Golovkin’s Trainer Cries Foul, Claims Vegas Favors Canelo

By Paul Magno on March 8, 2018
Golovkin’s Trainer Cries Foul, Claims Vegas Favors Canelo
Crying about injustices AFTER the fact is pointless and more than a little pathetic.

As much as we’d like to pretend that boxing is a “real” sport, operated and governed like other “real” sports, the reality screams otherwise…

During an interview with Yahoo’s Kevin Iole on Wednesday, Gennady Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez made the “startling” claim that certain fighters get preferential treatment by certain commissions.

Really? And water is wet.

“It just seems there are certain commissions in this game that are very lenient toward certain fighters, Texas being one of them, Nevada being the other,” Sanchez said. “Certain fighters get relaxed rules, I guess you could say, and everyone else has to follow certain rules.”

Golovkin’s head trainer was talking about Alvarez recently testing positive for a trace amount of the banned substance, clenbuterol, but he backed up his claim of favoritism by pointing to an incident regarding his fighter’s big Vegas showdown with Alvarez last September and the way the Mexican star was having his hands wrapped. To cut to the chase, Sanchez claims that Alvarez’s hands were being wrapped, using an illegal method and that the commission pretty much ran him from Alvarez’s locker room for trying to cry foul. The Nevada State Athletic Commission, however, claims that there was nothing illegal with Alvarez’s wrapping method and that Sanchez was simply unfamiliar that the method in question had been permitted in Nevada “for decades” already.

Sanchez has been around the block a few times, so it can only be assumed that his whistle blower routine is one born of convenient and tactical rage. “Money” fighters ALWAYS get the benefit of the doubt.

As much as we’d like to pretend that boxing is a “real” sport, operated and governed like other “real” sports, the reality screams otherwise. From the size of the ring to the pre-fight accommodations to the very scoring of the fight, itself—the “money” fighter is going to get the shiny side of the penny. This has always been the case in this sport and, most likely, it’ll always be the way things work.

Sanchez, of all people, should know this reality, just from the benefits of the doubt Triple G has received when he’s the “money” fighter in the main event.

Golovkin got the benefit of the doubt on the scorecards for pretty much every close round in his bout with Daniel Jacobs.

And then, of course, there’s the Golovkin glove issue that is seldom mentioned by the G-lovin’ boxing media. Specifically, there was Gabriel Rosado’s claim in 2013 that a pre-fight inspection of Golovkin’s custom-made gloves showed them to be “different” than any other gloves he’d seen before and that they were “missing a little more cushion on the knuckles.”

“We tried [to protest],” Rosado told RingTV, “but the fight was the next day and so much bullshit was going on…”

The New York State Athletic Commission essentially blew off Team Rosado’s protests, in much the same way the Nevada commission blew off Sanchez’s hand wrap protests before the Alvarez fight.

Even if everything is on the up and up and the commission’s hearts and minds are in the right place, business dictates, even on a subconscious level, that it’s smart to err on the side of the money.

Again, this is just boxing being boxing.

If we’re being fair and even-handed about things, we can just as easily point to how the HBO-backed Golovkin has had every milestone accomplishment, up until the Canelo fight, practically gift wrapped for him and laid at his feet. The smooth ride to his first mega-fight created more than a bit of complacency in him and a sense of entitlement in the way he’s been conducting ring business lately.

But when you’re no longer the A-side of the equation and the money you can deliver is miniscule in comparison with what the other guy can generate, then you just have to crank things up. You have to make it so that there’s no doubt from which the “money” fighter can benefit. In Golovkin’s first stab at Canelo, he failed to truly separate himself from his opponent, failed to make a clear and decisive case for himself. The fight was very close and, frankly, it was a failure on his part and the part of his team not to understand that you can’t take a close fight to the judges in the “money” fighter’s preferred commission and simply hope for things to go your way.

Yes, certain fighters get preferential treatment in certain commissions and, almost universally, the lead promoter’s fighter will benefit from an uneven playing field, at least to some degree.

It’s up to the “B-side” to make the call when it comes to dealing with any specific issues and to decide how much they actually want to fight perceived injustices. Sanchez could’ve threatened to keep his fighter from coming to the ring if he was really concerned with Canelo’s wraps, just as Rosado could’ve walked away if he was sufficiently troubled by Golovkin’s gloves. And, as for the clenbuterol situation, Sanchez and the rest of Team Golovkin are going to have to push the commission to make sure there’s extra vigilance when it comes to Canelo’s testing.

