GGG & Chocolatito: Reputation vs. Reality

By Ted Spoon on September 4, 2016
GGG & Chocolatito: Reputation vs. Reality
Admittedly there’s not much one can do if there’s only tuna to catch and no sharks.

At what cost is the Kazakh willing to wait for his shot at a man who has already relinquished his belt and clearly gets his rocks off at being in control?

Barring injury, promotional gripes or positive samples, Gennady Golovkin and Roman Gonzalez should again be fighting on the same date — September 10th. It is the most rewarding arrangement going as we get to see two hard-hitting pound-for-pounders carefully reshape what’s in front of them. Naturally comparisons follow concussions and most believe (as does this writer) that the Nicaraguan has the edge over the Kazakh — rating at the very top of this sport.

Everything is set for that gap to widen.

Different to previous times they’re not on the same bill, underscoring their latest career moves. While Roman will be boldly going up a weight in sunny California, Golovkin will be in overcast England to face a man who has never ventured outside of his natural weight class (two below his opponent’s). At five years older than Gonzalez and in desperate need of a respectable boulder to dynamite the onus has been on Team GGG to hoist him out of this mire and onto more fruitful battlegrounds, alas he is scheduled to face someone who is preoccupied with convincing the public he is big enough.

Sheffield’s Kell Brook could prove Golovkin’s toughest fight, a scenario that would improve the IBF welterweight champion’s rep, but despite some of the ‘mega-fight’ rhetoric we’re hearing this one is in the same ballpark as Khan-Canelo with the underdog assigned to justify his shot on the night. Those who sniff at the comparison may point at the momentum Brook has behind him but then Canelo is no Golovkin. Ultimately it is hard to imagine Brook absorbing the Kazakh’s shuddering blows, the same ones that mangled a tough and defensive Martin Murray. So that question is odds-on to rear its ugly head again…

…who’s next?

It’s incredible to think that (technically speaking) Golovkin has already made 15 world title defenses. That’s one more than Carlos Monzon’s golden reign, but rather than listing the memorable nights, the shootouts, the nights he had to find the strength from somewhere, we are still waiting for that first victory to shout about. Admittedly there’s not much one can do if there’s only tuna to catch and no sharks. Team GGG seemed to have acknowledge this, hence the credible solution to unify. But is it really in effect? Having to satisfy ‘mandatories’ while trying to lure the remaining belt holders into the ring may prove the death of Golovkin’s primetime.

Owning all the belts would at least gift wrap this KO streak but the reluctance of his contemporaries represents a real low point in the sport, of fighter’s not being content with career-high pay days, squinting harder and harder to find that sweet spot between reward and threat — legacy be dammed. Indeed, so much bickering and inactivity occurs today that the truly great fighters of the past are starting to come across as a different species. Was Ray Robinson Human? Look for that program in a few decades time, in an age where one fight per year is considered hectic.

Let’s hope not.

But Golovkin’s problem, namely waiting for Canelo Alvarez to stop fucking around, is not insoluble. Talks of going up to super-middleweight have been bubbling for a couple of years. There was a brief, mouth-watering moment when it seemed he was going to test his canons against iron man Carl Froch. The latter’s departure was a real buzzkill and a fight with Andre Ward, whatever negotiations they had, are now firmly at the back of the cabinet with the man from Oakland going for greatness against Sergey Kovalev this November, all the way up at 175 lbs.

A trip up to 168 lbs. has a couple of bonuses. It would be easier to unify, more shameful for bigger men to duck him and the likes of Degale and Jack, though not five-star talents, are decent ones who would brighten up that record. You can’t say the same thing about men like Lemieux without your conscience frowning. The big money may be with Canelo, but at what cost is the Kazakh willing to wait for his shot at a man who has already relinquished his belt and clearly gets his rocks off at being in control? 2017? 2018? Worse yet he may be waiting for nothing. Some insist Golovkin shouldn’t have to move up. In an ideal world he wouldn’t. In today’s it may be the only path. To put it another way, for those who rate Golovkin numero uno, is not the true essence of pound-for-pound to get out of your comfort zone?

Carlos Cuadras will mark the third time Roman Gonzalez has left a division that used to be home. Differences in size are marginal in the lower weights, tough for the casual fan to appreciate, but slight advantages can pay big dividends. The undefeated, marauding Mexican will have height and reach on Roman whose power may not be at super-flyweight what it used to. Last time out McWilliams Arroyo interrupted a KO streak going back to 2012. The Puerto Rican had never been stopped before so it may not mean much but it has given the naturally confident Carlos even more of the stuff.

