Golden Boy Pushes Mayweather vs. Canelo for December

By Richard V. Powell on September 1, 2012
Golden Boy Pushes Mayweather vs. Canelo for December
Golden Boy is trying to get Guerrero to fight Andre Berto, which is a fight he does not want.

Although not fought with fists, these wars are just as brutal and can leave the losers stranded on the battlefield…

When two fighters finally step into the ring, it typically follows a war between multiple camps that outsiders rarely get to see. Although not fought with fists, these wars are just as brutal and can leave the losers stranded on the battlefield. And when the opportunity comes along to fight someone like Floyd Mayweather, who guarantees a million pay-per-view buys on his name alone, you can expect “by any means necessary” strategies to be in play.

Confidential sources inside Golden Boy tell that Oscar and his team are working feverishly to push a Canelo Alvarez vs. Mayweather fight for this coming December in Las Vegas. Implementing a “last man standing” line of attack, they are using their influence and power to make sure that Canelo is the only fighter available at the time, thus leveraging Mayweather into the fight.

As usual with the best laid plans of men, there is always a hitch, some fly in the ointment that disrupts the mission. And in this case it’s that pesky Robert Guerrero. Guerrero let it be known last November he had a thing for Mayweather. And like the pit bull that he is, he’s clamped down on the leg of this notion and refuses to let go.

Golden Boy is trying hard to get Guerrero to fight Andre Berto, which is a fight he does not want. They are reportedly throwing gobs of money at The Ghost in an attempt to wear him down but it doesn’t seem to be working. Guerrero’s position is that he’s answered the questions that Mayweather had about him earlier. He successfully moved up two weight classes in his impressive fight against the previously unbeaten Selcuk Aydin. His earlier shoulder injury gave him no problems and he is currently in excellent health. He also showed everyone that he was free of ring rust after his long layoff. So Guerrero wants to know: “What’s the holdup?”

Canelo is a much bigger draw than Guerrero. His rabid fan base in Mexico will mean added revenue to a Mayweather event, but probably only to the tune of 300K to 400K buys as most Mexicans can’t afford pay-per-view. 

It’s no secret that Mayweather wants to be the only one to make any money from his fights. His embarrassing offer to Pacquiao and the breadcrumb deal that Ortiz accepted will not work with Canelo. Alvarez will demand a lot more money and rightfully so. But after doing the math, which fight will mean more for Mayweather? Guerrero seems to be interested in other payoffs beside money. He would likely accept a flat fee payment for a Mayweather deal, leaving the bulk of the booty to Floyd.

Golden Boy’s approach makes sense. Pacquiao will be busy with Tim Bradley and both Lamont Peterson and Berto are tainted goods. Amir Khan is now at the back of the line and Mayweather has already beaten Marquez in dominating fashion. As far as Mayweather is concerned, Ortiz is been-there-done-that, so all that’s left are some B-level fighters like Marcos Maidana and Devon Alexander. Canelo and Guerrero appear to be the only options.

Both fights should be highly competitive but Guerrero at 29 and with his vast championship experience should be more mature and mentally prepared. Canelo holds the WBC junior middleweight title but only had to defeat Matthew Hatton to get it. He’s recently faced a damaged Kermit Cintron and over-the-hill Shane Mosley—but no one near the level of Mayweather or Pacquiao. At the tender age of 22, it might behoove him to get a little more quality competition under his belt before biting off more than he can chew.

Guerrero claims he’s the one that can beat Mayweather. He claims to have studied Mayweather exhaustively and has Floyd “figured out.” He also has in his possession the interim WBC welterweight belt and has said repeatedly “If Mayweather wants his belt, tell him to come and get it.”

