Good News: David Berlin Joins NYSAC

By Robert Ecksel on March 26, 2014
Good News: David Berlin Joins NYSAC
I've known David Berlin for many years and there’s no one in boxing I like or respect more.

Someone who can serve and care for the sport is exactly what boxing needs, and David Berlin is just what the doctor ordered…

Good news is hard to come by in the fight game. The sport has seen better days, and each step forward seems to be followed by two steps back. Boxing, which ought to be able to hold its own, has been victimized by self-interest and a lack of vision.

But that is about to change.

The brightest of bright spots on the horizon is Governor Andrew Cuomo’s appointment of David Berlin to serve as Executive Director of the New York State Athletic Commission. As Executive Director, Mr. Berlin will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Commission starting on May 1.

“With more than a decade of experience in the boxing industry,” said Governor Cuomo, “David Berlin will bring a wealth of knowledge to the New York State Athletic Commission. For the past three years, New York has recruited some of the best and brightest into state government, and David more than qualifies as an expert in his field. I welcome him to the administration and look forward to working with him to continue New York’s rich boxing tradition.”

The NYSAC is under scrutiny after the tragic fight between Magomed Abdusalamov and Mike Perez at Madison Square Garden’s Theater. What transpired may have been an unavoidable—a perfect storm which no amount of human intervention would have made a difference—but having someone of unimpeachable integrity joining the NYSAC is a major step in the right direction.

“I’d like to welcome David Berlin, a boxing person through and through, to the New York State Athletic Commission family,” said NYSAC Chairwoman Melvina Lathan. “We are excited to have him on board as he will be a great leader and an asset in our continuing efforts to improve operations and make New York a marquee state for the sport of boxing.”

I’ve known David Berlin for many years and have worked with him in his capacity as attorney, fight manager, and board member of The Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say there’s no one in boxing I like more or respect as much.

Teddy Atlas is no less overjoyed than I am.

“Boxing is a tough sport and difficult business,” he said. “It is also a magnificent and life-redeeming craft and vocation when properly administered. David Berlin’s appointment as the new Executive Director for NYSAC means fighters and the sport will be served and cared for in the best possible way.”

Someone who can serve and care for the sport is exactly what boxing needs, and David Berlin is just what the doctor ordered.

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  1. Henry Hascup 10:05am, 04/04/2014

    What happens to Melvina Lathan now!

  2. chasnorkusjr 06:11am, 04/04/2014

    Is he in favor of MMA Events?

  3. Ted 05:30pm, 03/29/2014

    They sure do look alike

  4. Robert Ecksel 06:02pm, 03/28/2014

    Yes, they’re blood brothers.

  5. Ted 04:27pm, 03/28/2014

    Related to Adam?

  6. Bob 03:00am, 03/28/2014

    David Berlin is a very honorable and knowledgeable man.  He understands the nuances and complexities of boxing from all sides, and is well-suited for this very challenging job.  Congratulations to him. His appointment will serve the entire boxing community, including fans, promoters, and the NYSAC well.

  7. bikermike 10:16am, 03/27/2014

    Great read Mr Ecksel….as usual

  8. bikermike 10:14am, 03/27/2014

    any effort to bring Boxing back into respectable status is welcome.

    God Speed David Berlin

  9. Matt McGrain 04:47am, 03/27/2014

    Some good news is very, very welcome.  It won’t generate as many hits though…

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