Golovkin Meets Adama

By Clarence George on December 3, 2013
Golovkin Meets Adama
It's well past time for the leading lights of the middleweight division to step up to the plate.

Gennady Golovkin, aka God’s gift to the middleweight division, will defend his WBA and IBO titles on February 1 in Monte Carlo…

“I must hurry back to my house and flowers in Monaco.”—Lillie Langtry

Gennady Golovkin, aka God’s gift to the middleweight division, will defend his WBA and IBO titles on February 1, 2014, when he takes on Osumanu Adama over a scheduled 12 rounds at Salle des Etoiles in Monte Carlo, Monaco, the headline event of the Monte Carlo Night of Champions.

The hard-hitting Kazakh, who fights out of Germany, last won by mere decision 15 fights ago. A seven-year pro, 31-year-old “GGG” (28-0, 25 KOs) fought twice in 2012, stopping Makoto Fuchigami by third-round TKO in May and Grzegorz Proksa by fifth-round TKO in September, and four times this year, stopping Gabriel Rosado by seventh-round TKO in January, Nobuhiro Ishida by third-round KO in March, which took place in Monaco, Matthew Macklin by third-round KO in June, and retiring Curtis Stevens in the eighth in November.

Adama, who turns 33 this month, is a 12-year ring veteran (22-3, 16 KOs). He faced Daniel Geale for his IBF strap in March 2012, losing by fiercely contested unanimous decision, and fought twice this year, beating Grady Brewer by split decision in March and retiring Doel Carrasquillo in the seventh in July. His other two losses came by way of Dyah Davis in 2009 and Donovan George in 2010, both by unanimous decision.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for me to challenge boxing’s best,” says Adama, a native of Ghana who fights out of the Windy City. “I’ve already begun training and I will bring the titles with me back to Chicago on February 1.”

Um…no. Adama may be “a very tough opponent,” as a generous and gracious Golovkin says, and has yet to be stopped. But, to paraphrase The Fabulous Thunderbirds, is he tuff enuff? He is not, thus rendering “yet” the operative word.

Golovkin by mid-round stoppage.

“Gennady is committed to staying active and fighting the toughest opponents willing to get in the ring with him” (my emphasis), says the fighter’s promoter, Tom Loeffler of K2 Promotions.

With that in mind, what’s next for this marvel of the ring, this pugilistic phenomenon who’d “climb the Empire State, fight Muhammad Ali,” as the aforementioned fab songsters would no doubt put it? Max Bursak, Matt Korobov, Lukas Konecny, Caleb Truax, Marco Antonio Rubio? Ho-hum. No disrespect, but those guys are more or less in the same league as Osumanu “Machine Gun” Adama…destined to be toothmarks ‘pon Golovkin’s glove.

It’s well past time for the leading lights of the middleweight division to step up to the plate…and into the ring. This is especially true of fellow titleholders Darren Barker (IBF), Peter Quillin (WBO), and Sergio Martinez (WBC). Not that Barker or Quillin would have much of a chance, and Martinez is unlikely to get clearance from his geriatrician.

Where does that leave us? Martin Murray? Another mid-round stoppage. Daniel Geale? Ditto. Felix Sturm? Nein! Newly anointed super heavyweight, er, middleweight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.? He’d lose, despite a self-entitled demand that he be allowed to balloon to the weight of Stephane Tessier.

But speaking of super middleweights…Andre Ward? Ah, now that would be a horse of a different weight division. And if you think that’s a hint, Gennady…

You are correct, sir.

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  1. Pete The Sneak 06:32am, 12/05/2013

    EBM. it was all good till the relationship hit a ‘Snag.’...(Rim Shot)...Be well…Peace.

