Has Danny Garcia Peaked?

By Robert Ecksel on February 12, 2015
Has Danny Garcia Peaked?
Garcia is fighting a fighter who, while perhaps not in his prime, has proven he can fight.

Garcia and Peterson are fighting, finally, albeit at a catchweight of 143 lbs. where Garcia’s titles are not on the line…

Al Haymon may be the best thing that ever happened to Danny Garcia (29-0, 17 KOs). The WBA/WBC super lightweight champion will get maximum exposure on Saturday, April 11, when he fights his third non-title bout in as many fights, against former IBF super lightweight champion Lamont Peterson (33-2-1, 17 KOs) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The fight will headline the first fight card by Haymon Boxing’s Premier Boxing Champions return to primetime on NBC.

“It’s an honor to be fighting back in Brooklyn,” said Garcia, “where I’ve experienced some of the best moments of my career. Fans have been asking for this fight for so long and on April 11 I’m planning on giving them the show they’ve been waiting for. Doing it live on NBC will make it even sweeter.”

The fights in Brooklyn Garcia referred to are his KO over washed-up Erik Morales (58-8) in 2012, the decision over erratic Zab Judah (42-7) in 2013, and his blowout of overmatched Rod Salka (19-3) in August of 2014.

Garcia is no more likely to use the above adjectives than admit the verdict in his fight with Mauricio Herrera was bogus. But he’s a good fighter who does everything well and at least this time Garcia is fighting a fighter who, while perhaps not in his prime, has proven he can fight.

“This is an amazing opportunity for me fighting in Brooklyn and on national TV in front of millions of people,” Peterson said. “I’m going to go out there and give the performance of a lifetime. Danny Garcia better not underestimate me, because my time is now.”

That may or may not be so, but at least the two men are fighting, finally, albeit at a catchweight of 143 lbs. where Garcia’s titles are not on the line.

In co-main, WBO middleweight champion Andy Lee (34-2, 24 KOs), fresh off his victory over Matt Korobov in December, defends his title against former WBO middleweight champion Peter Quillin (31-0, 22 KOs), who forfeited the crown allegedly at the instigation of his manager, Al Haymon.

“I’m looking forward to returning to New York and defending my title against Quillin,” Lee said. “I’m at the peak of my powers now. I cannot see myself losing to anyone. I want to be recognized as the best middleweight in the world and beating Quillin will go some way to proving that.”

Lee’s power will be the great equalizer, but expect him to eat a lot of punches before he unleashes his Susie Q.

“To be able to fight at home in Brooklyn and win a title on such a big stage is a dream come true,” said Quillin. “I’m honored and excited to be a part of something that is great for my career, but also for the sport of boxing as a whole. I know that I’m going to win on April 11, become champion once again, and then I’m going after anyone and everyone at 160 pounds.”

This is a better card with more competitive fights than we’re used to seeing. NBC deserves as much. Boxing deserves as much. And fight fans—as loyal as they are disgruntled—deserve as much as well.

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  1. nicolas 10:08am, 02/14/2015

    Who ever wins this fight will have greater claim to being the Jr. Welter weight champ. For me Peterson really lost that claim when he was beaten by the Argentilnian. In many ways this is a much more win situation for Peterson. If he wins he will have the legitimacy of being that champ. I felt that same way many years ago when in the Bantam Weight division Carlos Zarate knocked out Alphonso Zamora in only a ten round fight, when they were the two champs before when we only had the WBC and WBA titles.

  2. Robert Ecksel 08:16am, 02/14/2015

    Yes, Nicolas, I believe you are correct. So we have two beltholders, both with the same manager, fighting for bragging rights, while remaining bankable, win, lose, or draw, with their titles intact.

  3. nicolas 02:48am, 02/14/2015

    Mr. Ecksel: Isn’t Peterson still the IBF champ?

  4. raxman 09:06pm, 02/13/2015

    i’ll admit Garcia hasnt done his best work post Matthysee but surely the amount of pressure on him for that fight alone, the fact he was said by many to be over matched professionally and terrified personally, should have bought him at least a years worth of good will. That said Peterson is a solid opponent - if Garcia turns up like he did vs Herrera he’ll be in for a long night.
    it does seem Garcia struggles for respect from most fans. I think its because he doesn’t seem to do anything that spectacularly. even his left hook, although considered his best weapon, probably wouldn’t be considered anything special for a fighter considered the best at 140.
    I think the thing with Garcia is that he may only be an 8/10 talent but he’s 8/10 across the board - power, speed, technique, ring smarts he does it all very evenly, so much so that it makes it hard to get excited about him
    To sum DG up one need look no further than the commentary of the late great manny steward when DG knocked out Khan - something along the lines of - just like when he was in the amateurs, he doesn’t look that good but he just keeps winning!

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:11am, 02/13/2015

    Don’t know about Danny but his 90 some year old Granny sure hasn’t peaked….on his visit to Puerto Rico she looked straight into the camera and gave her blessing to all when she said “Fuck You!”

  6. Pete The Sneak 05:37am, 02/13/2015

    Heck, I think Peterson is a live wire and can upset the applecart here, Title or no tiltle…Has Garcia Peaked? Hard to say, as he hasn’t fought anyone recently in which you can truly compare any possible skill erosion to. Peterson’s right however, Danny better not underestimate him…Peace.

  7. Ross Neilson 01:54am, 02/13/2015

    He holds multiple belts and is away to have his third none title fight…What a disgrace, how can he call himself a champion?

  8. Robert Ecksel 01:43am, 02/13/2015

    I go back and forth on Garcia. Sometimes he looks brilliant. Sometimes he looks “lacklustre.” Still trying to figure out why he won’t defend his titles.

  9. Darrell 09:31pm, 02/12/2015

    Still pushing the “Herrera was robbed” line…....more like Garcia was lacklustre whilst winning comfortably.  Anyhow, he’s not peaked yet and should do the business against Peterson.

  10. Kid Blast 05:51pm, 02/12/2015

    In a word no

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