Garcia and Porter—Love and War

By Marc Livitz on September 8, 2018
Garcia and Porter—Love and War
Bad judging will always plague the sport of boxing to no end. (Amanda Wescott/Showtime)

Garcia was the more accurate of the two and some will argue that he faded a bit too often in the later rounds…

It’s nice to face a bit of difficulty in predicting the winner of an upcoming, high profile contest. More to the point, yet not so welcome, may be the task of picking the victor once every round is in the proverbial bag. Such was the case on Saturday evening at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, when Danny “Swift” Garcia and “Showtime” Shawn Porter traded shots for the vacant WBC (the important green belt) welterweight world title. The same building played host in the spring of 2017 when Garcia lost a narrow split decision to Keith Thurman on network television.

“One Time” Thurman has taken a medical sabbatical of sorts from the ring, so the belt with all the pretty pictures on it of fighters past was up for tabs yet again. Shawn Porter himself is no stranger to close decision defeats. In fact, Keith Thurman defeated both Garcia and Porter, the latter of which took place two years ago in the same venue.

What we ending up getting on Saturday night was a case of activity versus accuracy. Garcia was the more accurate of the two and some will argue that he faded a bit too often in the later rounds. He seemed to be somewhat in control during the bout’s first quarter and though Shawn Porter would have his moments, “Swift” seemed content to clinch during some of the close, more confrontational ones.

All of this is up to debate, of course, and what each of us feels should get the nod on a round-by-round basis will often differ. What it perhaps tells us is that unless a fighter is one of the biggest of the big in terms of talent, marketability and appeal, no one is safe. This is a good thing, or is it? Many of us thought Gennady Golovkin did enough last September to top Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, yet there’s always more money in a rematch when the projected winner is hotly disputed.

In this case and in no way discounting their abilities, neither Danny Garcia (34-2, 20 KO’s) nor Shawn Porter (29-2-1, 17 KO’s) are safe within in the upper echelon of those whose title ‘must be truly taken’ in order to taste defeat. There may be many of us who wish that more fights could be seen this way. Some fighters aren’t given enough credit for remaining upright and competitive when they’ve already been knocked out in the early rounds by fans and media.

To this end, it doesn’t always matter when we’re all treated to a pleasant surprise on fight night. Bad judging will always plague the sport of boxing to no end. Nevertheless, not one judge swayed far from the other on Saturday night in Brooklyn. Julie Lederman and Eric Marlinski each gave Porter seven rounds to Garcia’s five, while Don Ackerman gave the Ohio native eight. That seemed fair, at least if one fighter is rewarded for simply doing more. Let’s hope we find a similar feeling of satisfaction somewhere in the middle next Saturday in Las Vegas.

Once the bout concluded, Shawn Porter was cordial and pure class, both in assessing his efforts in the ring as well as applauding that of his Philadelphia opponent. Next in line for “Showtime” may be IBF welterweight world champion Errol “The Truth” Spence, Jr. of the Dallas, Texas area. Spence (24-0, 21 KO’s) met Porter in the ring for a friendly handshake and a call for them to meet in the ring in the near future. All is right with the world.

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  1. fan 11:25am, 09/10/2018

    We should have radio corner, live scoring card and glovesound during event.

  2. Kid Blast 10:07am, 09/09/2018

    Thurman may soon become “Thurman who?”

  3. Stanley Steamer 07:43am, 09/09/2018

    Perfect assessment. Perfect gentlemen, Spence and Porter. Finally, and we are seeing more of this good sportsmanship with the flood of Eastern Europeans in the sport. Hang on to your hats though, the boxing arm chair experts will let go a torrent of obscenities destined to turn a class affair into another controversy.

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