  2. EBM 06:24am, 12/05/2013

    Sneak this is my last post- I hope you desnaggled, resnaggled, unsnaggled, whatever the fuck, your date- I suspect it was a happy ending!!! Unlike Sergio’s legacy if he keeps this GGG line of attack horseshit…( ha I snuck that in as my last on this item)

  3. Clarence George 06:24am, 12/05/2013

    Ha!  Very naughty, Pete…very, very naughty.

  4. Clarence George 06:22am, 12/05/2013

    The only tune we’re getting from Sergio these days is of Lawrence Welk vintage.  He’s an oldster, and a damaged one at that.  And that’s what it comes down to.

  5. Pete The Sneak 06:19am, 12/05/2013

    Bastardo, CG…Nuff said..You guys nailed it head on….By the by, I once dated a girl who’s nick name was ‘snagglepuss’ (square business)...I’ll leave that to you guys to ponder as to why…Peace.

  6. Clarence George 06:18am, 12/05/2013

    Ha!  I once went over to BWAA headquarters demanding membership, but they gave me a meatball parmesan hero instead…I left reasonably contented.

    “Sergio, exit stage right or take the fight!”  I like that.

  7. El Bastardo Magnifico 06:16am, 12/05/2013

    One other PS- Lou, just not sure on that Art Carney Honeymooner pork pie hat- I see ya in one of those newsboy caps more. As for Sergio- wham, to the moon Alice….!!!! SERGIO STALKED young Chavez Jr evern showing up at his post fight press conferences- SERGIO “Why won’t he fight me. He is supposed to be the Champion….LADA LADA DA DA DA- That was okay at the time CALLING OUT CHAVEZ AS AN EMBARRASMENT TO THE WORD ‘CHAMPION’ FOR NOT FIGHTING HIM BUT WE AREN’T GETTING THAT TUNE NOW ARE WE…

  8. EBM 06:12am, 12/05/2013

    Lou is full of shit on top of his own shit, two shit times over. Lou knows the shitnameee is coming his fighters way. Hey that feels good getting that off my mind- not to worry Lou, we still love ya all the insame. Now, this just in from the BWAA- Clarence George has been awarded the first ever best video content award placement for his snageee puss video addition. Sergio, exit, stage right or take the fight!!!

  9. Clarence George 06:10am, 12/05/2013

    I agree, EBM—Martinez’s championship status will always be a bit tainted because of his refusal to fight Golovkin.

  10. Clarence George 06:05am, 12/05/2013

    Right you are, Pete.  Martinez-Cotto makes cents (especially for Martinez), but it doesn’t make sense—not to me, a boxing fan.  I just wish DiBella would cut out the crap.  First, Golovkin wasn’t sufficiently proven, tested, worthy.  Then it was, well, Martinez needs a warm-up bout first.  Yeah, right—the chances of Sergio taking on Gennady are just about nil.

    As for you, EBM:  Heavens to Murgatroyd!  I used to know a guy who sounded exactly—and I mean exactly—like Snagglepuss.  Terribly funny, as you can imagine.


  11. EBM 05:58am, 12/05/2013

    What bothers me Sneak, aside from my comments as per below ( and I agree with your thoughts on how these proposed fights play out), what bothers me, is that the past six months Sergio and Sampson have been laying out press releases about how they are going to rearrange GGG- if your not going to fight the guy, then cut the charade, shut up, and show some respect!!!! It is going to get embarrassing for Sergio if he keeps hanging around as “Champion” and avoiding this fight. By Definition he is no “Champion” very soon if he does not step to the plate and take the fight.

  12. Pete The Sneak 05:49am, 12/05/2013

    CG, Bastardo, I totally agree. However, make no mistake, Cotto will be fighting Martinez. There is no way in gods green earth that Martinez is going to accept a fight with GGG. At this stage of Sergio’s career (as well as Cotto’s) this is about the safest most financially sensible thing for him. He can fight an aging, albeit extremely piopular fighter in Cotto and walk away with plenty of bucks and his health and perhaps his belt intact. GGG? There is no way, as good as GGG is that a fight with him will generate the type of money Cotto will. Not to mention avoid taking a serious beat down. I like Sergio Martinez, but he is softened up champion (have you seen his last couple of fights?) who is totally at this point in his career ready to cash out. Can’t say as i blame him…Peace.

