Garden Party: Big Baby Challenges AJ

By Robert Ecksel on February 13, 2019
Garden Party: Big Baby Challenges AJ
Appearances can be deceiving, and while “Big Baby” is a butterball, he’s not a Butterbean.

Talk is cheap. But reality is born of dreams, and if the boxing gods smile on Jarrell Miller, American fight fans will be beside themselves…

On Saturday, June 1, in a fight televised live on DAZN in the U.S. and Sky Sports Box Office from New York’s Madison Square Garden, Anthony Joshua (22-0, 21 KOs), the WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion from Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, will defend his titles against Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (23-0-1, 20 KOs), the undefeated challenger from Brooklyn, New York, in what will likely be an explosive bout.

The fight will be Joshua’s first on this side of the pond. It will give American fight fans—who have rallied around WBC champ Deontay Wilder, having long felt underrepresented during Klitschko’s lengthy reign—the opportunity to see the personable English champion let his hands go against one of their own, in his own backyard no less, even if it isn’t, at least not yet, “The Bronze Bomber.”

Miller is something of a wild card going into the bout. Appearances can be deceiving, and while “Big Baby” is a butterball, he’s not a Butterbean. He moves incredibly well for a man his size and he comes to fight and win. He has not faced anyone of Joshua’s caliber, but has flattened 83% of the men he faced, several of whom traded punches, however unsuccessfully, with the aforementioned Wilder.

Not everyone is sold on Jarrell Miller, however.

Dillian Whyte, for example, who was TKO’d by AJ in 2015, believes the title shot is rightfully his and isn’t shy about saying why.

“Miller is garbage,” he said to Sky Sports. “I can’t believe they’d choose to fight Miller over fighting me. But I get it, it’s a business move. Joshua needs to fight on DAZN in America and Eddie’s under pressure to deliver. Miller is the perfect opponent for America. He looks the part, he’s undefeated, he can’t punch, he’s got a good work-rate, you know he’ll talk the talk. He’s a perfect opponent for them. I wouldn’t waste my time going to the fight. I know what’s going to happen already. Six, seven rounds minimum and then he is going to get knocked out.”

But everyone loves a good heavyweight scrap, no matter who is fighting, and this contest will be that while it lasts.

“The time has come to head across the Atlantic and defend my heavyweight titles in the USA,” said Joshua. “I am looking forward to taking on another challenge with a good boxer and a brilliant talker, it will be an exciting fight I will leave nothing to chance and plan on dismantling Miller in style to make my mark.”

Presumably Joshua’s mark will one of many on Miller’s face at the end of the fight, but Miller plans to leave some marks of his own on the foreign interloper.

“AJ is making a huge mistake coming over here to fight me in my own backyard,” “Big Baby” said. “He wants to announce himself on the American stage but all he’s doing is delivering me those belts by hand. Its dog-eat-dog in the ring and this dog has got a bigger bite, he’ll be leaving New York empty-handed. This is the fight that I’ve been chasing all my life and on June 1 I’m going to achieve the thing I was born to do and win the heavyweight championship of the world. That punk AJ is standing in the way of my dreams and on June 1 he’s getting run the hell over!”

Talk is cheap. But reality is born of dreams, and if the boxing gods smile on Jarrell Miller, American fight fans will be beside themselves.

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  1. Pete The Sneak 07:15am, 02/14/2019

    This should actually be a Fun Fight…Peace.

  2. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 07:00am, 02/14/2019

    Miller is a very live underdog in this fight and shouldn’t be taken lightly by Joshua or anyone else. I favor Joshua but I definitely wouldn’t be shocked if the big boy pulled off an upset. Speaking of Butterbean, the Bean back in the day, had perfect blood sugar levels and his triglyceride and his ldl cholesterol levels were also fine. Some dudes are just big. Sure, Butterbean had man boobs but he still wasn’t all jiggly like Kownacki or Andy Ruiz. Big Baby is a big boy, solid looking guy.

  3. El Conscripto 05:51am, 02/14/2019

    While Jarrell might not hit as hard as Whyte for any one punch….maybe…. I’m betting he hits hard enough to hurt Joshua and IMO and until shown otherwise he has a better chin than Wilder, Whyte, Parker, or Joshua.

  4. Koolz 05:07pm, 02/13/2019

    All Joshua has to do is stay outside throw a jab, move around the ring then when the time is right take Miller Down.  Probably by the seventh or sixth round.  Miller is good boxer but can he beat Joshua?  Joshua could throw a hook and Knock Miller down.
    But you have to let these guys have their days.  They don’t bust their butts training and fighting for nothing.

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