Good God Golovkin: Triple G Ices Mack the Knife

By Robert Ecksel on June 29, 2013
Good God Golovkin: Triple G Ices Mack the Knife
"Without a shadow of a doubt," said Macklin, "he's definitely the best kid I've ever fought."

After tonight’s performance, it’s time to revise the pound-for-pound rankings. There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Gennady Golovkin…

Saturday night at the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resort in Mashantucket, Connecticut, WBA/IBO middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin (27-0, 24 KOs) successfully defended his titles by icing Matthew Macklin (29-5, 20 KOs) with a left hook to the body at 1:22 of round three.

It sometimes seems that the praise for Golovkin is inflated and premature. But when he’s in the ring, no matter who he is facing, the Killer from Kazakhstan wastes no time before wasting his opponent.

Fighting out of the red corner in light blue trunks with GGG emblazoned on the waistband, Golovkin appeared as relaxed as if he was about to take stroll on a sunny day.

Macklin, by contrast, fighting out of the blue corner in green trunks trimmed with orange, was a bundle of nervous energy.

In round one Mack the Knife jabbed and moved, and moved and moved in an attempt to avoid Triple G’s bombs. He could run, but of course he could not hide, and it was a matter of time before he felt the stalking Golovkin’s power.

At the close of the first the champ caught the challenger with a hook that drove him to the ropes. Had the ropes not been there, the gutsy Irishman would have gone down.

Triple G drew first blood in round two. Mack the Knife, who is the first top 10 middleweight Golovkin has faced, looked slow as molasses in the ring. Having tasted Gennady’s power, Macklin was reluctant to mix it up. There was, however, no such reluctance on the part of Golovkin, who delivered thudding punches to the Irishman’s head and body, in addition to opening up a cut above his left eye.

Round three was a formality. One didn’t need a crystal ball to tell which direction Macklin’s fortunes were heading. The writing was on the wall. There’s not an ounce of quit in Matthew Macklin, but he was in there with an extraordinary talent. Golovkin’s power is augmented by impeccable balance and clever footwork, and his ring IQ might be off the charts. He caught Macklin with his back to the ropes and landed a devastating left hook to the body. The Irishman crashed to the canvas like a sack of potatoes, where he remained immobile for many minutes.

Triple G has arrived.

After the fight, Golovkin was all smiles.

“I told you this was my regular fight, not biggest chance for me. This was my regular fight because I am champion. It was a good performance.” Describing the knockout, Golovkin said, “It was my perfect position for body shot, just my lucky punch. This fight is present for my public, for Irish public, for everybody, for American people, for TV people. Thank you very much. Because I won this fight, I know I just am ready [for Sergio Martinez]. I think this is great business for everybody, for fans, for TV too.”

Mack the Knife, despite having lost the fight, was a gracious as usual.

“Without a shadow of a doubt,” he said, “he’s definitely the best kid I’ve ever fought. I had a plan to exploit his weakness, what really was his lack of experience, having been 10 rounds once. Credit to him, he didn’t let me get into my groove at all. And he wasn’t rushing me. He was patient. He was hard to hit clean and his punches were landing. They’re not quick, blistering and explosive. It’s not the ones you don’t see. It’s different punching power. His are more clubbing, solid, every shot’s hard, even his jab. You feel the weight of it.”

After tonight’s performance, it’s time to revise the pound-for-pound rankings. There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Gennady Golovkin.

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"GGG" Gennady Golovkin post fight press conference in Foxwoods

GGG Golovkin talks to reporters after knocking out Matthew Macklin in Foxwoods

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  1. NYIrish 11:37am, 07/03/2013

    I haven’t seen enough of Golovkin to say too much. Macklin is a handsome lad but has limited ability.  GGG is a good puncher and well conditioned. He would have old man Martinez going up and down like a yo yo.

