Golovkin Wins Controversial UD over Jacobs

By Robert Ecksel on March 19, 2017
Golovkin Wins Controversial UD over Jacobs
Golovkin was listless for much of the fight and failed to keep his knockout streak alive.

“Triple G” has been portrayed as an indomitable force, a fistic anomaly, a throwback to boxing’s golden age…

Saturday night at New York’s Madison Square Garden, WBC/WBA/IBF middleweight champion Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin (37-0, 33 KOs), the knockout artist from Karaganda, Kazakhstan, kept his unbeaten streak alive by winning a controversial unanimous decision over mandatory challenger Daniel Jacobs (32-2, 29 KOs), the hard-hitting “Miracle Man” from Brooklyn, New York.

The final scores after 12 rounds were 115-112 twice (Don Trella and Steve Weisfeld) and 114-113 (Max DeLuca).

The sellout crowd of 19,939 at the Garden greeted Golovkin with cheers when he entered the ring, but booed the decision was it was announced, believing that Jacobs had pulled off the upset.

Despite being the heavy favorite, despite dropping Jacobs with a two right hands in round four, Golovkin was listless for much of the fight and failed to keep his knockout streak alive.

Jacobs fought a smart, tactical fight where he often gave as good as he got, especially in the second half of the bout. He outweighed Golovkin on fight night. He also often fought out of the southpaw stance for much of the contest, which created problems the reigning and defending champion had difficulty solving.

At the end of 12 “Triple G” had done enough to win the fight on the three judges’ scorecards, but there were many watching the fight at the Garden and at home who felt then, and feel now, that the challenger dominated enough rounds to win it, and that Golovkin often looked baffled enough that the titles deserved to change hands.

After the fight Golovkin was as gracious as usual.

“I respect Daniel Jacobs, and he did a very good job and clean job,” he said. “Daniel Jacobs is my favorite fighter—quality, very good fighter after I knocked him down. I respect his team.”

Jacobs appreciated the compliment, but he would have appreciated the victory even more.

“I think I won the fight, and I think the fans support me,” he said. “I think I won by two rounds at least. They want the big fight (against Canelo Alvarez), and Daniel Jacobs got X’d out. I won the fight, and I won the decision, and all I can do is be gracious in the decision.”

The knockdown in the fourth made all the difference.

“After the knockdown, I told him he’d have to kill me,” Jacobs said. “When I got up, I thought, ‘This is all he has?’ There were many times during the fight I went toe-to-toe because I knew I could. I got back up, and I thought I won the fight.”

And Jacobs is not alone.

Boxing is a business first, a sport second, and no one should forget it. According to CompuBox, Golovkin won the bout based on the raw numbers, landing 231 of 615 total punches thrown (38%) to 175 of 541 (32%) for Jacobs. But a breakdown of those numbers is revealing. Jacobs threw and landed more power punches, 144 of 371 (38.8%) to 126 of 259 (48.6%), albeit at a lower percentage, while Golovkin landed 105 of 356 jabs (29.5%) to 31 of 170 (18.2%) for Jacobs.

No one watches Golovkin because of his jab, but a win is a win.

“Triple G” has been portrayed as an indomitable force, a fistic anomaly, a throwback to boxing’s golden age. He may be all that still, but even in victory, his imperfections were showing.

“I need the decision,” said Golovkin, looking at the bright side. “I wasn’t thinking that I needed the 12th round to win the fight. This was my first test at 12 rounds. I needed a quality fight—not just the 12 rounds.”

When asked about Canelo, “Triple G” said, “Of course I want that fight. I am like an animal for that fight, but I will give Danny Jacobs a chance for a rematch,” even though there was no rematch clause in the original contract.

In the meantime we’re waiting for Canelo, which is not unlike waiting for Godot.

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  1. Captain MAGA 01:35pm, 03/19/2017

    I scored this fight 115-112. Agreed with the scores of two of the judges. HONESTLY, I don’t see where this decision should even be considered “controversial.” Pretty damn boring fight IMO, but it was clearly a UD for G-tree. Jus keepin’ it real, playa.

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:16pm, 03/19/2017

    Shame on you Julie Lederman….you’re way better than that! This is mind boggling shit here….hard to figure…. like when they used to screw Oscar when he not McGregor was boxing! Yea….that’s right….he beat Floyd, Mosley and Trinidad….yes he did! If those fights had been scored right Floyd wouldn’t have that big O on his resume and he sure as hell wouldn’t have been able to run that half billion dollar scam last year.

  3. Lucas McCain 01:15pm, 03/19/2017

    I hope to watch again in a week or two, but whomever you picked, it was a bout that mattered between fighters worthy of interest. Both were skilled, both fought hard, and it was a bout worth arguing about and seeing again.  That’s what boxing thrives on, as a business and as a sport.

  4. Koolz 01:14pm, 03/19/2017

    It was a close fight but GGG didn’t lose it he won it by two rounds due to the 10/8 round.
    Both fighters displayed fantastic boxing skills.