  13. EBM 05:39am, 12/05/2013

    Yep- this “business side” has long term damaged the sport- a whole lot of guys I know just don’t view anymore because it is not the same, and I here this lament all the time, as in the 70’s and 80’s when guys like The Four Kings, Duran, Leonard, Hearns, Hagler took it as personal pride and fought each other- and they made dough and held their heads high!!!—- and if Cotto fight goes it is a perfect example why- If Sergio wants to fight Cotto- no probs, HBO don’t put the money out, don’t put it on- either you fight GGG or not- the other thing these guys should remember is boxing landscape can change in one punch so this pre-programmed build em up sometimes backfires in a huge way- look at the build up for Gamboa vs Juan Ma- ooopseee doopsee- where are they right now. They would have made a big payday on that one- career payday!!! The other joke Clarence are fighters turning down a fight because the other guy hasn’t built himself up- what a pile of horseshit-HBO builds these guys up!!!! Do you think Sergio was making any serious dough before HBO- hell it isn’t that long ago he was getting the stuffing knocked out of him by Margarito for $800 ( and that aint a joke number)- All the respect to Sergio, he has been a great Champion, but he does not want to fight GGG- exit stage snagglepuss right with your chin held high.

  14. Clarence George 04:34am, 12/05/2013

    Well said, EBM.  Boxing has a business side, to be sure, but it should be about more than what Terry Malloy called the “short-end money,” especially at the top-tier.  Martinez should be in the ring with guys like Barker, Quillin, and—most of all—Golovkin.  If he’s past it (and there’s no shame in that), he should just hang up the gloves.  His fighting Cotto makes precious little sense to me.

  15. EL BASTARDO MAGNIFICO 03:08am, 12/05/2013

    Clarence you are 100% correct. Sergio should retire as a Champion with dignity. He can otherwise retire as the Champion who went out with a duck job on GGG- and by the way- Sergio and his Agent have had more than a few press releases this past year about how they are going to re-arrange GGG- shut up, put up, or get up and leave. At the end of the day, in my spectator position, I want bang for my buck entertainment- it’s the entertainment business from the spectator side of things- give me the best- the “business” strategy is giving the “business” to the fans and various fighters who deserve to move up the ranks and get their title shot- as it is we have a guy like Segio, monopoly of the belt for what will be 3/4 of a year and getting his good business exit strategy while some poor bastard works hard in the gym waiting waiting waiting- we saw it again last weekend- Adonis should have been in the ring with Kovalev last weekend. Sergio is the most competive fight out there for GGG at middle. Cotto vs Sergio is a joke and Cotto is going to get banged up badly. Now, from the agent, manager side of the “business” side of things- ha don’t even get me started, YOUR POST ON SERGIO IS BANG ON CLARENCE

  16. Ted 08:05pm, 12/04/2013

    Martinez-Cotto is a very good choice for the fans. Two aging guys at the final crossroads..

  17. Ted 08:04pm, 12/04/2013

    Why should Martinez take a beating from GGG when he can lose more gracefully and safely at the hands of Mayweather and make more money? It’s called an exit strategy. It’s called good business.

    At some point GGG might become an event fighter like Floyd and those who fight HIM can get a retirement package. That’s why I don’t see a GGG-Floyd fight. The only event fighters around these days are Floyd, Pac, and Wlad (Europe).

  18. Ted 07:58pm, 12/04/2013

    Raxman has the beat

    GGG is beginning to annoy me like Wilder is annoying me.