  2. raxman 12:35pm, 07/01/2013

    irish - you haven’t ever watched a geale fight mate. you know its true. right now based on resumes Geale is the superior fighter to GGG. will he beat GGG? i dont know. possibly not. but the fact is neither do any of you coz GGG hasn’t fought anyone close to Geale’s level. oh and when billy joe is on top of the world i’ll reminded of this
    and you too Ted - if Geale had fought rosado, ishida , proska and macklin he’d have done exactly the same thing to those guys as Golovkin - granted not as quickly or as devastatingly but he would dominate them none the less.
    let me say it slowly for you all one more time - GGG. has. beaten. No One.!!!!
    remember what you all thought of Bute and pull up on Golovkin
    and don’t give me any of that crap about no one wants to fight him.  but even if that were true at middleweight,  which despite what people keep saying is a very weak division- but a trip 8 pounds north would find 2 guys more than happy to fight him, and then we’d know for sure what GGG is made of.
    until then you guys can ride the supposition train to whatifsville whilst i wait in the land of proof

  3. Ted 12:04pm, 07/01/2013

    Geale would be a slaughtereree and yes that is a new word.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:52am, 07/01/2013

    How does it work when a fighter hits as hard as GGG does with both hands and has the skill and the will to land his punches at a high percentage rate? How about this…all of his punches hurt….his jabs hurt….even his glancing, partially blocked power shots hurt…he doesn’t have a go to power punch because any one of them can devastate an opponent….mentally and physically…and yes even cause them to contemplate their mortality…..which is what that brave Irishman was more than likely doing after receiving GGG’s first power punch in the first round Saturday night.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:26am, 07/01/2013

    Raxman-God Bless your incredulous heart…’s the straight and skinny for you and Billy Joe Saunders….if Geale were waiting in the wings on the Saturday past and action restarted in round four with a fresh and ready Geale facing GGG….Geale would have been carried out of there on his shield by round six.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:13am, 07/01/2013

    All of you old timers hold on just a little while longer…and you will witness awesome and wondrous things from GGG because he’s going to KO both Mayweather and Ward before he’s done…..if only he were 6’7” and 245 lbs….if only!

  7. raxman 09:23pm, 06/30/2013

    Yeah but Darrell mate, Martinez is shot. and even if he wasn’t how highly can you rate his wins over a drunken pavlik and an over rated, low right handed pdub - prior to those wins - at 34 years of age and 40 odd fights, Martinez was just a fighter - his resume, post the 160 title is full of bgrade brits and a euro mug, and the son of gun who is a pot smoking dickhead. i’m not saying Martinez wasn’t good but he was never a top p4p. so I don’t think Murray’s loss (again a loss and I know fighters get losses but we forgive loses we don’t rate them by their loses)
    i’m tipping Geale will surprise you. i’m not (obviously) convinced by GGG - but I know what Geale is capable of. until Golovkin proves himself against the same level of competition I wont have Geale being dismissed. in fact i’m tipping Billy Joe Saunders is the next super start at 160 - this kid is already fighting other young guns and vanquishing them - I think in 2 years he’ll be the name on everyone lips, not GGG

  8. Darrell 08:56pm, 06/30/2013

    Look, look raxman…I’ll grant that Geale is a pretty talented kid though his jammy moves, long back, short arms & tattoos make him look a bit like a pub bouncer…even his fighting style is a bit bouncerish!  Hah. Not quite my cup of tea but I must admit to watching, and rooting for him against Mundine. I think only Tony snr, Khoder Nasser, SBW & their closest & dearest were rooting for the former Dragons flyer (still his better athletic pursuit imho) that night.

    Even taking into account Geale’s admittedly superior resume, in comparison to Golovkin, it’s another short night in favour of the Cossack clubber. Not as short as Macklin’s but short nevertheless.  Macklin is halfway decent actually, he took Sturm to the wire & gave Martinez a really good fight. Fighters have their losses…

    I think Martin Murray is a tougher fight for Golovkin than Geale, though no belt there, courtesy of hometown advantage for Sergio.

  9. GlennR 08:44pm, 06/30/2013

    I disagreed with you on an earlier pint but i think you sum up Geale pretty well.

    Will he beat GGG? Probably not.

    Is he the best chance of all the MW’s out there? Yes

  10. raxman 07:59pm, 06/30/2013

    Darrell - says you. Geale resume is far superior to both Golovkins and Quillins - the overrated Martinez is now shot. if Geale had fought the blown up super welters that GGG has fought you’d be saying something completely different about him - ishida?rosado? Proksa? if Geale had fought those guys he’d have 3 extra ko’s on his resume too! maybe later in the fight but he’d still stop them such is the gap in talent!
    have you watch any geale fights by the way? coz most of the people on here haven’t. I’m betting his first fight in the US will be the first time the majority of readers have ever seen him fight. i’m not saying that he’ll beat Golovkin - my point is its entirely impossible to know that Golovkin is all that because he is yet to fight even a half way decent 160pounder - macklin was stopped by Jamie Moore so don’t be saying a ko victory over macklin is anything to crow about.

