Have another, Junior

By Dennis Taylor on July 18, 2015
Have another, Junior
If you're disappointed in Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., well there’s no one to blame but yourself.

Lose to an 80-1 underdog and you’ll wake up on the next Greyhound to Palookaville, with Ratso Rizzo drooling on your shoulder…

Memo to Krispy Kreme: Hire Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. as your new TV pitchman.

Memo to Bob Arum: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Chris Christy in The World Seesaw Championships.

Memo to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.: You can be a champ or a pant-load, but can’t be both.

Memo to Don King: Rival promoters aren’t ganging up on Al Haymon because he’s black ... they’re ganging up on him because he’s rich and ruthless, and because 180 of the best fighters in the world love him for it.

Memo to Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Andre Berto lost to Victor Ortiz, Robert Guerrero and Jesus Soto Karas in 22 months. You’re 48-0. If you beat him, nobody’s going to care. If you lose to an 80-1 underdog (the actual opening odds, according to Bet365.com), you’re going to wake up on the next Greyhound to Palookaville, with Ratso Rizzo drooling on your shoulder.

Memo to Ronda Rousey: There are at least 6 gazillion horny guys, and just as many bloodthirsty feminists, who would pay big bucks to watch you pin Floyd Mayweather to the floor and torture him like a Bond psychotic villainess. We’re already popping the popcorn. (And you’re next, Broner.)

Sunday’s Ringside Boxing Show: How many undefeated heavyweights are there circling Wladimir Klitschko right now? A lot more than you probably realize.

Matt Podgorski, founder of the sports consulting company Pod Index, and advisor for the World Boxing Association, and Brian Mazique of Bleacher Report will join us to debate which guys are big medicine, and which are placebos.

Listen live at www.radiomonterey.com beginning at 4 p.m. Pacific, 5 Mountain, 6 Central, and 7 Eastern—and download the free “Tunein” app to hear us on your smart phone.

Dennis Taylor is host of The Ringside Boxing Show and editor/publisher of www.ringsideboxingshow.com

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  1. KB 09:44am, 07/18/2015

    Ronda needs to stfu

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:36am, 07/18/2015

    Memo to Memo: Don King pulling the same shit that the progressive fux pull with Obama….which reminds me….why oh why in the name of God didn’t anyone ever teach David Price how to throw an honest to God jab with bad intentions for Christ’s sake and drill it into his head that that punch was his only real hope of surviving as a contestant in the pro heavyweight ranks let alone succeeding?!

  3. Eric 08:26am, 07/18/2015

    “I’m walkin’ here.”

  4. Koolz 07:28am, 07/18/2015

    The Mind is so powerful it can make everything a Placebo.
    With out Belief Nothing Works.

    Not sure on Chavez Jr I mean how many times has this guy missed weight.

    He is becoming really comical now.  Everything down hill since he lost to Martinez.
    Wonder what his great Father Thinks!

  5. AKT 05:50am, 07/18/2015

    We need to swiftly move away from these Ronda vs. Floyd discussions. I have seen crazier things take place, I’d hate to see this one take place.

    What would men do if Floyd loses? lol

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