Golovkin and Braekhus—Saturday Night Hit

By Marc Livitz on May 9, 2018
Golovkin and Braekhus—Saturday Night Hit
We still got to see Golovkin mangle Martirosyan over the weekend on HBO. (HBO Boxing)

According to Nielsen Media Research, the main event between Golovkin and Martirosyan registered 1,249,000 viewers and topped out at 1,361,000…

This past Saturday came and went without a major pay TV event beamed to us live from Las Vegas. The fallout surrounding the self-removal of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez from his eagerly awaited rematch with Gennady “GGG” Golovkin was easier to digest than some had anticipated. We’re still ticked off to no end, of course, but at least we still got to see Golovkin mangle Vanes Martirosyan over the weekend on HBO. In doing so, he tied the middleweight record for consecutive title defenses at twenty. Martirosyan didn’t last long, but he showed guts in taking the contest on short notice and the willingness to jump up to middleweight as well.

Though attendance figures at the StubHub Center reportedly weren’t exactly through the roof, the news from Tuesday in regard to TV viewership could indeed be a signal that two names aren’t always needed to carry a telecast.

Not only were we able to get a ‘Cinco de Mayo’ dose of “GGG” and his fan friendly style of fighting, we were also treated to a contest featuring one of the absolute best female boxers in the world in Cecilia Braekhus. What took HBO so long to get with the proverbial program and give ample time to women’s boxing is another matter. On Tuesday afternoon, promoter Star Boxing issued a media release to inform the public that Saturday’s telecast from Carson, California was indeed a success. According to Nielsen Media Research, the main event between Golovkin and Martirosyan registered 1,249,000 viewers and topped out at 1,361,000.

Perhaps even better and more welcoming news was that the same service averaged over 900,000 viewers for the opening bout on the night’s telecast, the unified welterweight championship featuring the aforementioned Braekhus and Kali Reis. It peaked at over one million and was the second highest-rated contest on the premium cable network so far in 2018. Although Golovkin didn’t surpass his own attendance record at the popular Southern California venue (set in 2014 against Marco Antonio Rubio), Tuesday’s media release did indicate that the unbeaten middleweight king from Kazakhstan broke figures previously set for the live gate as well as merchandise. To be fair, ticket prices weren’t exactly friendly to all. 

We’ve received mixed signals, so to speak, from Gennady as well as his camp as to whether or not we’ll see him square off with Canelo Alvarez in the Fall. In addition to the fact that many are of the opinion that Golovkin won their initial meeting last September, he’s also switched seats with his redheaded adversary from Guadalajara. Canelo may have given up the pole position. If the proof is in the pudding, then he may have learned that the ‘BS’ is in the beef. It’s still such a letdown that hit us all right in gut, though we did save $75 or so by not having to order the contest we’d thought we were getting a few months ago. With bated breath, we’ll continue to wait. At the same time, it’s still a bit refreshing to see an alternate night of programming hold its own.

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Fight highlights: Gennady Golovkin vs. Vanes Martirosyan (HBO World Championship Boxing)

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  1. Balaamsass 08:06am, 05/09/2018

    Canelo still not in any testing program…..before they agree to anything like that they have to be sure they have a more reliable way to circumvent this time! He cannot compete with GGG unless he’s enhanced…for that matter he couldn’t compete with either Charlo or Hurd either! Jacobs maybe….nah….too risky there too! The crux of the matter is this….if he’s standing at the end in Vegas his chances are way better than 50/50 because if they don’t have Addy Byrd or Patty Jarman they’ll they’ll reinstate C.J. Ross if they have to get the desired result….the one that benefits the Las Vegas hospitality and gaming industry the utmost!

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