If Roman’s supreme craft gets the better of the Mexican it will be another quality win in a career swiftly closing in on Floyd Mayweather’s 49-0, currently at 45-0. Lack of exposure — that common cancer of the lower weights — is the reason he is not properly recognized and still after his first million dollars. It smacks a bit of pre-championship Marvin Hagler except Roman has been simultaneously hoovering up titles. Names like Yaegashi, Rodriguez Jr., Estrada and Viloria may draw blanks in conversation but they are fine operators. Most were dismantled. The only issue we may take with a career that has been rocketing since its ‘05 debut is if there’s no rematch with Juan Francisco Estrada, but it would be more of a shame than a black mark as Roman was the better man when they fought back in 2012.

Already a three-weight world champ and pushing thirty, you’d think Roman was at that stage of his career where he’s picking off the last few contenders at his natural division. Instead he is going into a fight which has “War” written all over it and you wonder how many times his come-forward style can maintain the level it needs to. For an aggressive fighter Gonzalez’s defense is as good as it gets but he still has to grind performances out. He can’t hide behind a long jab. More tellingly (if he could) it’s probably not in his nature anyway. He will tackle Carlos head-on and if he were to lose it wouldn’t be the biggest upset ever. Often seen in a sweat suit while training it’s hard to know how much trouble the chubby-faced boxer has making weight. The move up may be down more to circumstance than preference. Or, if we’re to take a romantic view, perhaps it is to triumph where his mustachioed-idol fell and get that strap at a fourth weight, to bring glory to Nicaragua.

Regardless of motive the public will be expecting another Chocolatito masterclass, and if he’s to be given a shoulder ride again one can only hope those sleeping on him will finally get the memo — this is a very special fighter. How special? If everything slots into place you could justify a spot in the top 20, of all time. With the likes of the towering Zolani Tete up at bantamweight another move up is ill-advised but he doesn’t need to climb anymore to find worthy opposition. A Japanese typhoon by the name of Naoya Inoue is honing his rib-busting talent. It’s a pound-for-pound talent. Perhaps in a year or two he will be ready and then we can enjoy a true mega-fight. Aggressive technician meets hitman. Were Inoue to prevail it would be the biggest deal since Fighting Harada outpointed Brazil’s Eder Jofre in 1965. Were Gonzalez to get the W he would at least have one mitt on that ‘fighter of the generation’ crown Floyd Mayweather believes is all his. It is the best fight to be made in boxing and if it goes ahead it will be one of those rare moments we can forgive all the inactivity, empty promises, lackluster PPV’s, even those dumb silver belts.

A recent Sky Sports poll asked the public who the best fighter in the world is. Golovkin won by some margin. Kell Brook came in at 7, two places above Gonzalez leaving the 5’3” maestro to do what he is used to and look up at his contemporaries, flash that happy-to-be-here smile. He was also asked what it’s like to train alongside Golovkin, whether he had learnt anything. Of course his reply was gracious but there’s always that cheeky grin after each comment.

Perhaps we shared a thought.

Gennady is the student in this relationship.

No more so than on the subject of legacy building.

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Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook | Promo

The Fight Game: Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez (HBO Boxing)

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  1. te tumbo 09:01pm, 09/12/2016

    i watched this bout live and got to watch the televised replay yesterday. i can confidently give the nod to Cuadras with a score of 115-113. he simply landed the superior punches, consistently made Gonzalez miss badly, moved with purpose, in addition to being the reigning champion, i.e., Gonzalez did NOT “take” the belt from Cuadras. their post-fight faces tell the true tale of the bout and its actual outcome. ultimately, we all knew that “Chocolatito” was the HBO-darling and designated winner going in and that Cuadras would have to win by KO or lopsided dominance to earn the win. nonetheless, i’m convinced that Cuadras defeated Gonzalez and earned the immediate rematch that he immediately requested in post-fight interviews and that “Chocolatito” agreed that he deserved. I’m looking forward to this rematch being wrapped-up in May 2017.

  2. nicolas 10:18am, 09/11/2016

    No one yet mentioning the Gonzalez win, and even having not seen the fight,have to put Gonzalez as one of the top 10 if not five greatest flyweights of all time. Probably could win the Batam weight title as well. Doubt he will go back down to Flyweight. With that in mind, the WBC will conduct a title fight for the Vacant WBC flyweight tile. This will be the first time in over 40 years that a fight for the vacant WBC title will be conducted. A record.

