Golovkin vs. Vera?

By Clarence George on August 14, 2013
Golovkin vs. Vera?
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. canceled his September 7 bout with Brian Vera because of a booboo.

Vera has the stones to get in the ring with phenom Golovkin, the hardest-hitting middleweight on the face of the planet…

“If not you, then who? If not now, then when?”—Hillel the Elder

What with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. canceling his September 7 bout with Brian Vera because of a booboo and Gennady Golovkin in need of a dance partner for early November, why not Golovkin vs. Vera? A suggestion of fellow boxing writer Jimmy Tobin, and a damn good one. True, the bout probably wouldn’t last more than two or three rounds, with Vera cozying up to the canvas, but what fun while it did.

Thirty-one-year-old Golovkin (27-0, 24 KOs), a seven-year pro, hasn’t won by mere decision since defeating Amar Amari in 2008. The Kazakh continued his kayo streak in 2012, stopping Makoto Fuchigami by third-round TKO in May and Grzegorz Proksa by fifth-round TKO in September, and throughout this year, stopping Gabriel Rosado by seventh-round TKO in January, Nobuhiro Ishida by third-round KO in March, and Matthew Macklin by third-round KO in June.

No-frills Vera, 31 (23-6, 14 KOs), who turned pro nine years ago, fought twice in 2012, beating Taronze Washington by unanimous decision in April and Sergio Mora by majority decision in August. The Texan’s fought twice this year, stopping Serhiy Dzinziruk by 10th-round TKO in January and retiring Donatas Bondorovas in the seventh in March.

Vera’s been decisioned four times—by Craig McEwan in 2009, Isaac Rodrigues in 2010, Max Bursak the same year, and Andy Lee in 2011—and stopped twice, by Jaidon Codrington via second-round KO in 2007 and James Kirkland via eighth-round TKO in 2008.

Third stoppage courtesy of Golovkin in November? Maybe. One thing’s for sure—unlike a boxer who shall remain nameless but whose initials are Curtis Stevens, Vera has the stones to get in the ring with phenom Golovkin, the hardest-hitting middleweight on the face of the planet.

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  1. Clarence George 01:42pm, 08/16/2013

    Really, Kid?  I just don’t see it.  Rather, it’s Raxman who doesn’t see it.  I hold him in regard, but he’s being as contrary as a prospector’s mule.  Golovkin is the goods…maybe even the greats.

  2. kid vegas 10:54am, 08/16/2013

    Raxman is beginning to pound his point home to me. Beginning being the operative word.

  3. Koolz 07:19am, 08/16/2013

    abner mares

    Raxman you think Abner Mares should get the praise GGG gets’....I know Japanese fighters in Abner Mares weight class that would KO him.
    But I don’t see him trying to fight any of them.

    I am not to convinced on Mares at all his last fight was good plan but over all I don’t think he can last like Golovkin will.

  4. Koolz 07:14am, 08/16/2013

    Hey hey yea I love Golovkin’s fighting I don’t see anyone beating him and it’s very exciting in the world of boxing.

    Raxman I saw it but replying and having a discussion about every post creates arguments.  Geale or Barker beating Golovkin?  Even Barker’s Promoter is smarter then that!

    Froch get’s the praise he deserved, the Kessler fight was outstanding atmosphere for his fight.  I look forward to what happens when he fight’s Groves.

    Hopefully next year we will see GGG be able to fight the very top fighters. 
    Ward, Froch, Gaele.

    But in all honestly we have one party saying one thing and another party saying something else.  You need two parties to agree on the fight for it to happen.

    I’ll stand by my super hyping Golovkin as I see him fighting better then any of these guys.

  5. Clarence George 07:27pm, 08/15/2013

    Delighted you could make it, Raxman.  Anything I write on Golovkin is lacking unless leavened by one of your foam-at-the-mouth rants.  I’m kidding, of course—your comments, however much I may disagree, are always welcome.