  19. EL BASTARDO MAGNIFICO 06:15pm, 12/04/2013

    100% right on Clarence. Look way back when Carlos Monzon was more than ready to retire and there was a huge huge push for him to fight Valdez- he took that fight, not once, but twice and kicked Valdez’s ass. That was when a Champion fought the numero uno guy. At face value HBO seems to bend to these guys bullshit wishes. No Koolz, what I said then and now is make these fuckers either fight GGG or take them off your pay per view cash cow system. Most these guys would be lost in the woodworks relying on a live gate and B level T.V. Look, when Sergio fought at MSG against Mack-hardly a barnburner of ticket sales. I have met both Ward and Gennady. Ward is a big Super-Middle and fought amateur as a Light Heavy. Gennady is a small Middle and could probably get down to Light Middle—all this shit of Martinez probably fighting Cotto mid year is pathetic- hell let GGG fight Cotto- haw haw haw. Ward quite frankly does not want to man up and go after these guys 7 pounds up—Stevenson, Kovalev etc etc and don’t kid yourself there—go watch Ward vs Darnell Boone and watch the timbers shake when Andre gets dropped. No, GGG should be giving the opportunity to clear out the middles—Hagler, Monzon all those guys stayed at the weight- but back then the networks had more balls to tell guys to go fuck off if they did not want to take the fight that the network wanted. Most of the time now it is just pre-programmed kiss the ass of the fighters and promoters horseshit- look at last week- did anybody seriously have Adonis or Kovalev going to lose those fights? As it was damned lucky nobody got seriously hurt in those farces.

  20. Koolz 03:55pm, 12/04/2013


    were you not the one that saw Ward and Golovkin together.  Ward was much bigger?
    what kind of adjustments would Golovkin team have to make to fight or even beat Ward I wonder.  Ward seems to be able to do it all.
    Will we find out in 2014?

    yea no Mayweather it’s just talk.

    Nobody in the Middle weight Division can beat GGG.
    I stand by that.

  21. Clarence George 03:11pm, 12/04/2013

    My middleweight bout of choice would be Golovkin-Martinez, but I just don’t see it happening.  The Argentine (not to mention DiBella!) knows that the Kazakh would beat him, and perhaps do serious injury.  And I agree, EBM, that Martinez-Cotto isn’t even a poor substitute.  If Martinez can’t or won’t step up, he should just retire.  He’s earned it, and there’s certainly no shame in it.

  22. EL BASTARDO MAGNIFICO 02:33pm, 12/04/2013

    Broken record part two. Before Sergio go to HBO and got built up he made shit money. HBO SHOULD FORCE SERGIO TO FIGHT GGG or simply don’t use him for HBO fights. HBO controls the money here- it is the same deal with Stevenson vs Kovalev. Adonis if you don’t want to fight Kovalez fuck off - not fighting on HBO- it is shocking how HBO puts on these blow outs without simply using their financial clout to tell these guys either you fight the guy we want or adios. If HBO lets Sergio fight Cotto ( and all respect to Cotto) instead of man up and fight GGG- shame on them- not GGG’s fault-GGG promoter have had to overpay on opponents the last being Curtis-come on HBO flex some muscles- maybe the only guy with balls is Kellerman for at least forcing the questions on these guys- Stevensons answer that his fans wanted to see Froch was laughable- the crowd was silent.

  23. raxman 01:42pm, 12/04/2013

    for the most part you guys have convinced me that you’ll never see anything but positivity when it comes to GGG. so i give up. i am happy to have got Ted the bull and pete the sneak and kid vegas on side though.

  24. Clarence George 01:06pm, 12/04/2013

    Koolz:  I thought of mentioning Mayweather as a prospective opponent, especially as Golovkin wants to fight him more than anyone else, but I just don’t see it happening.  Ward is much likelier, especially if the middleweight division’s top-tier continues to ignore Golovkin’s blandishments.

