Going Forward with GGG

By Ted Sares on April 4, 2013
Going Forward with GGG
All of a sudden, Gennady Golovkin is the new killer du jour on the boxing landscape.

Asked who he might fight next, Golovkin said, “It doesn’t matter.” But it does matter to his hordes of new fans…

“GGG at MSG on HBO is an exciting combination.”—Tom Loeffler, director of K2 Promotions.

It now appears that Gennady Golovkin will follow a less exacting scenario—one that has him fighting more frequently in 2013 including alternating engagements in Europe and possibly Madison Square Garden. The scenario has already begun with his resounding KO of never-before-stopped Nobuhiro Ishida in the third round in Salle Des Etoiles in Monte Carlo, Monaco on March 31

The end came after GGG set up the usually durable Ishida with punishing jackhammer jabs in the second and then unloaded an overhand right (i.e., a straight right hand over the top) that knocked Ishida cold and through the lower rung. The impact could be heard throughout Monte Carlo and even disturbed degenerate and wealthy gamblers, albeit for a mini-second. The frightening KO, which may well have scared off other contenders,  now brings GGG’s record to 26-0 and further demonstrates his ability to put opponents to sleep using either his left hook (as with never-before-stopped Lajuan Simon) or his lethal overhand right (as with Ishida).

Asked who he might fight next, Golovkin said, “It doesn’t matter.” But it does to his hordes of fans because of the new and exciting possibilities. All of a sudden, he is the new killer du jour on the landscape, and I’ll join the refrain that Gennady Golovkin is just what boxing needs today. Like the great Kostya Tszyu, GGG is all about charisma, being fan-friendly, super talented, revered by his cult-like fans (especially on Facebook), humble, and oh yes, very, very marketable.

Down the road Andre Ward (at a catchweight) and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez might pop up as possible opponents. A fight with Ward would give Golovkin a keen risk-reward equation. Most would see him losing, but if he somehow won, he would become an instant legend.

A fight between Gennady and Matthew Macklin (26-4, 23 KO’s) is being loosely discussed for the summer. Golovkin needs a high profile opponent and the 30-year-old “Mack the Knife” Macklin fits that bill. If that potential slaughter is made, I see GGG winning two more outings and then meeting Martinez for a mega fight sometime in 2014.

The following superb video tracks Golovkin as he works through the before, during, and after process of his engagement in Monaco: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZS1fCr0STQ&feature=youtu.be

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Геннадий Головкин - Нобухиро Ишида (Golovkin vs Ishida) 30-03-2013

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  1. Tex Hassler 11:34am, 04/07/2013

    GGG seems to have loads of power and he is no doubt a great prospect. He seems destined for the top. I have seen him fight and he definitely has skill. We need to see him in with tougher competition and that is coming soon.

  2. the thresher 07:32am, 04/07/2013

    jofre , ironically GGG needs a close fight so that others see him as vulnerable. In other words, go easy in one and lure some opponents into the trap of fighting him. That won’t happen, of course, because he always will go all out and that may end up being his biggest opponent.

    He is now my favorite fighter. Particularly since Rios has lost. And not unlike other boxing fans, I can change my allegiance on a dime. I believe there is a word for it. :)

    See you on Sunday, good buddy.

  3. Don from Prov 08:02am, 04/06/2013

    I think that you have an OY-Style man crush, Mr. Sares—

    But in THIS case it is justified, IMO.  BTW, that GGG jab is vicious.

  4. Boston Blackie 02:41pm, 04/05/2013

    Bill, maybe.

  5. dollarbond 07:26am, 04/05/2013

    Ted, your last post was brillaint stuff.  Was that taken from the article?

  6. jofre 06:53am, 04/05/2013

    Ted, GGG is the only fighter fighting today that I make it a point to watch. I love his style, demeanor and power.  Hopefully the other middleweights won’t shy away from him and we’ll see him in “must see” high profile fights.

  7. Mike Casey 06:37am, 04/05/2013

    Hell, languages were never my strong suit.

  8. THE THRESHER 06:36am, 04/05/2013


  9. Mike Casey 06:30am, 04/05/2013

    Here we go, Walt: Геннадий Головкин - Нобухиро Ишида = Eat at Luigi’s.

