Golovkin vs. Canelo—Thirteen Days

By Marc Livitz on May 9, 2016
Golovkin vs. Canelo—Thirteen Days
We’d love to see Canelo face the biggest test of his career in the form of Triple G.

As we wait to see what the next thirteen days bring, fans should no less than affirm that they don’t (expletive) around either, at least not anymore…

As of Saturday evening, two of the biggest stars in boxing are now set for a showdown as mandated not only by the fans, but the sport’s most feisty sanctioning body as well. To the surprise of virtually no one, Canelo took care of business by way of a resounding, crushing knockout victory over Amir Khan in Sin City. It’s now up to the collective brains, bones and gall of the promotional powers that will function as the grand overseers to prove us all wrong. Why, exactly do we need to be proven wrong?

Because we’ve seen this before and as much as we’d absolutely love to see Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (47-1-1, 33 KOs) face the biggest test of his career in the form of Gennady Golovkin (35-0, 32 KOs), an all too familiar feeling has already begun to hang in the air above certain circles. The paying legions of fans who follow the sport’s every move were made to follow its every whim for nearly seven years as the most demanded bout failed to materialize when it mattered. Ultimately, Mayweather and Pacquiao gave us spoiled milk.

Canelo and “GGG” can give us the milk as well as honey if the next thirteen days bring us the news for which we are now clamoring. September 17, 2016 will hopefully be the date to save for the showdown for the universally recognized, lineal and undisputed middleweight championship of the world. Golovkin’s trainer, Abel Sanchez indicated last Saturday evening while still in the brand new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas that Canelo’s camp had fifteen days to respond to their “take it or leave it” style offer.

An hour or so later Alvarez’s handlers, Oscar De La Hoya and company, stressed during the bout’s post-fight press conference that he’d be on the phone with Gennady’s peeps on Sunday morning. Still, some worry that Golden Boy Promotions is in no hurry to potentially have the shine around Alvarez shattered should he convincingly lose to Golovkin in the fall.

So, as we return to work on Monday to the tunes of dissonance among sports talk show hosts who rarely toss a bone towards the sweet science, thirteen days is what is now in front of us. Granted, this is not the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Canelo’s Mexico and Golovkin’s Kazakhstan (formerly of the U.S.S.R.) have not engaged in combat with the other, yet a war of sorts is what we’ll likely see if our ears are rang with the news of the two fighters facing anyone other than well, the other.

During the aforementioned standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union alongside Cuba, Americans were frightened with the thought of a nuclear war. Some of our parents can tell us stories of how they engaged in preparatory drills in grade school. They’d put their hands over the tops of their heads and brace for atom-splitting impact in the false hopes that such measures would save them from the oncoming flash of destruction.

In terms of professional boxing fans and the discretionary income sacrificed, the WBC’s mandated decision to strip Canelo of the middleweight title if he turns down the fight with Gennady should be the least of his worries. The ball is not completely on his side of court, to be sure. Golovkin’s representation may deliver some potential hang ups of their own as well. However, Canelo’s defiant statement given during the post-fight interviews in the ring (“We don’t (expletive) around”) should warm the collective hearts of boxing fans, unless it’s nothing more than talk between the ropes.

As we wait to see what the next thirteen days bring, fans should no less than affirm that they don’t (expletive) around either, at least not anymore. They need to stand firm in the face of whatever is thrown their way and remember that the biggest protest one can give is to turn their respective backs on a fighter or promotion. Never mind the social media or ability to let our thoughts known and disdain echoed. This time, keep the wallets shut. Don’t buy tickets. Don’t buy pay-per-view. Don’t even watch the HBO telecast save for a “Face Off—Canelo vs. Golovkin” or other style of buildup to the bout we need to see sooner than later.

To some, the fact that the Mayweather/Pacquiao bout sold well over 4 million buys on pay TV was astounding because of the bickering, bantering and excuses we were thrown since the first decade of the new millennium. By the time the fight was a reality, it was such big news that mainstream news even tried to talk to the boxing universe about its significance. This time, all signs can point forward to the second biggest fight in as many years with or without the “big fights only” crowd.

