Golovkin vs. Canelo—Site TBA

By Marc Livitz on May 10, 2017
Golovkin vs. Canelo—Site TBA
Where will the (hopefully) epic showdown between Canelo and Gennady Golovkin be held?

AT&T Stadium has all the trappings needed to play host to the bout, but most signs point to the contest heading to the Nevada desert…

Oscar De La Hoya made the rounds across a few daytime sports talk shows so far this week and other than the dominating performance by his promotional company’s most prized asset, Canelo Alvarez, much of the focus was on one simple word. Actually, what could be more accurate than “if you build it, they will come”? Perhaps one word, yet one which is always dished out in a group of three. Location, location, location. Where will the (hopefully) epic middleweight showdown between Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin be held?

Despite the fact that De La Hoya insists that he’s listening to all offers as well as considering each one beyond measure, only a few sites come face-to-face with logistics as well as the bottom line. Las Vegas is the likely front-runner simply due to its relationship with what is much like the oxygen in our blood. Without oxygen, we die. Without money, Vegas flops. A more concisely worded answer? The classic quote from the notorious bank robber of the 1930’s, Willie Sutton hits the ball out of the park. When asked why he held up financial institutions, he replied, “Because that’s where the money is.”.That’s pretty cut and dry, isn’t it?

Site fees for high profile fights can be in the eight-figure range at times, which is why so many of them are held in Sin City. Millions of dollars put up by a hotel with a hot and jumping casino can easily make the money back in due time. The MGM Grand was the main host for last Saturday evening’s target practice session for Canelo Alvarez against Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. and hopefully, ecstatic fans of the victor poured into the massive casino and rolled bones until dawn. Alvarez was the clear favorite but matters don’t always go as planned.

Just ask Steve Wynn, who took a financial bath in the fall of 1990 when James “Buster” Douglas decided a huge payday for the first defense of the heavyweight title he yanked from Mike Tyson a few months earlier was more important than getting into prime fighting condition. He was easily knocked out by Evander Holyfield in the third round. Let’s not get off topic, however. Vegas makes all the economic sense in the decision, yet it would easily deliver a mighty shank to the oceans of boxing fans who’d love to attend the fight live.

Julio Cesar Chavez (senior) delivered a beating to Greg Haugen in February of 1993 in front of over 130,000 spectators at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, a place forever in soccer lore thanks the efforts of Diego Maradona in 1986. The NFL has taken its brand to the Distrito Federal many times and has found great success as well. However, in terms of state of the art facilities, El Azteca doesn’t measure up and Mexico City still isn’t exactly the safest place in the Western Hemisphere. The stadium itself is in desperate need of a facelift to take it safely out of the twentieth century and into the current age. Cross this one off the list.

Next, as De La Hoya mentioned on Tuesday was Wembley Stadium in London. Would it be fair to fans to stage another titanic showdown in the U.K. after one just took place there two weeks ago? Wembley has the facilities, to be sure, but this a contest between a Mexican and a Kazakhstani who has endeared himself to many Mexican fans. Going across the pond may be asking too much of a fight which was announced on a grand stage in the United States and may rightly deserve to host the contest more than any other locale.

Places like Dubai make little sense. Gambling’s not allowed, its human rights record is simply abhorrent and it’s too far away. Gone are the days of rumbles in jungles and thrillers in Southeast Asia, which brings us to the most logical choice behind Las Vegas. AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas has all the trappings needed to play host to the bout. Jerry Jones has rolled out the red carpet to championship contests in the past, most recently last September for the aforementioned Canelo Alvarez. Should he be so inclined, Jones can offer to open the entire stadium in an effort to break the 100,000 spectator mark. Hopefully, his efforts are better than those he put forth for the Super Bowl in 2011, when some fans were ultimately told their seats were in makeshift sections that didn’t satisfy the county’s fire safety code.

The drawback is the fact the area around the stadium doesn’t offer much other than a few restaurants. Hotel rooms would be limited and traveling fans could easily be subjected to the all too familiar spike in the costs of just about everything from rooms to a pack of gum. Still, despite the fact that T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas can accommodate around 20,000 fans, doesn’t five times that amount sound better and give us the chance to show England that we can pack ‘em in just as strongly? Through all the anticipation we may be feeling this week, most signs point to the September 16 contest heading to the Nevada desert. The truth may indeed hit us hard, yet not as forcefully as the thought of HBO re-airing the Canelo/Chavez, Jr. fight on cable TV this weekend. Lastly, it’s “GGG” Golovkin who has in his possession the lineal middleweight crown, not Canelo. Let’s show him the respect he deserves and put his name first in the promotion and announce him second on fight night.

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  1. Koolz 03:42pm, 05/13/2017


    Damn this a good interview on GGG and Canelo.

  2. Koolz 05:08am, 05/12/2017

    I heard the Bid is for Texas.
    Arrg Sanchez….frustrating.  Make GGG TKO Canelo, close the ring, get him on the ropes go to work.
    I don’t think Canelo can beat Golovkin even on his best day.  And like Irish is saying I really Hope the Rematch is not in the cards even before the fight.

    Alt Knight everyone when to South Africa when Mandela died so they could pray in that Temple of the Sun.  (Dawn of the Golden Sun)

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:47am, 05/10/2017

    Maggotshit in the Bronx KO games and almost kills an 83 yr old guy taking a walk around the block. Surveillance video purportedly shows maggotshit to be Hispanic?! Really?1 That was fast…..better take a Goddamned closer look! The old guy was indeed Hispanic but I’m guessing he looked just a little too white while walking! Through the years thousands of fighters from the Bronx so yes this is boxing related!

  4. Alt Knight 08:24am, 05/10/2017

    Only problem with a fight held in Vega$ or Texas, it is definitely not a neutral site, given the large Mexican population in Nevada and Texas. Hell, why not London? America has certainly had the lion share of important fights for as long as I can remember. Given the sudden emergence of talented British fighters, and England being the birthplace of boxing, why not. This is an international bout, so hold it in an international city like London.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:56am, 05/10/2017

    Kovalev turned out to be far, far less than we thought he was when he couldn’t close the show with the Grappler ( albeit a Hopkins class grappler)! The same goes for GGG if he doesn’t KO Canelo…...period! Red is not the heavy load that Jacobs was….not by a long shot…..it’s time to put up or shut up for GGG! Memo to Abel Sanchez and GGG….if you’re thinking a UD win with a rematch for big bucks you’re both full of shit….you either KO Him or you go to the back of the line!

  6. Alt Knight 05:55am, 05/10/2017

    Why not Dubai? Whites facing genocide in South Africa didn’t stop them from having a World Cup Soccer event in South Africa,  just a few years ago. Hell, when Mandela passed away, Clinton, Obama, Carter, and Bush Jr, all went to S. Africa, and not one of them said a word about White genocide in South Africa. However, Dubai, isn’t exactly a boxing mecca and screw Jerry Jones, the Dallas area isn’t exactly steeped in a rich boxing history, football, not boxing for the Big D. Vega$ is the most logical answer, and more than likely the place the fight will take place. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a stinker.

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