  3. Koolz 03:51pm, 09/10/2016

    Golovkin didn’t box he street fought.  He didn’t care about Brook’s power he just wanted him out of there.
    Yea that was the worst GGG has fought he gave himself a 4 out of 10.
    Bad performance of GGG still is a TKO of an amazing boxer like Kell Brook.
    Love that his corner saved him from further damage.

  4. Old Yank 11:30am, 09/10/2016

    Kell Brook has a much better shot than the odds suggest. This is what a live dog looks like and the odds simply have him as the dog. By all the numbers GGG wins this bout. But bouts are not fought by statisticians. Kell Brook has the tools to shock the world. I’m not saying it’s going to happen; I’m saying I’d not be surprised to see Brook shock the world.

  5. Swans 01:04pm, 09/08/2016

    Quite so.. It is as u say…indeed. Eric.

  6. Eric 11:12am, 09/08/2016

    Swans…Moving furniture will definitely keep the pounds off. Feel for ya brother. Believe me, I’ve been there. Me and my brother were nearly thrown out of the house for drinking a gallon of milk a day back in the day. hehe. We drove the old man crazy. I envy ya, brother. Today, I look at food and gain weight. You have made some valid points indeed. Point taken. One thing good about weighing 125-140lbs is that your heart will have far less work to do, so in the long run, things always even out. Good luck in the future, my friend.

  7. Swans 10:28am, 09/08/2016

    Eric-dont know why I gotta state the obvious, weight is just easier to put on bigger the person is its not quite exponential but when your 108 pounds going up 4 pounds is just as difficult as a middleweight putting on 15- I know because I’m a small dude-I use to work as a professional furniture mover- I had to work out and eat far more than my huge comrades just to go from 125 to 140- while those big bastards put the weight on like it was nothing.

  8. Eric 08:30am, 09/08/2016

    Koolz….The old Soviet Union was always ahead of the bell curve in regards to training for sports and physical conditioning. It probably would be safe to say that the those old commie bastitches (hehe) deserve a great deal of credit in producing all those great Cuban boxing teams. Certainly don’t blame the Russian people for “communism,” however. We know that “communism” is about as Russian as apple pie.

  9. Koolz 06:14am, 09/08/2016

    Golovkin still does a lot of old school training.  The rumors out of Big Bear Lake about his training and sparring is a thing of Legend. 
    Holding a Medicine Ball in front of you for the fighter…hmmm…Yes unless he was moving the medicine ball at different angles and moving himself.
    Other that I don’t see it doing anything either.

  10. Koolz 06:07am, 09/08/2016
    This probably one of the best highlight video of showing GGG’s KO Power.
    Honestly Brook is going to be fighting this guy in a couple of Days!
    Watch people’s bodies as the react to the KO.

    GGG Hype Train! 
    Should be interesting for people to know, but back before Golovkin fought in the US he was already Ducked by everyone. 
    He was supposed to fight Pirog as a first fight in the US.  Pirog hurt his back and he ended up fighting Proksa instead.  He had two weeks to train for Proksa.  We all know what happened in that fight.

    Afterwards the rest of the Middle Weight Division collapsed.

  11. Eric 06:02am, 09/08/2016

    I like the old school training where Yank Durham held a medicine ball close to his midriff and let Joe Frazier work on his body shots. hehe. Yank was a brave man. WTF? Imagine if Joe’s accuracy was off a little one day. Victor Valle, (think I gots the spelling right) had to receive a little extra dental work when Cooney’s bombs misfired one day during pad work. Never did see the point in the medicine ball routine by Frazier and Durham. Frazier might as well have been hitting a heavy bag. Prediction: Golovkin by KO in round 7.

  12. Koolz 07:01pm, 09/07/2016

    GGG hits the pads and they go BOOM!

    What happens when Brook takes one of these hits.

  13. Robsingh 04:12pm, 09/06/2016

    As much as I like kell brook I just can’t see this as more than a 4 round fight….

  14. Koolz 02:00pm, 09/06/2016

    I am sure Macklin’s insides froze and it was hard to breath.  Body shots like that can give internal bleeding, pretty damn scary.

    Those liver shots have that delay where the fighter thinks everything is ok then comes the pain!