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  1. richard powell 06:48am, 09/07/2012

    @Rob - thanks again for your feedback, it’s very rewarding to know readers are actually processing what I’m writing.  The line “It’s no secret that Mayweather wants to be the only one to make any money from his fights.” is common knowledge among those who have to negotiate with him.  I actually got that from a well-known boxing manager who tried to finesse a match with Pacquiao for Floyd last year.  Mayweather is a very astute businessman which means he’s tough.  The operative word though is “wants”.  That doesn’t mean he gets it, a la Pacquiao.  I believe if you ask those in the sport who deal with him they will agree with me and Floyd would probably agree himself.  If you were to see what Floyd made from the Cotto fight you would probably think it wasn’t fair.  He likes broadcasting rights in the future, all the PPV, he really knows what he’s doing, I mean, he took Ortiz to the woodshed.  I take issue with your comment about Guerrero having fought anyone of quality.  Many times we confuse a fighter’s ability with how famous they are.  Selcuk Aydin is a stud.  And if you look at who Guerrero’s record he’s faced the best in the lower weight classes against strong guys who might not have the name of a Cintron or Mosley but are actually better.  My point is Canelo is being groomed and Guerrero has fought the best his class had to offer.

  2. Rob 09:50am, 09/06/2012

    Mr. Powell, again I have an issue with your article. You write: “It’s no secret that Mayweather wants to be the only one to make any money from his fights. ” But you never mention that Cotto just made over $15 million fighting Floyd; his biggest purse ever. So how exactly is Floyd making all the money in that fight? I’m sorry sir but your bias is apparent here. And as a writer (hopefully not professional) you should keep your biases to yourself. And I’m not a Floyd fan (far from it), but I just have to call it like I see it.

    And in terms of who has the better resume: Neither of them have fought legit competition in either weight class. The only 2 fighters in those weight classes that are in Floyd’s league are Pacquiao (at 147) and Cotto (at 154). Unfortunately for us boxing fans that’s all there is right now until Canelo or Guerrero (or Berto, Lara , etc.) fight some legit contenders and stop fighting “safe opponents”.

  3. Rob 09:30am, 09/06/2012

    Come on guys! I know that Manny is your favorite fighter, but don’t believe the BS Arum sells you. Floyd is not scared of Manny the same way Manny is not scared of Floyd. To be a TOP professional boxer you have to be tough, and they both are. The problem with that fight is simple; “BOB ARUM”. If you guys watched boxing BEFORE Manny became a star you would know that Arum used to promote Floyd and De La Hoya, but after they both left him (to make more money themselves) he never worked with either of them again. Arum doesn’t like to share the money; that simple. If you actually pay attention you would realize that the problem here is Bob Arum. Manny and Floyd would both make lots of money if they fought; but Arum doesn’t want to put money in Floyd’s pocket (or Oscar’s). And Floyd doesn’t want to share the money with Arum; this has nothing to do with Manny. THINK: Who has Floyd fought that was a Top Rank fighter? Answer: NOBODY

  4. boxmeister 03:22pm, 09/02/2012

    This is truly clear that Greedy Boy Promotions will indeed groom Fraud Mayweather Jr to be undefeated for as long as it lasts.  Mayweather would rather risk his zero loss to Canelo than to Pacquiao because he knows GBP will make sure he wins it by hook or by crook.  After all, Mayweather does not really intend to fight Pacquiao later or ever and will use Pacquiao’s name all the time to promote this fight.  Watch.

  5. ferdinand a. sanez 04:26am, 09/02/2012

    I’m sorry my friend, this fight will never happen. Mayweather will not fight Pacquiao bec. he is afraid that he will not only be beaten but his career will end the moment he fight Pacquiao. He knows that he is no match to the speed power and courage of our country man. So even if the whole world will be offered to him he will not budge. He will make some amazing demands so that the fight would not happen. He will never withstand the barrage of punches that Pacman will unleash against him. He will not be able to evade the attacks of pacquiao the moment he will be trap in the ring. So im sorry to disapoint you Mayweather will not allow this to happen even if it’s the last thing he will ,ever do.

  6. chris 08:51pm, 09/01/2012

    as a filipino and a proud fan of manny, it’s also unfair to hear a lot of negative comments about him being boring in his previous fights because of being so cautious and not having the knockout power anymore etc. to prove them wrong why not push the fight the whole world wants which is against floyd? i’ve heard he already agreed the random blood testing and about the money, since floyd is the number 1 P4p right now , why not make a deal which do you think floyd will be happy to accept coz he is on top and he is so greedy of money so if you feel you can beat him make the fight happen, you just need to swallow your pride a little bit , stop saying it is up to my promoter who i need to fight next, it is you!

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