GGG, and Broner’s taxi

By Ben Thomsett on September 14, 2018
GGG, and Broner’s taxi
Try to imagine GGG behaving like that. Just for ten seconds. It's a hard picture to paint.

Adrien Broner has now been banned from Uber. He won’t lose any sleep. He is rich and too dumb to understand…

The taxi driver’s eyes were wild. He was steering, just, dodging the phone being shoved in his face. The high pitched laughter from the back seat—I’d have sworn under oath that his Uber car was full of teenage girls—overloaded the mic. “Bra….yeah…yeah…..hahahahaha.” Screams into the driver’s face. Full volume. Another normal night of high jinx for Adrien Broner and his remora.

Eventually, crazed with terror, the driver pulled over and asked them to leave. By then he’d left his own car and was holding tightly on to the door, leaning in with the face of someone being attacked by a shark.

Broner has now been banned from using the Uber app. He won’t lose any sleep. He is rich and too dumb to understand the basic concepts of life. He’ll surface again like a turd in a swimming pool. More laughs. Dwindling fan base.

I tried to imagine GGG behaving like that. Just for ten seconds. It was a hard picture to paint.

GGG vs. Canelo is looming towards us like a gilded VADA test kit. It is a huge and beautiful thing; fight of the decade before a punch is thrown. No-one with even a passing interest in boxing is surer than they’ve ever been that this fight won’t fail us all. Geddit..? No clenbuterol in this one…

Someone close to the GGG camp said that Golovkin has taken twelve urine and six blood tests since February. All random knocks on the door. He passed every one. There is a lesson here, maybe it’s about where you eat your meat, but more likely I think it’s about honesty. Which is partly why I still rage at the result of the first GGG vs. Canelo bout. This time out I’m backing Golovkin with a fervor I’ve not seen in myself since I signed my divorce paperwork. He is a class act and he is also my current boxing hero. I feel no shame in admitting it. Most boxers instill a sense of respect, others inspire, and some fight like they were created by Mother Earth in a Kazakh mountain. Few are all three. Golovkin is good for our sport.

Alvarez, for his part, is going to have to prove to us that he hasn’t been a pumped up drug freak for the past decade. He looks less bulked than a year ago. Leaner. Does this tell us anything? I don’t know. We all make mistakes, I suppose. Will that do?

Then there’s Broner……

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Uber Driver Kicks Adrien Broner Out Ride For Disrespecting His Car Again

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  1. Chico Salmon 12:20pm, 09/14/2018

    Good lawd, this isn’t the crime of the century. Granted the guy is much too old to be doing this sort of thing and it probably scared the cabbie. Being a taxi driver has always been a dangerous job, especially nowadays. Hell, how many Uber drivers have raped or attacked passengers?  Even though this is all fun and games, it could turn serious if a scared cabbie felt threatened enough to pull a gun on the two yahoos cutting the fool in the back. I’m sure this is lightweight stuff compared to the other acts Broner has pulled off. Really not even newsworthy. There is no telling what the average cab driver sees or puts up with while on the job. Tough job,  and they have to dread going to a bar to pick someone up.  Broner did calm down at the end and offered the guy a handsome tip.  The guy just needs to grow up.

  2. Kid Blast 10:37am, 09/14/2018

    Look, how many times are we going to be reading about this? Heck, he has fallen so far down that I’m now actually rooting for him to show something. The flashing warning signs are there. If he wants to end up in jail, or worse, he has been well warned. Jermain Taylor is sick and needs medical interdiction, Valero was also sick. Mayweather hit the skids (jail) and heeded the warnings and got his life back and fully in control. This one is different. It’s up to Broner. This is HIS issue—no one else’s. As the saying goes, he owns it. For his sake, I hope he turns around. But it seems to spiral further down every day.

  3. Chico Salmon 06:36am, 09/14/2018

    Man, “John” was “aiight” they should have nipped it when they saw he was getting upset. We generally wouldn’t clown on a cool laid back guy. “I heard if you can’t hear, you’re queer.” hahaha.  Johnny Boy lays down the quote of the year.

  4. Chico Salmon 05:52am, 09/14/2018

    hahaha. Man, this brought back memories. Me and my friend used to always have fun with cabbies after a night of getting hammered. Have been kicked out in the middle of nowhere and had a driver chasing us through the snow. Feel guilty about all that now, what we thought was fun, surely wasn’t fun for the poor guy just trying to earn a living. Nothing mean, just having fun like Broner in the video. Some laughed, others weren’t having it. We always tipped well though, at least the times we weren’t kicked out.  Got to admit though, Broner was funny in that video.

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