  15. The Thresher 12:29pm, 09/06/2016

    I was ringside for the Macklin fight and when he finished him with that body shot, it went WAP and you could hear it 100 rows back. Macklin went down in agony as if he hade been shot.

  16. Koolz 12:16pm, 09/06/2016

    Watching GGG hit the pads today.  Damn some of those Hits are ear shattering!
    If Brook gets hit with any of those hooks it’s over.  Down he goes.
    any of those hooks to the body and that’s going to hurt.

    What a day Saturn DAY is!  We have Manchester City vs Zlatan United then we have GGG vs Brook and after that we have Gonzalez vs Cuadras!  Just insane!
    Those whole month is insane!

  17. The Thresher 11:55am, 09/06/2016

    I helped out with Hugh’s youth group back in the day. He gave a lot of himself.

  18. Eric 06:34am, 09/06/2016

    Speaking of staying on topic. Anyone seen a photo of Kaeperdick’s adoptive family? Can you get any whiter? This family looks like a group of Swedes or ex-Norwegian Vikings. All the peanut butter between my keys keeps my typing speed down, otherwise I’m good for a staggering Ocho-Cinco wpm. hehe. Kaeperdick is a classic case in human nature that involves the more you do for people, the less they will appreciate it, and the less they will respect you. Two-way street out there, at least it is supposed to be in a civilized society.  Allegedly, a society works best when there are special priviliges for none, and equal rights for all. Houston, we have a problem.

  19. The Thresher 06:26am, 09/06/2016

    Hugh O’Brian attended New Trier HS in Winnetka, Illinois along with many other stars like Ann Margerate

  20. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:17am, 09/06/2016

    Some worry about typos….I can’t even stay on thread or even topic for that matter!

  21. Eric 06:06am, 09/06/2016

    He better get going though, “The Technician,” is approaching 31 years old, time to make a serious move. A lot of these Eastern Europe warriors have had hundreds of amateur bouts, so he’s probably more experienced than most 30 fight pro veterans.

  22. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:05am, 09/06/2016

    Clarence George-Hugh O’Brian attended LACC for a time along with other notables like Billy Barty, Barbara Billingsley, Sally Kellerman, James Coburn, Gene Roddenberry, Esther Williams, Alan Arkin, Donna Reed, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and many, many others including Charles Bukowski. I spent some time there myself kibitzing with the professors and haunting the roach coaches at break time.

  23. The Thresher 05:35am, 09/06/2016

    The thing I like about Derevyanchenko is that on just 9 fights, he has taken on some very decent opposition.

  24. Eric 05:29am, 09/06/2016

    Koolz…Nice clip. The guy definitely looks impressive, and just might present GGG with a true test. Have to keep my eye on this guy. Sheesh, he looked like a light heavyweight. Big middleweight. The Russians are comin’.

  25. The Thresher 04:58am, 09/06/2016

    Koolz, why the “sigh”?

  26. Koolz 06:14pm, 09/05/2016

    Looks like he might even fight GGG as a mandatory in 2017.  we will see.
    Not saying he will beat Golovkin but he is a really good challenge for GGG.

  27. Koolz 06:08pm, 09/05/2016

    The Thresher
    And who exactly is a risk for GGG?
    There is only one fighter that might be able to fight GGG’s level and he is in Russia.  He hasn’t had a ton of fights but he is by far a better middle weight then a lot of middle weights out there.

  28. The Thresher 04:44pm, 09/05/2016

    The “new” business model is to get as much money as you can the fastest way possible and then get out with your marbles still intact and money for to supplement a retirement.  Lots of variables in there, but that IMO is the essence of boxing today. Risk-reward plays into this as well. GGG has not exactly risked his marbles given the level of his opposition. Brook will be the first BIG test and Brook will be knocked out. GGG is fresh, healthy, and primed to go.

    What GGG needs are a couple of monster PPV’s to get his retirement secured and then get out.

  29. Eric 03:28pm, 09/05/2016

    “amorous advances with a machete.” Nuffin’ like turd world foreplay. TRUMP 2016!!

  30. Koolz 10:46am, 09/05/2016

    Before training I thought Kell looked overweight.  You could see it in his cheeks of his face that he was overweight.
    what sort of game plan do they have by putting more on Kell but still trying to get him to be fast and hit hard.
    Going to be interesting to see what he can do.

