Golovkin vs. Canelo II—On Second Thought

By Marc Livitz on June 14, 2018
Golovkin vs. Canelo II—On Second Thought
That fell through, as did negotiations, yet someone refused to take “no” for an answer.

The tale was grim and the outlook even grimmer as to whether or not we’d get a second helping of the biggest middleweight rivalry of the present time…

A handful of sports headlines broke across our preferred variety of screens on Wednesday. While absolutely nothing could outdo the news that the globe’s most popular sporting event, the FIFA World Cup will return to American shores in 2026, we boxing fans were treated to a welcome change of heart on the part of one of the biggest promotional giants in the business. Last week, the tale was grim and the outlook even grimmer as to whether or not we’d get a second helping of the biggest middleweight rivalry of the present time.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KO’s) was recently stripped of his Ring Magazine championship title after the publication’s editorial pack decided to huddle up and act on the Mexican superstar’s use (whether intentional or not) of banned performance enhancing substances. He failed two tests in February.

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (38-0-1, 34 KO’s) now holds three of the recognizable 160-pound weight class titles instead of four after the IBF felt it necessary to strip him of that particular championship shortly after his proposed rematch with Canelo seemed to go up in a puff of smoke. He wasn’t in the mood to fight his mandatory challenger Sergiy Derevyanchenko.

It’s doubtful that either man gives a rat’s ass about that. Not just any posterior of rat, but the giant variety which roam the New York City sewers. Of course, they fought to a questionable draw last September, after which their rematch originally scheduled for the fifth of May fell through because of the aforementioned positive test for Alvarez. They’ll clash for a second time on September 15.

Golovkin flattened Vanes Martirosyan instead in less than two rounds on May 5th in Southern California. Canelo’s not done much and by the time they meet for the second time at the same arena as well as in the same city, he will have been away from the ring for a full year. He hasn’t had a break that long in his nearly thirteen-year career. In fact, he didn’t become a “twice per year” fighter until the Spring of 2012 when he topped Shane Mosley as part of the undercard of Floyd Mayweather’s last fight before he temporarily moved to the Clark County Jail in Las Vegas.

Just as was the case a year ago when several possible sites were being floated as a suitable venue for their initial matchup, Sin City won once again without any signs of a real fight. On Wednesday afternoon, we were notified that Golovkin wasn’t happy with the conditions in terms of a revenue split (57.5% to 42.5%), after which Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya declared to ESPN that there would be no fight. If matters stayed as such, then we’d likely get the replacement bout for Canelo, which would be a showdown with Danny Jacobs on September 15 in Vegas. As for “GGG”, he would instead set his sights on WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders sometime in late August. We may have been happy with this in some small way, but it’s not what we wanted.

Well, we got it. Though official terms weren’t made public, the most important tidbit of information was blared out across social media on Wednesday afternoon. We have a fight indeed. Canelo got the bulk of the coinage last September (70% to 30%) and was set to take just five percent less last month. That fell through, as did negotiations, yet someone refused to take “no” for an answer. We may not know who to applaud, so we’ll just clap for everyone. It’s just a bummer that no stadium was considered this time.

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  1. tetumbo 06:43pm, 06/18/2018

    not “someone” but Canelo and GBP who compromised by conceding Gennady even a single point more than the 35 he had originally agreed to. suspension, clean hair-follicle test, stricter testing, and he reaches even deeper into Canelo’s pocket for more(?!?), but for Canelo it will be worth it to brutally retire Gennady IN a boxing ring this september. his rust is a concern but he will also be Bigger, Stronger, Wiser, and Always Younger v. the older, slower, and consequently tentative Gennady who i’m certain won’t be responsible for even 20% of the paying public. No Matter. this obviously isn’t about titles or purse-splits for Canelo but a showdown to determine who is the best middleweight, which is all he’s ever claimed to want. he’ll leave talk of “style”, mandatories, and unification promoters and fanboys.

  2. Lucas McCain 08:05am, 06/16/2018

    GGG “deserves” to win after the first bout, but justice doesn’t always triumph.  He hasn’t looked his best for some time now, and despite the last blow-out fight, he looked slow to me at the start.  Maybe not warmed up?  Who knows.  I’ll be rooting for him, but it could go either way, even without “mother’s little helper” in Canelo’s diet.

  3. Ollie Downtown Brown 07:47am, 06/16/2018

    Mean Machine-Mean Machine-Mean Machine-Mean Machine !! What a great movie, the original that is, not the sorry azz remake. Wonder what Sonny Sixkiller is up to these days?

  4. Koolz 04:40pm, 06/15/2018

    This the fight where GGG will come out looking to destroy.  Fed up with everything and everyone, not intimidated by the atmosphere this time.  he is going to be The Mean Machine! 

    Watch him give Canelo sneaky upper cuts, under the jab, watch for Canelo to go for his big hooks to the body.

    Then all of the sudden watch how neither of these guys can throw to the body…Sheesh!

    Canelo is also going to be pissed off and Mean and try and KO GGG! 
    Canelo is fed up with the meat, the press, the public, and damn is he Fed up with Golovkin.

    We might have a War!
    Mean Machine Triple G is Coming!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Balaamsass 08:42am, 06/14/2018

    “You gotta knock him out”! Tried and true corner “instruction” when a fighter is way behind late in a fight. In this case it’s the best advice Sanchez could give GGG even before the opening bell. Even better than when Mason Menard’s cornerman told him that he has to lead Devin Haney with his punches kinda’ like a trap shooter and maybe just maybe he’ll run into something!

  6. Kid Blast 07:49am, 06/14/2018

    That’s a great image. Love to steal it.

  7. Your Name 06:55am, 06/14/2018

    GGG Kos him this time. 8-4 by many knowledgeable fans scoring for GGG in the first fight. Canelo hasn’t got the firepower to keep him off. Canelo has always been a marginal fighter in that he never wins a “big fight” convincingly. He is a coddled child and acts like one. He has peaked and has nothing new to show GGG. I believe GGG by UD or potential KO. Watch him rip Canelo to the body this time.

  8. TLIG 06:48am, 06/14/2018

    Canelo just needs more confidence (and his experience from the last bout no doubt gave him a fair bit) and he’d beat GGG. Triple has been there for the taking for some time and September is that time.

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