Hopefully, the next thirteen days will bring good news with the announcement that not only will the bout the place, but it will do so in a venue with the blue-collar fan in mind, such as AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Time is now ticking.

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  1. koolz 04:42pm, 05/17/2016

    I am trying to wrap my head around the idea that you guys think Canelo is even at GGG’s level.

    I honestly can’t figure it out.  When Golovkin was fighing in Germany he would have beaten a fighter like Canelo.

    Now Golovkin is even better then his pro days of Germany.

    Canelo has never ever fought a real middle weight and you think he can
    Step in with the best middle weight and win?

    i have to say it again i need to see Canelo fight someone like David Lemuiex
    First befor he fights GGG.


  2. Carlos Torres 07:43pm, 05/16/2016

    Once Golovkin connects with his body punches the end for Alvarez will come shortly. Golovkin simply has too many skills against a one dimensional fighter such as Canelo. Normally the fighter that has the more skills usually wins.

  3. Elmore Leonard 04:50pm, 05/16/2016

    GGG has great power and very good defense, but he has one weakness. He likes to show machismo and stick his chin out and say “hit me”. If he does this to Canelo, he’s toast. He hasn’t been tested. I’ve seen him fight a dozen times and he’s beatable. Can he beat Canelo? Sure can. If Canelo comes in and allows himself to get blatantly get hit by GGG, he may go down, but I think Canelo has a better chin than that. Mexican fighters are very tough. They will die in the ring. The fighters that GGG has fought have given up as they start getting hit, Canelo won’t. I would love to see this fight. It’s a toss up between two great power punchers who both have the WILL to leave it all in the ring.

  4. te tumbo 02:26pm, 05/16/2016

    out-jabbing Canelo is gonna be difficult without any sort of reach advantage. also, considering that Canelo has become a specialist at countering jabs with his Right, attempting to engage him in a jabbing-contest is the equivalent of an opponent sticking out his chin to be teed-off upon. bottomline, Canelo is only getting Bigger and Better following each win, which figures considering his youth, hunger, and ambition. he’s at least one year from his fighting peak. also, one thing that can never be said about Canelo is that he’s “avoided.” that’s because he’s targeted, faced, and defeated every quality opponent on his turf. including presumably superior boxers like Trout after he manhandled Cotto and Lara who many favored to defeat Canelo. regardless of whether you agree with the official outcomes, Canelo stepped up to these difficult challenges and avoided the promotional ploy of becoming “avoided,” which is code for “show us the MONEY or no big drama show!”(shouldn’t it be the other way around?). anyway, Canelo summed-up his matchmaking philosophy when he said, “Let’s stop messing around. Never mind the belts. Let’s fight for pride, honor, and glory.”  sounds like a plan to this fight-fan.

  5. koolz 07:55pm, 05/13/2016

    I give Canelo 8 rounds vs GGG.  8 glorious round till the ref has to stop the fight.
    If GGG wnats he can control the fight with his jab.  I just wonder how many times Canelo will hit the deck before it’s over.

  6. KB 04:51pm, 05/13/2016

    Tumbo, we are close to being on the same page on Canelo-GGG.

  7. te tumbo 12:46pm, 05/13/2016

    ” . . . i think [Canelo] is a superb fighter, great sportsman with true humanity, but coldcocking[?] Baldamir, Mandingo and Khan is one thing. Doing that to the Eastern Euro lad is quite another.” the fact that Canelo can still manage to “cold-cock” a front-facing opponent focused on trying to score and/or defend against punches is a testament to Canelo’s explosive punching-prowess. the previously sturdy Baldomir was squared-up and moving forward when Canelo crushed his chin. Trout was in full boxing-punching mode when Canelo connected with a “shocking”-right on his chin sending Trout to the canvas. Kirkland was also in mid-punch when Canelo penetrated his defense and delivered a 180⁰ KO of “Mandingo.” IMO, Gennady is particularly vulnerable to that punch. Moreover, Canelo continues to diversify his arsenal, e.g., he scores flush rights, hooks, and uppercuts in offensive and counter modes. conversely, even v. conspicuously-limited competition Gennady hasn’t demonstrated the same level of punching prowess. not unlike Pacquiao, GGG will look “great” v. inferior competition but will be increasingly exposed v. elite competition and Canelo is currently among the most elite of competitors in Boxing.