  11. Darrell 07:02pm, 06/30/2013

    Geale is tough, reasonably skillful & does jammy moves between engaging (pft)....GGG will club him like a baby seal. He’s the weakest of all the 160 titlists, by quite some distance.

  12. Ted 06:08pm, 06/30/2013

    My 3rd round KO prediction was spot on. I could see the writing on the wall in the first round. We were near ringside and could hear the sound of his bombs. All night long, we heard pitty pat stuff and then this monster came in and showed what a puncher sounds and looks like. Macklin, of course, was made to order for him, but nevertheless, just about every person in the Theater was there because of GGG, His popularity is incredible.  It was worth suffering through the other dreadful fights.

  13. raxman 05:43pm, 06/30/2013

    Koolz - but you’re basing you’re opinion on GGG on totally flawed and incomplete data. you’re saying Golovkin has stopped Macklin from fighting his fight because of Golovkin’s skills - but that logic assumes that Macklin had a chance in the first place. it assumes that Macklin wasn’t a guy who got knocked out by not just Martinez but by Jamie Moore. Macklin’s only qualification for being in the ring with GGG was that he had been beaten by other top level 160pounders. Now how the hell does that make sense.
    you say I’d have a different opinion if Macklin had done better? well in my opinion that was never a chance. and i’m on record repeatedly saying as much. I’ve used Macklin’s B grade status to criticise Maravilla’s choice of opponents i’m hardly going to say he was a tough opponent for Golovkin am I? when golovkin dominates Geale (Martinez is done) or chases Ward and or Froch up at 168, and beats them, then i’ll agree that he is all that - but until then, for me, he’s just a guy with great talent who is beating guys he should beat in the manner he should be beating them.
    unlike the rest of you, I don’t think 160 is a talent laden division - in fact I think the opposite - Maravilla is shot and Quillin like GGG is yet to beat anyone of note. Geale, with his wins over Sturm and Sylvester (both in Germany an accomplishment in itself), is the only 160 pound with a credible resume.  so where are the great fighters at 160? Barker, Macklin and Murray sure aren’t it!

  14. Koolz 04:44pm, 06/30/2013


    you’re talking from your psychology here.  If Macklin gave Golovkin a better fight you wouldn’t be saying anything like your saying about Golovkin.

    Mack the Knife really tried in that fight Golovkin just thought way ahead of everything and cut off the ring, and used amazing footwork, and balance to finish him fast.  Just went right through him.

    There really isn’t anyone at 160 that are going to beat him.  They would have to fight like Sergio Martinez and have power and patience too.
    maybe that isn’t even enough.

  15. Koolz 04:39pm, 06/30/2013

    ok I see.  Thanks!  Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    Well I think this fight Abel Sanchez knew that Golovkin was going to KO him fast because of the way Macklin fights.  Macklin said GGG is right there to be hit but he failed to realize just how hard GGG is going to hit him.
    He stood in front of him felt his power and that was the end.  I think Macklin really thought he had a chance in this fight and was very excited it was made. 

    I was reminded of a Panther stalking its prey watching that fight, Macklin being the prey. 

    For the Mayweather/ Canelo reference I agree.  I don’t like either fighter but I see Mayweather winning that one on pure boxing science.  Canelo didn’t even do enough against Trout I thought that was a draw.
    Mayweather will make Canelo look a fool.

    Problem I see with Golovkin’s future fights are Showtime and HBO never agreeing on letting their fighters fight each other.

    Quillin fight GGG….probably not happening.

    I don’t see Mayweather ever facing GGG, and Canelo?  Golovkin would absolutely destroy him fast.  He has already sparred with him and beat him around the ring in 2011.

    Will be fun watching Golovkin’s talents in the middle and super middleweight class!

