God Help Boxing

By Dennis Taylor on November 30, 2015
God Help Boxing
If this guy can fight, we're in for a wild ride. Strap on your seatbelts and God help boxing.

Fury might be the guy who gives the heavyweight division the goosing it’s needed since Tyson and Holyfield got old…

Only a possibly-intoxicated dime store novelist could dream up the character that is Tyson Fury, a jackass-sized man with a personality to match.

He is, according to lore, the descendant of Gypsy nomads who were bare-knuckle fighters, characters Hemingway might have conjured … or met. Heck, somebody from the Fury clan probably slugged it out with Hemingway, or Jack Dempsey.

And that name … straight out of a screenwriter’s notebook, maybe the runner-up to the one Stallone put in his original “Rocky” script: “Apollo Creed.”

He was born Fury—not Finklestein, or Stanko, or Snodgrass. And then his parents named him Tyson, after “Iron Mike,” clearly deciding at birth that he would someday be the heavyweight champion of the world.

He’s a homophobic, misogynistic racist who declares that he “doesn’t give a f*** what anybody thinks” … then proves it, unequivocally, by crooning an Aerosmith love song to his beautiful wife in a stadium full of 45,000 people on worldwide television.

He called Wladimir Klitschko a “Satan worshipper.”

He’s the life of a party that everybody wants to leave—a crass, crude, loathable (but inexplicably quaint and charming) clod, whose horrifyingly tone-deaf sense of humor is awash in each of those qualities.

Scariest of all, Fury might be the guy who gives the heavyweight division the goosing it’s needed since Tyson and Holyfield got old.

If this guy really can fight, we’re all in for a wild ride. Strap on your seatbelts … and God help boxing.

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  1. TheSweetScience 06:14am, 12/02/2015

    ERIC—-> hahaha, fury busted into a glass shattering rendition of “dont wanna miss a thing”. I pretty much sat in awe,jaw on the floor, and surprisingly, the singing was more surprising than the win over klitschko! Which surprised the heck outta me pretty large on its own hahaha. Fury has crossed the line on a few things, that i cannot begin to like. But i gotta say, when he first started speaking this “satan worshipper” stuff against wlad, and all his “hand of god” epic jargon… Mind you, all heard by my ears, with the thought of the fact that his father was in prison for 12 years for gouging a mans eyes out, it all hit me like a crazed story akin to the movie “sevin” mixed with the bible haha.
    BUT, when i saw fury enter his pre-fught interview in a batman costume, circling the media with his fist raised, yelling “who cAlled batman for the job”, followed by one of his cronies entering the room in a joker costume, only to have batman beat him up… I thought to myself, “this guy just turned from nutjob, biblical scaryman, to a pretty personable, and quite marketable, heavyweight fighter that we have not seen in many years!
    Then he fought! He actually looked like a giant straight outta world of warctaft or something, mixed with the awkward, anglular style of manny pacquiao in there that night! It may have been his best night, mixed with klits.‘s worst night, but it certainly translated at least for those 12 rounds, as a big man with a style that will suddenly be hard to beat!
    I believe he beats Haye!!! Twice!! But yes, povetkin has that same style, mixed with power and ring knowledge, he will be the man to beat fury.

  2. Koolz 06:20pm, 11/30/2015

    All the Hail the Gypsy King and the New Reign in Heavyweight Boxing! 

    Fury time to put the Fury on everyone except Haye.  Haye will beat him and probably Povetkin but it will be fun!  Fury will make things really interesting now.

    All the silly promoters will be drooling at a chance for their Fighters to fight Fury and they will be really surprised when he Wins!


  3. Jethro's Flute 01:29pm, 11/30/2015

    Fury is seriously loathsome, the kind of yob you emigrate to avoid.

    The Times newspaper was slating him today for just that reason.

  4. Eric 08:44am, 11/30/2015

    “He’s a homophobic, misogynistic, racist???” You forgot xenophobic, nativist, white supremacist, neo-Nazi, bigot, anti-Semitic, and other various Marxist constructs used to silence all opposing views. Which Aerosmith song did Mr. Fury choose? Aerosmith is the American equivalent of a poor man’s Rolling Stones.

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