Groves Retires The Road Warrior

By Matt McGrain on December 15, 2012
Groves Retires The Road Warrior
It may in fact be the end for Glen Johnson, but for George Groves it is just the beginning.

Londoner George Groves (now 16-0) took an important step towards his coveted tilt at a “world” title tonight with a one-sided decision victory over perennial road warrior Glen Johnson of Clarendon, Jamaica, now 51-18-2. Scorecards of 119-109 and 120-17 twice (I had it 119-109) were a fair reflection of a fight that the badly creaking Johnson was never in, although a 12th round knockdown was incorrectly ruled as such, Johnson merely tumbling over whilst spinning away from Groves.

Having now lost four in a row, Johnson needs to think long and hard about hanging ‘em up. At times, Groves was teeing off on the older fighter who could do little more than raise his gloves to protect himself as he was beaten up and down the long rope. Apparently incapable of pulling the trigger, Johnson over and over again got into range only to fail to throw anything, much to the chagrin of his corner.

Again and again Groves was able to find his way through Johnson’s guard with brutal shots and whilst Johnson’s heart and teak-toughness repeatedly allowed him to come back onto the front-foot trying to land hard right hands, he would inevitably end up with his back to the rope once again, eating punches.

Groves was actually doing too much punching for some, including trainer Adam Booth who advised his charge to take his foot off the gas after an incredibly fast first three. Groves says he has learned a great deal from sharing a ring with The Road Warrior but the “Saint” looked an improved fighter to me during it, too. A sharp jab over a planted front foot didn’t prevent him moving beautifully when Johnson got sassy although he was more than once caught with his back to the corner post.  Whilst he unquestionably still has more work to do. a beautiful trailing lead uppercut married to some very hard straight punching speaks of a steadily improving fighter.

Whilst Carl Froch’s claim that he could beat both George Groves and James DeGale “in the same night” holds some water, that likely won’t be true in one year, not if Groves continues to learn at the pace he’s demonstrating at the moment.

For fighter’s fighter Johnson it may be the end but for Groves it is just the beginning.

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George Groves vs Glen Johnson - Full Fight (Part 1/3)

George Groves vs Glen Johnson - Full Fight (Part 2/3)

George Groves vs Glen Johnson - Full Fight (Part 3/3)

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  1. raxman 03:07pm, 12/17/2012

    no ted, no surprise. but groves looks alright. next year i’d like to see froch fight and beat kessler - then probably lose again to ward unless he can exhaust ward earlier (i guess that would mean making ward punch him in the head more) - then he could have a farewell fight with groves - your changing of the guard article couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time - for my favs anyway. cotto is finished. jmm now has nothing to prove and should give it away rather than a) fight pac again or b) get hurt fighting the new breed.
    So, that would only leave my most favourite in the carl the cobra - by having 2 more fights and then fighting groves he would give us as fans what calzaghe didnt - a sunset sail against first the 2 best in the division and then a farewell outing that would either see him go out a winner on home soil or in losing help british boxing by seeing the new kid off the block and onto the world stage

  2. the thresher 05:27pm, 12/15/2012

    No surprise here.

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