Gennady Golovkin Meets the Press

By Robert Ecksel on May 1, 2018
Gennady Golovkin Meets the Press
“If he gives me a chance to stop him, I will stop him. If not, then I don’t. This is boxing.”

Did the fight with Golovkin ruin Jacobs? Cancer couldn’t do it, and Golovkin, however deadly, isn’t nearly as deadly as cancer…

On Saturday, May 5, in a fight televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing from the StubHub Center in Carson, California, three-belt middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (37-0-1, 33 KOs), the undefeated knockout artist from Los Angeles by way of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, will defend his titles against two-time world title challenger Vanes Martirosyan (36-3-1, 21 KOs), from Glendale by way of Abovyan, Armenia.

In anticipation of the bout, which has been somewhat muted with the suspension of Golovkin’s original opponent, Canelo Alvarez, the fighters met with the press via teleconference call yesterday to talk about the fight.

Because Triple G is still getting used to the English language, his trainer Abel Sanchez did much of the talking.

It’s a safe bet that Golovkin will KO Martirosyan, a junior middleweight who hasn’t fought in two years. But the victory has special meaning because Triple G, when he wins, will tie the record for middleweight defenses currently held by Bernard Hopkins.

“It will mean a lot,” said Golovkin, “but compared to Bernard Hopkins my record is much bigger—stronger and bigger.”

Why Golovkin’s record is “stronger and bigger” than Hopkins’ is not quite clear, even though, as Gennady put it, “It is numbers, only numbers,” which left it up to his trainer to explain.

“Everybody he fought has been a new opponent,” said Sanchez. “The great Bernard Hopkins fought twice against Echols and three times against Robert Allen. We are fighting new guys every time. By tying it and if he decides to stay at middleweight and break the record in the future is great for boxing history and good for historians to look back upon.”

Hopkins went on to bigger and better things, but was a very different fighter from Golovkin.

But placing Golovkin in historical context, while relevant, hasn’t made the elephant in the room vanish.

“You have to understand this opponent (Martirosyan)…was training for a fight against Sulecki, who just fought Daniel Jacobs and gave Daniel Jacobs a very difficult fight—those two guys were set to fight each other in the near future and Sulecki decided to fight Jacobs and Vanes is fighting us. These are two very good fighters. Vanes is rated number one by the WBC and for a couple years nobody wanted to fight him because he’s too much of a threat. Sulecki fought Jacobs and gave him all he could handle. I think we are fighting a guy that is not only rated highly but has only three losses against elite fighters at 154 but if Vanes gives us the kind of fight that Sulecki gave Danny Jacobs we are all going to be treated to a great night.”

Martirosyan, like Sulecki, Jacobs, and of course Triple G himself, is a solid fighter. But is he solid enough to survive 12 rounds with a heavy-handed middleweight the caliber of Triple Golovkin?

“This is boxing,” Golovkin said. “Nobody knows. If he gives me a chance to stop him, I will stop him. If not, then I don’t. This is boxing. If we exchange punches and I hurt him, then it can happen.”

If that was to happen, it would surprise no one, least of all Abel Sanchez.

“In looking at some of the tapes, I have followed him since I have other fighters at 154,” he said. “The strange thing about Gennady is that everybody that fights Gennady has to adapt to what Gennady does. So no matter what Vanes has done in the past against other fighters, he won’t be able to do that against Gennady, he’s got to adapt to what Gennady is going to bring into the ring. He will never be the same after this fight. None of the fighters that Gennady has fought were ever the same. Jacobs looked terrible in his last fight. Why? Because he went twelve rounds with Golovkin.”

Is that true? Is it hyperbole? Abel wouldn’t be the first trainer to talk up his fighter. But Jacobs didn’t look terrible. He fought a good if not great fight, in part because of Sulecki. So, did the fight with Golovkin really ruin him? Cancer couldn’t do it, and Golovkin, however deadly, isn’t nearly as deadly as cancer.

“It’s not only Jacobs,” added Sanchez. “If you go back to Lemieux, to Stevens, to Wade, to Willie Monroe, they are never the same. Murray also. They are never the same after they go rounds with Gennady. Jacobs was supposed to demolish Arias and he had a difficult time with him, which was his first fight after Gennady and now the fight with Sulecki he looked terrible. He gets hit with everything in the book and the reason being, in my opinion, is once you go twelve rounds with Golovkin you are never going to be the same.”

The HBO telecast starts at 11:00 PM ET/PT.

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  1. Your Name 05:15pm, 05/07/2018

    Rumor is; Canelo had a hair transplant just before his hair test. Just repeating something I heard.

  2. Koolz 07:23am, 05/03/2018

    I don’t see Jacobs being able to beat GGG in a rematch and the Vanes fight might go past the third round but I don’t know.
    It looks like a good three rounds to me.

    I thank GGG for giving the fans a fight on May 5th he didn’t have to do that and it’s great that he did!

  3. Balaamsass 12:58pm, 05/02/2018

    The first go round was all about KO’d By insurance! They knew they had Addy on board…. so… if he was standing at the end that meant the odds would be in his favor big time! Once that one was in the bank the return bout was all about scoring a KO….so… he doubled down but alas and alack he,lost count at some point! Why do you think he was talking all that shit about KOing GGG as the fight drew closer…that was the shit that he was micro dosing in addition to the Clenbuterol doing the talking!

  4. Balaamsass 09:47am, 05/02/2018

    Don’t sign shit until the redhead agrees to weekly blood tests….the bugger wasn’t penalized in any real sense of the word….no fines….nothing to make him think twice about pulling the same shit all over again….so test him and test him again until he’s friggin’ anemic if that’s what it takes! He wasn’t going to fight again this year if the fight came off as planned any Goddamned way… don’t say he lost out on another payday….he got a vacation for the shit that he pulled that’s what he got!

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