  31. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:32am, 09/05/2016

    Kell Brook walks around between fights in the 190s….at the thirty day weigh in he outweighed GGG by 15 lbs… week out from the fight he still outweighed GGG by 8 lbs or so….fight night he will out weigh GGG by at least 10 lbs. When his horny ass went to that guys apartment in the Canary Islands at 3AM and the guy had to ward off his amorous advances with a machete you can bet he was weighing in the 190s and was strong as hell.

  32. Eric 06:11am, 09/05/2016

    A move up a mere 8lbs in weight class for a man 5’10” and 170lbs in fighting trim shouldn’t be that much more dangerous than fighting another “middleweight.” These smaller weight classes, some that are separated by only 3-4lbs, are pretty much a joke. Does a 200lb wide receiver have the right to be tackled by only players that weigh within 10lbs of his weight? Is there an NBA that restricts the height of players to 6’4” and under? Not saying that boxing shouldn’t have weight classes, but lets please dump these bastard “super” and “junior” weight classes.

  33. George L Otto 05:45am, 09/05/2016

    A fighter’s career is a most difficult undertaking.  This is particularly true when one’s efforts involve the securing of, and maintenance of world titles, in conjunction with moving up in weight to secure another title or opponent.  As indicated previously in this article,  this transition can be dangerous in terms of effecting a boxer’s personal health.  Also, how the increase in size is done constitutes a very important consideration.  For example, LH champ Michael Spinks did a great job in moving up to the heavyweight ranks and defeating the great Larry Holmes on 2 occasions (though yes, many people questioned the validity of those decisions).  Other huge considerations here are where is the money and how long a boxer wants to fight.  Also, whether pugilistic purses can provide a fighter with enough money to preclude working after his/her career is over.  Not an easy decision to make because it involves careful planning, effective coordination of efforts, enormous discipline, and the overall looking out for the fighter’s best interests.

  34. Koolz 04:15pm, 09/04/2016

    Has anyone watched GGG training.  he is so focused, everything is perfect, perfect measure of Rhythm when he works out.  No mater what He is doing anything he has a perfect Rhythm, perfect focus. 
    Other boxers even watch him while they are training.
    The guy is in the Zone. (Zen)

    He has that same focus when he is boxing.  Watch his face, he doesn’t make any expressions, he is completely focused.

    Sanchez also has an amazing Training Camp.  It looks like a couple of Mansions put together over an area for the fighters.
    There is a video on youtube or maybe it was vimeo?  That’s out there where Sanchez shows off the whole training camp and walks the interviewers through it.  It’s an impressive place.

  35. Koolz 02:48pm, 09/04/2016

    another Typo but I notice that there not typos the website can’t keep up with my typing(I type fast) 
    I mean did Inoue hurt his hand again.  In that fight he seems to be holding it back quite a bit.

  36. Koolz 02:46pm, 09/04/2016

    Ted Spoon you are correct.
    If Golovkin goes up and weight to fight the best at Super Middle Weight and Knocks them out he just coming back to Middle Weight again.
    He isn’t going to hang around be at Super Middle Weight.
    I hear Degale is on his radar after Brook. 

    Let’s see in this fight if Brook can handle a GGG over hand right or even a Hook.
    Golovkin likes to throw a upper cut like a jab too.  Then there is the body shots. 
    Golovkin doesn’t cover up he moves out of the way and moves forward.  Brook on the other hand is going to have to cover up and move the hell out of the way.  It will interesting to see what his team has planned when GGG cuts off the ring.

  37. Koolz 02:41pm, 09/04/2016

    The Thresher

    Naa been drinking Chocolate Milk Made from Plants.
    I think the size difference is what is going to be a big deal.  Can Gonzalez hurt him.
    Damn did Inoue hurt his had again?

  38. Ted Spoon 01:47pm, 09/04/2016

    The point is Golovkin would likely beat Degale and Jack comfortably. No real danger there and he gets some respectable names in the process. As for Inoue he could of done with ending things earlier, to live up to his shtick, but then we got another reminder he has a lot more than just power. Classy fighter.

  39. Matt McGrain 01:36pm, 09/04/2016

    Great work Ted.

  40. The Thresher 01:20pm, 09/04/2016

    Money will determine what weight class a fighter will follow these days. Follow the money.

