Haye/Chisora Chomp at the Bit

By Robert Ecksel on May 13, 2012
Haye/Chisora Chomp at the Bit
"He talks the most random crap," said David Haye about Del Boy. "He’s got a screw loose.”

The BBBofC be damned. The long awaited grudge match between David Haye and Dereck Chisora is moving ahead as planned. A reported 20,000 tickets have been sold in a matter of days, making this the most highly anticipated heavyweight bout since Haye spoke of challenging Wladimir Klitschko for his many titles.

But that was then and this is now. The Haymaker is psyched for the fight with Chisora. His longwinded and impassioned retirement statement notwithstanding, Haye is cruising for bruising, ready to rumble, and chomping at the bit to put some serious hurt on his nemesis Del Boy.

“I’ll take on Dereck and see what the landscape is,” Haye told The Telegraph, “Yes, I’d like to meet Vitali after that. All I’m going to do now is focus on this idiot and get him out of there.”

Haye alleges that Chisora has been stalking him and accused him of pulling a knife on him in a London restaurant. Whether it was a steak knife, butter knife, hunting knife or switchblade Haye failed to disclose.

“I don’t know that’s wrong with the guy,” said Haye, repeating a question that others have asked about Haye. “He talks the most random crap. He’s got a screw loose.”

Loose screw or not, Chisora’s not the sort of bloke to take an accusation lying down.

“We know he’s not fit and doesn’t run,” Chisora told ESB radio, having forgotten Haye’s performance against Klitschko. “He was puffing out against John Ruiz. You tag him on the chin and he’s going to sit down. I can knock the sucker out. He’ll be breathing out of his asshole by round four.”

No wonder tickets for this fight are selling like hotcakes.

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Dereck Chisora attacks David Haye at Klitchko press confrence Feb 18th 2012

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  1. David Matthew 02:32pm, 05/15/2012

    lol touche Robert.  Perhaps so, but then again isn’t boxing in itself somewhat of a circus?  I don’t think Haye gets enough credit for being an elite fighter when he swept through the cruiserweight division.  However, he has a lot to prove in the HW division and I’m glad that he has finally stepped up and realized that he’s not a complete fighter until he makes another run at the division.  I also tend to think this will produce an exciting clash of styles. 

    Chisora will come right at Haye, trying to dodge shots and sweep up w/ hooks as he does his best impression of Smokin’ Joe.  Haye is adept at countering sloppy offensive, so I think he’ll tag Chisora pretty easily in an entertaining fight.

  2. mikecasey 11:08am, 05/15/2012

    If Haye rediscovers the art of throwing punches, this one might be worth watching.

  3. Robert Ecksel 08:08am, 05/14/2012

    I’m also looking forward to the fight. But to pretend it’s a tea party when it’s in fact a circus seems like a slap in the face to circuses the world over.

  4. David Matthew 08:01am, 05/14/2012

    I may be alone in this lol - but I’m REALLY looking forward to this fight.

  5. Robert Ecksel 07:50am, 05/14/2012

    Irish Frankie—My facetiousness runneth over…

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 06:32am, 05/14/2012

    Robert Ecksel-“Grudge match”?....the Undertaker vs. Hulk Hogan…now there’s a real grudge match!

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