  5. Captain MAGA 09:46am, 03/19/2017

    Oops. I meant 10-1-1 for Jacobs.

  6. Captain MAGA 09:44am, 03/19/2017

    Oh, now I see what I missed. Brilliant display of power punching by Jacobs. Clear victory for Jacobs. I scored it 11-1-1 for Jacobs. Clearly the only round won by G3 was round 4. Jacobs had G3 out on his feet a couple of times.

  7. Harold Matthews 09:36am, 03/19/2017

    Wake-up people! GGG got schooled. He lost the fight.

  8. Captain MAGA 09:26am, 03/19/2017

    Irish…The sports “journalist” go to the same skrewels as the “news” reporters. haha. Taint worth getting your Irish up over. ESPN is more political than MSNBC. Just sit back and laugh at the sideshow. Anyone with a half a brain cell can see the double standards. Anyhow, boxing needs to bring back same day weigh ins. A guy weighing 180lbs and fighting for the middleweight title is ridiculous. Either that or totally revise the weight classes to fit the population. People are naturally bigger now than they were 30 years ago, much less 100 years ago.

  9. Lennon Wards 08:29am, 03/19/2017

    GGG should go up in weight and fight Kovalev. I still think GGG is overrated.

  10. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:18am, 03/19/2017

    Someone finally puts up a good fight and then it’s all….see!....see!....I told you he was a fraud! He’s been exposed! The real story is that 185 Lb Jacobs was bothered by GGG’s punches more than 162 or 63 lb GGG was bothered by his! GGG is a natural middleweight….plain and simple and Canelo by the way is a natural lightheavy….all this talk about brave little Canelo is so much horseshit!

  11. Koolz 08:02am, 03/19/2017

    I would like to see Jacobs go up to super middle weight and fight Eubank JR.

  12. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:54am, 03/19/2017

    Jacobs needs to fight Lemieux….they both can show up north of 180 fight time and we can get to see a really good cruiserweight fight!!!

  13. Captian MAGA 07:44am, 03/19/2017

    I just quick viewed a few rounds. Wanted to see the knockdown in the 4th round. Will watch later but from the little I viewed, Jacobs fought to survive, not to win. To be honest, what I saw was a pretty boring fight. Will watch all of the fight tonight. Unless Jacobs did a helluva lot more than what I saw in those few minutes, this wasn’t controversial at all, boring, but not controversial.

  14. Koolz 07:06am, 03/19/2017

    Lennon Wards

    He just fought a guy that was over 180 and who as athletic with Hunter in his corner!
    Shut Up!

  15. Koolz 07:04am, 03/19/2017


    now let’s take a look at the masterwork of Cuadras in Gonzalez fight.

    Compare to Carmona again.

  16. Koolz 07:01am, 03/19/2017


    can’t mention Inoue with out showing why he is such a big deal for these guys.
    It’s Inoue vs Carmona

    compare the Cuadras fight.

  17. Koolz 06:59am, 03/19/2017


    The whole main card full controversy?

  18. Lennon Wards 06:58am, 03/19/2017

    I always think GGG is overrated. He is flatfooted and very boring. He does not like to go up in weight for he knew someone will blow him away at higher weights.

  19. Koolz 06:56am, 03/19/2017


    Watch the heads!

  20. Koolz 06:54am, 03/19/2017

    not watching the fight till next week?  What?


  21. Captain MAGA 06:18am, 03/19/2017

    Unfortunately, boxing has been a bidness for decades. Do you really think that the best talent in sports, music, or whatever, always rises to the top? Sometimes being successful is like smoking a joint, the harder you blow, the higher you get.

  22. don from prov 06:10am, 03/19/2017

    “Boxing is a business first, a sport second, and no one should forget it.”

    Actually, everyone should try and forget that quote as it is a complete turning around of what reality should be.  But hey, these are the times we live in.
    Won’t watch the fight until next week—sounds like an interesting match.

  23. Captain MAGA 05:49am, 03/19/2017

    Haven’t seen the fight but usually the reaction from the crowd is a good indicator on who really won the fight. GGG is 35 years old and is only human and everyone has an off night. Does anyone remember Ali at 35? He was going the distance with Alfredo Evangelista and getting rocked by Shaver’s super slow bombs.. Give the guy a rematch, win convincingly, then end your career by beating the Irish Mexican. Predictable haters at Boxing.com will now come out of the closet, hehe, and tell us how overrated G3 is.

  24. Koolz 05:21am, 03/19/2017

    GGG showed great boxing skills.  Both fighters showed great boxing skills.
    Jacobs had a really good plan!  In this fight you finally got to see GGG’s defensive skills on display.
    But the Jab, the knock down, decided the fight.

    I think he should give Jacobs a rematch this year.  Crazy how big Jacobs was he had to be over 180.

    Great Card!

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