  41. Eric 01:11pm, 09/04/2016

    Conor McGregor stepped up not one, but two weight classes. Not a wise choice, but that’s what makes some of these athletes so special. Look at Duran vs. Barkley. Barkley was a huge middleweight. Don’t know how Duran pulled that one off. Willie Pep makes a lot of those all time P4P lists, and I don’t believe Pep ever went outside of his natural weight class. Imagine the stones someone like Bob Fitzsimmons had to have to take on Jim Jeffries. Wouldn’t blame GGG for staying put at 160 though, he doesn’t seem like that big of a guy. Speaking of stones, little Bobby Czyz took on Holyfield and Sanders, and won two titles above middleweight. Not that Czyz was an all time great, but how in the hell is Mancini in the HOF and not Czyz? Neither deserve to be in the HOF, but I would put Czyz there before I would Ray.

  42. Lucas McCain 11:36am, 09/04/2016

    I’d love to see what a great fighter can do and ambition is a part of all competitive sports.  But I sometimes think fans and journalists are a bit too excited about “legacy” building.  Don’t forget that Robinson retired after the heat exhaustion of fighting the much leavier Maxim.  And Jose Torres suffered internal injuries against the crude but strong heavyweight, Tom McNeely that may have shortened his career.  Do we really want to see a talent like GGG go “splat” for the sake of 36 minutes of cheering?  I’m happy to let the stars calculate risks and benefits, as long as they don’t shut out the deserving challengers in their own weight classes

  43. The Thresher 11:21am, 09/04/2016

    “Naoya Inoue would destroy Gonzalez…” Koolz, what have you been drinking? Absinthe?

  44. Koolz 11:00am, 09/04/2016

    dang typo!! What I was trying to say was Showed his Insane Power.  Every shot looks like it hurts.

  45. Koolz 10:57am, 09/04/2016

    Naoya Inoue would destroy Gonzalez and you guys fail me you do not post about Japanese Fights.
    Just now Naoya should his insane talent and power.
    I am not sure if Gonzalez is going to win his fight.
    As for GGG give it a rest would you you sound like all the other losers on the internet complaining about his opposition?
    Honestly who at 168 is going to beat GGG?
    He would go up and Beat Degale then what.  Go back down and get another belt at Middle Weight. 
    And it’s not the fighters that are weak it’s that Golovkin is so much better he makes them seem average. 
    well here’s Saturday *Saturn Day* Another Drama Show coming up!
    Brook goes up in weight and dares to be great and the Internet turns into a bunch of cry babies about who GGG is fighting.
    Was it always so?

  46. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:01am, 09/04/2016

    Truth be told, Brook is the bigger man here, his ability to cut weight in order to beat up smaller men aside. An ability or unfair advantage unfairly attained in many instances (take your pick) which some have in this sport and others don’t. But then again, you could say that a fighter that hits as hard as GGG does with literally every punch that lands, has an unfair advantage as well. How hard does he hit? How about this, more than just concussing his opponents, he causes them to think….actually think….and when he does that he short circuits that muscle memory connection from brain to body and in effect negates any and all physical advantages they may have over him….and yes, he even causes some of these brutes that he fights to contemplate their own mortality, maybe for the first time in their lives. I guess that is an unfair advantage after all.

  47. The Thresher 09:15am, 09/04/2016

    Somewhere in there, Donnie Nietes needs to fit in. Naoya Inoue did not live up to expectations last night and showed that he might not be the “Monster” everyone thinks he is. Roman would beat him IMO. But Nietes keeps on winning. Lots of talent all around here.

  48. Eric 08:14am, 09/04/2016

    Just checked and Robinson weighed well under the middleweight limit. Robinson scaled 157 1/2 to Maxim’s 173lbs.

  49. Eric 08:06am, 09/04/2016

    Totally agree with fighting outside of your natural weight class = pound for pound greatness, however, Hagler & the aforementioned, Monzon, never attempted to rise in weight. IF Golovkin had the ambition of a Ray Robinson, a Mickey Walker, a Harry Greb, or a Roberto Duran, he would scale up to 175lbs even. Walker was taking on elite heavyweights while never weighing more than 170lbs. Given that the Krusher is probably pushing 190lbs+ by fight time and that Golovkin is probably around 170lbs, this is about the same deficit as Walker vs. Schmeling or Walker vs. Sharkey. And let’s not forget that Walker was only 5’8” on a good day, and started out as welterweight. When Robinson took on Maxim, I believe he didn’t scale much more than a middleweight, and Maxim, while not the greatest light heavy, was just about the same size as Kovalev.

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