Crying about injustices AFTER the fact is pointless and more than a little pathetic, especially for those who truly know the game.

Sanchez and Golovkin have no problems reaping the benefits of their star power when they’re at the very top of the bill. This coming May 5, they’d be wise to understand how much extra they have to push as the “B-side.”

Maybe it’s not fair, but who the hell ever said boxing was fair?

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  1. Koolz 04:47pm, 03/12/2018

    Golovkin needs to beat tainted meat Canelo.
    End of story.

  2. joseph 08:10am, 03/11/2018

    GGG can do what Wilder did. Deontay pulled out if his fight with Povetkin then sued the Russian for the amount of the purse, and he won. However GGG is almost Russian, and the courts are more corrupt than boxing could ever be, so it would be a huge gamble. Canelo’s only defense would be the; I’m a really dumb guy, really really stupid and, I have the IQ of a fence post to prove it. This defense has never been used successfully, but in the current atmosphere. I think it would triumph.
    Was Abel railing? No. Just pointing to the facts. G’s fight with Jacobs wasn’t as close as many want to make it, but closer than GGG v Canelo 1.

  3. Lucas McCain 01:07pm, 03/10/2018

    It’s interesting to compare Conte’s remarks when interviewed by his cute niece or cousin with the one on The Next Round site, where he sounds much more willing to accept the poisoned meat claim.  Did he get his story “straight” or did he loosen up around a pretty girl?  It is odd that the Ring would post the more skeptical interview, given Golden Boy’s ownership. Doug Fischer, usually a fun read, sounds very cautious.

  4. Lucas McCain 12:44pm, 03/10/2018

    Victor Conte’s interview on Ring Magazine site is overall pretty damning about Canelo and his team in this event, even though he pretends to be reserving judgment.  Of course Conte has his own dark past, but that gives him a certain expertise.

  5. hittum 04:10pm, 03/09/2018

    The promoters pay the judges. Fix that, fix boxing.

  6. Lucas McCain 11:37am, 03/09/2018

    Just checked out a column about the Robinson fight on another site—the guy with the tape was Fullmer’s manager, Marv Jensen, and the fight was, as Abel Sanchez might have guessed, in Las Vegas

  7. Lucas McCain 11:31am, 03/09/2018

    The column reminds me of one of the Robinson-Fullmer bouts (the 4th I think) when Robbie and Gainsford complained that the ring looked awfully small, favoring the bull-like Fullmer.  The commission (or maybe it was the promoter—a telling uncertainty) pulled out a restitched measuring tape with a foot or two cut out of the middle to show it was as specified in the contract.

  8. Balaamsass 11:19am, 03/09/2018

    If you’re going to use in Old Mexico Clenbuterol has to be your first choice…...you’ve got a ready made cover because all the steers in this Third World Narco State are jacked up too….just don’t go Vegan and Dr Goodman will sign off….guaranteed! Scoring in favor of GGG in New York?! Nothing wackadoodle like in Vegas…batshit crazies Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters could have turned in better cards than Adalaide Byrd who came oh so close to scoring a shutout!

  9. AkT 06:43am, 03/09/2018

    @Nicolas - there is simply too much money to be made from this fight from every possible money-making perspective. Not sure that any ‘single’ body would want to take the laser target that’ll come with shutting this fight down - which as you correctly point.should be cancelled if only for the sake of historical ruling consistency.

  10. AkT 06:34am, 03/09/2018

    @John - its the straight-faced tone with which you’ve stated that that has me now in stitches. GGG would probably have to go game-hunting - hopefully, track down that wild boar’s cousin. His clenbuterol levels have probably gone up since losing Charlie though ...

  11. John 10:11pm, 03/08/2018

    If I am triple G I would recommend a fair game. And request that he be positive of clenbuterol as canelo.

  12. nicolas 08:31pm, 03/08/2018

    Is this not a ploy to make sure that Golovkin gets a better deal in the next fight? Most felt that he did win the first one, though while I did feel Golovkin won the 10th, which he did not to win on any of the three score cards, the next time might be tougher, as Golovkin is not getting any younger. if you really think about it, if the Nevada State Athletic commission did not blatantly support Canelo, they would not let this fight take place, and suspend Alvarez for the recent blood test. though speaking to someone from Mexico today, he did say all this stuff in in the meat over there, and did feel Golovkin deserved the decision. What is really hypocritical though is the WBA supporting Alvarez, when they suspended and took away the title of Lucas Browne.

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