  16. raxman 03:27pm, 06/30/2013

    This was one of the first legit middleweights Golovkin had fought - the majority of his “name” opponents have been blown up junior middleweights.
    you guys are out of control with your praise of Golovkin - it reminds me of how you all carried on about Bute. i’m not saying Golovkin wont be the superstar you all think he is but right now beating Mack the knife doesn’t prove it so. Macklin was knocked out by Jaimie moore for Christ sake! And since when does losing to Martinez and Sturm rate you?
    as for the comments re Geale - of all the title holders at 160 GGG is in fact, the most suited to Geale’s style.  Geale relies on his work rate and his stamina. No he doesn’t have power but he’s not Paulie. he is however, a lot slicker than what people think but it is the slick fighters that give him trouble, not the bangers.
    As for the Geale v Golovkin fight in 2001 ignoring the fact that Geales strength’s were never suited to 3 rounds, you have to realise the development of a 20year old Australian amateur to a 20 year old Kazakhstani is not comparable; particularly in 2001 when the oz amateur controlling body’s infrastructure was second rate
    I’m not claiming that Geale would beat Golovkin but it is in no way the guaranteed victory you all seem to think. I doubt many of you guys have even watched a geale fight. be honest.
    he fought mundine coz it was worth millions. millions. I don’t think you blokes understand how big a deal that fight was down here. there was no ducking of GGG involved. and he’ll probably fight soliman as his mandatory after Barker too - because the local fight , although not in the mundine league, makes so many dollars its the only fight that makes sense

  17. JohnnyC 02:05pm, 06/30/2013

    Koolz: I don’t think you understand my point. I’m simply saying that these fights they are making for the top fighters like Golovkin are made
    out to be much more than they are. Macklin was no match for Golovkin, but prior to the fight and days leading up to the fight, wow, I was really
    wanting to see a Macklin I’ve never seen before, so they made it.  Macklin was such a poor contender being unable to demonstrate even the fundamentals of boxing skills as I suggested against Golovkin. As I mentioned, he was finished early and ready for the burger and fries…..

    George Thomas Clark: Mayweather vs. Alvarez. No, Canelo is no match for Mayweather.  The ring size will be giant as in Mayweathers last fight, so Mayweather can fly like a butterfly and never allow the ring to get cut off.  Alvarez is too young and inexperienced and what will be evident early is that Canelo has to have his feet planted to throw his power punches. Mayweather will never allow him to set his feet and every time he does, Mayweather will be gone, very similar to what you watched against Guerrero. Wow, we all were waiting for Guerrero to turn into Superman the way the hype sounded approaching the fight.  Here is a great example for you, The Chavez Jr fight vs. Martinez. Chavez Jr. has a similar style as Alvarez , every time he tried to set his feet to throw power, Martinez was gone. Chavez Sr was screaming for 11 rounds to stop trying to set your feet to throw punches, move and throw bunches of punches. That’s exactly what he did in the twelfth round when he nearly stole a fight where Chavez Jr. was completely dominated. I could gone on and on, but don’t have the time.
    Thanks for your comments boxing fans.
    JohnnyC, The Italian Battalion….

  18. Koolz 12:40pm, 06/30/2013

    you know you’re on a whole other level when your trainer tells you ” just have fun!”

    Hey just have fun….hmmm what?! it’s supposed to be a boxing match, really intense, and….yea have fun GGG!

    Golovkin was so precise in his cutting off the ring I had to watch this fight again just to see it!

    Now Martinez…well I think of the Proska fight but Martinez hitting harder and bobbing his head more.  after a while I see Golovkin walking him down in the later rounds for a KO, even though that is what Martinez would want Golovkin coming forward.

  19. George Thomas Clark 10:58am, 06/30/2013

    JohnnyC - Not sure what you mean by “The next fight I see as a comedy hour: Mayweather vs. Alvarez” ...  Mayweather is certainly the favorite but Canelo’s size, youth, and skill should make him a formidable challenger.

  20. FrankinDallas 10:55am, 06/30/2013

    JohnnyC: they all have a plan….until they get hit.

  21. George Thomas Clark 10:54am, 06/30/2013

    A pulverizing left to the body…sounds like Joe Frazier.  Did someone heckle James Toney?

  22. Koolz 10:49am, 06/30/2013

    JohnnyC, The Italian Battalion

    do you even understand fighting?

    I don’t care who you are what your record is as a fighter you would get the same as Macklin in that weight division.

    Golovkin showed complete control of the ring, he hits with out wasting any energy, and he hits hard.  He Cuts the ring off fast, he is patient, and thinking way a head before he even does anything in the ring.

    I know many middleweights and super middleweights that would get the same.

  23. JohnnyC, The Italian Battalion 10:05am, 06/30/2013

    Is there such a thing as a fighter with a great jab anymore? Are trainers
    no longer teaching fundamental boxing or is Macklin so old and wore out
    that this fight was simply a one hour comedy show. Listening to HBO announcers building the Russian Robot into something so precise, beautiful and a fundamental boxer.

