Green Machine on All Cylinders

By Ted Sares on July 25, 2012
Green Machine on All Cylinders
Danny Green always gave 100%, provided great thrills, and has been a credit to boxing.

The wildly popular Danny Green (32-5) may have ended his admirable boxing career with a stunning fifth round stoppage over American Danny Santiago…

“I don’t know if I am the best boxer in Australia but it is a good feeling to have so many people come out and support me.”—Danny Green

“I came and I gave it all I had, he’s very strong fighter…I know it is your last fight in Perth but I hope it is not your last fight.”—Danny Santiago

“I think I can say I’ve proudly represented my state and my country as well as I possibly could ... I almost died here a few times.”—Green

The wildly popular Danny Green (32-5) may have ended his admirable boxing career with a stunning fifth round stoppage over American Danny Santiago. The former world champion and one of the best fighters ever produced out of Western Australia decked the useful but inactive Santiago four times in the opening five rounds to score a TKO at Challenge Stadium in Mt. Claremont in Western Australia. Referee Brad Vocale halted the slaughter with seconds left in the fifth round. Danny was as sharp as a tack as he displayed stalking and focused menace in the last three rounds. The Green Machine, fighting at a comfortable 186 pounds, used his quick and heavy hands to shred the American’s defense and begin the rout to the roaring delight of Danny’s gushing fans.

The victory was an impressive one since Santiago (31-5-1) has fought the likes of now troubled former multiple world champion Antonio Tarver, former and never defeated WBO light heavyweight and WBC cruiserweight champion Hungarian Zsolt Erdei, Paul Jennette, and rugged WBA and IBA light heavyweight titleholder Beibut Shumenov.

The 39-year-old Green, coming into this fight in tip-top shape, did not say if he would fight again, indicating that his immediate intention was to relax and spend time with his family. He did indicate it would be his last fight in Perth. If he decides to call it a career, he will leave on a high note, but a world title fight with WBA light heavyweight champion Beibut Shumanov (13-1) could keep him in the game. After last night’s performance, many observers give Danny a solid chance were that bout to materialize.

Either way, Danny Green has always given 100 percent, provided great ring thrills, and has been a credit to boxing.

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Danny Green vs Danny Santiago - Fox Sports News Australia - 3rd July 2012

Danny Green vs Danny Santiago -- Fox Sports News Australia -- 20th July 2012

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  1. Tex Hassler 07:56am, 07/31/2012

    Great fight for the 39 year old Green. Best wishes from Texas.

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 08:53am, 07/27/2012

    How does this sound….shit on “nice guy” Tarver!

  3. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 03:40am, 07/27/2012

    Everybody is either getting old nowadays or croaking on us…... Sherman Hemsley just kicked-off…...

  4. the thresher 11:31am, 07/26/2012

    Good posts matey

  5. mikecasey 08:26am, 07/26/2012

    Nicely written, champ!

  6. Pete The Sneak 04:45am, 07/26/2012

    Bob, well said. A Man’s man indeed and true professional and class act is Danny Green.  Danny Santiago (who is the nephew of a close friend of mine and with whom I’ve hung out with and attended several of his fights up close and personal) is certainly no pushover/slouch. Ted forgot to mention Danny Santiago’s destruction of a then top rated Elvir Muriqi at Madison Square Garden in 2004. So Green’s dominance of Santiago tells you the dude as Santiago put it ” hits like a mule” and I echo Santiago’s sentiments that Danny doesn’t hang em up yet as he still has a lot left in the tank. If he does, then I wish him nothing but the best. Peace.

  7. Bob 08:42pm, 07/25/2012

    Danny Green is a real fighter, a man’s man. There’s no Broner or Mayweather in him.  I can’t imagine him accepting a bout with someone half his size, as those self proclaimed superstars have done.  Refreshing to see him still in the game fighting the good fight as a real fighter, not a self aggrandizing ass.

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