    Pete:  Golovkin would rather fight a nobody than nobody.  And it’s not just to stay busy; he’s seeking to pressure or embarrass the best of the middleweights into the ring.  I thought there was a good chance that would work, and it still might.  But if it doesn’t, and fairly soon, he’s going to have to seriously consider a change in weight.

  25. Pete The Sneak 10:58am, 12/04/2013

    rax, I’ve always thought perhaps you were just hating on GGG. However, looking at this upcoming fight with Adama, I’m starting to think maybe there is a method to your madness, mate. You are right on, whereas a guy like Adama should have been one of GGG’s early pro fights and not your 29th with HBO behind you and everyone talking bout you as a perennial pound for pound fighter. As Koolz said, it’s always a treat to watch GGG, but c’mon man, time to step up…Peace.

  26. Koolz 10:27am, 12/04/2013

    I need to mention that Golovkin wants to drop in weight and fight Mayweather.  Not that Mayweather would fight GGG though.
    Golovkin is convinced that he has 99 percent chance to beat Mayweather and I for one don’t doubt him and Sanchez.

    I see him going up in weight and yes fighting Ward like the article states.

  27. Clarence George 06:07am, 12/04/2013

    Well said, EBM, per uje.  My own view is that Martinez is too decrepit and injured to continue fighting at the top-tier level, never mind take on Golovkin.  He should seriously consider the many benefits of retirement.

  28. Clarence George 05:59am, 12/04/2013

    Good point, Koolz…why not enjoy the fight?  There’s no one I’d rather see in the ring, regardless of the opponent, than Golovkin.

  29. Koolz 05:23am, 12/04/2013

    It will be a great Three Round Battle!
    I love how you guys say where is Barker where is Geale?  What?
    Did you see the fight between those two?  Golovkin would destroy them before five rounds.
    Stevens would probably beat Barker.
    It’s always a pleasure to see GGG fight!

  30. Clarence George 05:04am, 12/04/2013

    No disrespect to Adama, who’s anything but a palooka, but I too would like to see worthier opponents for Golovkin, especially Barker, Quillin, and Martinez.  I’m convinced Golovkin could beat all of them (though Martinez probably would have won two or three years ago), thus becoming the unified Middleweight Champion of the World.  But his fellow champs are in avoidance mode.  What’s a Kazakh to do?  If he’s a Kazakh by the name of Golovkin, he steps into the ring whenever and against whomever he can.  Eventually, however, he may have to give up on the middleweight division (because it gave up on him), and try his luck—not to mention phenomenal skill and hitting power—at super middleweight.  In the meantime, let’s see who steps in the ring with him next time, which will probably be in May or June.

  31. EL BASTARDO MAGNIFICO 04:43am, 12/04/2013

    This is not Golovkin’s fault. HBO AND HBO PAY PER VIEW TV DOLLARS DRIVE THE FIGHTS AT THIS LEVEL—IF HBO LETS MARTINEZ OFF THE HOOK BY FIGHTING MID NEXT YEAR AGAINST COTTO THEN SHAME ON THEM. Martinez should be told fight whoever you want but if it is not GGG then no HBO for you—Champions are supposed to fight the number one—not a guy that is a Welter, has never fought at Middle, and is way past his prime—need a tune up fight Sergio, do old school, get permission for a non title and then get in with GGG

  32. raxman 01:30am, 12/04/2013

    keeping busy fight is the argument being used.  if that’s the case his whole pro career has been keeping busy fights. this isn’t like froch fighting taylor dirrell kessler abraham johnson ward and bute -and then having an easy one in mack before rematching kessler. this is ouma, simon fujigama proksa rosado ishida macklin, steven and now…. his easy fight? his keep busy fight. adonis stevenson has had 3 fights in 6months!!! dawson, cloud and bellew - at time of his fighting them they were all top ten talents. Golovkin has not fought a single top tier middleweight - he doesn’t need a easy fight and he’d be better off sparing gun amateurs than fighting the level of opponents he has thus far.
    very few know more about GGG’s talent than I do - its why i’m sorry dirty on the whole thing. he deserves to shine and we deserve to see it. i like everyone believe in his talent - but anyone that can guarantee he cleans out 160 may be in for a shock - matthysee vs garcia and or bute vs froch should be clear indication that dominating lesser talent - no matter how its done - means nothing.
    compare the resume of GGG to lomanchenkos single and proposed 2nd fight. check out kovalev’s last two opponents and his ambition to get those belts!

