Hall of Fame Ballots for 2012

By Ted Sares on October 4, 2011
Hall of Fame Ballots for 2012
The one guy who seems an absolute lock this year is the great Thomas “Hitman” Hearns

Last year the inductees were solid choices, though some might question Rocky’s inclusion. This year, the one guy who seems an absolute lock is Thomas “Hitman” Hearns. After that it gets pretty interesting as fighters like Joey Archer, “Prince” Naseem Hamed, Miguel “Happy” Lora become eligible as does the controversial Sven Ottke (who had at least four wins that were considered among the worse decisions in modern boxing history). Dariusz Michalczewski, Wilfredo Vazquez, and Donald Curry also are included. But if Curry gets in, how can you keep Michael Nunn out?

Now I don’t know who is on the entire list of names and I don’t know who votes for them (maybe some of Boxing.com writers do) and I don’t fully understand the process, but what I do sense is there likely will not be enough Asian fighters, and guys like Jose Louis Ramirez, Stevie Collins, Hilario Zapata, Tony DeMarco, Juan Coggi, Yoko Gushiken, Masao Ohba, Pone Kingpetch, Dave Sands, Johnny Tapia, Jose Legra, Myung-Woo Yuh and many others too numerous to list will be passed over. Hell, I could make a strong case for any number of South Korean, Japanese, Filipino and/or Thai fighters including the following:

South Korean

In-Chul Baek – 1980-1990
In-Jin Chi – 1991-2006
Soo-Hwan Hong –1969-1980
Ki-Soo Kim – 1961-1969
Myung-Woo “Sonagi” Yuh – 1983-1992


Yoshio Shirai – 1943-1955
Yuri Arbachakov – 1990-1997
Hiroyuki Ebihara – 1959-1969
Yoko “Fierce Eagle” Gushiken – 1974-1981
Hiroshi Kobayashi – 1962-1971
Masao “The Eternal Champion” Ohba – 1966-1973
Masamori Tokuyama – 1994-2006 (North Korean born but fought out of Japan)
Jiro Watanabe – 1979-1986


Sot Chitalada – 1983-1992
Chartchai Chionoi – 1960-1975
Pone Kingpetch – 1954-1966
Muangchai “J-Okay” Kittikasem – 1988-1999
Samart Payakaroon – 1982-1994 (Also a legend of Muay Thai boxing)


Rolando “Bad Boy from Dadiangas” Navarrete – 1973-1991
Ben Villaflor – 1966-1976
Ceferino “Pedro” Garcia – 1923-1945

If just two of these guys make it, I’ll be happy. And keep in mind that each year a potential inductee is passed over, it becomes that much easier to neglect him again.

Great trainer Freddie Roach should—and will—get in as a non-participant. And look for Michael Buffer and Jim Lampley to make it, though I’m not sure why. I guess it’s only right to include the entire HBO team (Max is too young)—or does it?

What do you think?

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  1. the thresher 11:45am, 11/21/2011

    Yes, sad but true. Now look at the members of the BWAA—-look at all the web site writers in there. These are the guys who are going to vote Tony in? Nope never happen and it’s a damn shame. No excuse.

  2. Jofre 11:04am, 11/21/2011

    Unfortunately the voting members can’t vote for Tony DeMarco. He isn’t even on the ballot. But Sven Ottke, Naseem Hamed are!!!!! My 3 votes would be Thomas Hearns, Ken Overlin and Cocoa Kid. Their resumes and level of opposition are much stronger than many on the ballot.

  3. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 02:24pm, 10/07/2011

    I have no issues with Jim Lampley… Okay, so he’s not a real boxing expert, but rather a trained voice for the networks…. So was Howard Cosell for ABC…. Both made or makes good bank for calling the action….

  4. TEX HASSLER 09:38am, 10/07/2011

    Tommy Hearns definitely belongs in there but not Jim Lampley. Tony DeMarco should have been in there 40 years ago.