  8. Steve-O 01:18pm, 05/12/2016

    te-tumbo is one of the staunch unbelievers about GGG constantly humming the mantra “who has he fought?”  Meanwhile Canelo fights nothing but little guys and geezers and when he has stepped up he gets thrashed by Fraud, beaten by Lara and Trout but manages to get the nod. The real world knows GGGs skill set dwarfs Canelos limited skill set and will blow will blow him away. GBP knows this as does Red. Only this time it won’t be the stinging pot shots of Mayweather, it will be the pile driver jab and thunderous combinations that will take the toll and eventually finish off Canelo.

  9. AMERICA FIRST!! 06:18am, 05/12/2016

    Canelo to ride Hell Toupee in the Preakness if other jockeys concede to wear 130lb weighted vests during the race.

  10. AMERICA FIRST!! 06:02am, 05/12/2016

    Canelo has hinted that he might go after The Krusher’s 175lb title if the fight can be made at a catchweight of 166lbs. Meanwhile the Krusher has stated he will fight Tyson Fury at a catchweight of 205lbs for the heavyweight title.

  11. koolz 04:41am, 05/12/2016

    Te tumbo
    I am pretty sure that Golovkin and Ward just couldn’t agree to terms.
    It’s a fight that won’t happen.
    I think Canelo and GGG will happen.  I honestly think Canelo should give
    The belt to GGG then test himself against a true middle weight before he enters the lion’s den.
    All the world waits for GGG vs Canelo.  We can wait a little more for it to happen
    In May 2017.
    I like it when Golovkin speaks on his native language, you get hear the real Man.

  12. KB 04:09pm, 05/10/2016

    Canelo has introduced a new word to the boxing lexicon; namely, “Caneloweight”. It is whatever gives him the big edge. Don’t get me wrong. I think he is a superb fighter, great sportsman with true humanity, but coldcocking Baldamir, Mandingo and Khan is one thing. Doing that to the Eastern Euro lad is quite another. Canelo’s early start as a pro is more than matched by GGG’s amateur credentials.

    The fight with Amir was nothing more than a “Khan job”  Now fight Lemieux and if you get through that test, let GGG marinate and then go after him for more money than there s money. You lose, you earn millions and millions. You win (and I think you have a solid chance provided you stop looping your hooks), the sky is the limit.

  13. te tumbo 03:42pm, 05/10/2016

    KOOLZ, i just read the interview and discovered nothing new. it’s the same standard promotional pap they’ve been spoon-feeding casual fans for the past year. bottomline, i don’t buy that Golovking is more “avoided” than Hagler, Chavez Sr., Iron Mike, Lennox Lewis, or Mayweather. ALL of whom managed to confirm several signature and legacy-defining bouts during their respective primes. in Gennady’s case, he claims to have cleaned-out 160lbs of worthy competition in which case, exactly who is “avoiding” him? he claims Ward contacted him after he signed to fight Lemieux but instead of assuring Ward that he would be next, he simply declined the challenge and remained “avoided.” in Canelo’s case, he insists he’s not a middleweight, has never faced a middleweight, so GGG insists he face him at the full and non-negotiable middleweight limit of 160lbs(?). GGG also wants to assert purse-split privileges despite his previous PPV-debacle and inability to actually sell-out an A-list boxing venue like the Forum, e.g., neither 12,000 for Monroe Jr. or 16,000 for Wade is an actual sell-out of the 18,000-seat Forum and he struggled to reach 16,000 even with an assist from “Chocolatito” on the undercard. not a single one of these items are addressed in the fluff-piece on the boxing scene website. accordingly, i remain underwhelmed (contemptuous?) of GGG’s promotional ring-stature and the utter lack of a single signature-bout in his ring-profile. he needs to step Up or Down without any of the diva-posturing that (IMO) is the real reason for his “avoided” status.