    Listening to Max was similar to listening to the beauty of an opera…
    Max with HBO: So Gennady, this was suppose to be your biggest Match? Oh ya ya Maxi, I ima great Maxi, goode practice, ime imean Maxi, goode for HBO anda fighta fens Maxi everywhere….

    This is what Gennady really wanted to say: ah ah Maxi, ima lika Adrien Broner, I hava the “Obama Effect” I hava fighta Nobodi lika Broner, buta looka reali goode doing nothinga Maxi, buta I’ma great anda ima great Maxi, tanks HBO tanks…..

    Please don’t get me wrong, I like Max with HBO very much and he feels exactly how I do about Rigondeaux, I too rate him as the cream at the top of World Boxing, awesome and truly an artist.
    If The Russian Robot vs. Macklin was beautiful fundamental boxing, then the boxing I watched 30 years ago was Michael Angelo.  Macklin needed to just be able to move a little bit and have a good effective stiff jab to keep the Russian Robot from absolutely bull rushing him for three rounds without a single worry in the world, and finally, destroying him in the early rounds. Macklin already wanted to go home and eat a burger, fries and now, “the illegal large size New York style Soda” before the liver shot, that at first, “I thought he was gonna die”.

    Sometimes I just really get a kick out of how HBO spins some of these “has beens"or even “No beens” boxers to hype these fights.  Wow, it’s really all about the “Benjamins” these days.

    The next fight I see as a comedy hour: Mayweather vs. Alvarez

    Ciao for now fight fans,
    JohnnyC, The Italian Battalion

  24. Pete The Sneak 09:04am, 06/30/2013

    BOOM! THUD!...Liver…GGG just needed the Fava beans and chilled Chianti. Peace.

  25. Galvar 08:04am, 06/30/2013

    Just saw the GGG v Mack fight.  GGG is flat footed and no head movement so SM may win by movement and potshots.  But I think if GGG touches Martinez with something clean, it’s over.  So the question is, can GGG catch SM.  IMO, yes.  SM has been in trouble a few times with lesser boxers.  He’s been knocked down by doped up Chavez for goodness sake.  And that body shot!!!  I think even Ward was like “Oh sh**!”  As Max Kellerman said “That was not ordinary.”

  26. sam 1969 06:56am, 06/30/2013

    The Russian is really good but here you guys are comparing what Martinez did to this irish guy or what he did to Chavez for me every fight is different and nobody can tell me GGG won’t have a rough night against a higher ranked boxer (I think we all agree that Macklin is probably a good fighter but not the star we’ve been waiting for GGG), anyway right now the Russian has the momentum and the publicity he need is just a matter of time before he gets a solid opponent of course he will be avoided but my paesano Martinez faced Paul Williams when “The Punisher” was the most avoided boxer in the world.

  27. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:54am, 06/30/2013

    All of which reminds me….who would be crazy enough or even drunk enough to heckle James Toney at ringside?

  28. Clarence George 05:05am, 06/30/2013

    All respect to Geale, and I mean that, but I don’t think he’d get past the fifth round.

    As for Chavez…what he did to Martinez at the tail end of their fight is very telling.  Mind you, I’m not saying he’d beat Golovkin—he wouldn’t.

  29. GlennR 05:00am, 06/30/2013

    Im the same with you on Martinez, very athletic style in a rapidly aging body. I hate to say it but he’s done. Great Champ though.

    I agree with you on Quillin, but not with Chavez. He’s big, i give you that, tough, hits fairly well, but lets remember what Martinez did to him for 10 rounds….. no, he’s a way of in my opinion.

    I maybe biased, but i think Geale is the pick of them, great boxing skills, a busy fighter, excellent defense. He’s my pick but i do agree, GGG is a monster and he’d be deserved favourite.

    Just sitting here watching an old Hopkins-Echols clip….. prime Hopkins and GGG, now theres a fight

  30. Clarence George 04:52am, 06/30/2013

    Martinez is too decrepit (anyway, I don’t see that fight happening), Sturm is too faded (another fight I don’t see happening, because it wouldn’t accomplish or prove much), Geale doesn’t have the punching power, and neither, I would argue, does Quillin—not against Golovkin.  Look, he couldn’t even finish off N’Dam N’Jikam, despite knocking him down six times.  My answer, Glenn, is Chavez Jr., assuming he took the fight seriously.  That said, it wouldn’t be a particularly important fight, as Chavez isn’t a titlist.  What’s your opinion?

