Daniel Geale Stripped of Title

By Robert Ecksel on November 1, 2012
Daniel Geale Stripped of Title
Geale has been stripped of the title he won by decisioning Felix Sturm last September.

It’s been said that rules are meant to be broken. The originator of that phrase is lost to the mists of time. It could have been Thoreau.

“Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.”—Henry David Thoreau

It’s been said that rules are meant to be broken. The originator of that phrase is lost to the mists of time. It could have been Thoreau. It could have been a hammer-wielding Luddite. It could have been a refugee from Woodstock. It could have been Daniel Geale.

The WBA, in keeping with that spirit, has announced that its “super middleweight champion” Daniel Geale has been stripped of the title he won by decisioning Felix Sturm last September. The winner of that bout, in adherence with the rules, was supposed to fighter the winner of Gennady Golovkin vs. Grzegorz Proksa, who of course was Golovkin.

Geale, for reasons not disclosed, chose to ignore the rule and signed to fight Anthony Mundine in January. That show of independence presumably prompted the move by the WBA.

Not everyone is happy with the result, but Tom Loeffler of K2 Promotions, who handles Golokin, is not among them. “We commend the WBA for clearing up this long overdue situation and recognizing Gennady as their only champion in the middleweight division,” he said. “Gennady is proud to be the WBA and IBO champion and looks forward to returning to the ring soon.”

“We don’t blame Geale and his team for taking a safer fight,” Loeffler added, failing to explain why Geale gave up a big payday and HBO date to fight Mundine, who is no walkover. “However they knew the obligations they would have prior to the Sturm fight. Geale is still IBF champion and if he continues to win, this might be a great unification fight in the future.”

It’s impossible to know what this is about and what plans are being laid for the future.

But one thing is certain. Almost everything we hear in boxing needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Geale has his say

“Whilst I enjoyed unifying titles and being crowned the World Boxing Association super champion it has become ultimately clear to me that it is impossible to keep all the belts,” he said. “I am aware of my mandatory obligations, however I felt that the challenge from Anthony Mundine was an opportunity to settle the score once and for all, and I want to thank the IBF for granting me the exception that creates a fight which will please all Australian boxing fans.”

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  1. Robert Ecksel 07:58pm, 11/01/2012

    Thanks raxman. That’s good to know. You’re our eyes on the ground. Keep ‘em coming and keep me honest.

  2. raxman 07:37pm, 11/01/2012

    RE - by far the bigger payday for geale is the mundine fight. don’t be fooled. mundines people will be parting with big, big dollars to get their hands on geale’s legit strap.
    believe it or not but for nearly 10 years mundine has been guaranteed 1million for every fight down here - so big is his profile and the hatred of fans. back when green and mundine fought they split a 6million purse. it was the biggest australian fight i can remember. maybe the biggest ever. this wont be as big but you can bet geale will get somewhere between 1 and 2 mil for the fight. he’d have got a fraction of that for fighting GG on hbo or not. and besides he can fight a uni fight with GG after he beats mundine because if geale can’t beat mundine at this stage in their careers he wants to give the game away

  3. raxman 07:33pm, 11/01/2012

    Graham - are you kidding mate - so “A’ beats B - B beats C - therefore A beats C? thats some specious shit there. styles make fights frazier-ali-foreman -frazier is the classic example.  but if you want a more contemporary example taylor beat hopkins - pavlik beat taylor - hopkins beat pavlik - by your summation this wouldnt have happened
    geale is a work rate fighter he’s not a banger - and he won both those titles in germany by decision - a feat in itself worthy as no one wins decisions in germany against german fighters

  4. Graham 03:44pm, 11/01/2012

    The mandatory was fair enough, Golovkin deserves his shot. The WBA is just trying to restore some credibility to its belt. Golovkin annihilated Proksa in 5. Proksa demolished Sylvester in 3. Geale scraped home in a close split decision against Sylvester, going by that Golovkin would easily beat Geale, yet he’s Geale’s understudy. If Geale passes on the mandatory he should be stripped, he’s not the only boxer dodging Golovkin. BTW Geale didn’t work hard for his 2 belts, he got two lucky split decisions against two weak champs. Both Sylvester and Sturm have no big scalps to brag of, were well past their best and were ripe for the picking.

  5. David 01:03pm, 11/01/2012

    The WBA is becoming a joke! Daniel Geale worked so hard, much harder than Golovkin, for his 2 titles. Look at the amount of time the WBA has given other fighters to defend their belts, but not Geale… Why? They just want to call Gennady the champ because he’s more popular rather than actually being a proven better fighter.

    Boxing is becoming a sport where the best fighters don’t actually fight each other. Stupid!

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