Greatest KOs in Boxing History

By Boxing News on May 9, 2015
Greatest KOs in Boxing History
A knockout can change the direction of a fight and/or career, even the direction of a life.

Everyone loves a knockout. And what’s not to love? When one man’s fists connect with another man’s head and he goes crashing to the canvas, everyone’s pulse races a little faster. The knockout can not only change the direction of a fight. It can change the direction of a career, the direction of a life…

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  1. Cliff 07:42am, 05/13/2015

    To me a TKO shouldn’t even be on the list. But there are soooo many that could be added. Any Julian Jackson KO qualifies. When “The Hawk” hit them they were closer to death. Also like Bob Foster decapitation of Mike Quarry. Oddest KO? Luisito Espinoza KO of Khoasai Galaxy twin brother Kaokor. Kaokor never fought after that.

  2. Jim Crue 04:04pm, 12/31/2011

    These may be the 10 greatest KO’s on film. Many other great KO’s are not on film. Zale vs Graziano 1 and 2 for example.

    Thanks for posting.

    Happy New Year

  3. JC45 02:39pm, 11/04/2011

    Where was Hearns v Duran ?  I’d have had it number one. Still the best right hand I’ve ever seen landed in a fight. Thanks for the vid.

  4. Roseann 04:40pm, 06/26/2011

    Charley Norkus vs Danny Nardico 1 in Miami, Florida January 1954 was the greatest non-title KO of all-time. Just ask Angelo Dundee who said recently it was “his” favorite KO of all-time.

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