David Haye Chops Del Boy Down to Size

By Robert Ecksel on July 14, 2012
David Haye Chops Del Boy Down to Size
Haye landed a five-punch combination that dropped Chisora a second time.

Haye fought smart, using his stinging jab, superior reach, speed and athleticism to nullify Del Boy’s wild punches and ineffective bull rushes…

In a fight that was more amorphous than freak show or grudge match, David Haye (26-2, 24 KOs) came out of retirement and decisively KO’d Dereck Chisora (15-4, 9 KOs) Saturday night in London.

One can complain about the turn of events that led to this match being made, but one can’t complain about Haye’s performance. Shaking off a year’s worth of ring rust after his disgraceful showing against Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg, Germany, Haye totally dominated Chisora. He fought smart, kept himself at a safe distance, using his stinging jab, superior reach, speed and athleticism to nullify Del Boy’s wild punches and ineffective bull rushes.

There were a couple of exchanges between the two men, but they were meaningful only insofar as there was so little two-way action. Haye controlled the tempo from the opening bell. Chisora seemed curiously disengaged. He refused his let his hands go. He failed to jab his way in and blithely walked into Haye’s punches. When Del Boy got close to The Hayemaker, Haye tied him up, negating his opponent’s halfhearted attempts at fighting on the inside.

If Chisora had a game plan going in, he executed that game plan to imperfection. But it’s just as likely that he had no game plan at all. Chisora may have gotten discouraged early on, or perhaps he thought that confidence and courage would be enough to defeat David Haye.

They were not.

Haye landed a big left that dropped Chisora to the canvas in round five. He was hurt but struggled to his feet. Haye smelled blood, jumped on his man and landed a five-punch combination. Chisora went down a second time. Showing tons of heart, Del Boy again beat the count. But it was academic. Referee Luis Pabon had seen enough and waved it off. The time was 2:59.

Although the superlatives were flying faster than David Haye’s fists (“spectacular,” “awesome,” even “legend”), it was an impressive win, albeit against a fighter who had lost three of his last four fights. Chisora was exposed by Haye, who outthought and outfought his game but limited opponent.

Where Chisora goes from here is anybody’s guess, whereas Haye’s victory puts him right back in the mix. The Klitschkos won’t touch Haye with a ten-foot pole. They don’t want him to profit at their expense, again, or to even profit at his own expense. That leaves WBA “regular” heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin who, if Haye performs as he did against Chisora, will likely lose his title.

“I’d be very surprised if Vitali Klitschko would want to fight me now,” said Haye, “after seeing the performance I put on tonight. I guarantee he’s going to fight some chump no one’s ever heard of and then try and retire and become a politician or something. But if he wants to give the world a great fight—I’m here!”

Like it or not, like it or lump it, David Haye is back.

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David Haye vs Dereck Chisora - Full Fight - 14th July 2012

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  1. McGrain 03:55am, 07/16/2012

    I agree that Chisora looked pretty bad for spells but it’s important to note that his mission was to keep the pressure on Haye and have him puffing by the fifth.  Mission accomplished, he did his job.
    He was just stopped before he could reap the benifits…good fight, I liked.  Haye probably retires now though which is why I wanted to see a Chisora victory.

  2. Lonesome Coyote 01:54pm, 07/15/2012

    On their past history alone, this is what should have happened. No more, no less; Chisora’s gutsy showing against the bigger Klit notwithstanding.

  3. Don from Prov 12:14pm, 07/15/2012

    I thought that Del Boy was going to have a shot in the later rounds—


  4. the thresher 06:52am, 07/15/2012

    JimmyTheIllustratedBlindSolidSilverBeachStackapopo, welcome aboard, mate

  5. the thresher 06:50am, 07/15/2012

    Hooorah. I am a Haye fan once again.

  6. Chris G 05:50pm, 07/14/2012

    Full marks to Haye. Chisora didn’t raise his game on the night. At the end of the day, a good heavyweight tilt. 10 times more entertaining than W. Klitschko v Thomson. And they said this fight was going to hurt boxing’s credibility. (What credibility?)

  7. JimmyTheIllustratedBlindSolidSilverBeachStackapopo 05:28pm, 07/14/2012

    I think you were a bit critical of Chisora that was a war by anyone’s standards and the best heavyweight fight I have seen in awhile, if they were not such big guys i’d have thought i was watching a couple of lightweights. For that reason alone though i was cheering on Haye, I take my hat off to Dereck as well.

    Since this is the first time i have written a comment I feel I should also say you guys run a great site here .:)

  8. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 05:13pm, 07/14/2012

    Del Boy didn’t throw a straight right….he didn’t throw a looping right…..he threw a dadgummed overhand right slap….more than once….it must have been part of his game plan…..you can’t make this shit up!

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