  6. raxman 06:54pm, 08/15/2013

    and the circle jerk continues. it happened with lacy, it happened with bute. and now its happening GGG. getting credit for beating guys he was always going to beat up. koolz ignored my last retort on this matter or he missed it coz he was on eastside telling people they know nothing about boxing - or maybe he just didn’t have any response except “you know nothing about boxing”!!!
    i’m sick of saying this - but i’ll run thru some facts once more. ishida was a pumped feather fisted 154pounder. macklin’s claim to fame was that Martinez ko’d him in the 11th. WTF!! since when is getting beat an accomplishment - and lets not forget Jamie Moore knocked Macklin out a long time before Sergio.
    it is totally irrelevant how Golovkin beats his opponents if his opponents never had a chance to begin with
    and pls, Clarence, save the avoider/avoidee crap. who ducks who is the most boring conversation in boxing. everyone fights on a risk vs reward basis these days. everyone. its the way the sport is now, sadly, and it is that way because you guys let it be that way. case in point Gennady Golovkin - why the hell would GGG’s people put him with quality opposition when you guys are gonna worship him no matter who he beats?
    if you were fans of golovkin for as long as I’ve been, you would expect, no, demand more. the guy was an amateur superstar and nearly 30 fights into his pro career he’s still fighting second and third tier guys. compare that to riggondeaux who was fighting quality opposition 6 or 7 fights in.
    the sort of adulation heaped on GGG should be saved for when he earns it. in the meantime carl froch is fighting top tier guy after top tier guy and abner mares has beaten vic d, agbeko twice, Moreno and ponce - they are but 2 fighters who deserve the level of praise that GGG is yet to earn.

  7. kid vegas 05:32pm, 08/15/2013

    Thank you

  8. Clarence George 06:55pm, 08/14/2013

    Yeah, I think Rubio’s a good choice.

  9. kid vegas 06:42pm, 08/14/2013

    Marco Antonio Rubio would be perfect. Vera would be butchered.

  10. Clarence George 06:23pm, 08/14/2013

    I see, Koolz, that you’re a fellow Golovkinian (or Gennadyite).

    Peter:  I’d like to point out, if I may, that Golovkin is the avoidee, not the avoider.  I hope and expect that that will change next year, that his opponents will be at least Barker, Sturm, and Chavez, and preferably Geale and Quillin.  I doubt that Martinez will ever agree to meet him.  As for November…an opponent has to be found, and soon.

  11. Koolz 05:27pm, 08/14/2013

    Yes Golovkin is the second coming.  Why?

    Because no one fights like that!  There are no fighters/boxers that show that much ring smarts, defense, offense, you name it like GGG does at 160.

    He keeps on showing just how amazing he is with each fight.
    Ishida fight(who knew he had an inside game where he could hit to the body and uppercut all at the same time generating such power!)

    Macklin who the heck can cut the ring off like that and move a persons punches away with their gloves while that fighter jabs?  He also feints and throws a punch to make a fighter make a mistake like in the first round)

    He is doing things in the ring that hasn’t been seen since Joe Louis!

    He throws combos to blow out a fighters defense. 

    Yea he would beat Stevens and Vera no problem.

  12. Peter MacRaild 02:28pm, 08/14/2013

    Everybody seems to agree that GGG is the second coming - that’s why it’s frustrating that we don’t see him facing guys like Geale, Quillin or Sergio in order to test that belief. Still, a KO artist like Stevens is much preferable to Vera for Golovkin’s next fight. At least people can then say that he faced someone with power. A nobody with power, but hey…

  13. Clarence George 01:30pm, 08/14/2013

    Koolz:  I agree.  As I said, I don’t think Vera would make it past the third, but I’m convinced he’d put up a helluva fight.  Stevens also wouldn’t last more than two or three rounds.  There only very few who would—Geale and Quillin, for instance—but there’s nobody at 160 who can beat Golovkin.

  14. Koolz 01:20pm, 08/14/2013

    They’re still playing Poker with the Stevens fight for Nov.

    Vera?  Ok yea sure why not another 3 round action until Vera is KO’d.

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