George Foreman vs. Jimmy Young

By Boxing News on December 26, 2013
George Foreman vs. Jimmy Young
George Foreman's record was a remarkable 45-1 at the time. Jimmy Young was 20-5-2.

George Foreman didn’t stop fighting after the devastating loss of his WBC/WBA titles to Muhammad Ali in the “Rumble in the Jungle” in 1974. George took a year off before returning to the ring, then won five in a row, all by early stoppage, including the war to end all wars with Ron Lyle, and his demolition of Smokin’ Joe Frazier in Kingston, Jamaica, both in 1976. It looked like Foreman had returned to form. Then he fought Jimmy Young on March 17, 1977, at Roberto Clemente Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Foreman’s record was a remarkable 45-1 at the time. Young was 20-5-2, a tough and able competitor, but the top-tier on the second rung. George was supposed to make short work of the Philly fighter. But as The Ring’s Fight of the Year for 1977 indicates, not everything always goes according to plan…

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1977-03-17 George Foreman vs Jimmy Young (full fight)

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  1. Sam Wills 01:49am, 05/14/2016

    It’s no surprise people talk down to Ken Norton as a Jimmy Young Opponent, since very few people’s memories rest on him, but the fact is, he came the closest to definitively beating Young in his 3 year hot streak. (There were enough very close, unclear rounds in there to go either way, by a wide margin, and Norton won his rounds bigger.) It was 2 underrated fighters, determining which one history would underrate less.

  2. Carl Hewitt 08:26pm, 05/15/2015

    Young was what was called in that day a “cutie”—he did little things to throw fearsome punchers like Foreman off. I don’t know if he deserved the decision vs. George, but I’m positive he deserved the decision against Norton.

  3. jimmy 02:53pm, 05/15/2015

    I watched the fight twice and by my take Foreman won the fight Jimmy just complained and whined to the referee while he kept holding George.But if George would have won we would never seen him knock out Moorer to regain the title after a 10 year layoff and I feel he would have knocked Tyson out in one round in his prime and 3 or 4 rounds on his return in my mind the greatest heavyweight of all time based on spirit.

  4. Carl Hewitt 03:47pm, 01/21/2015

    Great fight. I think Young fell off a lot after the Foreman win, but I still think he did enough to win the Norton fight.

  5. omalone1 08:04am, 01/21/2015

    Gwiz, impressive victories against the tough punchers (with the exception of Cooney)

  6. Carl Hewitt 10:02am, 10/18/2014

    I vividly remember the Young-Norton fight and feel Young got jobbed that night. He 1-2’d Kenny all night long and only ate a few body punches in return. I guess the powers that be saw Norton as a more marketable fight for the up-and-coming Larry Holmes at that time.

    Young also beat Ron Lyle, if I’m not mistaken.

  7. Eric 07:08pm, 01/13/2013

    You could also make a strong case that Jimmy Young won the Norton fight. His record against the trio of monsters known as Shavers-Lyle-Foreman is a very respectable 2-1-1. Just not an exciting guy to watch especially in an era like the Seventies. Was in line for a shot at newly crowned champion Larry Holmes but lost to Ossie Ocasio not once but twice. After that Young was basically finished as a contender and reduced to a stepping stone for men like Gerry Cooney.  Young would be the first of the aged “names” Cooney would dismantle, followed by Lyle and Norton. Jimmy Young was certainly never the stereotypical “Philly fighter” but perhaps he did enough in his title fight with Ali to be called champion, and could’ve claimed the paper title that Norton was awarded following their fight. A fight with Holmes in the late Seventies would have been interesting even if it wouldn’t be all too exciting.

  8. bikermike 10:13am, 01/12/2013

    Hey Joe…..absofuknlutely right !!  Ali was well past it…and Young should have been given the decision over ALI…..UNQUESTIONABLY

    Take care Joe

  9. bkermike 10:10am, 01/12/2013

    Folks just didn’t warm up to Jimmy Young…..The guy was a real skilled fighter…a ‘CUTIE’ as some called fighters who can slip and duck sluggers…exhaust them.and finish them off when they are too exhausted to fignt anymore.

    Jimmy never really took off after that…..he should have been given the opportunity….I guess he did get his match up with Ali..who many feel Jimmy Young won easily…..BUT
    ALI put the meat in the seats…..not Jimmy Young……...Jimmy got reamed….like a some other ALI opponents….like Norton for instance

    I don’t know enough about Jimmy Young’s management….but his training dropped off after the ream job with Ali…...

  10. Joe 04:08am, 02/08/2012

    Jimmy Young was the first guy I thought beat Ali in Landover, MD - 77 I think.

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