  33. Darrell 08:01pm, 12/03/2013

    K2 protecting their investment….or is he just keeping busy.  Four fights already this year, three of them against reasonable opposition.  I see no reason for any brouhaha.

    Next year if at least one fight against one of the other titlists doesn’t happen then some hard questions need to be asked.  I will admit though, a fight against Martinez should happen sooner rather than later before old Sergio has to go off into the sunset on a mobility scooter.

  34. Clarence George 07:55pm, 12/03/2013

    He also, more wisely, goes by “Machine Gun.”  Not that I disagree with your basic point—he won’t make it past the seventh.

  35. Ted 07:43pm, 12/03/2013


  36. Ted 07:42pm, 12/03/2013

    Look, any guy with the nickname “Ozzie Adams” has to get waxed. /

  37. Clarence George 07:40pm, 12/03/2013


  38. Ted 07:39pm, 12/03/2013

    I am now aligned with Rax. What does that make me?

  39. Clarence George 07:17pm, 12/03/2013

    Talk about shooting the messenger! 

    Thanks, Irish…good one.

  40. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:59pm, 12/03/2013

    Clarence George-“I can’t believe that having said what I said was interpreted as having been what I said when I said it, because I said it where I said it, when I said it, and who I said it to.” (President Obama) oops! wrong quote…actually (Don King).

  41. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:46pm, 12/03/2013

    What’s the problem here? Adama’s not complaining….it’s his turn in the barrel (the one with the big knothole) that’s all….nothing more.

  42. kid vegas 05:16pm, 12/03/2013

    Shame on Gennady

  43. raxman 04:47pm, 12/03/2013

    ted - yes. it was a decision that prob should’ve gone LM’s way, but the point is he far from dominated Judah. in fact if LM deserved the win it was still only a close one - and Judah was a long way from the Judah of ten years earlier.

  44. Ted 04:45pm, 12/03/2013

    Matthysse got a Brooklyn jobbing against Zab.

  45. raxman 04:42pm, 12/03/2013

    there is no way of knowing how Golovkin would fare against the other top rated 160 pounders because he hasn’t got near to fighting them. on talent yes he looks to have geale, Martinez, quillin’s, murray, barker and sturm’s number, but there is no way of knowing how he will go against a live opponent until he faces one. everybody thought on the back of Matthysse’s destruction of Peterson that danny Garcia was (a) scared to fight him; and (b) would be destroyed if he got in the ring with him. this despite Matthysse’s having trouble with (and losing to) the only other live opponents he faced (DA and Judah). its history what happened. and what we should take from history is lessons. the lesson is you can’t judge a thoroughbred on time trials alone. and up til now GGG has only been running time trials

  46. Ted 04:35pm, 12/03/2013

    This is, well, embarrassing. I no longer am afflicted with circlekerkdome. I have left the circle.

  47. raxman 04:31pm, 12/03/2013

    do I need to comment? come on circle jerkers justify this one. adama!!! whose claim to fame is that he got schooled by Daniel Geale 18mths ago.
    So long as all of you cheer this guy on no matter who he fights his promoters will keep serving up second tier middleweights like stevens and adama. why bother putting him in with quality opponents if you all treat him like the second coming when he beats these guys?
    this will be Golovkin’s 29th pro fight. this guy was a superstar amateur. a beast and I’ve not been so excited about an amateur turning pro as I was this guy. but he could have and should have fought Adama level opposition in his 7th or 8th fight

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