  10. the thresher 04:57am, 04/05/2013

    GGG is the quintessential boxer/puncher—the complete package; he is marvelous to watch because he combines so many attributes including great stamina, musculature with minimal body fat, well-honed technique, numbing KO power in either hand, superb footwork and balance, and the ability to use perfectly leveraged combinations that exact tremendous punishment. His propensity to close the ring and walk his opponent down means that he goes on the stalk as soon as the bell rings. A master at keeping the right separation, GGG quickly gets comfortable in an appropriate range, and begins using his crunching jackhammer jabs that set up his heavy artillery of hooks, straights, and the occasional jarring uppercut. The entire scenario is like the work of an artist, but instead of paint, this artist uses controlled violence.

  11. the thresher 04:55am, 04/05/2013

    Thanks Pete. Trout should not be underestimated.NOT AT ALL.  He is well-schooled. If he gets beyond the first 3 rounds, he will be living hell for the Redhead.

  12. Pete The Sneak 04:47am, 04/05/2013

    “GGG is all about charisma, being fan-friendly, super talented, revered by his cult-like fans (especially on Facebook), humble, and oh yes, very, very marketable.”
    Exactly Ted. You could easily be using the same words about Canelo. I think these 2 would be a sales Bonanza should they decide to meet anytime soon…However, like mr. rax, I too think that Austin Trout is going to upset the apple cart here and give Canelo all he can handle. Just saying…Nice Piece…Peace.

  13. the thresher 04:41am, 04/05/2013

    Mike, interesting that you say that.  I might use it as a quote giving you credit of course.

    In an article featured in this month’s Boxing World Magazine, I wrote about GGG and I titled the article, “Artistic Violence.”

  14. the thresher 04:37am, 04/05/2013

    Walt, I’ll be dammed if I know. But if its good, I’m it.

  15. Mike Casey 01:09am, 04/05/2013

    I hope Golovkin’s the real deal and I suspect he is. I know for sure that I love to watch him. He always looks so beautifully comfortable.

  16. Walt 10:19pm, 04/04/2013

    Ted Sares, what does Геннадий Головкин - Нобухиро Ишида mean?

  17. the thresher 08:13pm, 04/04/2013

    Damn, I thought that was you Mike. I agree, GGG will send Maravilla into retirement but with a very nice $$$ package. If Chavez Jr, can deck him, GGG will ice him. His power is frightening.

  18. Mike Schmidt 07:42pm, 04/04/2013

    Good evening Sir Bull—‘excellente’ right up. Having been ringside ringside to watch Mr. GGG and Mr Maravilla…..well….I think at this stage of boxing life Mr. GGG is gonna knock Mr Maravilla out. Both great fighters and would be a legendary fight in a historically glamour weight class—adios amigo—let’s go to New York end of June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. the thresher 07:34pm, 04/04/2013

    Irish, Keep your eye on Sergey Kovalev. Another Russian monster. And I agree that anyone out of Argentina bears watching.

  20. the thresher 07:28pm, 04/04/2013

    Pug. So glad you liked that. I had to work it a bit, but I think I got it the way I wanted it. These maniacs would not look up if The North Koreans invaded Nice—down the road from Monaco.

  21. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:11pm, 04/04/2013

    Ted Sares-Heck yea! Next thing you know the naysayers (there seems to be more on this site than I realized) will be saying that he’s too boring because he’s too dominant! I bet you’ve been scouting Diego Chaves….Keith Thurman says he never heard of the guy….he could be in for a very rude intro….because from what I see Chaves is faster and hits even harder than Keith….plus he’s from Argentina…another big plus!

  22. The thresher 06:00pm, 04/04/2013

    Rax, make no mistake, this guy is a stone cold killer disguised by boyish looks and a cute accent.

  23. pugknows 05:34pm, 04/04/2013

    “The impact could be heard throughout Monte Carlo and even disturbed degenerate and wealthy gamblers, albeit for a mini-second.” Now that is pure Ted Sares. Love it!

  24. raxman 05:30pm, 04/04/2013

    I don’t want to even comment on this guy after the other day but I will say this. a lot of the public appeal of Kostya was based on him being this simple straight forward nice guy - none of that was true. what gave the appearance was simply a case of broken English. battling bill mordy the late great oz boxing promoter that spotted the young Tszyu after he outboxed and bewildered Vern Forrest, brought him to oz and teamed him with Johnny Lewis made the great comment after falling out with KT in what would became a high profile court battle- “I got kostya English lessons instead I should learnt to speak Russian”

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