on the inside as well- can fight inside or out- too many options for Nonito to handle- THATS IT SINCE YOU WANTED IT- FOR WHATEVER IT IS WORTH!!! DON’T USE ME AT THE WYNN SPORTSBOOK THOUGH!!!!!!

  18. Robert Cruz 06:58am, 07/19/2013

    Gambia vs Garcia would be a great match up, if I had to call this fight I pick Garcia.  Although Gamboa hits hard and has great footwork he has shown vulnerability with his chin and his defense.  Garcia is doing everything right, his volume punches, jabs and urgency is something Gamboa cannot equal.

  19. Mike Schmidt 06:14am, 07/19/2013

    Haha, Carlito “Cutman”—coming from that other big Latin Beat country of Nicaragua could I expect you but to pick Gamboa!! On the GREAT Japanese World Champion Uchiyama—well Carlito you recall my bumping into him by accident at Hotel Lobby in Panama—the man is a ROCK. Very very exciting fighter.

  20. Mike Schmidt 05:56am, 07/19/2013

    Thank you Sneak-never too late to learn—I am ashamed to say that I do not recall that Yogi quote—“It’s Getting Late Early” fantastic… Yes it would be nice to see the Tropical Storm in action step up fight…Have a good weekend Sir.

  21. Paul Hernandez 05:52am, 07/19/2013

    Mr Schmidt—no pick?? Let’s hear what you have to say!!! Who wins, Garcia or Gamboa—I see Gamboa as too big, too fast, too much schooling. And what about Uchiyama vs Gamboa or Garcia?? I have not seen Uchiyama. Since your running names, the Nicaraguan vs the Panamanian, El Nica Concepción vs Roman Gonzalez—I see that as a Latin American super fight—Gonzalez by knockout!!!

  22. carlos Varela jr. 05:26am, 07/19/2013

    Garcia vs Gamboa is a great fight I pick Gamboa too big too fast for Japanese guy either way Gamboa is ready for anybody, that could be the fight of the year love to see 50 Cent at ringside the way he did in Panama.

  23. Pete The Sneak 05:26am, 07/19/2013

    Schmiddy Ol’ chap, another wonderful read. However, “ElCiclon De Guantanamo Gamboa’ is slowly dissipating into ‘Tropical Storm Yuriorkis.’ He needs to step up to the plate, so yes, give me the Mikey and Gamboa show and soon. Since you’ve been quoting those great lines from’ NETWORK,’ I’m going to quote that great dean of diction, that Linguistic Luminary of Phraseology and shakespearean oratory eloquence, YOGI BERRA, to summarize Gamboa’s plight. “It’s Getting Late Early.”...Peace.

  24. Mike Schmidt 04:32am, 07/19/2013

    Don’t you ever sleep—4:25 am.!!! Well if Gamboa does not get a Garcia then the young man from Omaha, Mr Crawford, would be interesting as the Omaha Crawford seems to be getting exponentially better each fight and is a full lightweight

  25. Robert Ecksel 04:25am, 07/19/2013

    Gamboa vs. Garcia—tough to pick a winner! I’d like to see the Cuban in action against some top notch competition.

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