  5. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 01:31pm, 10/06/2011

    I’d vote for “Hearns, Curry, Tapia, Cefrino Garcia & Jose Luis Ramirez” for sure… I’ll toss in Tony DeMarco and Michael Nunn, as well…. As for Naseem Hamed and Miguel Lora? Well, okay, I guess so…. Of course we must vote in the legendary Theodore Sares, too…

  6. Mark J 12:29pm, 10/06/2011

    Lucia Rijker should be on the ballot along with Barbara Buttrick.

  7. The Thresher 04:46am, 10/06/2011

    Wow, great to see you here Digital. Yes, Mark has a very good chance.

  8. mikecasey 12:32am, 10/06/2011

    Actually, Eeeze, I’m an Englishman who has always loved baseball folklore. The added irony is that I’ve never been greatly romanced by cricket! Yes, great days when all those fabulous middleweights like Griff and Archer were competing for honours. It puts what we have today into a rather sad perspective.

  9. Gary "Digital" Williams 05:52pm, 10/05/2011

    Also on the ballot is three-time world champion and one of the great flyweights of all time—Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson!

  10. The Thresher 05:32pm, 10/05/2011

    Joseph, point taken

  11. eeeze 04:17pm, 10/05/2011

    CASEY (not Stengel) Yes, those Archer vs Griffith fights went pretty much down to the wire. I guess the judges gave Emile a bit more credit because he hit harder but Joey did seem to out-box him a good portion of the way as well. Hard fights to score. I have copies of both fights. ahhhhh… Do you by chance speak “Stengel-ease”??

  12. eeeze 02:53pm, 10/05/2011

    MIKECASEYTHRESHER TED If Joey makes it then it should pave the way for guys like Tony DeMarco. In many cases there’s too much emphasis placed on a fighters losses. The game was different back then. Top contenders and elites fighters faced each other frequently. They virtually had to make a living and MAINTAIN their ranking, status and appeal. It was only natural that their records were sprinkled with a few losses. Top Lightweights fought top Welters and ranked 160Lb’ers faced elite 175Lbs Lightheavies with regularity. NO CATCHWEIGHTS! That was unheard of!! And it was common. For example: We all considered Israel Vazquez facing Rafael Marquez THREE times within ONE year quite a fistic accomplishment and it truly was, NO DOUBT!!. BUT….. Within a FOUR MONTH span Sugar Ray Robinson and Jake LaMotta fought THREE times!! THREE WARS!! Can you imagine Margarito and Cotto going at each other THREE times within FOUR months??!! What makes it even MORE amazing is that they BOTH managed to squeeze in FIVE other fights during that SAME span!! “Back in the day’ is was pretty common. Within a period of ONE year and a couple of months Luis Rodriguez fought THREE World Welter Title fights versus HOF’er Emile Griffith PLUS… defeated Joey Giambra, Holly Mims, Jesse Smith, Denny Moyer and Wilbert “Skeeter” McClure (twice), ALL of which were ranked MIDDLEWEIGHTS at the time!! Can we even attempt to visualize Floyd fighting Manny 3 times PLUS..  contenders like Angulo, Wolack, Sturm, Macklin and Paul Williams (twice) in little over a year? hmmmm… Hahaha.. Not on your life, and I do consider Floyd the Head Of The Class.

  13. Joseph Herron 01:34pm, 10/05/2011

    Ted, you are right on the money with your observations and it is well stated as usual!! 

    But remember, it is a boxing hall of fame, not a boxing hall of accomplishments!!

  14. mikecasey 12:46pm, 10/05/2011

    Great observations, Eeeze. I loved to watch Joey Archer. He ran Emile very close in their title fights and it always surprised me how he just stopped after that. All the men you name were golden middleweights.

  15. The Thresher 12:30pm, 10/05/2011

    I have touted Joey for induction before. I wrote about him in one of my books and called him a “cutie.” I think he might just make it. They got the great Holman Williams in there a few years ago.