  14. koolz 12:31pm, 05/10/2016

    Te tumbo you are grossly misinformed about GGG, along with tons of other’s on the net.
    Because of this lost in translation Golovkin has taken it upon himself to inform the public with an interview in his native language.  The said interview can be read on boxingscene website.
    Be good chap and read it.

  15. te tumbo 11:23am, 05/10/2016

    Canelo is at least a year or two from reaching his peak. therefore, confirming an immediate showdown v. Golovkin represents a significant acceleration of his career timeline but the fact that Canelo consistently expresses his desire to confirm this matchup demonstrates the heart, ambition, and hunger of a true champion. ultimately, Canelo holds all the cards. GGG’s artificial “sell-outs” of 12,000 followed by 16,000 in an 18,000-seat Forum distinguishes him as the conspicuous non-draw that GGG previously cited to dismiss an immediate match-up v. Ward, e.g., there were still thousands of tix available just a week before his last bout v. Wade. Canelo’s ring-resume is a whose-who of current and contending jr. middles compared to GGG’s solidly meiocre ring-resume of whose that? IF Canelo concedes the 160lb-condition that GGG is desperately clinging to then Golovkin MUST concede everything else IF he’s willing to risk greatness. otherwise, he can begin his slide into prominent obscurity.

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:16am, 05/10/2016

    Its only natural for a guy to feel frisky after taking a good dump or kicking someone’s ass. In the recent instance Canelo pulverizing that little guy from Londonistan was just what the doctor ordered….for GGG that is…. because it looks like Canelo is feeling really froggy right about now.

  17. Prediction 06:03am, 05/10/2016

    IF this fight is made, Golovkin KO4 Canelo. Weights at fight time will be, Golovkin-171lbs, Canelo-177lbs.

  18. koolz 05:01am, 05/10/2016

    Canelo thinks fighting GGG is the man test.  Every story the boy goes out beats the trials and comes back a man.
    Canelo looks at GGG as his way to finally show he is a true Mexican warrior.
    He will vanquish the monster GGG and come back the hero just like the stories.

    Golovkin thinks it’s a great fight for the fans and would love for it to happen since he is the mandatory and Canelo has his belt.

  19. koolz 03:54am, 05/10/2016

    Canelo is trying to prove to himself that he is not worried about GGG.  He
    Is also trying to prove to everyone else that he is not worried about GGG. 

    The reality is he is very worried about GGG.  When someone constantly talks about
    How this person isn’t a monster they are not afraid, what they really are
    Doing is trying to convince themselves they are not afraid.
      While all this is going on Golovkin is laughing and smiling talking to the media.
    Canelo seems to think that GGG wants to fight him…no what he wants is that belt
    And could careless if he fight Canelo.  The whole scenario is rather funny?

  20. No10Count 09:06pm, 05/09/2016

    Good write up.
    Been yelling at people to stop buying all these BS PPV’s
    It’s pretty darn simple to NOT buy them.
    That will FORCE the powers that be to change.

    And this is a very interesting situation.
    If Alvarez wants to retain the belt he has to fight Golovkin.
    Since Golovkin’s goal is to unify he could care less about Alvarez.
    He wants the belt. So his people will not budge from their perch, nor should they have it.  He will be getting be getting that belt this year one way ofr another.
    Less the WBC re write their by laws (which would probably destroy themselves in doing so. Could only imagine the back lash that would cause.)

  21. We don't cuck around 05:29pm, 05/09/2016

    Will Golovkin have to come in a few pounds above his birth weight?

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