  31. GlennR 04:52am, 06/30/2013

    Agreed Don

  32. Don from Prov 04:50am, 06/30/2013

    “Sack up and move to 168…”

    Why? He’s a middleweight and still has some interesting fights there—
    Don’t you think cleaning out his division first would be a good idea?

  33. GlennR 04:41am, 06/30/2013

    I didnt forget that Clarence, but you have to understand the dislike Geale had (still has) for Mundine and felt he had unfinished business after the controversial loss…. plus the money didnt hurt.

    So Clarence, who is GGG’s toughest fight amongst the worlds top MW’s?

  34. Clarence George 04:35am, 06/30/2013

    Don’t forget, Glenn, that Geale was stripped of his WBA for refusing to fight Golovkin, opting to face Mundine instead.  Understandable—unlike Quillin and Martinez, Geale has firsthand knowledge of what it means to fight, and lose to, Golovkin, albeit as an amateur.

    Can’t take the bet, because I agree—Golovkin and Geale will fight in 2014.

  35. GlennR 03:31am, 06/30/2013

    Respectfully disagree with Clarence regarding Geale.
    He had unfinished business with Mundine (and a nice earner at home), has a fight lined up with Barker and quite happily discusses GGG .....

    Id suggest Geale doesnt have the profile of the other MW’s, isnt reported often, and the conclusion people come to is that he is avoiding GGG.

    Make you a bet Clarence, they fight in the next 12 months

  36. Clarence George 02:25am, 06/30/2013

    A word or two on the undercard bouts:  While I expected Nelson to only beat Cuello by decision, it’s fair to ask if he beat him at all.  I was stunned that Oosthuizen only managed a draw (and he arguably lost) against Gonzales.  Very damaging for “Tommy Gun” and should really put the relatively unknown and unheralded “Flawless” on the map.  Hmmm, makes me wonder what would have happened if Gonzales and Rosinsky had fought in April, as scheduled.

  37. Clarence George 01:59am, 06/30/2013

    Respectfully disagree, Raxman:  The fight means a great deal, as it plays a key role in Golovkin’s strategy to become the unified and undisputed Middleweight Champion of the World.  He’s making it impossible for Geale, Quillin, and Martinez (unless he retires) to avoid him past this year.  If they continue with their increasingly tired pretense that they’ve barely even heard of “GGG,” they’ll render meaningless their own titles.  Are they going to persist in fighting any and every middleweight but the one they have to?  Well, if they don’t give a damn about their legacy…

    By the way, outstanding work by Golovkin.  I fully expected him to win, but not like that.  Even trainer Abel Sanchez must have been stunned.

  38. GlennR 12:02am, 06/30/2013

    @raxman…. who else was he supposed to fight????

    Yep, great victory and im sure all the other MW’s are scratching their heads regarding what they would have done in Macklins shoes….. full credit to him as well

    Problem Sergio Martinez has is that he’ll try to fight him which wont be pretty for SM.

    Of all the MW’s out there Geale would give him the most problems

  39. Darrell 11:49pm, 06/29/2013

    Would love to see a replay.  This kid is the real deal, Macklin was always going to lose but he was no sack of potatoes pushing Sturm to the limit & giving Sergio a good go too.

    Bigger & better things for this kid, he’s a class above Geale no doubt & would be a match for Sergio, Quillin & Martin Murray, the other class boxers in the division.  Middleweight is looking top notch division lately.

  40. raxman 09:36pm, 06/29/2013

    this means absolutely nothing. it was just another fight that GGG was always going to win. the only thing proven was the oz bookmakers had half a clue this time only giving 12-1 for the 2nd round ko and 10-1 for 3rd ko.  my only regret was not backing my instincts and just betting on the 3rd instead of the safety 2nd round bet too.
    anyway maybe now we’ll see this guy fight a decent 160pounder or sack up and move to 168 and force ward into a fight.

  41. FrankinDallas 08:23pm, 06/29/2013

    Wow…..the man is a killer in the ring.

  42. Koolz 08:22pm, 06/29/2013

    Damn he made it look easy!  It’s like the Thor Hammer coming down !!
    Macklin was already doomed after the first round.
    I could see Golovkin beating the two fighters that fought before him even.

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