  16. eeeze 12:20pm, 10/05/2011

    UNCLE TED Joey Archer was probably one of the best pure boxing middleweights that never won the world title, Joey cracked the Ring’s world rankings in the March/63 issue. He fought and BEAT some the best fighters of his era in a SUPER LOADED division that included Dick Tiger, Joey Giardello, Gene Fullmer, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Georgie Benton, Luis Rodriguez, Denny Moyer, Florentino Fernandez, Emile Griffith, Jose Torres, Joey Giambra, Nino Benvenuti, Jose Gonzalez, Sandro Mazzinghi, Terry Downes, Lazlo Papp, Hank Hank, Jimmy Ellis, Wilbert “Skeeter” McClure… and a host of other names that might not mean much to most of today’s fans but back then they were tops. ONE CHAMP for such a talented rich division. It was “back in the day” boxing. Most ALL mentioned would’ve held a version of a title in this era, for sure. Fighters like them make me cherish my 50s/60s Gillette and Pabst Blue Ribbon “Fight Of The Week” telecast collection all the more. As a youngster I had the honor of training alongside Joey in the old Gleason’s Gym, then located on Westchester Ave in the South Bronx. He was handled by boxing’s “Dynamic Duo” of Whitey Bimctein and Freddie Brown. I always thought that Joey retired a bit too soon. He had a few GREAT & Elite boxing years still in him. I believe he and his brother Jimmy, a pretty good fighter himself, latter opened successful pub.

  17. The Thresher 12:15pm, 10/05/2011

    Michalczewski is boderline IMO

  18. The Thresher 12:14pm, 10/05/2011

    Mike, not bad

  19. mike schmidt 12:07pm, 10/05/2011

    Gato Gonzalez

  20. THE WELSHMAN 11:25am, 10/05/2011

    I never did warm to that obnoxious little shit Hamed but must confess he was some fighter, regarding his inclusion to the hall, well i’m sitting on the fence at the moment.

  21. THE WELSHMAN 11:19am, 10/05/2011

    I agree 100 %  with Iron Beach ( below ) but surely it’s now time for Johnny Famechon to be seriously cosidered ???

  22. The Thresher 09:00am, 10/05/2011

    Mike, Yes, If Lampley gets in then Bernstein gets in. No judge has ever made it, but I’d vote for Harold.

  23. The Thresher 08:59am, 10/05/2011

    Oug, I don’t really think the voters know enough about the historical context. And I’m positive they know very little about the Asians. Oh sure, YouTube is now helping to resolve that, but YouTube does not provide the context.

  24. Iron Beach 08:51am, 10/05/2011

    Hearns and Michalczewski….

  25. mikecasey 07:03am, 10/05/2011

    Agree with the general sentiments of Joe and Jofre here. How, oh how, could Gus Lesnevich have been ignored for so long? Ditto Tony DeMarco and the great Ceferino Garcia. Did these guys upset the powers-that-be in some way?

  26. pugknowsp 07:03am, 10/05/2011

    Ted, how come there are so few Asians?

  27. The Thresher 06:58am, 10/05/2011

    I wonder what the criteria are for being able to vote? I’d love to know the average age of those who vote. Are you feeling me on this? :twisted:

  28. Jofre 06:19am, 10/05/2011

    Ted, you are right on! Add Gus Lesnevich to the list of fighters left off the ballot. Hamed… what a joke. He ducked his mandatory Juan Manuel Marquez for years and Marquez would have taken him to school like Barrera. Emanuel Steward said as much on an HBO telecast. Oh yes, and how did he repond to his first loss. Did he opt for a rematch? Nope…. he retired!

    The IBHOF is no longer relevant!

  29. dollar bond 06:12am, 10/05/2011

    I note you have listed Tony DeMarco and I could not agree more.  What’s with the Hall on Tony?  What do you think?

  30. Joe 03:21am, 10/05/2011

    If Sylvester Stallone can get inducted why not Jim Lampley, Michael Buffer, shizzle Julie Lederman for that matter.  Boxing’s HOF is ridiculous.  “Rocky” for crying out loud?????

  31. MIKE SCHMIDT 01:19am, 10/05/2011

    Thirty years this year. Al Bernstein non participant and the man I think is the best referee period. Go look at his work on Hopkins vs Trinidad. Joe Cortez in last year SS STEVE SMOGER PLEASE WITHOUT A DOUBT

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